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  1. Deselect the VOR or MRK (Marker) on bottom of the Radio Panel. Best wishes.
  2. That's a good and fair question, and you are far from the first person to ask it. It's not a straight forward as how much ram one has and if you look at my initial reply you'll see that I usd the term Continguous Memory. The problem you're seeing is the same as those posts you'll see of the external of aircraft in flight showing as a sketeton (no skin), it's all about running out of large enough chunks of memory for the various programs running inside of flight sim and the addons, as well as the graphics eating up memory during your flight and that memory never gets released during your entire flight even when you arne't looking at this. This was a much larger issue back int he FSX (32 bit) days, and 64 bit flight sims like P3Dv4/v5 and X-Plane certainly made things better, but it's not a cure all. I hope this helps! Best wishs.
  3. Yeah, it might have been removed, but you can also use the other method I provided if you don't wish to edit the cfg file manually.
  4. This very well may be due to a contiguous memory issue. To test, try reducing your settings to default and repeat the flight. By the way, to work around, save the flight and reload it. This will reset your in sim memory. Best wishes.
  5. Two options. 1. Set the aircraft up as you wish, and in MCDU#3 select "SAVE USER STATE" and save the state. Then load the saved state for your future flights. This is covered in the documentation, Volume 1, Page 26. 2. You can try loading the aircraft, setting it up as you like, and then saving the flight. When you load the saved flight it will place you at the airport where you saved the flight from, and from there you can change to the departure airport/gate/stand of your choice. Best wishes.
  6. Nothing you tried would make a difference. It was the server being reset. I'm saying this purely so that others wouldn't bother with doing those things. Sync Displays will sync the NDs between PF and PM Inputs. Dual Input is covered in the documentation, which can be searched by using Control-F. So, basically, it was the server being reset that made the difference. Best wishes!
  7. I'll speak with Florian, I think he was confused between Connected Flight Deck versions. To the best of my knoweldge, there is no need to change any of the configuration files and therefore they should be left alone. There was a time some time ago when, during a period when we were migrating the server and had not yet updated the CFD.CFG files, we advised some guys to temporarily edit their CFG files. This may be what you came across. Instead, please ensure that you are running the latest version of the Airbus. Depending on the version you currently have, you may need to download the latest version, then uninstall and reinstall the Airbus using the procedure noted at: Best wishes.
  8. Well, I'm not sure who told you that Connected Flight Deck isn't supported for P3Dv4 or P3Dv5, but that simply is not true. Please tell me who told you that so I can get with them and bring them up to speed. The original Connected Flight Deck (CFD) for FSX and P3Dv1 through P3Dv3 was Peer to Peer (your computer to another computer). In other words, a direct connection. This version of Connected Flight Deck does not work with the Airbus Professional (P3Dv4/v5). Instead, there is a different version of Connected Flight Deck (same name, just, you know, to keep people confused... )which is server based rather than Peer to Peer, therefore not Direct Connect. Since you cited "create or join a session" and you're using P3Dv4/v5 I assumed that you were attempting to connect via the server based CFD system (via MCDU#3). The server based Connected Flight Deck system uses a Tunneling Protocol, so your Firewall is bypassed and therefore your Firewall settings do not come into play. If you have a working lnternet Connection, the only things that might prevent you from Creating or Joining a Session are: 1. The server needs to be reset again (it frequently does). I'd rank this as 90% or better as the solution. 2. You are not correctly entering the required values in the MCDU CFD system. I'd rank this as 9.9% as being the problem. 3. I've ever seen this in many years of being a computer hardware engineer (in other words, it's HIGHLY unlikely), but you could have a problem with your Network Interface Card Tunneling Protocol, and troubleshooting this is WAYYYY outside of our support and must be done by Microsoft Windows Support or a computer service technician and/or the company from whom you purchased your computer. I'd rank this as .01% of being the problem. Note: Some Internet Wireless Connections (wireless service to your home, not wireless from your router to your computer) prevent or otherwise have issues with Tunneling protocols. If this is the case, then you won't be able to use server based CFD. Establishing a CFD Session (covered in the provided documenation) is a three step process. A. You must first Click to turn on the Connection, and you didn't mention if you were able to get a Green "ON" when you did this. B. Determine User Input Settings (Connection Type, Seat, Sync, Input). C. Create a Session, the pass the Session ID and Password to the other party who will then Select JOIN SESSION. That's it.
  9. It's probably the server needing to be reset again. This is pretty routine, and the only way to reset the server is to email support / put in a support ticket. If you're wanting to fly Connected Flight Deck during an online event, I recommend emailing support 4 days in advance and request they reset the server for you the day before. Do NOT kill the messenger (I mean that).
  10. Nice to hear from you again, sorry it was under these circumstances. If I understand correctly, you made the same flight (same flight plan, everything the same except the aircraft) with the smaller Airbus and the A330, and you had a CTD with the A330?\
  11. If you used the Autopilot and then go back to manual, the trim will reset itself. Something else is ensuring the P3D Settings Repeat Slider for your Elevator Trim is set to zero. If you are using software specific to your controller then the issue might also be there, but the Airbus software itself runs fine for me. Those are the only things I can think of. Best wishes.
  12. Sorry you're having issues. That error is due to some issues with Windows, specially Windows system files. It's a local issue that has nothing to do with our software. Below is a link that MAY help, but if you'll search for the error online you're bound to find more information. The P3Dv4 is a mystery. https://kb.reallusion.com/General/50028/How-to-fix-Feature-Transfer-Error-or-Catastrophic-Failure-when-installing
  13. I'm fairly sure he knows your a moderator, and most of our customers aren't aware that we don't actually produce many of the Aerosoft products in house. Anyway, that's my best guess brother. Hope your are doing well Otto!
  14. Actually, if you copy the Prepar3d.exe to a dummy folder, and then point the installer to it, it should work (the FSX.exe should not be needed by the installer). If that doesn't work, you can simply rename the Prepar3d.exe to FSX.exe and that should work.
  15. Hello Pierre, My apologies, I didn't see your post until now. There are some graphic differences between P3Dv4 and P3Dv5, so there could be some issues with using P3Dv4 files in P3Dv5. With so many sceneries (this is is one I do not have) it's very difficult for us to know if something will work and sometimes difficult for us to know if there is a software mod. Even when we know of a mod we will usually make it clear that we (Aerosoft) don't recommend or support it unless the software developer who produced the scenery actually created the mod. So while my good friend Otto's reply was short (he may have had a lot of customer support requests to clear), it is accurate. If you have the time, would you please write back here and let us know how this worked out with P3Dv5? I'm sure it would be helpful to others. My very best wishes to you my friend!
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