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  1. Thanks.... now it's work...... thanks.... JMPF
  2. Prepard V5.1 I will try to look that setting.
  3. Navigation Display appears too large. How can I fix this. thanks,
  4. Thank you.... Now it is in the old download area
  5. I have not the lastest version in the old download aerea. Can you update? Thanks
  6. i have read there is a new version. BETA v1.6.16. When will it be available in the download area? Thanks
  7. Hi all: It seems there is a new version of FF B76. when i install from the updater, it updadte to 1.3..14 and i do not see the FPDS option to change the cockpit, to see the new windows in the cockpit. How can I fix this problem?. THANKS.
  8. yes--... changelog.txt, says 1.6.9 Thanks
  9. Hi: Well i tried to installed the lates version and it said the activation count has exceeded. I opened a ticket from FF support. But I see the version still appeared the 1.6.8, not the 1.6.9. Is that ok? Thank in advance. JMPF
  10. Sorry, but normally the updater only work if you bought at Xplane.org web., not in aerosoft. Thanks
  11. Hi: I noticed I have not the last version 1.6.9 in my download area. I have read there is a new one 1.6.9. Is there a new one version1.6.9?? Thanks in advance
  12. Hi: When I use the FF B767, it says there is a new verion 1.3.8 available and I do not see in the download area in the Aerosoft web. When it would be posible to download it,? Thank, in advance...
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