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  1. Mathijs told me today that we hope to do some more work on Connected Flight Deck next week. That's all I can say at the moment.
  2. My friends, Please accept our sincere apologies for not getting back to you sooner. Our failure to get back to you is anything but typical. I don't have answers to your questions and the person who does has been on travel and otherwise out of the office, but I believe he is due back soon. I've sent him an email with a link to this topic, so hopefully he will reply here very soon. Again, please accept our sincere and heartfelt apology. Yours truly, Dave Hodges
  3. Not enough information to know. But if I had to guess I'd say that you've loaded the aircraft up and it's pretty heavy, and/or you've failed to enter the values (or the correct values) in INIT Page B. I've been trying to help you for well over 2 years now, you are no closer to understanding the basics of the Airbus so it's obvious to me that I'm not helping you. As such the best thing to do is for me to step aside and let someone try. Best wishes Gary.
  4. From our many past discussions he's using the A320/A321. I don't know if he's changed to the A330, but he's got the other installed thus the documents.
  5. I understand, but there is little sense in my copying and pasting or re-writing what is already in the documentation that came with the products. That would simply be insane on both our parts. I've answered your question as far as what you are doing wrong, and I referred you to the volumes and specific sections of the documentation that will help you learn how to operate the Airbus correctly. Asking sincerely, is there something I'm missing as to why you won't use the documentation? Let me know and perhaps there is something else I can do to help. Best wishes.
  6. The A/THR should engage by itself provided you're setup correctly and placing the thrust levers in either TOGA or Flex. Sounds like you are either not setup correctly and/or you are disengaging the A/THR instead of activating it (again, it should activate automatically). Have you read about the Thrust Levers and Auto Thrust in Volume 4 and performed the Step by Step flight (in this case ESPECIALLY the Takeoff sections) per Volume 6 of the documentation? Keep in mind that you need to forget EVERYTHING you may have learned about Boeings when flying an Airbus, failing to do so will only hurt and confuse you.
  7. Are you flying online or using AI Traffic that may be calling one of the Carenado aircraft? Paper missing from the printer may be due to either not having updated the aircraft, not having updated the aircraft properly, or otherwise by a bad install (Not disabling computer security, not running update/installer as Admin, etc.).
  8. I don't believe reinstalling P3D will help solve this. Interesting that it only occurs when running Active Sky, so yes, I think that's it. Please try using the following settings for ActiveSky (read the instructions included in the file). Note: There are settings for other weather related software, just ignore them if you don't have them or don't wish to use them. AFSC ActiveSky & TOGA CFG
  9. Sorry to hear that you are experiencing difficulties. Unless you have a noisy elevator axis or noisy elevator trim axis assigned (noisy controller axis), the problem is very likely with Windows. We've seen this time and time again, and reinstalling Windows always seems to resolve the issue. Thankfully, this process and reinstalling P3D with addons is far less extensive than it used to be. If I knew of anything else, I would certainly share it, but that seems to be the fix. I have a theroy that it's DirectX related, and the only what to reinstall DirectX is to reinstall Windows. I hope this has been helpful to you! Best wishes.
  10. I've asked a few of our Airbus pilots to drop by and answer. Thanks for a great question!
  11. I won't/can't discuss MSFS. Regarding P3dV5, what exactly would you like to know?
  12. I'll make you a video later today of the A330 under P3Dv5 (with all addon scenery and ORBX FTX Global and Vector) running on a 4th generation i7 (almost 10 years old) and GTX1080. I'm confident you'll change your mind.
  13. It is supposed to be, but nobody has a crystal ball. I only use P3Dv5 for testing, I use P3Dv4.5 for flying.
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