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    • That is correct. Microsoft shut down the weather servers a few years ago.   What you need is a third party weather engine.  ActiveSky has my highest recommendation, and I recommend staying away from REX.  There are also some freeware weather engines that work pretty well, just Google "FSX Free Weather Engine".  One thread you might want to read is HERE, seems like FSRealWx has a lot of good things said about it.   With all of that said, I highly recommend spending a little money and getting ActiveSky, absolutely the best available!   Next you'll want to get some weather textures, and my highest recommendation is to use ActiveSkyCloudArt (ASCA) along with EVENTEX, but there are also freeware weather textures available (just search for them... I'd give you a recommendation for which freeware textures to use but I haven't evaluated them in a few years so my recommendation would be next to worthless so I wouldn't think of making one).   Best wishes!  
    • It looks just a little odd. With most add-ons you can at least discern a little bit of detail but perhaps adding a light tint to the windows or darkening the interior of the flight deck might do the trick with other textures showing gauges etc isn't possible.
    • Hi, the NWS switch is in the ARMED position. I also noticed now, that when I steer with my Rudder Pedals, the nose wheel is NOT animated. Thanks for help
    • the FSX don't have any more the real weather download they block the server or what happen no one know how to fix this or what happend?
    • It's the same as version 1.  At a normal viewing distance you would not be able to make out any detail.  I have considered darkening the interior of the flight deck, or making the glass less transparent, as I think maybe it looks too bright inside.