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  1. Hello Dave,


    I have a question for you regarding settings for P3D V5, since a couple of years ago you gave me excellent tips for setting up my P3D V4.5 and it worked flawlessly until I upgraded. 

    I still have the same hardware configuration, and I do understand that I will have to lower the settings a bit since this sim is a whole new level. 

    Here are my specs:

    Intel Core i7-4770k water cooled and overclocked to 4.2GHz

    Nvidia GeForce GTX 1060 6gb

    16gb ddr3 1600MHz RAM


    Addons wise, I have ORBX global and openCl Europe and North America,

    Aerosoft a320 family and a330

    AIG traffic

    and a couple of addon sceneries


    Reason I am asking you for this is very high RAM usage going even up to 99% during flights and I also experienced an application hang a few times because of it. I also checked my VRAM usage is 54-55% with current settings even at heavy airports like JFK.

    On the attach images I am presenting you with my current settings.


    Thank you in advance for answer.

    Best regards


    P.S. I know this is isn't a question about Aerosoft product, but since you provided me with very useful information last time I was wondering if you could do it again.





  2. Hey 
    I have the following problem and it says when I connect to Shared Cocpit it says, Not connected, I ran the installer with admin rights, I added exceptions in the firewall, I turned the firewall off when I tried to connect me and when I look in the log file there is always the error, Debug level 1, I don't know what to do next, so I turn to you now.
    I hope to find another solution
    With best regards

    CFD Problem.PNG

    CFD_Log.txt CFD.cfg

    1. DaveCT2003


      Hello Janek,


      Sorry to hear your having problems.  Posting on someone's profile,  or sending them a Private Message (which is different than posting on someone's profile) is not the best way of seeking assitance, and I don't provide technical assitance via either venue purely because others would not benefit from the information.


      The first (and best) step is the read the documentation that came with the product. I know, actually reading documentation is old school and not to many people (except us old timers) actually do it, but when it comes to the assitance I provide I insist on it.  Unfortunately, the Connected FLight Deck documentation we provided is fairly incomplete, so our Connected Flight Deck area of our forum is the best place to get technical support.


      The second step in obtaining techincal assitance is to seach (via Google or our Forum search functon, I prefer Google as our forums are indexed hourly by Google and it's the best search engine). Searching is best because our hobby has been online for over 30 years and there is rarely a question or problem that hasn't been asked and answered.  Moreover, searching not only can provide an immediate answer, but will expose you to additional information you may not have considered or known about.


      The next step (if searching didn't provide you with an answer) is to post in the relevant area of our forum (which is where you will find the answer to what you are looking for).  When you post, be sure to include all the relevent information such as the actual product you are asking about and what the base simulator is (there are eight or nine of those) and everything you've tried to resolve the issue.  Saying "I have a problem" is pretty much a dead end for you and those who might help you.

      Finally, you can always email support at support@aerosoft.com if the forum isn't working out for you.


      I'll address one final thing here... there is no shared cockpit in all of flight simulation which produces a message "Not connected", but this does exist in Connected Flight Deck.  The terminology here is not symantecs, it's actually very import.  Shared Cockpit is a peer to peer connection while Connected Flight Deck (CFD) is server based for both participants.


      Posting in the forum to obtain technical assistance will result in any one of our excellent staff members answering your question(s), however if you want a particular staff member to answer or weigh in on your post you can Private Message them a link to the post.


      I hope this is helpful to you my friend, and I look forward to hearing back from you!





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