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  1. Jim, Nice to hear from you. 1. Don't worry about Fonts, it's a hold over from a previous version. You can delete the Fonts entry inthe addon.xml entry. 2. Most likely due to a memory issue, incompatibility on a Windows Emulator, or graphics / graphics card setting. Runs fine for me and everyone else I know. 3. It's built into the FMGS for you, but there are third party programs available (you'll have to search for them as I don't use them). Best wishes!
  2. The OVPA Guides won't help you for the Sever Based Connected Flight Deck which is used with the Airbus Professional aircraft. Being unable to get a connection with Server Based CFD usually means the CFD server is down. Unfortunately, you can count on this occurring from time to time. The only way to correct this is email support@aerosoft.com and ask them to reset the server. If this occurs during a weekend then it will be nearly impossible for the server to get reset until the following week. DO NOT KILL THE MESSENGER on this subject, I'm only explaining how things are. Best wishes to you my friend.
  3. Aaaaaaahhhhh what back at you. Please bear in mind that I don't know much about you or your experience - all I have to go on is what you share with me. Bottom line is if the Captain Sim product works there is no reason the Airbus Professional shouldn't work. My advice would be to uninstall and reinstall the latest version, insuring computer security is disabled during the installation process and the installer is run as Admin. After installing the latest version, please start P3D, load the aircraft and then close P3D. Then reboot and run the ASUpdater or Aerosoft One Client (I don't know if the Airbus Professional uses the Aerosoft One Client for updating yet). Let me know how you make out!
  4. Then there isn't any reason they shouldn't be working with the Airbus. Are you aware of the differences between a Boeing and Airbus Throttle? The Airbus uses a FADEC and associated detents while a Boeing 757 is more of a traditional throttle. You can read about this in the documentation. So, my take is that this is not a techincal issue, you just need to understand the Airbus. I hope this is helpful to you! Best wishes!
  5. How do the contollers work with other two engine aircraft?
  6. Engine 1 Throttle for one lever, and Engine 2 Throttle for the other. Both are in the P3D settings. Best wishes!
  7. Hey 
    I have the following problem and it says when I connect to Shared Cocpit it says, Not connected, I ran the installer with admin rights, I added exceptions in the firewall, I turned the firewall off when I tried to connect me and when I look in the log file there is always the error, Debug level 1, I don't know what to do next, so I turn to you now.
    I hope to find another solution
    With best regards

    CFD Problem.PNG

    CFD_Log.txt CFD.cfg

    1. DaveCT2003


      Hello Janek,


      Sorry to hear your having problems.  Posting on someone's profile,  or sending them a Private Message (which is different than posting on someone's profile) is not the best way of seeking assitance, and I don't provide technical assitance via either venue purely because others would not benefit from the information.


      The first (and best) step is the read the documentation that came with the product. I know, actually reading documentation is old school and not to many people (except us old timers) actually do it, but when it comes to the assitance I provide I insist on it.  Unfortunately, the Connected FLight Deck documentation we provided is fairly incomplete, so our Connected Flight Deck area of our forum is the best place to get technical support.


      The second step in obtaining techincal assitance is to seach (via Google or our Forum search functon, I prefer Google as our forums are indexed hourly by Google and it's the best search engine). Searching is best because our hobby has been online for over 30 years and there is rarely a question or problem that hasn't been asked and answered.  Moreover, searching not only can provide an immediate answer, but will expose you to additional information you may not have considered or known about.


      The next step (if searching didn't provide you with an answer) is to post in the relevant area of our forum (which is where you will find the answer to what you are looking for).  When you post, be sure to include all the relevent information such as the actual product you are asking about and what the base simulator is (there are eight or nine of those) and everything you've tried to resolve the issue.  Saying "I have a problem" is pretty much a dead end for you and those who might help you.

      Finally, you can always email support at support@aerosoft.com if the forum isn't working out for you.


      I'll address one final thing here... there is no shared cockpit in all of flight simulation which produces a message "Not connected", but this does exist in Connected Flight Deck.  The terminology here is not symantecs, it's actually very import.  Shared Cockpit is a peer to peer connection while Connected Flight Deck (CFD) is server based for both participants.


      Posting in the forum to obtain technical assistance will result in any one of our excellent staff members answering your question(s), however if you want a particular staff member to answer or weigh in on your post you can Private Message them a link to the post.


      I hope this is helpful to you my friend, and I look forward to hearing back from you!





  8. This usually means that both ports (6881 and 6882) are not forwarded (on both computers). For complete assistance, please see the OVPA Guides. Best wishes!
  9. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  10. Alex, since we haven't heard back from you, I'm going to close this thread hoping that your issue has been resolved . If you need further assitance with this particular issue feel free to PM me and I will open this thread back up for you. Best wishes.
  11. If Mathijs will forgive me, I'd like to expand a bit on his answer. If you are not a pilot, and are simply new to wonderful world of flight simulation (welcome, by the way!), then chances are you are spending your time learning both the sim and the aircraft(s). As such there is no need to pay to upgrade your NavData. I would wait until you start flying commerical or business aircraft using real world flight plans, and even then you don't have to upgrade your NavData as you can usually get flight plans based on the AIRAC that you are using. If you ever venture into the world on online flight simulation (live, human Air Traffic Controllers, up to date real world flight plans, etc. etc. etc.) that's when you'll want to keep your NavData up to date. Until then, you're fine just as you are. I hope this is helpful to you, and again, welcome to the wonderful world of flight simulation! There are many different doors in front and ahead of you as you enjoy and learn about this hobby. I haven't been bored yet and I've been doing this for over 40 years! Best wishes!
  12. Speaking as someone who used to use Airborne Radar/Weather Radar for a living, I can tell you that this topic is FAR more complex than one might first imagine. I also spent WAY too much time over a 7 months head to head analysis and comparison of different ESP weather engines and aircraft radars than I ever should have. I intended to write a guide for this back then and present it during a Flight Sim Web Conference, but an early Windows 10 update flamed my system hard drive (where I stupidly had too many important things saved) and my work was lost. Remembering this is a simulation, overall the weaher engine inputs and weather radar displays for P3D were pretty realistic overall, though I was always a fan of what Aerosoft did in the Airbus matching the real world counter part. The most realistic WXR I ever used in flight sim was the Leonardo Maddog for FSX, and in my opinion the Leonardo P3D Maddog WXR wasn't quite as good as the FSX version was. Now when I say that, I'd bet that not too many flight simmers cared to learn about how PRF works and how and why it can alter what you see on the radar display, but that old FSX Maddog WXR did a great job simulating with that! Mathijs is spot on correct, once a radar signal is reflected (often partially, depending on what generated the return, what the range is, and what the power of the WXR is and what PRF is selected) it can't return what's behind it. But there is a LOT of things that must be considered when we're talking about this, even more than alredy mentioned. My best guess is that we'll see WXR in MSFS by the Spring, and in third party aircraft sometime after that. Best wishes!
  13. If an update changes (provided a new) aircraft.cfg file then the entries for the liveries will be missing in that file. These entries point to the livery files location, so the liveries might still be there, but there is nothing to load them. We always advise you back up your aircraft.cfg file before applying updates. Hope this is helpful to you!
  14. Sorry to hear you are having difficulties. I'm the author of the OVPA Guides, so I'll be happy to try and help. First, excellent choice on the Majestic as well as the Airbus! I was on both development/test teams, and they are terrific aircraft. I have one question before we get started. There are three different versions of the Aerosoft Airbus, and the last two are the only ones with Connected Flight Deck (CFD). The versions are the Airbus A318/A319 and A320/A321 for FSX/P3Dv3, and the Airbus Professinal (also comes in the A318/A319 and A320/A321) for P3Dv4 and P3Dv5). The OVPA Guide applies to only the FSX/P3D version which uses a Direct Connection for CFD, while the P3Dv4/v5 "Professional" version uses server based Connected Flight Deck. Which version of the Airbus are you using?
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