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  1. Mr Gamgee, Did you uninstall, reboot, then start P3D, close P3D and reinstall?
  2. Well, I bet I have taken more photos of aircraft at around 30,000ft than most people here (unless we have some military aircrew guys floating around). We used to fly intercepts and we were intercepted many times over and the cameras were always rolling and shooting. Mathijs is correct, the light up there is not only very different than down on the ground, but also just as variable. Plus you have all the different cameras, different camera settings, and back before digital camera we used something called film (which in retrospect isn't a very good or descriptive name) and that cou
  3. Excuse me? Point of order! Who would ever switch back to Saitek after using a Honeycomb!
  4. Default commands and panels such as GPS do not exist in the Airbus and should not be used with 3rd party addons like our Airbus. Our aircraft uses the flight plan in the FMGS and shown on the MCDU. Best wishes.
  5. Those seems like questions rather than quotations, so if it's okay I'll answer them for you? 1. Well, there is no FMC on the Airbus. There is an FMGC, but that is a black box down in the aviation bay, though oddly enough one can save a flight plan there the only thing is that its done via the MCDU. The answer is, yes sir, you can save a flight plan to the FMGS. The information on how to do this is covered in our documentation, which can be searched all at once (all documents at once) in Adobe Acrobat using the Control-Shift-F command. If you are going to search for something y
  6. Hello sir, sorry you are having issues. By any chance do you any Carenado aircraft installed? If so, this is likely one of the Carenado aircraft which have copyright protection and will do just want you experienced. The solution is to remove the Carendo model from Vpilot or if you are flying offline then your AI Aircraft software. I hope this has been helpful.
  7. Hey, welcome to the forum! Awesome to have you here! No sir, you don't want to mix FSX menu driven stuff and third party addons. I haven't had FSX installed in a great many years (I've been on P3D) but I'm sure we provided a means to load the aircraft with PAX, Cargo and Fuel. Have you checked the documentation? Best wishes!
  8. The mark of an awesome developer (Sim-Wings) to continue to support and update their products! Plus, I love your work Oliver!
  9. Would you please try using default P3D Display and Graphics settings, repeat the flight and see if it still CTDs? Many thanks.
  10. For which simulator? Leonardo has a fantastic MD-80 series for FSX and P3D and will be making a version for MSFS in the future. The Leonardo MD-80 is already one of the most accurate and complete simulations in all of flight sim and it would be very tough to beat.
  11. I understand, but would you allow me to share some background most people don't get? Like Mathijs I'm a 40+ veteran of this hobby and we've both seen new sims play out many, many times before. It's out history and involvement that leads us and those like us to be e very optimistic and enthusiastic about MSFS and the commitments made and followed through by MS, AS and the other developers involved. I know that many experienced people in the hobby would rather share their opinions (which we usually appreciate because we always learn from people sharing their thoughts whether we agr
  12. I understand your position and concerns, but as I've written a number of times MSFS is a new sim, and just like all the past "new" releases of base sim products it's going to take time for it to mature. MSFS uses more integrated and external technology than any past or present sim, so once the sim has matured I'm confident that the issues you cited will be resolved - and if not then (again, just like past sims) third party developers will step in and improve them. This is very complex stuff, and those who grow with MSFS will have a keen understanding of the sim. Best w
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