!! Windows 7 no longer supported !!

As Microsoft will stop supporting Windows 7 on Jan 20th we will be unable to test any of our
products on that platform. It may work, or it may not, but no guarantees from our side. 

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  1. First of all - why are you quoting me on something I didn't write??? That's really annoying! Please, if you want to debate something - please have the courtesy and decency of quoting me correct!! Second - I really have no clue as to what you're talking about. When MFS comes out, I highly doubt it will change the fact, that fewer and fewer users will use FSX! On the contrary, to be honest. Third - MFS doesn't require a next-generation internet connection - actually it doesn't require an internet connection at all to play. I don't know where you got this idea from, or if you're just trying to make up facts, to support your own conclusions. Lastly this whole discussion is mute. All tendencies point towards, that the legacy platforms (FSX, FSX:SE, P3D1-3) are commercially dead or are going to be within a few years! I don't know why you keep denying this. Even Mathijs have just said, that developed Lukla is actually costing them money! I don't understand why this debate continuous? This isn't exactly a new thing. Every time something new get announced or released, the same discussion arises, with people who's complaining about their ancient platform needs supporting. This is - quite frankly - getting tiring. To be honest, I don't want to debate this with you, as I have a feeling, that it will be the work of Sisyfos. From what I gathered so far, you seem like you either won't or can't accept facts, which contradict your own world view and displays a tendency to be unwilling to accept opinions which disagrees with you. I'm not exactly sure where to go from here... Live your life and continue with using what makes you happy. But don't expect or get angry, when the world doesn't agree with your opinions and world view. Look ... If you don't like how Aerosoft does things, then don't visit here... If the previews are bothering you so much, then I'm sure a kind moderator can hide the Preview Section from your view. Problem solved.
  2. Isn't this a 'Chicken-and-Egg' thing? I mean; does the customers leave, because the developers are stopping support/development or are the customers leaving, hence making the platform unprofitable for developers? Personally, I believe the latter... all marketing research is indicating that customers are leaving the old legacy platforms (FSX, FSX:SE, P3D1-3) behind and joining the more modern and currently supported and developed platforms. Also, it's in human nature to explore new technologies as well as improve and enhance their abilities in development. New tech, improvements and optimizations are the main reasons for users and more importantly developers are moving on to better and more flexible platforms - to improve their products. This leads to the fact, that newly developed addons are taking advantage of these new improvements, that supporting old platforms (which has restrictions on memory, polygon count and complexity etc) becomes a huge workload. It's simply not feasible.. . Besides, this isn't just a numbers game, as to how many are using the various platforms, for publishers and developers. It's about how many users are actually purchasing new addons. I think this have been explained a couple of times. Even if (hypothetically) 70% of all sim users were FSX users - if the rest 30% are purchasing 70-80% of new addons - then you can quickly see where the market is? These conditions are making developers leaving the legacy platforms. If making/porting a scenery for these extinct platforms, takes up the same workload (or even larger workload) as developing for P3D4.X, but only generating 10% of the sales (compared to P3D4.X), then you can quickly see, that this is quite fast becoming bad business. And again, we have the 'problem' with after-sales support, if none of the developers are actively using the platform... Anyway - to be (brutally) honest, you can't really be that surprised? I mean, to expect developers to continue to support a platform which they aren't even using actively is quite problematic. Not just for testing but also for support afterwards. Times move on and the old platforms get left behind. If you want to stay behind - be my guest - but you have to adjust to the fact, that you won't have access to newly developed addons and you won't receive support. No one's owes you anything. You haven't paid for anything. No one can give a precise date. That's what soon means. Besides, in software development it's extremely dangerous to commit to any date, unless you're dead certain on it. Spewing out dates or time-frames, which cannot be met, is the most secure way of having people with torches and pitchforks chasing you. Happy New Year.
  3. Before this livery-request-frenzy gets out of hand, I'll report Mathijs 'Final' livery list below: Final livery list (with big thanks to Holgi! 1 SAT antenna normal door: DRAGON AIR B-LAB EDELWEIS HB-JHQ LION PK-LEF VIRGIN ATLANTIC G-VKSS CORSAIR F-HSKY 1 SAT antenna small door: AIR_CANADA C-GFAF CATHAY PACIFIC B-LBJ EUROWINGS OO-SFB SAUDIA HZ-AQI SINGAPORE AIRLINES 9V-SSB 2 SAT antennas small door: LUFTHANSA D-AIKO SWISS HB-JHK AIRBUS HOUSECOLOR ORIGINAL POST
  4. Well said, Mathijs! Maybe you (and by 'you' I mean Aerosoft) should put that in the disclaimer for using this forum (or specific topic).
  5. That's not really the point - and I'm sorry for jumping in. Aerosoft is modelling the sounds environment after what the pilot/occupants can hear and experience in from the cockpit - not in seat 24A. This has actually been discussed, asked, debated and answered multiple times over the years... all with the same results. Insanity is defined as doing the same action over and over, and expecting different results...
  6. Amazing! Aerosoft Customer Service in a nutshell. Thank you, Stefan!
  7. Any news on this project? WSSS is solely missed...
  8. Yes, it's working in FSX. See post here (fifth post on first page) LINK
  9. A remake of Santorini would be amazing! Sorry for off-topic.
  10. Here you go LINK Took around 5 minutes to find, using the very handy search functionality in the top Have a great day.
  11. Amazing news! Thanks, Aerosoft. I'm going there in about a month for vacation! Last time I was there, was about 20 years ago... Looking forward to this one.
  12. I am sorry I overreacted and it was in the moment I interperated it wrong 

    1. abermann


      Don't sweat it, my friend. :)

      We've all been there... 

  13. In P3Dv4... I could be wrong, but I doubt there's any configurations available like that, in the real plane...
  14. Indeed yes. But if one would fly a specific route within the map, a flight-planning option would be a helpful (albeit not required) tool... 😊
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