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  1. I am sorry I overreacted and it was in the moment I interperated it wrong 

    1. abermann


      Don't sweat it, my friend. :)

      We've all been there... 

  2. Indeed yes. But if one would fly a specific route within the map, a flight-planning option would be a helpful (albeit not required) tool... 😊
  3. Appreciate the reply, Mathijs... But that was kind of an ambiguous answer... is it more or less than 3 months?
  4. Roger that. @FWAviation First of all - I don't complain! I'm merely bewildered about the actions of other users in here, since I quite offend, I find my posts being down-voted, even though, there's isn't a touch of negative, rude or otherwise offensive expressions in it. It's a bit mystifying to me, to be honest.
  5. Roger that. Thanks, Tom! (What's the matter with (some) people in here?! Why did I get a 'down-vote' for that post?!)
  6. I'm sorry, but it could very well be, that this topic was closed down, and a new one opened, once previews of Jo's scenery came in... Since this topic was intended for a different developer, it would be very plausible to close down this topic to avoid confusion.
  7. @Tom A320 Amazing news! Does this future scenery by Jo, relate to this 'preview topic'?
  8. I too, am looking forward to this one. But remember, that with each day, we're getting closer to release...
  9. Both Prague and Dublin exists for Prepar3D! Aerosoft have developed both of them. Although, not for Prepar3D v4...
  10. "Are we there yet?" (Sorry, couldn't help myself!)
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