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  1. Yes, since I already have P3D and X-Plane versions
  2. 100% agree, unless there is a specific issue fixed (you can check the release-notes in the nvidia website before you download), you can usually stay with your existing working driver.
  3. You can try the A320N mod available from Github, place the file in your "communities" folder. https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx
  4. Well I bit the bullet and bought the basic version of MS2020. Looking forward to a decent aircraft for it.
  5. I am really trying hard not to buy MS2020, but you are making it difficult for me
  6. I tried the tutorial flights on the Alpha/Beta and it's true, you always need some kind of trim - constantly.
  7. I agree that the flightsim software is merely a platform to run a desired aircraft, whether it's X-Plane/FSX/or anything else. Having tested the Alpha, it's come on leaps and bounds since first release. I found the hardware setup the most frustrating part (many people also had the same experience).
  8. The error is to do with the Microsoft Visual C++ 2015 Redistributable. Try a repair or download which should auto repair it. (64 and 32bit may be required)
  9. Welcome back, a lot has changed (Flghtsims) and a lot has stayed the same (people).
  10. You need to activate it. Then from the developer menu, reload scenery and aircraft.
  11. Maybe you should have a South African scenery sale with the same title!
  12. Thank you,Aerosoft for the EGCC gift (yes I know "gift" is the German for poison, but not in this case I had this product for XP10,but not XP11 Danke
  13. Hallo Heinz, Below is screenshot from my orders I'm not sure if there is a separate upgrade for "Extended" version (767-200/767F).
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