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  1. Before this livery-request-frenzy gets out of hand, I'll report Mathijs 'Final' livery list below: Final livery list (with big thanks to Holgi! 1 SAT antenna normal door: DRAGON AIR B-LAB EDELWEIS HB-JHQ LION PK-LEF VIRGIN ATLANTIC G-VKSS CORSAIR F-HSKY 1 SAT antenna small door: AIR_CANADA C-GFAF CATHAY PACIFIC B-LBJ EUROWINGS OO-SFB SAUDIA HZ-AQI SINGAPORE AIRLINES 9V-SSB 2 SAT antennas small door: LUFTHANSA D-AIKO SWISS HB-JHK AIRBUS HOUSECOLOR ORIGINAL POST
  2. Well said, Mathijs! Maybe you (and by 'you' I mean Aerosoft) should put that in the disclaimer for using this forum (or specific topic).
  3. That's not really the point - and I'm sorry for jumping in. Aerosoft is modelling the sounds environment after what the pilot/occupants can hear and experience in from the cockpit - not in seat 24A. This has actually been discussed, asked, debated and answered multiple times over the years... all with the same results. Insanity is defined as doing the same action over and over, and expecting different results...
  4. Amazing! Aerosoft Customer Service in a nutshell. Thank you, Stefan!
  5. Any news on this project? WSSS is solely missed...
  6. Yes, it's working in FSX. See post here (fifth post on first page) LINK
  7. A remake of Santorini would be amazing! Sorry for off-topic.
  8. Here you go LINK Took around 5 minutes to find, using the very handy search functionality in the top Have a great day.
  9. Amazing news! Thanks, Aerosoft. I'm going there in about a month for vacation! Last time I was there, was about 20 years ago... Looking forward to this one.
  10. I am sorry I overreacted and it was in the moment I interperated it wrong 

    1. abermann


      Don't sweat it, my friend. :)

      We've all been there... 

  11. In P3Dv4... I could be wrong, but I doubt there's any configurations available like that, in the real plane...
  12. Indeed yes. But if one would fly a specific route within the map, a flight-planning option would be a helpful (albeit not required) tool... 😊
  13. Appreciate the reply, Mathijs... But that was kind of an ambiguous answer... is it more or less than 3 months?
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