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    • Moin @Frithjof für mich ist die Arbeit mit dem OE plastischer "3D". Klar kann man mit dem WED auch alles steuern und setzen, aber eben nur 2D. Für mich gesprochen, fühle ich mich im OE wohler. 
    • I've looked high and low for documentation for the p3d v4 version of this lovely bird.  I can't find anything.  IN my doucuments/aerosoft folder is just the updater.  I'm looking for a list of custom key commands - specifically the turn knob on the AP panel.  Since the 2.1 version is not showing the trim knob and indicator working - I've gone back. I'd like to be able to assign left and right to key commands.  Can someone tell me what they are?   Thanks!   Colin Ware Denver
    • Just used the updater software to update the plane to 2.1.  Love the 2d autopilot panel, but the update has broken the visuals on the trim handle, the indicator and the pitch up/down on the a/p panel.  In short, trim still works, but the handle and indicator don't work unless you are in autopilot mode.  Further, the pitch up/down rotating knob rotates when you use the trim.  I've gone back to 2.0 until this is fixed.     This is the p3d v4 version of the plane.     Thanks!   Colin Ware
    • Mal ganz dämlich gefragt: Warum nutzt ihr nicht einfach den hauseigenen WED?
    • Dave -- you are responsible for the Unidentified Flying Object over southern Indiana yesterday?   It said "Aerosoft" next to it, and "A330".   Your response should be, "I can neither confirm nor deny..."
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