We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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  1. For my pedals I have 100% sensitivity with 5% null. I wouldn't worry if the Differential message shows as it's unlikely that both pedals are reporting exactly the same value to FSX. Does the aircraft actually swing? I'm pretty sure that if I stand on the brakes I'm getting full braking even if the Diff message shows.
  2. I love the Mozzie!! I'm glad to see one get in the air again.
  3. I suspect these are the standard FSX ones. Guessing they're placed at any parking position that's big enough? I doubt FSX know's it's a drive in/out spot.
  4. I see you're in a 737. The PAPI's at CDG if they are set like the real airport are designed to look correct for the eye height of a larger aircraft. It's quite common when transitioning to visual for the PAPI's to show Low in smaller aircraft. Could that be the case here?
  5. Yeah don't delete the video. The quality is great. I only mentioned the autopilot issue to help you along.
  6. Ha Ha, I was just typing a similar reply you saved me the bother.
  7. Nice vid, just remember to engage the 2nd autopilot for an autoland though ;-)
  8. Thanks Mopperle, That off sets my stupidity somewhat. I've PM'd the person in question to explain.
  9. Hi All, Is there away to delete a reputation vote you've given? Due to some fat fingers on my iPad earlier I managed to vote down a post I'd actually intended to vote up. Any ideas?
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