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  1. yes--... changelog.txt, says 1.6.9 Thanks
  2. Hi: Well i tried to installed the lates version and it said the activation count has exceeded. I opened a ticket from FF support. But I see the version still appeared the 1.6.8, not the 1.6.9. Is that ok? Thank in advance. JMPF
  3. Sorry, but normally the updater only work if you bought at Xplane.org web., not in aerosoft. Thanks
  4. Hi: I noticed I have not the last version 1.6.9 in my download area. I have read there is a new one 1.6.9. Is there a new one version1.6.9?? Thanks in advance
  5. Hi: When I use the FF B767, it says there is a new verion 1.3.8 available and I do not see in the download area in the Aerosoft web. When it would be posible to download it,? Thank, in advance...
  6. Hi MarcusB757: I am not in the computer right now, but I remember that both the B757 and the B767 do not program radio navigation, or ils with the fms. The radios are located on the central pedestal. In fact, the B767 has a special radio to tune the ils, located in the lower part of the central pedestal. Greetings.
  7. I have seen that there is an update of the avionics for the B767 for sale, both for the professional and extended versions. Also for the B757. This is the link: https://forums.x-plane.org/index.php?/forums/topic/197978-boeing-767-version-131-modern-avionics/ It seems you need a promo code, to get the update. Where is the promo code? Does Aerosoft plan to sell this update? Thank you.
  8. Hi all: Now the extended version has been upated. Thank you....
  9. Hi all: It seems that there is a new update for the FF 767. When can we have this update available on the Aerosoft website? I cannot update it from the updater ... Thank you.
  10. Yes... the ivap has that option. I the next flight I will disable it. Bye.
  11. I am now preparing a flight. And when I start the IVAP, the self test in progress appeard, cause it change the time to be UTC. Bye.,
  12. I will try to replicate... i am not sure if I changed the time ..... Thank you.
  13. Good Morning: Sorry if there is another open topic, but I have searched and I have not found it. Nor do I know if this is the exact section where to expose the new problem. This has happened to me, both with the active checklists, and without having them. The problem is that after a while, with the engines started, a message appears on all screens, indicating that a test is in progress and it take for no more than 40 seconds ... The problem is that it takes quite more than 40 seconds to remove. I'm not sure, but it seems to be like the initial message when all the ignition of the
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