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  1. Hello. I have some of your sceneries (MEGA's Madri/Barcelona/Heathrow/Frankfurt/Rome) installed in another drive than P3Dv4 If I reinstall Win10 but keep the other 2 drives (Sceneries-Addons & P3Dv4) will it work or do i need to reinstall every scenery? From P3Dv4 got info that all I need to do is run Client and it will work (didn't do it yet) as if I didn't reinstall Win10. Tks
  2. After installing AS_updater will it check which Aerosoft's P3Dv4 sceneries in my PC a avaiable for updating? There is a mention about 7z too.
  3. I have previous v1.28 Since we are writing about v2.03 just one question: Do I need to uninstall v1.28 and install v2.03 AFTER that? Tks
  4. What I did was install v1.1 (last one). It created a folder ...\Aerosoft\ASUpdater\Products\as_madri_prof.xml I didn't try to use update
  5. Is it ok to install update 1.1 instead of v1.0?
  6. I'm going to install Madri v100 or do I install already v1.1?
  7. 1) uninstall via Control Panel? 2) Install v1.0 or v1.1?
  8. Do I need to do anything now? If so pls tell me what to do. Tks, Hans
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