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  1. Did you configure the A320 in GSX2? That's a must, as it is a new plane.
  2. So mach ich es ohnehin jetzt - aber ich finde, es wäre ein praktisches Feature... ;-)
  3. Guten Abend, momentan kann man mit Simnstarter NG einen Flug entweder zu einem festgelegten Datum und der dazugehörigen Uhrzeit starten, oder zur Systemzeit. Es wäre schön, wenn man zum Beispiel einen Flug mit dem heutigen Datum, aber einer fixen Uhrzeit starten könnte. Damit könnte man sehr gut einen Linienflug simulieren. Also jeden Tag um sagen wir 06:40. Ist das eine gute und umsetzbare Idee? Liebe Grüße aus Wien, Bernhard
  4. Always go for an SSD. They are pretty cheap now. And amongst them, go for the cheaper ones. There is not much difference in speed between SATA and M2 unless you move a lot of large files in databases.
  5. Certainly I do have proof for that, and it's so simple that I really, really don't know why you question the validity of what I said (and downvoted me?): First, one that relates to your ability to see differences in situations that are updated more often than 25 times a second: Look at something that spins with 25 rotations per second. Then at something with 50, 100, 150 and faster. Then tell me at which speed you stopped to see a difference. It's certainly not with 25 revolutions per second. And here's a technical proof: It's rather rare that material nowadays is shot with 24 or 25fps. That's only done for a cinematic effect. And last, but not least: If 25fps were enough, why having monitors with 60/120/144/240 Hz?
  6. That's a myth. You can easily spot the difference between 60 and 120 fps.
  7. The discussion about being able to run the sim with everything maxed out is pretty pointless: I suppose that high end systems can do that with a stock Mooney in 99.9% of all situations i 1920x1080 with no other addons installed and no weather. Now add sceneries and addons and weather and shaders and all that crazy stuff that makes flightsimming fun and addictive, and the answer becomes a solid "are you kiddin me? No friggin' way!" :-)
  8. ... I decided to go for it anyway and wanted to know if someone has a similar setup or comments on this one: The PC is a Acer Predator Orion 9000 (i7-8700k) with 32GB RAM 2400MHz DDR4 and a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080 Ti. it has a SSD/HD combo of 256GB/1TB, but I decided to add a Samsung SSD 970 Evo NVMe with 2 TB as my main drive for flightsimming. I know that the 1080 TI might be too much, as I intend to run the sim at 1920x1080, but hey, as I keep my systems for 3-4 years, this might change and there is still headroom then, I think. And the SSD will probably not speed up the sim compared to an SATA SSD, but maybe the load times (and hopefully the texture loading during flight). I hope to get decent frames out of this, I will be happy with stable 20fps on the ground at large airports and 30fps during flight with the more complex planes. Comments? Apart maybe from the fact that I am burning some money with that (because: I know)?
  9. RTFM. Probably a good idea :-) Thank you.
  10. Is there already a program/app that will allow the FMC to be displayed on/used from an android device? Simulator would be P3D V4.3
  11. Es macht mich langsam wahnsinnig. In dem Moment, in dem mein Bus abhebt, beginnt vor mir in der Luft und zwischen den Schubhebeln eine Enldosschleife abzulaufen und zeigt mir Kaffeebecher, Handy, Zeitung und Papiere (rechts in den Schubhebeln). Sie poppen nacheinander auf und wieder weg. Egal, ob ich aus dem Cold und Dark heraus starte, oder mit dem Setup Ready for Takeoff lade. Was mache ich vorher? Ich starte P3D mit in den Startschirm, habe dort eine Situation geladen, in dem ein Standardflugzeug (Mooney) als Cold & Dark geladen würde. Ich tausche aber dieses Flugzeug durch den Bus aus. Dann starte ich P3D V4.3. Bis zum Abheben von der Startbahn läuft alles normal, aber kaum bin ich in der Luft: Magische Erscheinungen. Egal übrigens, ob das Tablet ausgefahren ist oder nicht. Kann mir wer helfen, das wegzubekommen? Es macht mich rasend und nervt endlos.
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