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  1. Friends, We maxed out the Discord Stream pretty quickly, so we moved to Twitch for the A330 Live Stream. The link is below:
  2. My friends, Mathijs asked if I would do a live stream of the A330 Beta for you guys today at 3pm (1500z) GMT/UTC. We'll be streaming only on the Aerosoft Flight Sim Community Discord Channel, the link is below. So come join us! https://discord.gg/xFMyqVf
  3. I also don't have FSX installed anymore, but if I remember correctly there is a Reverse setting in the Configurator, and a reverse setting in the sim as well. If you set them both, I think you're essentially cancelling both out. Since I know longer have FSX installed, I can't install the older Airbus and therefore can't see the Configurator. Can you please post a screen shot of the Configurator for us?
  4. Thank you my friend! I'll leave this thread open for now in order to provides more information about this in the future. Thanks again!
  5. Thank you for writing to us! We're aware of this, and the team is in the process of updating the VNAV. In fact, we've got the VNAV working pretty darned well in the A330 and we're back-fitting the 320 series with the same (highly similar) VNAV code. Right now behind the scenes it's all hands on deck working, testing and tweaking the A330 as we get the aircraft ready for you guys. But (and this is my personal Best Guess so please don't try and hold me to it, I don't make any of the decisions for this stuff) I believe we'll publish an update to the A320 Series (A318/A319 and the A320/A321) sometime around the release of the A330 which is currently slated for this December. An A320 Series update might be out sooner, but that's a pretty big MAYBE. Now, I'm currently on the Customer Version of the A320 Series so that when I have the time I can fly Connected Flight Deck with you guys (our terrific customers) on the Aerosoft Discord Server - which by the way has been GREAT FUN for me as I get to meet you guys on a more personal level and enjoy flying with you both in single flight deck and Connected Flight Deck (CFD)! But sometime next week I plan to jump back over to the Beta of the A320 Series to evaluate the Beta changes and when I do I'll do my best to update this thread with my impression of the VNAV changes we've done thus far. What I can tell you about the current customer experimental version of the A320/A321 (version is the green dot is somewhat wacky in descent as you've already seen), but overall the VNAV descent itself is working pretty darned good. Of course it does need some changes, but it's working pretty well. Where realism is concerned, I think it's important to remember that in controlled airspace airliners often use Open Descent instead of Manag4ed Descent as ATC often descends them directively especially when it's a tight, heavily populated airspace, so if the wacky green dot bug really bothers you (hey, it bothers us too) then you can always fuse Managed Descent. But rest assured, we're committed to resolving the issue! Thanks again for writing to us! We really enjoy hearing from you guys! Best wishes my friend!
  6. I don't see an FF A350 Forum for English, so I'll answer here. I have, don't use XPlane, and I'm not familiar with this aircraft. However a quick search brought up the following video which shows how to get SIDs and STARs working. If you're still having issues, you can always contact Flight Factor Support. Best wishes!
  7. Hello Thomas! Well, of course I understand why you're asking, it's a good question. However the real answer is that it doesn't really matter, and I'll explain why. First, sitting at the payware Aerosoft Frankfurt Airport (EDDF) just short of 07R with my view from the Captain's seat on the flight deck, during the daytime with party cloudy weather, running Activesky and ASCA and ENVTEX textures, no aircraft traffic, and 20% road traffic, with ORBX Global and ORBX Global Vector running, I get 32 to 36 fps. If I go to external locked spot view it's pretty steady at 36 fps, spiking every few seconds to as high as 54 fps. Why my performance doesn't matter to others? Well, the short answer is that we simply cannot compare performance on different systems - it's just way to inaccurate as there are just way too many variables to consider. The variables I posted in the second paragraph above are just the tip of the iceberg (there are far, FAR more variables to consider). Moreover, I recently installed P3Dv4.5HF2 from ground zero (a complete uninstall along with all addons, and then reinstall). I tested the frame rates of the A330 before I installed all the addons I have, and I was getting over 60fps from the flight deck and well over 70fps in the locked spot view. First, we have logging/de-bugging software running along with the A330, my P3D graphics settings are at 4K, and my sliders are likely different than yours, I run a 55-inch 4K TV as my primary display along with three 23-inch monitors and all my displays are pushed by a single and vanilla GTX 1080 run with has default settings (see photo below). ZZI can change my P3D graphics settings and increase or decrease my fps while running the A330. Right now the very best and most accurate answer anyone can provide you on performance is a comparison of their performance running another aircraft, and for our purposes comparing the A320 Professional Series is about as good as it gets! So in the end, I believe you can expect roughly the same performance that you get in the A320 to that of the A330, maybe a few frames per second less (but not many). Because of the many different variables there are to consider, I'm working on a theory that comparing the time it takes to initially load P3D (let's call that PL1), plus the time it takes to load into a payware airport like Aerosoft's EDDF, divided by 2, (so PL1 + PL2 / 2 = PL3) would be the best place to start for comparing performance from one system to another. So if PL3 is 8 seconds (like it was for me before I loaded all the various addons I have), and my performance was 52 fps on the flight deck, one can rough out what their performance might be in comparison by comparing their load time. It's still a working theory, and MSFS might be released before I have time to finish it, but I believe this is one of the best methods for comparing different systems that I've come across. . Best wishes my friend. EDIT: I realized that I had my frame rates slider set to 40 for testing something earlier today... when I set the slider back to unlimited, my frames increased to 32fps to 36fps with spikes to 42fps while on the flight deck and pretty steady at 54 to 58 fps with spikes into the 60s. But again... different variables and different systems.
  8. Yes sir, all PBR. I don't notice any frame rate hit, and we still have debugging software running in the Beta. Performance on my system is pretty much the same as the A320 Series. My system hardware: i7-4770K o/c with all 4 cores running at 4.5GHz, GTX 1080 (Vanilla) with 8GB VRAM, 16GB Ram. Hey, do us a small favor? When you quote a post that contains screens shots, please delete the screen shots before posting? This prevents the same images from being posted many times over which increases load times for many users who don't have fast internet connections and reduces our output throughout. It's something a lot of people forget to consider and quite honestly many people don't realize you can delete quoted graphics before posting, so no harm, no foul. Many thanks!
  9. It's absolutely doable. I simply searched the Internet for "Keyboard Map Different Keys", an easy find. Two links that explain the same way to do this (see below), but there is always varuous freeware software that you can also use (but I wouldn't). https://www.pcmag.com/feature/362116/how-to-remap-your-keyboard https://www.howtogeek.com/howto/windows-vista/map-any-key-to-any-key-on-windows-xp-vista/ Of course you can always pick up a very inexpensive wired or Bluetooth (wireless) keyboard and resolve matters that way... that is exactly how I'd do it. They are so inexpensive these days. Hope this is helpful to you!
  10. No sir, the one I linked to comes with the left handed pieces that you can swap out with the right handed ones. At least that's what it said in the Item Description (I've never owned the TM 16000, so I'm relying on the Item Description).
  11. Wrong, absolutely wrong, completely wrong, so wrong it's HUGELY wrong. If you'll take a little time and go back through the posts in this thread, you'll see how wrong you are. Best wishes.
  12. The best weather engine, hands down, is ActiveSky. Here is a link for you to purchase it from our Store. https://www.aerosoft.com/us/flight-simulation/prepar3d-v4/tools-missions/2766/hifi-technologies-active-sky-for-p3d-v4-upgrade?number=AS14682 I hope this helps! Best wishes!
  13. I just wanted to make sure you were aware there are updates available for both the A318/A319 and the A320/A321. To get the updates, run the AS Updater as Administrator, select the Configuration button and enable Experimental Updates, and then select the product (aircraft) and apply the update. The latest experimental versions are very stable and contain some really excellent changes. Best wishes!
  14. Believe it or not, there aren't THAT many of us left in the hobby, at least those who still fly at least once a week! So, nice to see you here my friend!
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