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  1. I for one can attest to the quality of the VAE flight school. I worked with Lee and I felt as though I was really in the air doing flight lessons. He is an excellent instructor and I would recommend VAE flight school to anyone even the ones that have been flying virtually for 15 years like me. Its a good check to see if you are doing it "As real as it gets"
  2. I would say we could just add a north approach out of the downwind leg for the helipads at a 45 degree angle to the runway. As for going into the actual terminal and ga parking area just the standard airplane approach with a taxi. Also for the airpark pads we could just use an offset approach into the airpark.
  3. I guess after only having 1 reply to this it shows that people really are not interested in flying online. What a shame
  4. I agree with Matt the Carenado Seneca is top notch
  5. Well now I was just curious as to why we only see a handful of pilots out at Andras Field and I think I may have found one reason. Advertisement: http://www.aerosoft....47615200,D11213 After reading the advertisement on the Aerosoft Store page it mentions nothing of multiplayer community. It only tells you about the "option" of purchasing an air park plot. IMO it should be advertised as a multiplayer community and that Aerosoft is supporting the VAE server and information on how to obtain membership to the server. Like I said there is nothing of this unless you refer to this forum. EDIT: Maybe we could make a video showing someone playing online as well as a step by step process of installing and setting up everything. I would do this but I do not have access to any video cameras at this time EDIT: I have now obtained a video camera and should have it in a week and will start working on a how to video on setting up everything. Maybe something like this: <Multiplayer Support Via VAE server> Step 1 Visit http://www.virtual-aviation.org/main/ and register to obtain your username and password Step 2 You will receive all the pertinent information to log onto the servers via email Step 3 Once registration is complete you will need to download Teamspeak 2 for Voice Communications at the following link and set it up per the VAE website instructions http://www.virtual-a...ation/teamspeak Step 4 Download and install the SquawkWin software at the following link and install it per the VAE website instructions http://www.virtual-a...n/pilot-clients Step 5 Start up Teamspeak and log onto the VAE server then start up your Flightsim software and initiate Squawkwin, log on and your done I think Aerosoft could even sell more product if it is advertised as so because of the appeal of flying together with other people. Just a thought Thanks for reading!!
  6. Yes disappointing indeed. Matt drink lots of water and take lots of aspirin!
  7. Hello Claudio, If you wanna get on the server with me to get everything set up just let me know I will be around till the flyin. Just make sure you get teamspeak 2 setup and you will also need the squawkwin software and need to be registered with VAE to get on the server. You can find more info here http://www.virtual-aviation.org/main/
  8. Sounds good I will try my best to be there!
  9. Something I just thought of also. We should get VAE to add these to the list for the server that way we would see each other in our own aircraft!
  10. Well I am in the Eastern Standard time and if I am correct with the conversion I am available from 9am-5pm EST having to leave at 5pm so I think that is 1pm-9pm UTC/GMT/Zulu. The only thing that confuses me the most is the daylight savings time. US daylight savings ends on Nov 7th this year. Weekends are up in the air depending on the wife:excl: EDIT: Maybe we need to install a time clock on the Andras forum page so we are all in sync?
  11. Realistically there is very little "Untouched areas" in FSX these days. Aerosoft would not develop the scenery with only PNW customers in mind. They would instead develop it off of the stock FSX scenery and then make it compatible with the PNW scenery in some way either a patch or something else. PNW area is a beautiful one even if you don't have the PNW software. It has so many possibilities and would be a highway to so many payware sceneries like PNW Tongass X etc... There are also so many little airports and major airports around there. You could fly south to Cali and hit up the legendary Van Nuys airport. Or go north to Seattle or AK. You could go inland to Colorado and view the Rockies. It is just such a beautiful area and with all kinds of weather and seasons. Just my 2 cents though
  12. Yes another vote for the PNW area!! Mathijs why don't you take the votes from here and make it a poll and we can all vote on it and it will show a definitive answer. Just make sure we can only vote once!
  13. Seems like I am getting lower frame rates with the new update. Anyone notice that the woman arguing by the bench is arguing at no one?
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