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    • My StarFlyer JA25MC Airbus A320 CFM 1.0.0 skin doesnt load i have changed the config file (Youll see in the attachments) and it still does not work adding the model name sharklets in all caps also doesnt work as then i cannot even see the plane when i go to select it. Any help would be appreciated.
    • Good morning. I am going crazy trying to find out how to get mu CDU to see a company route. I create a flight plan with navigraph charts. I export it to E:flight plans, I also saved the flight plan to C:\Users\My name\Documents\Aerosoft\General\A3XX flight plans, yet when I try to load the flight plan in the CDU company route, I get not in data base. Although it does put the KSFFCYVR (Example) in L1 and it turns blue. But when I go to flightplan there are no waypoints listed. What would be the exact location for me to save the flightplans so the CDU will see them. Also, say for example, the flightplan saved shows KSFFCYVR.pln  should it be showing KSFFCYVR.rte   or is  pln ok? I think I just have to get the right location to save the company routes. "Happy Flying and thanks for any help."  Walt
    • Sceneries for v5 only will not work in v4.5. due to a different installer   Maybe, just give it a try. But needs manual work, as the installer looks for v4.5. and doesnt give you the option to choose anotther p3d version  
    • Hi Heinz, there is a problem to install the version 10.0.2. On one hand the version 10.0.2 beta cannot be installed although I entered the serial number when I purchased the older version of b777 at your site. There is always an error message when I tried to paste my serial number. On the other hand the version 10.0.2 as you posted  is not really the actual version but the version 10.0.1. So something went wrong! Could you please solve the problem   with kind regards Bernd Schwarz
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