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    • I've updated to the newest version, 2.1.5, deleted every apt.cache file previously created, and after some testing I'm reporting the following: 1. at KLAX (SFD aka MisterX6 version), if landing on runways 25L or 25R, it shows "No airport data found for icao code CL02", witch is the Kilroy Heliport also modeled in the package. I'm assuming SAM atempts to read data from that heliport instead, maybe because it's very close to these runways. that doesn't happen on the opposite side, 07L or 07R, I can't figure if it's a SAM or KLAX problem. no issues to report if landing on the others 06L/24R or 06R/24L, comming from the west.  2. at KLAS (Flytampa) if landing on runways 08L,01L and 01R it shows "No parking location avaiable at this location". I notice these runways are also near some helipads who belong to the same airport, so, again, i don't know if it's a Flytampa package or SAM issue. 3. At EDDF (Aerosoft payware package) the erratic movement of the follow me vehicle still happens.   Another issues to consider, although they do not affect plugin funcionality: - Lights on the roof of the Smart and Toyota pick up truck are OFF - front wheels of the Smart do not move.   And that's it. I'll keep testing and reporting furher...  
    • Das ist doch prima. Dann hast du schon eine Entschuldigung und kannst dich aus den lästigen Weihnachtsvorbereitungen raushalten. (Achtung Ironie)!!
    • I feel lots of new simmers are going to be shocked at PMDG pricing then!
    • Hallo Detlef Ich denke mal dass du mit der Stinsen L5 dort keine Probleme haben wirst. Probieren geht über studieren!!   Gruß Hermann  
    • Yep, I’m one of those new customers as this simulator is my first flight simulator. I roughly knew how things would be priced based on what I saw about planes in previous sims. To me, the pricing of 40 euros seems perfect for the quality plane we are getting. 
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