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  1. Does this occur with any other aircraft? Have you used any other software (FSUIPC or others) to map controllers? If not, try moving the Prepar3d.cfg and "Standard.xml" files to your desktop and restart the sim. The files will be rebuilt with the sim is started, then re-assign your controls and let us know if that makes any difference.
  2. Looks like you are flying with the autopilot off, so my guess is that you have crossed controls (different inputs for the same thing on different controllers).
  3. We sent a Honeycomb Bravo to Majestic as they use some custom coding. I'm sure they will help to see that a profile gets created, until then I'm working on one as time allows... but as I work for Snakebyte (parent company to Honeycomb) I don't have very much time to devote to this right now, but I am working on it hear and there.
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Happy to hear you have it resolved. I did test, just didn't have a chance to reply until now. Best wishes!
  6. No, not at all. I'm very sorry that I've not been able to explain in a manner that helps you to understand (my fault), but I will end this by sending you my very best and sincere best wishes.
  7. Yes, I contacted them on your behalf, so they contacted you in turn.
  8. Okay, thanks. The latest version is, so maybe try to update to that? I haven't noticed any issues but I'll take another look and get back with you.
  9. Which version are you on? You can find this in the AS Updater application.
  10. Which aircraft is this in? Example: A321 IAE? A320 CFM? A330?
  11. Did you use the same email address as you used here? If so, I'll send them a message to check.
  12. Okay, you might have mot updated as we recommend (disable computer security and run the installer or AS Updater as Admin. You probaly need to uninstall and reinstall. I posted the entire procedure for this sometime ago in the Airbus section. I'm on the road right now otherwise I'd like to it. It's a pinned post.
  13. I'm sorry that this occurred. We did everything possible to prevent people from selecting and purchasing a version for a different simulator than they expected and we have customers select two check boxes that remind them to check. As the guys above suggested, the scenery may work in P3Dv5, you would simply have to install the scenery to a folder and then manually add it to the sim using a tooll like Lorbys Addon Organizer. I don't have this particular scenery so I can't provide step by step instructions for it, but it's rather straight forward. After installing to P3Dv5 you'll
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