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  1. Cold & Dark Cockpit

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  3. Review: B777 Wordliner Pro.

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    • Hey   About the C&D issue it is quite simple, when I start a free flight at some airport gate the plane is not Cold & Dark so I use the DAVE to select this panel state, then something interesting is I see an infinite time message saying "shutting down engines..." it nevers goes to "complete" and never disappears. Then I start battery and DC services, then I start the APU, hydraulics and cabin airflow leaving the remaining on auto. Then I click on the Engine Left Start (or right) button but no light appears on it and nothing happens then.   So I go back to DAVE and select "Ready to taxi" panel state and I wait for engines to start and the notification that says "configuration complete". Then I select C&D and this time the shutting down engines is followed by "complete" and all works well after this. By the way is there any way to force C&D by default when I start a new flight ?   About the jetway I forgot to say that I tested them with a B744 (iFly 747-400 v2 addon) at a heavy gate. If I use this aircraft at any non-Aerosoft airport with default jetways then I can use CTRL+J to move them. Please notice that this issue is not related to the CRJ but only to Aerosoft Airport packages.   Regards
    • I have just tested with the Task Manager open, and when the AsUpdater crashes, the process also ends in the Task Manager. So the process is not hanging. This is from the Windows log (sorry in Dutch):   Beschrijving Pad naar toepassing met fout:    C:\Users\Erik\Documents\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\ASUpdater.exe Probleem met handtekening Naam van probleemgebeurtenis:    CLR20r3 Probleemhandtekening 01:    ASUpdater.exe Probleemhandtekening 02: Probleemhandtekening 03:    5f3b902c Probleemhandtekening 04:    mscorlib Probleemhandtekening 05:    4.8.4220.0 Probleemhandtekening 06:    5f03a9e2 Probleemhandtekening 07:    192d Probleemhandtekening 08:    26 Probleemhandtekening 09:    System.ArgumentException Versie van besturingssysteem:    10.0.19041. Landinstelling-id:    1043 Aanvullende informatie 1:    a668 Aanvullende informatie 2:    a668db8cb2a17f03761f547a2090be78 Aanvullende informatie 3:    9f8e Aanvullende informatie 4:    9f8ed87bb86628830a40fe8a7396cadc Extra informatie over het probleem Bucket-id:    7e33216c5e0b1d12fa8f26d67c2a2a11 (1913791069303745041)  
    • In case you haven't restarted your PC since the first updater crash, please open the task manager (Ctrl+Shift+Esc), click "More Details" at the bottom of the window and check if there's any instance of ASUpdater.exe somewhere. If there is, select it and click "Stop Process" (the button on the lower right corner. My Windows is in German, so the text on it might be slightly different). Then try running the updater again.
    • Is there may be anything in the Windows Event Viewer?
    • Thanks. I have the Steam version but one of our deputies gets crashes with that as well, so it might not be related to the MSFS version after all. Right now, I can't reproduce the issue, but I'm investigating.
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