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  1. Hi, Truly sorry for my recent absence here. Life and other Aerosoft products I had to work on took much more time than I expected. I will be in India from tomorrow for a week and after that quite a few small updates will come, just as I promised and as we talked about it with Ole back in January. In the meantime this is a small update, simply overwrite the single .bgl in your AF folder: af_obj_2.zip regards Andras
  2. Hi, Can you give me a rough idea on which markings you have in mind? A small drawing can make wonders with my mind... regards Andras
  3. Ian, because of the elevation difference, it is not possible. Sorry. regards Andras
  4. In two days... sorry for the extended holydays. regards Andras
  5. Uses an effect named: wake_l_2 regards Andras
  6. Best seasonal wishes and greeting for all! P.S. when the ice melts on the lake, you will definitely see a couple of changes... Andras
  7. Hi, Something is definitely wrong with your system. The number of autogen stuff can cause framerate loss, but not crashes. Try to tweak your fsx.cfg at http://www.venetubo.com/fsx.html and do something re the computer, because the source must be there. regards Andras
  8. Hi, Constructive criticism is my favorite and a rare thing, so keep those coming please. Could be so many things that I'd lie if I said I know anything about it, unless it happens at a regular given place in front of me. Could be the number of animations and their relation to memory (video memory to be precise). If you use FSUIPC, Pete Dowson came up with a fantastic solution in it for g3d.dll errors often happening at relatively dense scenery areas, so it might be a good idea to try it out. If you look around on the net you will find a lot of talk and info about it. Do you use the Highmemfix=1 line in your fsx.cfg? Are you using a rightly tweaked cfg? Can you give some info about your config? regards Andras
  9. Hi Ian, It's not necessarily bad, actually promising. regards Andras
  10. Hi Moshe, Hmmm... that's odd. It happens if someone is using the Germany3 area which doesn't have a winter season. Do you use that? regards Andras
  11. Hi Everyone, I'd just like to ask if any of you experienced any framerate gain or loss with the 1.20 update? I changed some things (not really visible to you), so I have to know how it does apart from my own design PC. thanks and regards Andras
  12. Hi, The developer (me in this case) would have no problem with an FS9 update whatsoever. The problem is the photo-realistic bitmap, which already has it's max resolution in FS9. The new FSX version is almost 3 times higher in resolution and this is something you cannot do for FS9. Thus the FS9 update would have no real meaning, apart from adding the "SkyCourt". But I will add that soon. regards Andras
  13. Hi, Thanks, I see, but it sounds even more confusing to me. Where does the yellow car come from? Is it a part of the scenery or something else? Is it static? Is it one of the moving vehicles I did, or it comes from somewhere else? Please help me... regards Andras
  14. Hi Folks, I wish I knew where those lines come from, but I do not. This case is the typical test-devil case, where it is very to do anything until I can reproduce it here. This may happen if one has the 'Aircraft casts shadow on itself' option turned on. But I will try to reproduce it and will investigate as much as I can. regards Andras
  15. Please send me a shot showing the problem to andrasfield@gmail.com and I will correct it immediately. Andras
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