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  1. That's good news. X-Plane 11 is more graphic hungry than X-Plane 10 was, so I would say that 4GB RAM is not really enough anymore. My 1070 usually shows 6GB RAM in use (With VR).
  2. I used the default settings for EDDK with a 1070 With VR, I'm gettings 23 fps using Zibo 737 There is a configurator described in the documentation.
  3. X-Plane uses OpenGL, not DirectX. The new Vulan API might help with your framerate, but take the advise of Heinz, and remove (delete from the plugins folder) some of your plugins.
  4. The requirements recommend an 8GB graphic card. What is your X-Plane settings? Have you also tried the 3jfps script
  5. Hi, I have the same CPU, but overclocked to 4.6 Ghz, and my GPU is the 1070 with 8GB RAM. It might help to try overclocking your CPU, but you also might be approaching the limit for your graphics card too.
  6. What is your spec? Logfile might be useful.
  7. Danke! After just buying the P3D one yesterday
  8. Looking forward Could be a great birthday present
  9. Prepar3D is very sensitive about installing FSX/Earlier versions of P3D sceneries. If you're lucky it works, but it can cause some errors, hangs and crashes too.
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