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  1. Well, I dunno. I've worked development and test teams on some of the finest Flight Sim aircraft over the past 25 years, including here, the Leonardo Maddog, and Majestic Dash 8 Q400. I'm very familiar with MSFS, thank you. This issue is just not what you're thinking it is, but I'm confident I won't change your mind. If you want a Passenger Simulator, then you aren't alone. Maybe some day someone will make it. Lord knows we've joked around about it for over 2 decades. My very best to you my friend.
  2. Interesting. From my perspective, I'd much rather have a company foregoe non-operational parts of the the aircraft and give a higher level of fidelity to the operational parts. After all, there is not an unlimited about of processor (CPU/GPU) bandwidth.
  3. As I posted in the thread you referenced, it's a bug with that airport. I filed a bug report back when I was part of the team but apparently it was never resolved before the project development ended. I would forget about using the secondary flightplan and delete the waypoints as I referred to in your referenced thread. FYI: The real aircraft has a different page for doing this which is not modeled in the Aerosoft version. Sorry I could not be of more help, if I ever get P3D booted back up I'll do my best to look at this, but I'm heavily engaged in another flight sim project for the US Navy/Lockheed Martin and another flight sim developer and along with a heavily possibility of going on a transplant list I simply don't have much time these days. Best wishes.
  4. This is almost certainly an issue with the NavData. Are you able to reinstall the previous AIRAC Cycle? If so, then you've proven it's a problem with the NavData. You can also search the Web to see if others are having this issue. Best wishes. Dave
  5. There is no IAE issue that I'm aware of (reported by the test team or customers), and I was on the team from the beginning and handled tech support. Weight and balance is of course critical (as you know), and it's very helpful to use the loadout tools available. One thing is that the IAE engines are not quite as robust as the CFM engines as far as inital thrust (also in real life), but I don't think that is a factor here. Best wishes!
  6. I would go over to AVSIM or Guru3D.com and search for "Bottleneck" and/or "Bottleneck Troubleshooting", or terms to that affect. There are some great tools to help with this type of troubleshooting. If you've had your CPU at 4.5+ and still had the same problems you described then you almost assurdedly have: 1. Outdated graphics card drivers (unlikely this would cause your issue even if the drivers are out dated but it could happen), 2. Corrupt Graphics Card Software Installation, 3. A P3D and/or Graphics Card settings issue (the only other explaination would be a bad CPU, bad Graphics Card, though not necessarily the GPU itself), 4. A bad motherboard, 5. A serious heat problem with the CPU, GPU or motherboard. The troubleshooting guide(s) from AVSIM or Guru3D.com will assist you in figuring it out. I posted just such a guide (which I wrote inside a post) here in the Aerosoft forums several years ago, but finding it will likely prove to be a lot of work). Best wishes my friend. Dave
  7. Get your CPU speed up to 4.0 to 4.5 and you'll be fine. I would recommend a CPU watercooler if you do that.
  8. Sorry to hear you had a problem. Actually, this is a known issue for which the team has spent several hundred hours on (myself at least 50) taking both manual and automatic snapshots of sometimes 25 or more variables. Thus far we have been unable to find the cause, nor can we duplicate this problem except randomly. We have also collected tons of data from users. If we were able to replicate this regularly we'd be able to narrow things down. I've personally witnessed this issue a few times with video recording instrumention along with pretty significant manual and automatic data collection. The developers have looked very hard at the code that might be involved in this and still haven't found a cause. Thanksfully this does not happen reguarly, and the best advice is not to leave the aircraft as you can easily recover if you are in command when it occurs. I know it's not the answer you're looking for, and I'm tremendously and sincerely sorry for giving you this answer, but it's an honest take on this issue and the work that's been done to find and correct it. My best wishes to you for a happy holiday season! Dave
  9. Searched the forum for "Radio Panel Checklist" and came up with the link below. Hopefully it's helpful to you.
  10. Deselect the VOR or MRK (Marker) on bottom of the Radio Panel. Best wishes.
  11. That's a good and fair question, and you are far from the first person to ask it. It's not a straight forward as how much ram one has and if you look at my initial reply you'll see that I usd the term Continguous Memory. The problem you're seeing is the same as those posts you'll see of the external of aircraft in flight showing as a sketeton (no skin), it's all about running out of large enough chunks of memory for the various programs running inside of flight sim and the addons, as well as the graphics eating up memory during your flight and that memory never gets released during your entire flight even when you arne't looking at this. This was a much larger issue back int he FSX (32 bit) days, and 64 bit flight sims like P3Dv4/v5 and X-Plane certainly made things better, but it's not a cure all. I hope this helps! Best wishs.
  12. Yeah, it might have been removed, but you can also use the other method I provided if you don't wish to edit the cfg file manually.
  13. This very well may be due to a contiguous memory issue. To test, try reducing your settings to default and repeat the flight. By the way, to work around, save the flight and reload it. This will reset your in sim memory. Best wishes.
  14. Two options. 1. Set the aircraft up as you wish, and in MCDU#3 select "SAVE USER STATE" and save the state. Then load the saved state for your future flights. This is covered in the documentation, Volume 1, Page 26. 2. You can try loading the aircraft, setting it up as you like, and then saving the flight. When you load the saved flight it will place you at the airport where you saved the flight from, and from there you can change to the departure airport/gate/stand of your choice. Best wishes.
  15. Nothing you tried would make a difference. It was the server being reset. I'm saying this purely so that others wouldn't bother with doing those things. Sync Displays will sync the NDs between PF and PM Inputs. Dual Input is covered in the documentation, which can be searched by using Control-F. So, basically, it was the server being reset that made the difference. Best wishes!
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