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  1. Hello I was wanting to know if you could help me out.  Where do I put the SSG 747-8i - Air Force One do I make a subfolder in the aircraft folder. please let me know thank you! 

  2. 1) It depends on your scenery load order. If USOrthophotos is below Aspen Mesh, you will see the Aspen mesh, but not the USOrthophotos mesh. 2) Again, you have to order your scenery.ini in a way that the mesh you want to use for a given region is above any other mesh, but below the airport. 3) Airport comes first, Autogen second, Mesh last. 4) No, HD Mesh is a freeware mesh by Andras Fabian. It does not use photos, but is a higher resolution version of the default mesh. You can only use one mesh -- either the default mesh, or the HD mesh, or any orthophoto m
  3. Horst-Helmut Krause (hhk), der vor geraumer Zeit schon mal ein Handbuch für den A350 verfasst hat, hat uns nun eines für die Boeing 767 zugesandt. Wieder beschreibt der Autor sehr ausführlich mit vielen Screenshots, wie man das Flugzeug aus dem Cold & Dark hochfährt, den FMC programmiert, den Flug ausführt und das Flugzeug nach der Landung parkt. Es ist wieder ein sehr hilfreiches Dokument geworden Das Handbuch könnt Ihr euch hier als PDF herunterladen: B 767 by FF Manual DE v1.0 20180825.pdf Vielen Dank an den Autor!
  4. Moin Mario,

    im Anhang die Log.txt Datei,nach der du gefragt hattest.


    Gruß Volker


  5. Naja, in Magdeburg ist gerade Winter ... Danke für die Erläuterung.
  6. Gibt es eigentlich eine schnelle Möglichkeit (z.B. durch Austausch einiger Grafiken), dass ich mir eine Winterversion von X-Europe bastle?
  7. I think this is still a very good scenery, esp. considering the mesh editing that was done. For me it looks nearly as good as the FSX Madeira. Maybe you can contact the freeware's developer and ask for an update? No Madeira plans from Aerosoft at the moment as far as I know.
  8. Can you please attach your whole log.txt?
  9. True, in many cases this helps with the little delay after a DVD has been put in.
  10. If DVD 1 installed correctly, you can simply copy the rest (the content of the other DVDs) manually over to your X-Plane folder; it's just the global scenery that belongs to X-Plane 11\Global Scenery\X-Plane 11 Global Scenery
  11. Thanks a lot for this work! A German translation of the FMS manual is very useful. However, please only post in English language in this part of the forum.
  12. The file referenced by the error message does not exist in the SCEL package. Maybe that's a bug. Best report it to support@virtualdesign3d.com
  13. I can't really say. There are some issues with the DVDs under Linux (file names are shown wrongly, and installer crashes when changing DVDs), but according to Laminar, the Windows version should be fine. For the Linux issues, probably next week Laminar will issue a new version of the installer. You could also try to create ISO images of the DVDs and install from these. If there's no installer bug, the installer should recognize these, once switched...
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