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    Attached to this post is a free copy of the Aerosoft Flight Calculator. It is an ideal small tool to help you navigate your route and perform all the calculations a pilot of a small aircraft will have to do. It is based on the Jeppesen flight calculator that has been used by tens of thousand of pilots. It is NOT freeware and you are NOT allowed to share this with any other person. It is a gift from Aerosoft to the registered users of this forum. TIME / SPEED / DISTANCE Calculate Speed Calculate Distance Calculate Time Enroute Calculate Fuel Endurance Calculate Fuel Flow Calculate Fuel Needed ALTITUDE / AISRPEED Calculate Calibrated Airspeed Calculate True Airspeed Calculate Density Altitude Calculate Mach WIND Calculate Wind Direction, Wind Speed Calculate Ground Speed and Heading Calculate Wind Correction, Cross Wind Component, Tail Wind Component Calculate Runway Crosswind Calculate Magnetic Variation WEIGHT & BALANCE Calculate Center of Gravity Calculate Weight Shift Calculate Percentage Mean Cord CONVERSIONS TIMER, STOPWATCH Volume: LTR, GAL, IPG Weight: KG, LB Weather: °C, °F, MB, HP, IHG, MHG Distance: MTR, YRD, KM, FT, IN, NM, SM Local time / GMT time shown Calculate time enroute Calculate departure time Calculate arrival time Count up timer Count down timer Runway / Descent Landing Runway Length Needed Takeoff Runway Length Needed Tailwind Landing Runway Descent Profile Descent Rate Begin Descent Point Connection with FS Aerosoft Flight Calculator can be linked to FS to retrieve data that you would otherwise have to enter manually. Doing it automatically saves you time and ensures the data is accurate. To connect to FS FSUIPC is used, this means that the Flight Calculator can be run on a separate computer if WideFS is used. A license for FSUIPC is included in the product so you will not have to buy a separate license for FSUIPC. Please note that FSUIPC is NOT installed with this product. We choose to do so as most users will already have it installed. Features: Stand alone application, NOT a gauge to be installed in aircrafts (this also holds the limitation that the calculator can not be started from within FS and on most systems will not run on top of a full screen (FSX / FS2004). Works with all aircraft, from ultralights to Airliners. Eight memory locations, stored between sessions. Gets all data from FS via FSUIPC, saving you entering the data manually. Extreme low system requirements. Skinnable (6 skins provided). Runs on top of FS in semi transparent mode. CalculatorTutorial.pdf Flight Calculator_201.zip
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    Dear forum user, 2011 was a good year for Aerosoft. We think, no let me correct that, we KNOW, this is because of the customers we got. You see, we never try to sell one product; we try to get a customer who likes us and wants to buy more than one product. And to do so we got to sell good products for a good price and above all support them as good as possible. We also need to communicate with customers and our forums are a very important medium for that. Our forums have grown fast, right now we have around 1,5 million page views every month. They are lively, friendly and informative. And that’s because of the people who participate. As a way of thanking them we will offer all registered users a free copy of the Aerosoft Flight Calculator. Every pilot knows that flying means doing a lot of calculations, wind angles, ground speed etc. And most pilots will use a special calculator for that. The Aerosoft Flight Calculator is a detailed simulator of such a device. It will connect to FS (FS2004 and FSX) to make it easier to input the required information. It’s a true gift, no strings attached. Just a way to show we appreciate the people who make our forum what it is. We wish you a superb 2012. Liebe Forum-User, 2011 war ein sehr positives Jahr für Aerosoft. Wir denken - nein lasst es mich so sagen - wir wissen dies ist nur durch euch möglich. Wir versuchen nicht unsere Produkte zu verkaufen, wir möchten eine Bindung zu unseren Kunden aufbauen um Sie in Ihrem Hobby zu unterstützen. Diese Strategie erlaubt es uns unsere Produkte an euch zu einem fairen Preis und ausgezeichneten Support weiterzugeben. Auch ist es für uns wichtig mit unseren Kunden in Kontakt zu bleiben, hierfür nutzen wir unter anderem unser Forum, unsere Support Hotline und auch den direkten Kontakt auf Messen und in unserem Shop. In letzter Zeit können wir ein großes Interesse an unserem Forum feststellen, derzeit haben wir über 1,5 Millionen „Page views“ im Monat, auch hierfür danken wir euch. Natürlich sind unsere Dankenden Worte nicht alles, wir möchten uns bedanken indem wir jedem Mitglied des Forums die Vollversion von „Flight Calculator“ bereitstellen. Jeder Pilot weiß, dass vor dem Start viele Dinge erledigt werden müssen, so auch Berechnungen. Genau hierbei hilft der „Flight Calculator“, dieser wird mit dem FS2004 oder FSX verbunden und hilft bei wichtigen Berechnungen in allen Flugphasen. Hiermit möchten wir, das Team von Aerosoft uns noch einmal bedanken und wir wünschen Ihnen ein gutes neues Jahr 2012
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    Warning… this is work in progress and if you dislike us to toot our own horn, better not read on. As you know we have been working with Microsoft and Asobo to get the new sim into retail stores (with great success, it will be available widely in Europe) but less known is how our developers have worked with Asobo on making complex add-ons possible. The major credit goes to Stefan Hoffmann and Hans Hartmann here. But Asobo has been incredibly kind and it was a fair exchange of ideas and code. They helped us getting a product done, we helped them shape the SDK so it will benefit all add-on developers. And honestly, companies like PMDG, and Carenado are friends of us, this is not something written to get our code to work, if this works any complex code is possible. We have just been selected by Asosbo to assist. In response we have invested a lot on the new platform, hired new people specifically for the MFS products, moved resources around. To be honest, we have been seeing and using the new sim for over a year now and we believe in it. Now other companies have shared images of their models in the new sim (or will do so shortly) but I can assure you none will be able to show you something like this. Complex displays, using nonstandard code. P3D V5 standard. There will be video soon, shared in combination with Microsoft. This is code that actually works. Not bitmaps. Things like the reflections still need tweaks (did I mention this was work on progress?) but we really wanted to show you what people have been working on for the last few months. These images are pretty high definition, click on them to see the best resolution the forum allows. Now as you might assume, complex aircraft are not our only market. Airports are a major part of our product line and the scenery developers that work for us have been working with Asobo to get our airports in the sim. Of course, Paderborn airport, where our HQ is based, had to be first and we are happy to see Microsoft has included the files Jo Erlend Sund made, that we send them into the default sim. And yes, you will be able to find our office. In pretty high detail. We will have more images soon but here is a first image. The CRJ images are also on that airport btw. Again, all shown here is work in progress, things might and will look different when released. In the first release some stuff might not work as we want it, but we’ll be open and honest about that. As said we are working with Asobo to get things working and in the end we believe we will match all features the a mature platform like P3D offers. Speaking about release. No, we are not willing to give out dates for releases. Things are still very much in flux. Every single day changes in the SDK allow us to tweak things. We are also not hurrying things. MFS is an incredible product. When you get it you will need many weeks to explore what is possible, how to tweak the hundreds of settings to your liking, see how Chernobyl looks and no, Asosbo did not model this, this is a fantastic example how their code create scenery from data). When you are done with that, we hope to have the CRJ and some airports ready for you to download. Ahhh, I see the first questions… is this a free update from existing products? No, my friends, it is not. There is a shite load of work already been invested in this new version. It is not a simple port, almost every single file is new. Prices will be decided when we get closer to release. As a last comment. No, we are not abandoning X-Plane or P3D, we love all simulators at Aerosoft and while we might have our own likes and dislikes, we sell what customers buy. You decide, not us.
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    Mega Airport Singapore X (by Antti Haka), It's still some way off but we thought it would be nice to share some first images!
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    Please allow me a personal comment I have been cropping up for close to a year. We learned about the new sim at the same time as everybody else. It is utterly incredible Microsoft and Asobo managed to keep this such a secret for over two years. But very soon after the first announcement was done we were called by Microsoft to see if we had any interest in working with them. Uhhhh.... yeah! Now we had some luck. The development team, Asobo, is based in Bordeaux and I live close to Bordeaux. So we could set up a quick meeting (this is all before Corona, when we still could shake hands etc). At that moment we already understood that the team from Microsoft was very willing to coordinate with 3rd party developers, but they also wanted some of the experience Aerosoft gathered in the last 27 years. It was bloody amazing to be honest. We had questions, we got questions, we met people in every part of the project. Utterly different from any team at Microsoft that worked on FS. They started with the question "what can we do to make your addons work?'. And then I visited Asobo for the first time. Now remember this was a good while ago, I think it was August 2019. We were all (and I mean everybody) assuming the videos we seen were rendered on some high end server farm. But here I was, stick in hand, on a rather modest machine, in meeting room, seeing the sim at 50 fps on a 4k screen. My yaw hit the floor. And I have seen a lot of yaws hit the floor since then. This was default sim, no add-ons, and the aircraft were pretty solid and the world was alive and looked totally amazing. Not just Frankfurt airport, but also my house. In the default sim. No add-on in FS or P3d has my house. I mean this is very rural France. A village of 300 persons. Looking even closer I noticed that even the trees were accurate. They have a tree database. Not kinds of trees, but actual locations of trees around the world. Mind blown. We have been working with Asobo ever since. I visited them many times and have been always received with grace and friendship. No question was too weird, no comment was ignored. Super kind people. I wish I could share what information was exchanged, just take my word, what we asked, we got or got an explanation why it could not be done (yet). This is a very very cool team of developers. They get FS, they understand it, they read forums. Next to this technical exchange (remember there was no SDK yet and Asbobo and our devs were still very much discussing what a high end, complex add-on needs), we started commercial discussion with them. We wanted to bring the product in boxed form to customers. Keep in mind that in many parts of the world boxed FS add-ons still do very well. The boxed version of X-Plane we handled did extremely well and we are super proud of that. As we learned that MFS was a very large product (over 80Gb) we knew that there would be alot of people who could use a boxed version. And after a lot of discussions we got the deal. Aerosoft would produce the boxed retail version, starting with the European market. This is a big deal for us. Believe me. Enter Corona. Try to get hundreds of thousands of DVD's pressed and boxes made while Asia was unreachable and most of Europe in lockdown. It was not easy. It was stressful. But it is done and we are able to start shipping soon. As we reach this next milestone in this project, I can tell you I have never met any team working on MFS that was this nice, this responsive and this focussed on what this sim really is. It's a platform, MS and Asobo make money on selling it, others make money on expanding it and yet others expand it because they love it. I have been working flight sims for 20 years and I can tell you this is different. This is a new start. Is it done? Nope, nobody will claim that. You never complete a flightsim. But is a very stable new base to work on. MS and Asobo are not delivering this and step back. They understand it needs enhancements and optimizing. They understand that of the world changes the base sim needs to change. They understand it need accurate weather andt AI traffic. They are in it for the long run. And that, my friends, is all that counts.We can make the Airbusses, my friends at PMDG can make the Boeings, Carenado will make the smaller aircraft, others will make the airports. But what we all need is the base. A solid, reliable base. And I think we just got that. A platform. It needs to grow and P3D and X-Plane are far from defeated, but boy do they have some competition. To show our dedication to this new platform, we have hired a new top class support guy who will support this sim ('Thomas' The Flash' Flashman) and are hiring development staff to increase our production for the new platform. As we were (are?) one of the very last companies to stop development for FSX and it clones) you can rest assured that existing platforms as X-Plane and P3D will be stay supported. We love all serious sims. Always have, always will. You decide the best platform and we'll make the add-ons.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my 2048px Virtual Cockpit for the Aerosoft Airbus A320 & A321. Included are high resolution textures for the pedestal, overhead, FCU, fuses (both, overhead and the back side of the flight deck) and photorealistic buttons and switches made right from photos taken on the real deal. Additional VAS usage is at around 100-150mb in Prepar3Dv3.3. There is no noticable impact on the performance on my or any of the beta testers computers. Painting this took me around 150 working hours plus the countless hours of all the people who helped me with a tremendous effort. Special thanks go out to Holgi for helping me on some parts of the floor and backwall and Frank for taking all the pictures necessary to realise a job like this! Without you guys this would not have been possible! This is the 2048px version of this repaint, a 4096px version will follow soon! You will hardly notice a difference though Due to the enormous effort that went into this (over a month full time work plus countless evenings fiddling around with files and the quirks of our beloved flight simulators) I would apprechiate if you could donate a few € or $ if you like the paint! >>Please Donate if you like this<< (Unfortunately only a German link is possible, however just enter the amount, click login to paypal and then you'll be redirection to your language for the rest of the process ) ------------------------------------------------------------ Installation Instructions (read this... really!) ------------------------------------------------------------ Backup the content of the folder [FSX/P3D mainfolder]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base. Unzip the file into a temporary location. Paste the content of the folder A320A321 into [FSX/P3D mainfolder]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base. Make sure the content of the three subfolders gets integrated and you should be asked to overwrite 39 files in total. Make sure to overwrite the old files, otherwise this paint will not show correctly. [Important] Delete all files including the word MAINPANEL in the texture.xxx [where xxx stands for the respective name of the livery] folders within the [FSX/P3D]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A32x CFM/IAE folders. This is important since FSX will pick files from those folders over those from the fallback folders. [Important] Repeat this step each time you install a new livery since liveries come with their own MAINPANEL files, which however are in the default resolution. See the limitations below. Ensure the Texture_Max_Load in your FSX.cfg/Prepar3D.cfg is set to at least 2048, better 4096. ------------------------------------------------------------- Known limitations ------------------------------------------------------------- The aircrafts registration will no longer show. This is unavoidable since the registration is saved in the mainpanel file which I had to alter. Thus you need to delete the mainpanel file in which the registration of the aircraft is saved. Please ask your repainter to supply you with a version of my mainpanel file including the registration of the aircraft. Painters are explicitly allowed to modify the mainpanel files supplied in this package to add the registration of the aircraft and upload them to this forums. Only the dark night lighting version was possible. Do not use the Airbus Configurator to change between the bright and dark lighting options! These are not compatible with this repaint. Final words: I hope you will have as much fun flying with my repaint than I had painting it. . . . . . ...you really read all the way down here here? Stop reading and go flying!
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    Maybe they destroyed our national airport and the subway in Brussels, but they are never going to destroy our way of living and thoughts.... It was a very sad day today and I was privileged that I could help some of the victims in the hospital where I work! Sorry for this off-topic post...
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    At Aerosoft we are all too aware that everything we do depends on the customers. Though we got a fine professional department, the majority of money we make comes from you, the customer. It keeps us in business, it pays our rents and lets us do what we do. So it is actually not more then normal we say thanks in the best way we can think of, with a gift. Bei Aerosoft sind wir uns nur allzu bewusst, dass alles, was wir tun, von unseren Kunden abhängt. Wir sind zwar eine professionelle Firma, haben auch professionelle Auftraggeber, aber der Großteil unseres Umsatzes kommt von unseren privaten Kunden. Von Euch! Ihr haltet uns "auf Trab" und haltet uns im Geschäft. Ihr tragt dazu bei, dass wir "unsere Miete" zahlen können und unseren Lebensunterhalt mit allem, was dazu gehört. Deshalb halten wir es für selbstverständlich, daß wir uns bei Euch bedanken. Mit der Sache, die wir am besten können: Mit einem Addon als Geschenk. This time we got a superb little aircraft for you. It's a Mitchell Wing U2 and you will have so much fun flying it. It is designed for FSX and it has not been tested in FS2004. This is NOT a freeware aircraft, it is copyrighted by Dave Rowberry who has donated it to us to give to our registered forum users. Anybody can download it, you just have to make an account.If you want to get an ultra light that is even better (we think it is BY FAR the best ultra light for FS ever done) check out the Falcon Ultralight. Even Chuck Yeager owned one. Just imagine, for a few bucks you can be as cool as Chuck! Dieses Mal haben wir an ein kleines Flugzeug gedacht. Es ist ein sogenannter "Nur Flügler": Mitchell Wing U2. Es macht sehr viel Spaß, ihn zu fliegen. Das Addon ist für den FSX programmiert worden und wurde nicht im FS2004 getestet. Es ist KEIN Freeware-Flugzeug, sondern es wurde von Dave Rowberry zu dem Zweck gespendet, es unseren registrierten Benutzern des Forums zu überlassen. Das Addon ist aber trotzdem urheberrechtlich geschützt. Jeder kann es herunterladen wenn er/sie einen Account im Forum besitzt. Wenn ihr ein Ultraleicht fliegen wollt, welches NOCH besser ist (wir meinen, es wäre bei Weitem das beste Ultralight für den FS), dann ist es die Falcon Ultralight. Chuck Yeager ist im Besitz so eines Flugzeugs. Man stelle sich vor, für ein paar Euro besitzt man auch so ein Gerät!! You can download this file from two locations. From Europe select this: http://www.aerosoft2.de/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_V101.exe From the rest of the world select this: http://www.aerosoft4.com/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_V101.exe Happy flying! Ihr könnt Euch die Mitchell Wing U2 von zwei Servern herunterladen: Für Europa: http://www.aerosoft2.de/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_V101.exe Für den Rest der Welt: http://www.aerosoft4.com/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_V101.exe Guten Flug!
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    Dear Aerosoft team, First of all, I'd like to say a huge THANK YOU for releasing such a nice aircraft as the A330. I can fully appreciate the immense effort that was put into this project. This aircraft has a lot of potential, and despite the initial bugs below described, I believe that after a few service packs, this could be a very good simulation of a great airplane. Let me introduce myself. I'm a RL A320 Captain, with about 2000 hours previously flown as an A330 F/O. I have even wrote a tutorial for the PSS A-330 for FS2004, back in those days. I've been flying your A330 strictly according to the Airbus Industries' A-330 SOPs, so some differences may exist between the SOP you're using and the one that I'm using. Nevertheless I think that these differences are quite minor. I'll write about the aircraft operation itself, I won't get in detail about EFB, connected flightdeck, external model etc. My focus is in the day-to-day operation of the aircraft from the captain's seat. After half a dozen flights here are my first impressions/comments/suggestions about the A-330. Before engine start: 1 - FMGS programming: A- The INIT B FUEL PLANNING function is not working. There seems to be some confusion in the fuel planning algorythm. Basically the block fuel should be the Dest Fuel + Route Reserves + Alternate Fuel + Final + Taxi. B- When setting the payload using MCDU3 AND GSX2, I can't set a pax quantity above 255. If I set, for example, 280 pax, it loads only the quantity above 255 (in this example 24). If I type a full pax quantity (300) it will load only 44. However, if I disregard GSX it loads the right amount of pax. C - It's not possible to set a derate takeoff/climb D- After engaging the FDs, the FCU should go to an "all dashes" configuration, except, of course, the altitude window. As the FDs are engaged on ground, the default modes are managed for both NAV and ALT. There's no need to push the altitude selector to engage the Managed CLB when on ground 2- Engine start A- I'm aware that the objective is to replicate the day to day normal operation of the A330, but it would be nice to allow the engine start using an external pneumatic source. I've noted that the External Services Menu has both an Ext Pwr GPU and an Ext Power. Should this Ext Power be the Air Start Unit ? 3- Taxi out A- The plane should start moving without any need of power application other than Idle, and it should slowly accelerate during taxi out. I feel that it's accelerating to 20 Kt quite quickly, meaning that either the idle thrust is high or the ground friction is low. I'm using a joystick axis as a steering tiller (Assigned STEERING SET in FSUIPC) and found the turning radius slightly wider. But it may be my setup. B- If you check the takeoff config without turning the Pred WS system on, there should be an amber memo PRED WS OFF in ECAM memo display. 4- Takeoff/Initial Climb A- Takeoff is quite good, the plane accelerates as it should. B- The flap retraction problem was also described in a previous post. Basically I'm able to retract the flaps from either full or 3 to 2 using the assigned flaps joystick axis. The problem occurs when retracting the flaps from 2 to 1, the flap lever jumps from 2 to zero and so the flaps move accordingly. The only way to set flaps 1+F after takeoff is to assign a "flap retract one notch" button. It should be noted that I can select flaps 1+F on the ground, for a Flaps 1+F takeoff. The problem only happens after moving the flap lever past the Flaps 1 detent. C- The plane was able to fly perfectly a SID, flying all speed/altitude constraints precisely. However, when manually flying a SID, after capturing either an FCU selected altitude or a FMGS Altitude Constraint, if you don't keep the altitude precisely, the FMA reverts to V/S ZERO, and commands the Flight Director to maintain V/S=0 instead of maintaining the ALT or ALT CSTR mode. In case of an alt deviation after the vertical mode (ALT or ALT CSTR) is active, the Flight Director should smoothly command guidance to re-capture the selected altitude. D- During an altitude capture phase (ALT *) or (ALT CSTR*) iF I select another altitude, the AP/FD should enter in the reversion mode, meaning that it would change the vertical mode from (ALT/ALT CSTR *) to V/S and keep the vertical speed the aircraft was maintaining at the time the FCU altitude was changed. 5- Cruise Flight/ Systems behaviour in flight A- ECAM Control Panel / ECAM Handling A1- During ECAM pages change, there should be a brief "please wait" of around 0.51 second while the Display Management Computer generates the page graphics. This was common in the older 330s, not in the 320s. I'm not sure if the newer 330s have this feature. A2- Engine Page - No issues in normal flight. During an engine restart in flight it didn't show the Starter Valve open, but nevertheless the engine started normally. System operating normally on ground. A3- Bleed Page - No major issues, system works accordingly, however, when I switched one Bleed 1 OFF, there was no corresponding ECAM BLEED OFF displayed. The corresponding pack was correctly considered inoperative, generating the ECAM AIR PACK 1 OFF. I wasn't able to clear this ECAM using the CLR button. The STATUS page should display in the INOP systems PACK 1 and BLEED 1. I'm fully aware that you don't intend to replicate system failures, BUT since you can make a "packs off" takeoff and forget to switch them on after takeoff, it would be nice to at least show the appropriate ECAM warnings. A4- Pressurization Page - I've noted that the plane will remain pressurized even if you witch both packs or bleeds OFF. In real life, the cabin should slowly climb at about 300-700 ft/min (depending on pressure diferential and door seal condition). Same thing here. If you perform a "packs off" takeoff and forget to turn them on, you would not pressurize. Regarding the other indications, there's not much to say, since the Mode Selection is AUTO only. Once again, it should be nice in a future update to allow at least the use of the Man LDG ALT selector, since we can fly to an out of database airport (I can think of Beijing's new airport and also the old Kai Tak). But this is not a priority. A5- ELEC AC page: The IDGs indications are in amber and its temperature is low. Generator load is quite low also. A6- ELEC DC page: No further comments A7- HYD page: No further comments A8- APU page: No further comments A9- COND page: Very nice. Temperature variation should be slower, but it's acceptable. I have only another minor comment. If the HOT AIR pushbuttons are set to OFF, the trim air valves should go to the full closed position. The temperature is still controllable (at a slower variation rate) via the packs. A10- DOOR page: No comments. A more realistic SLIDE arming sequence would be the following. The slides should start to arm (one at a time, in a random way) around 10 seconds after last pax door closure. The slides disarming (one at a time also and in a random way) after both engines are OFF AND the seatbelt sign has been switched to off (this is the command for the Flight Attendants to disarm the slides, sometimes we forget to switch it off and they don't disarm them until they call the cockpit and ask us to do so). A11- Wheel Page: No further comments A12 - Fuel Page. Since I only have an A330-200 FCOM and its fuel system is slightly different (it has a center tank and being shorter, the target CG for the aft transfer is different) I can't get right now into much detail about it (a friend of mine has promised to send me an A-330-300 FCOM and as soon as I get it I can provide more info about the trim tank transfer system). However AFAIK it seems to be working properly. X-Feed is working nicely. It should be noted that when there is fuel in the trim tank, the FMGS is "losing" this fuel for its predictions. As soon as there is a forward trim tank transfer, the EFOB in the FMGS fuel pred page starts to rise. The fuel quantity indication should be amber in case of low level (Fuel L(R) WING LO LVL ECAM is triggered when fuel quantity in inner tank is between 1100 and 2520 kg, depending on aircraft pitch attitude). During outer to inner fuel transfer the ecam memo should be OUTR TK XFR, turning into OUTR TK XFRD after outer tank fuel has been transfered. B- Performance in cruise seems to be good. I have found the plane to be burning slightly less fuel for a given weight (keep in mind that I am using the A332 tables, but since I'm using it for a given weight, the fuel figures shouldn't be too far away. Once again, as soon as I get access to the A333 data I can check it with more precision. 6- Navigation Display: A- When in ROSE VOR/ROSE ILS mode, no VOR or NDB icon should be displayed in the ND. Auto or Manually tuned VOR/NDB should be displayed (in blue) only in ROSE NAV or ARC modes. B- ROSE VOR has a small arrow in the Course Deviation Indicator that is a TO/FROM indicator. When the aircraft is in a course TO a VOR station, it should point upwards in the upper part of the deviation indicator. If the plane is flying in a course away from the VOR, it should points backwards in the lower part of the deviation indicator. C- If flying in NAV and if you rotate the heading knob, the selected heading should be displayed (for a max of 45 sec IIRC), even if you don't pull the knob. The HDG mode will be active only after pulling the knob. 7-Primary Flight Display A - Flight Path Director behaving incorrectly, specially in managed modes. Also, the Flight Path Angle calculation is using the True Airspeed (instead of groundspeed) to determine the required vertical speed. B-Enlarged 2D PFD has the pitch attitude marks variating/oscilating during flight. 8 - FMGS/Autoflight A- Most of the FMGS functions are working accordingly. However there are some minor bugs. The fuel Prediction was already discussed in previous posts and need a complete overhaul. They are absolutely wrong during climb/cruise. During the descent phase they seem to get back to normal. B- Holdings: This is an important feature, specially for those who fly online. Whenever I insert a holding, it draws some strange circles over the holding fix This usually happens when a holding is inserted less than 20 miles from the holding fix, or inserted in the TO waypoint. Sometimes if the holding is the TO waypoint the plane gets lost in the holding entry . Sometimes the plane doesn't decelerate to holding speed. B1 - I have found that if the holding entry is a direct one, the FMGS is correctly calculating and flying it most of the time. Minor correction. The FMGS computes as default a 1.5 minute holding whenever the aircraft is above FL140. B2. - In a paralell entry to a holding, the plane is usually turning to the wrong direction, acting like it's flying a direct entry, but eventually getting estabilished in the hold. B3 - In teardrop holding entries the aircraft seems to be flying the correct pattern, but is slowing down to holding speed only after overflying the holding waypoint. C- In general, the plane is quite able to fly a fully managed approach, but if you make any vertical revision, in particular at the TO waypoint, the vertical profile will be messed up sometimes. D - ATSU is allowing the receiving of only one airport in each METAR. E- If you start a managed descent before the TOD, the V/DEV should start slowly increasing to show the actual altitude below the profile, then this "below profile alt" will gradually reduce as the aircraft nears the optimum descent profile. Currently when you start the descent, the V/DEV is showing instantly what I believe is the "below profile alt" for a given distance. F- In some STARS, if there is a speed constraint below green dot and the aircraft is not already at approach phase, the speed bug is commanding that speed, meaning that the plane will fly well below green dot. In real life, if there's a waypoimt with a speed constraint lower than green dot, the DECEL point will be located before that waypoint, in order to allow proper deceleration. G- Autopilot is disconnecting upon touchdown in an autolanding H- Rudder trim should be automatically handled when autopilot is engaged. I have noted that in AS A330 if you leave the rudder trim in other than neutral position, the Autopilot doesn't ajust it to fly straight and level. You must turn the AP off, reset the rudder trim and then re-engage the AP. The AP should t=automatically trim the aircraft when engaged. 9-Aircraft handling/Protections A- I found that if I'm using the OLD Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll file AND IF I'm using either the default control assignments OR FSUIPC option "send to FS as normal axis" the plane is almost unflyable in manual flight. If I'm using the FSUIPC option "send direct to FSUIPC calibration" the plane is flyable with minor control slope adjustments. If I'm using the new Airbus_ECAMD2D.dll the plane gets very responsive to flight control inputs in either FSUIPC option. Checking the F-CTL ECAM page showed inconsistencies between the sidestick orders (neutral position) and the actual aileron and elevator positions. I strongly recommend using FSUIPC "send direct to FSUIPC calibration" and ajust the slopes to your particular hardware. B- Pitch envelope protection seems to be working, but Bank protection is not working properly. The plane is limited to 67 degrees in bank angle, but it's not returning to 33 degrees max bank when sidestick is released. C- Alpha Floor is engaging accordingly, however, TOGA LOCK can be disengaged by the pilot, using ATHR OFF instinctive disconnect pushbuttons. D- There's a safety valve that closes above 280 KIAS and prevents the crew from lowering the gear above this speed. It's not modelled and I was able to lower the gear at VMO... I'm sure that there are some more issues that I haven't noticed/don't remember right now. There are some issues that other users may find, but overall the plane is quite flyable and enjoyable. As I have said, it has a lot of potential and I hope these issues get fixed. Thanks for the attention! Best regards, Paulo M Soares
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    ICAO: KSEA NAME: KSEA - Seattle International Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Taxi2Gate LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-ksea-seattle-tacoma-international-airport-fsx.phtml AES 2.39
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    ICAO: VHHH NAME: Hong Kong International Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Taxi2Gate LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-hong-kong-international-airport-vhhh-fsx-p3d.phtml AES 2.38
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    Auch wenn Du mit T2G schon im Kontakt stehst für Istanbul requeste ich es dennoch:-) ICAO: LTBA NAME: Istanbul Atatürk TYPE: Payware FS: FSX, FS9 maybe DESIGNER: taxi2Gate http://secure.simmarket.com/taxi2gate-istanbul-atatuerk-airport-ltba-fsx-(de_8266).phtml AES 2.35
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    ICAO: ZGGG NAME: Guangzhou Bayun TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Bridge LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/bridge-guangzhou-baiyun-airport-zggg_fsx-p3d-(de_9406).phtml AES 2.45
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    Prague was already posted, but this is a new version! The fingers should now work... ICAO: LKPR NAME: Praga Ruzyne LKPR TYPE: freeware FS: FS9/FSX DESIGNER: Jindrich Machalinek LINK: http://www.avsim.su/f/fs2004-scenarii-44/scenariy-aeroporta-goroda-pragi-praha-ruzyne-lkpr-1230-v1-0-dlya-fs9-i-fsx-46149.html
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    ICAO UUDD NAME Moscow Domodedovo International Airport TYPE Payware FS FSX DESIGNER MDesign !!!NEW VERSION: Moscow Domodedovo 1.1!!! LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/mdesign-moscow-domodedovo-airport-uudd-fsxp3dv1.phtml ...finally the famous Domodedovo Airport in high quality!!!! ;-) AES 2.37 (Version 1.1 of Scenery needed)
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    ICAO: EGLL NAME: London Heathrow V3 FS: FS9/FSX Type: Payware Designer: UK2000 Gary Summons Link: http://www.uk2000scenery.org/forum/index.php?topic=7462.45 AES 2.35
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    ICAO: EPWA NAME: Warsaw Chopin Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FS9/FSX DESIGNER: Drzewiecki Design LINK FS9: http://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-epwa-warsaw-chopin-airport-2015-fs2004.phtml LINK FSX: http://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-epwa-warsaw-chopin-airport-x-fsx-p3d.phtml AES 2.40
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    Some more images... nothing really new to see but do compare this to default aircraft and you see we are learning some new tricks.... Still a lot missing, but we are getting there! As you will see the current model is one that is brand new and highly polished. It still needs to get its dirt and paint imperfections. Can you believe we are now talking about imperfections in a paint layer? When I started with Flightsim Paris was one huge uniform polygon with 7 corners. London was cool as it had a river and 15 corners. And as said, we will not do cheap ports from P3d V4, this is all brand new stuff. Click and open to see full size...
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    This day AES is available for 5 years now, the time goes always faster in my feelings. I want involve you to the next steps of AES on the way to a new generation of AES. First same organisational things, before I explain the new version in details: The official released version of AES is still AES 2.14 and will be the available version at the Shops of Aerosoft and Simmarket. Who wants to stay on that version can do that until a new official release is available. Version 2.20 is full compatible to all Airports released in AES 2.14, all this Airports and all Credits and assignments will be supported by AES 2.20. No new airports are part of this release, AESHelp, AESConfig and AES Remote has not been changed. Why is his not an official released Version and only available via the Aerosoft Forum, could be a good question: Even, when this Version does most things like the version before, there are significant internal changes and the new vehicle models are much more complex, so I want first get some feedback about performance and handling, before it can switch to the “standard” update process. Anyway, this version is not a „Beta“, it has all functions of the version before and should be usable same as older versions. There are only some smaller limitations in the variations of the models, like: • Only two different bus models are finished at the moment • There is only one type of under floor Fuel Truck included yet • The Deicing will not simulate the fluid steam Let me now explain the new parts and features of this version: 1.) New detailed vehicle models All vehicle models simulated by AES are new replaced by more detailed and complex animated models. At the moment, they all have a neutral texture, but repaint-kits will follow later, when we are know, that the models not need any changes. The code is prepared already to support the selection of service different service provider deliveries per Airport or global. There are also more different variations (like US stile Trucks) planed for the future. The Catering Trucks are already available in 4 different Types inclusive the upperdeck support for the Airbus A380. The door will be calculated based on the door 2L, like the jetways connect. With a good Model the door should fit were well. 2.) Changed ramp agent movements and pushback process In the past, the ramp agent gets sometimes in conflict with the jetways or stairs, when he keeps his position beside the nose wheel. Now he will be move to the other side of the aircraft to monitor the loading process, until the pushback preparation starts. This is a temporary solution, until a more complex animation of human stuff is possible. While tow bar push processes he will handle the Connect and Disconnect process. 3.) More realistic driving animations of the vehicles The animation of the driving process of the vehicles in now more realistic, the wheels are rotation, the steering is simulated and all the related signs are included. So far the short overview for the new features, i think it is better to check it your self, then reading long text. Ok, as normally all is more interesting, what you not have, here some words about the next steps There are many new features on my list, for example the support of cargo airplanes, simulation of the load process and better animations of human stuff. But, all needs to be in the correct order, as for some parts, first more parameter of the airplane are needed to be able to handle the movements on the limited space around the airplane. Therefore the aircraft configuration is one of the next steps. If you have Feedback or Comments, please post them here: AES 2.20: Feedback or Comments For Bugreports use this one: AES 2.20: Bugreports An now, the most important Link: AES 2.20d Installer download only here Here some Screenshot of AES 2.20 (many thanks to Rainer Duda)
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    Version 1.0.0


    This is my 2048px Virtual Cockpit for the Aerosoft Airbus A318 & A319. Included are high resolution textures for the pedestal, overhead, FCU, fuses (both, overhead and the back side of the flight deck) and photorealistic buttons and switches made right from photos taken on the real deal. Additional VAS usage is at around 100-150mb in Prepar3Dv3.3. There is no noticable impact on the performance on my or any of the beta testers computers. Painting this took me around 150 working hours plus the countless hours of all the people who helped me with a tremendous effort. Special thanks go out to Holgi for helping me on some parts of the floor and backwall and Frank for taking all the pictures necessary to realise a job like this! Without you guys this would not have been possible! This is the 2048px version of this repaint, a 4096px version will follow soon! You will hardly notice a difference though Due to the enormous effort that went into this (over a month full time work plus countless evenings fiddling around with files and the quirks of our beloved flight simulators) I would apprechiate if you could donate a few € or $ if you like the paint! >>Please Donate if you like this<< (Unfortunately only a German link is possible, however just enter the amount, click login to paypal and then you'll be redirection to your language for the rest of the process ) ------------------------------------------------------------ Installation Instructions (read this... really!) ------------------------------------------------------------ Backup the content of the folder [FSX/P3D mainfolder]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A318_A319 Base. Unzip the file into a temporary location. Paste the content of the folder A318A319 into [FSX/P3D mainfolder]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A318_A319 Base. Make sure the content of the three subfolders gets integrated and you should be asked to overwrite 33 files in total. Make sure to overwrite the old files, otherwise this paint will not show correctly. [Important] Delete all files including the word MAINPANEL in the texture.xxx [where xxx stands for the respective name of the livery] folders within the [FSX/P3D]\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft Airbus A31x CFM/IAE folders. This is important since FSX will pick files from those folders over those from the fallback folders. [Important] Repeat this step each time you install a new livery since liveries come with their own MAINPANEL files, which however are in the default resolution. See the limitations below. Ensure the Texture_Max_Load in your FSX.cfg/Prepar3D.cfg is set to at least 2048, better 4096. ------------------------------------------------------------- Known limitations ------------------------------------------------------------- The aircrafts registration will no longer show. This is unavoidable since the registration is saved in the mainpanel file which I had to alter. Thus you need to delete the mainpanel file in which the registration of the aircraft is saved. Please ask your repainter to supply you with a version of my mainpanel file including the registration of the aircraft. Painters are explicitly allowed to modify the mainpanel files supplied in this package to add the registration of the aircraft and upload them to this forums. Only the dark night lighting version was possible. Do not use the Airbus Configurator to change between the bright and dark lighting options! These are not compatible with this repaint. Final words: I hope you will have as much fun flying with my repaint than I had painting it. . . . . . ...you really read all the way down here here? Stop reading and go flying!
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    The A330 is what we call a 'stepping stone' release. It incorporates a lot of new code that is the base for several new product for several platforms. That means that even though we use a continuous test cycle there will be issues. We guarantee it. A lot will be fixed soon after release as we have a bit more time and more feedback. If this would be on steam we might consider calling it 'early access'. If you are somebody who gets easily annoyed by bugs we strongly advise you to simply not to buy when the product is launched. Give it two more weeks to mature. Important notes: You need the very latest version of P3d V4.5 plus Hotfix 1 and Hotfix 2. Do not forget to disable AV software, we have seen some false positives. You absolutely need to reboot after installing. If you see a problem after installing, the chances are pretty big any of these three could be the reason! There are some rather tricky sim settings that are very important. These are described in Vol 1 of the manuals. Do us a massive favor and read, the manual is attached. We use a rather aggressive update scheme where we push out almost anything we alter immediately to the Experimental update channel. Make sure you have that activated! ========================================================================================================= Some loose comments on things we are still working on. Electronic Flight Bag See more: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/940-electronic-flight-bag/ We found two users for whom opening the DOCS section crash the sim. We do not know yet what causes it but we are talking to the developer of the module to see if he has any idea. If this happens to you avoid the DOCS and LINKS section for now. Although we have done a lot of what was intended we are left with some open issues. The calculation module is currently just a placeholder. We have got good ideas for it but they are a tad complex. Will be done though. The links did not work out as well as we hoped. As the core of this module is basically Chrome running in an iFrame not everything runs there without issues. This is not a solvable problem at this moment. If you have any sites that do work and are useful, please share them! But basically it is and will always be the worst web browser you have ever seen. Navigraph chart support is missing at this moment due to some technical issues, we are working with our friends at Navigraph to solve that. The first person to say this is because we want to push NavDataPro charts will be banned from this forum. Nothing further from the truth. Ask them. CPDLC We are not too happy with the CPDLC options and decided to wait until the ATC organisations can offer us a solid service to connect to. You will see some preparations for that in the some menus, these options are not yet active but are planned to be made active later. It is important to have these menu option in the menu at this moment. Connected Flight Deck As Connected Flight Deck is basically a huge load of parameters send around it is always very tricky right after a release. As parameters are changing to fix issues or to change behavior they might break CFD. As the product matures this will slowly be solved. Light Artifacts As you might know P3d V4.3 and up do not want to play nice with the superb Real Light technology we have been using when PBR textures are used. So another technic has to be used (one that most add-on builders now use). But it has drawbacks. Not only does it not look as good, it can also have artifacts. It also makes some displays very very hard to manage in brightness. At this moment this cannot be totally avoided. Here is a possible artifact you might see: Checklist FO BARO checks and settings still need to be included. The ViewFocus option is not compatible with view add-ons that change the aircraft files (like ChasePlane). This probably can't be changed. Manuals Because our Test Manager is on sick leave I had to take over those task. This causes some delays with the manuals. The final one (Step-By-Step) can normally only be completed at the very end of the development but that will now be pushed beyond the release 3rd party shaders Full PRB products (at this moment only the CRJ pro, the Madddog and the A330 can be seen as such, all others have partial PBR or have PBR added) can be highly problematic with third party shader because the PBD settings from Lockheed are highly linked to the colors chosen by the modeler. If the colors are changed by a shader unpredictable effects can happen and we are utterly unable to assist. We strongly advise you to see the product as it was designed. Only then will you see all details and effects. LIvery Manager We are working on a pretty special livery manager but it will take some time to get ready. To make your livery work with it the standards are the same as for our smaller busses. For now just manually install them. Vol1-In P3D.pdf
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    Dude, you are never paying for any of our aircraft again, if you see one released just drop me a mail at mathijs.kok@aerosoft.com and you get it for free. Thanks!!
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    ICAO: EGSSNAME: Stansted Airport v4TYPE: PaywareFS: FS9 FSX P3DDESIGNER: Uk2000 scenery Link: http://www.uk2000scenery.com/newsite/My_Homepage_Files/Page12.html AES 2.40
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    ICAO: YSSY Name: Sydney Kingsford Smith Airport Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: FlyTampa Link: http://www.flytampa.org/yssy.html AES 2.39
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    ICAO: SKBO Name: El Dorado Intl Airport, Bogota, Colombia Type: Payware FS: FSX+P3D; FS2004 Designer: VirtualCol Links FSX+P3D: http://secure.simmarket.com/virtualcol-skbo-bogota-for-fsx-p3d.phtml FS2004: http://secure.simmarket.com/virtualcol-skbo-bogota-for-fs2004.phtml Thanks and regards, Harald AES 2.45
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    ICAO: OEJN NAME: King Abul Aziz International TYPE: Payware FS: FS9 version DESIGNER: BDOAviation LINK: http://www.bdoaviation.com/scenery/scenery.php?ID=21 Original link to simMarket was correct link but at their end somehow directed to Jennasoft scenery. A situation which still obtains. Apologies on behalf of simMarket. Present link to BDO aviation is for the FSX version but at least it's the right airport. AES 2.43
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    3 different airports in one single package: New York Airports ICAO: KJFK NAME: John F. Kennedy International Airport ICAO: KEWR NAME: Newark Liberty International Airport ICAO: KLGA NAME: La Guardia Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX, P3Dv1, P3Dv2 DESIGNER: Drzewiecki Design LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-new-york-airports-fsx-p3d.phtml
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    ICAO RPLL NAME Ninoy Aquino International Airport TYPE Payware FS FSX DESIGNER Pacific Islands Simulation !!!FINALLY RELEASED!!! LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/pis-manila-ninoy-aquino-intl-rpll-fsx-p3dv2-(de_8496).phtml ...Such a stunning paradise and a good destination for a T7 ;-)...! AES 2.36
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    My my, what a load of post and what negative comments. Mind you were are used to that by now, if you try to be open and honest and most certainly if you try to include potential customers into projects most will like it and participate, some will expect more then you can show/tell or are willing to show/tell and will be pissed off. We see exactly the same pattern for any project we handle that way. But it's okay. Now honestly and without any derogatory idea behind it, I got no idea what you mean. Could be we got a language issue here, "stuffing around" is not something I am familiar with. If you mean that we tell people that we are seriously thinking about a new simulator and like to discus that with our customer? Well sure, that's how like it. I mean if you don't like it, simply don't read it! It's not like telling people a new simulator is coming helps us sell what we are doing right now, right? Let me update you as much as I can. This is a multimillion dollar project and without signed contracts and the marketing girls having done what the like to do my hands are tight. But we made great steps. Money is strangely enough not a major issue, we got some, Aerosoft is a very healthy company. We also got the partner we wanted, if you are going to bump heads with Mama Microsoft you better have some muscle. We also think we know what you, the customer, want. A simulator that is fast, open (fully documented) and above all a solid base for further developments. Currently we are in the stage of going from paper to coding and for a project of this size that's always a major step. Contracts need to be signed, people got to change jobs, move country etc. Are we going to do a new simulator? Personally I think so, my CEO pays me to push it. Is it going to happen? Yeah sure it is, but now you know why I say that. Lol. Things look good but that's all I can say. Is it going fast enough? Hell no, we are calling it AFS2013 already. Now on to samples shown and links given. We know all those and we smiled a lot about the three days. See we actually USE these kinds of files for the US cities series. Just check Google Earth Building Maker and you got a good idea how these things work. We got similar but professional tools that we use for professional projects. But they are far from anything that could be used in a flight simulator that we need. Believe me we look at all these things, all these engines. all these demos. But when we ask these companies to show something on a round earth, with sight lines of 100 miles, using DX11 and not using more then 30% of resources (we also got to do flight modeling, weather, user interface, online stuff etc etc) you will get a lot less enthusiastic responses. If at all. We spend a whopping lot of money on trying to find what we need and so far it seems it just does not exist (professional sims most certainly can't). So we got to adapt something. I am sorry you feel 'stuffed around'. But that's all I am willing to say right now.
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    Friends/customers/potential customers (almost the same!), I decided to spend this day getting the Lotus ready for the track so I can continue my impressive series of disappointing race results. But seeing the posts just now it's obviously I can't leave you people alone for one day, hahahaha... loads of posts of people that do not read about a product and we seem to have a lot of moderators around all of sudden. Loads of posts about posts and not about the topic. Not a huge problem but I still got to install a new fuel tank and I don't have time now to order and answer. (if you see a large fire ball in south-western France things did not work out as planned.) So here is what I will do. I'll lock this topic now. Tomorrow morning I will answer all questions here, give a few comments and delete a bunch of messages and we'll get a fresh start. Okay?
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    Small off topic comment. There was one kind reader (and yes we know who) that felt it needed to give my post a -1 vote. Now for the love of God, why would anybody have a problem with what I wrote? We even showed images of this aircraft in professional sims! If you feel I written something that I should not have written or that was stupid, do vote me down. I do mess up like everybody. But that post was most certainly not one of those. From this moment on we'll simple remove people who do such things from our forum and block the IP. The voting system is a great way to let each other know what you think of a post. But a few people can mess up the whole system and we'll simply not accept that. Vote posts up when you think they help the discussion, ask good questions or when you see somebody helping another person. Be careful with voting down, it should only be used when a post asks for something hat has been answered a few times, or somebody who is just a pain in the ass. You know it as well as I know it and there is a wide margin of interpretation that we will not mess with. Most certainly vote something up when you see a negative vote that is not right.
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    Rebirth of a legend It is with great pride that we can announce that Microsoft has chosen Aerosoft as its retail publishing partner for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator . Aerosoft will bring the two boxed versions of this venerable simulator to customers in Europe. Including 10 (!) double-layer DVD’s and a printed manual in a spectacular box, it is an ideal way of entering the new age of flight simulation. For the last few months, we have been working closely with the spirited team from Microsoft and the talented developers at Asobo. They have helped us in getting our add-ons ready for the new simulation platform and in a very small way our 27 years of experience assisted in creating this amazing simulator. We should be able to start shipping the boxes at or around August 21st. The official announcement from Microsoft is here.
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    Sorry, at this moment we dont intend to simulate emergencies!
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    ICAO: SBGR Name: TROPICALSIM - SÃO PAULO GUARULHOS SBGR 2015 FS9 FSX P3D Type: Payware FS: FS2004/FSX/P3D Designer: TropicalSim Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/tropicalsim-so-paulo-guarulhos-sbgr-2015-fs9-fsx-p3d.phtml AES 2.38
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    ICAO: WMKK Name: Kuala Lumpur International Type: Payware FS: FSX Designer: A_A Sceneries Link: http://secure.simmarket.com/a_a-sceneries-kuala-lumpur-international-airport-klia-fsx.phtml AES 2.37
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    ICAO UUEE NAME Moscow Sheremetyevo TYPE Payware FS FSX/FS9 DESIGNER Drzewiecki Design Link FSX: http://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-uuee-moscow-sheremetyevo-x.phtml Link FS9: http://secure.simmarket.com/drzewiecki-design-uuee-moscow-sheremetyevo-2015-fs2004.phtml Update: 22-Sept-2014: Both Versions are released! AES 2.37 (Version 1.20 in FSX needed of the Scenery)
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    ICAO: RKPC NAME: JEJU INTERNATIONAL TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: PACIFIC ISLANDS SIMULATION (PIS) LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/pacific-islands-simulation-jeju-international.phtml Such beautiful scenery for T7 and B737 Regards Robert
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    The name is preliminary and everything you see here is work in progress (pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-(add a few more pre-'s)-pre-Alpha stage) First outside model shot in the hangar: P.S.: Don't ask for wingflex or release dates.
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    ICAO: GCRR NAME: Lanzarote Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: Eiresim Scenery Design http://www.eiresim.com LINK: http://www.eiresim.com/gcrr.html (Released just a few minutes ago!)
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    A330-200: 1) Emirates 2) Air Berlin 3) Qantas 4) Virgin Australia 5) Air Algérie 6) Hong Kong Airlines 7) TAP Portugal 😎 Aer Lingus 9) Air Transat 10) Air France 11) Air Caraïbes 12) Corsair International 13) Iberia 14) Oman Air 15) Aeroflot 16) American Airlines 17) Qatar Amiri Flight 18) Royal Air Force 19) Monarch Airlines 20) Thomas Cook 21) Azul Air 22) Hawaiian Airlines 23) Egyptair 24) Edelweiss 25) Air Seychelles 26) Korean Air 27) Air Greenland 28) Aerolineas Argentinas 29) Northwest Airlines 30) Delta 31) Air Europa 32) Aerolineas Argentinas 33) Vietnam Airlines 34) Libyan Airlines 35) Tunisair 36) Eurowings 37)Alitalia A330-300: 1) Singapore Airlines 2) Cathay Pacific 3) KLM 4) SAS 5) Turkish Airlines 6) Air Asia X 7) Qantas 😎 Hong Kong Airlines 9) Swiss 10) Lufthansa 11) Brussels Airlines 12) Aer Lingus 13) Cyprus Airways 14) Balkan Holidays Air 15) Air Caraïbes 16) Corsair International 17) Iberia 18) Oman Air 19) Malaysian Airlines 20) Virgin Atlantic 21) Air Canada 22) Aeroflot 23) Thomas Cook Scandinavia 24) Fiji Airlines 25) Egyptair 26) Korean Air 27) Asiana 28) Finnair 29) Northwest 30) Delta 31) American Airlines 32) Vietnam Airlines 33) Jet Airways 34) Afriqyah Airways 35) Dragonair 36) Azul 37) Hawaiian Airlines 38) Air Seychelles 39) China Eastern Airlines 40) Thai Airways 41) China Airlines 42) Cathay Dragon 43) Air China 44) Hainan Airlines 45) Alitalia only -200 46) Air Transat 47) Saudia 48) Avianca 49) South African Airways 50) China Southern 51) Vietnam Airlines 52) Kuwait Airways 53) Garuda Indonesia 54) SriLankan 55) Ethihad 56) Royal Jordanian 57) Edelweiss Air A330-200F: 1) Hong Kong Airlines 2) Qatar Cargo 3) Turkish Airlines Cargo 4) Ethan Cargo 5) Etihad Cargo 6) Malaysian Airlines Kargo Last Updated: 25 May 2016 1943 GMT
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    ICAO: MDPP NAME: Gregorio Luperon - PUERTO PLATA AIRPORT TYPE: Payware FS: FSX DESIGNER: DREAMFLIGHT STUDIOS Link : http://secure.simmarket.com/dreamflight-studios-puerto-plata-x-mdpp-fsx.phtml Thx No AES, Jetways are part of the Terminalmodell, can't be removed. But nice scenery.
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    ICAO: EGJJ NAME: Jersey Airport TYPE: Payware FS: FS9, FSX, P3D DESIGNER: UK2000 LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/uk2000-scenery-jersey-xtreme.phtml AES 2.36
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    We are currently working on enhancing the Airbus X to what will become Airbus X V2. NOTE!! We are in the very very early stage of developement. The following screenshots are what they are, simply work in progress. Don't start to post about the garbled ext on the right side, font sizes or what so ever. What we plan to add/enhance: - Totally new MCDU with SID/STAR etc. - New Autopilot to go with the new MCDU, including correct VNAV simulation - New custom coded FBW system - Misc. bug fixes as found by the community The MCDU will become a large step ahead of the current MCDU. Images of new MCDU: Best Finn
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    Oh dear, oh dear. If you were English you'd understand the question "did you get out of the wrong side of the bed?" Regardless, for the sake of your stress levels, maybe going off somewhere quiet without an internet connection and reading a good book would be best for now
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    (Okay, I have a few minutes away from developing while I wait for something to show up, and I just caught up on this thread, so....) I'm genuinely not sure why anyone would want to be left in the dark over these kinds of "expected date" things? Seems to me that complete openness is *inherently* better for the average person, no? The only bit suggesting otherwise, and which I can kinda understand, seems to go something like, "we're so excited to get this product, and therefore SO disappointed about any delays in it, that we really just cannot stand the agony of it all, so don't tell us!" Fair paraphrasing?? No sarcasm there -- I've been anxious for products too! Is it that people fear developers give artificially early dates in order to "hook" interest, then lead customers on, etc... a fear of being decieved by the developer, I guess? I can guarantee you that with this project, every time a date was mentioned, it was because we the developers thought it could be done by that time, really thought that, and that's what we told the only person qualified to give those kinds of "big picture" answers on here. (The guy taking the flak so often now. ;-) But then... well, anyone who programs anything knows... things just *happen.* (You can't predict the unpredictable, or what percentage of possible unpredictables will manifest, or their magnitudes... 'cause they're unpredictable(!!). And it's not even necessarily *mistakes* that become the stick in the spokes in a project... usually instead just something like absolutely completely unpredictable interactions. Or often it's just the idea that, if we're going to do feature A like we must, well I guess we really should do B too... and if B, C would be a great complement to that... and so on. All of you out there waiting so patiently are definitely getting more than was originally planned. By a big margin. (Please do not forget, some main parameters of this project changed not all that long ago. *Fundamental* aspects. Major feature enhancements. For example, it was decided to go *much* more in depth in the MCDU, to add the Navigraph database, and 10x more expansive flight-planning capabilities. It was only... (hmmm, I guess 3 or maybe 4 months back??)... that the MCDU was going to comprise merely a flight-plan info display page, radios page, speed page, and a few other basic pages. Then it was decided to give more. And it is SO MUCH more now. And just plain very cool. You can fly perfectly fine without ever touching that beheamoth, and those who prefer to mess with it now have the option. But the new plan has had far-reaching (and yes, some unpredictable) implications.) Oh, and what the A320 series does with its FBW system, the low speed protections, things like that... truly amazing! I had no idea before being this involved. If you wanna have some fun while waiting, take a look at things as "basic" as what the real A32x does to try to eliminate the possibility of stalling the aircraft. (And FSX REALLY does not provide easy means to simulate that, as Finn has said. But it's really done very well now. He deserves applause.) But there's lots of interesting debate on the web about all the automation in the real aircraft, the philosophy behind it (with interesting personal dramas intertwined!), the problems that surfaced w/ the engineers when trying to implement 1 person's complex vision of safety features... plus there's plenty of great debate on whether so much automated "protection" as in the Bus is a good thing, or instead just takes needed control ("at the edges") away from the pilots. Maybe it would be fun to lose yourself in that kind of stuff for awhile, to blunt the trauma of this wait? Heheh. I've found it all extremely interesting reading when I've had a few hours here and there. And I will tell you... each time I have the luxury to actually FLY this product without worry for a bit, to take half an hour and back up from the developing, I'm amazed at how different it is from anything else I've seen out there for MSFS -- just the intangible "feeling" of the controls and how differently the plane reacts than we're all used to. I can't imagine the real engineering challenges there. But some simmers will be very surprised by what they'll get with this. Most very pleasantly, but probably some who will be sure that "this can't be right!" But we've got GREAT beta testers, who know. Back to the dates and what's best WRT predicting them... as one of the developers, I can assure you that every time a date was mentioned, going back months now, it was because that's what we the developers REALLY TRULY thought at the time, and of course what we told the project lead. Then the "stuff happens" moments arise, and... we're forced to say "we really should add to this," and then "well, we've just GOTTA change this now," or "crap, the autopilot needs to do something the sim just doesn't want to allow," or (what has been my personal little nightmare) "geeze, these speed tapes are much more complicated than imagined given the sim limitations, and getting it only 'mostly right' in flight situation X leads to absurd behavior in situation Y"... and we've all got pride, and a name, and just CAN'T feel good about putting it out there with that feature in *that* condition. So consider all of that... and then there are things that happen in team-members' personal lives... and the fact that with a team comprised of detail-freaks, each now having to reign himself in to being a necessarily *selective* detail freak... that cabn be a little rough. ;-) But maybe you can see how predicting the unpredictable is obviously and inherently impossible? I'm just very certain that the things causing delay are things you'll be glad were added, and maybe would've been upset about had we not added them. And though Mathijs DEFINITELY does not need my help defending(!!), he really is very confined by what we the developers have predicted for him. Not an easy task for anyone.
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    Are you out of your freaking mind? You are using the Aerosoft forum to admit you pirated Aerosoft copyrighted material? And you ask us not to ban you? I'll certainly ban you, I'll did even more, I just handed over all inform we have on you to our legal representative. He'll now look into a possible procedure against you. Think we got at least one rat! I always knew that people who steal software can't be too clever, but you just made the top ten of most stupid. p.s. now let's close this topic, too much work to do to waste it on low lives like this.
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    Developers often need quick activation and de-activation of add-ons to test things. That’s why Hans Hartmann spend three years developing this small tool. Just kidding, it was done in half an hour but that does not make it less useful. There are far more advanced tools (like SimStarter!) that do the same but there are no tools that are easier and quicker. Hans shared his tool with friends and they all told him it was just ‘useful’, and he should share it. So here we are, the launch of The Hans’ Addon Manager, rejoice! See it as a Christmas present. A manual should hardly be hardly needed, just a small note that the repair option renumbers the add-ons, so gaps are removed. Not needed, but it just makes things a bit neater. Just unzip the file and place the exe where you like. This software is provided ‘as is’ and is free of copyrights. We do ask you only to link to this location if you want to share it so always the latest version is offered. Changelog: - Initial Release - Changed group names from "Global entries" and "User entries" to actual path of the respective add-ons.cfg file - Speed optimization. Permanent check for running Prepar3D. Function to activate/deactivate all but favourites - Function to move add-ons to a different drive or folder. This might not work for some add-ons, so use at your own risk! Download: AddonMgr_1003.7z
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    We'll also make sure this works on P3d V4. The only decision that has not yet been made (because there is no release version) is if the new options will be used. But making scenery work might be as simple as cake (I can't say because of NDA etc). But promising a P3D V4 release is like promising your FS2004 scenery works in FSX. Big deal. What matters is how much of the new technology is used. And again as we have no release version and there are NDA's nobody will be able to make any serious comments on that. But I like to stop this discussion. The reasons why we start projects are confidential. Unlike other developers we have many different uses for scenery files. From FSX/P3D, to XPlane, to professional projects, movies or TV series (you have seen a lot of our work without realizing what it was) and even stand alone simulators. Aerosoft has many departments. We are not a scenery development group that works on one project, we have at any given moment up to 50 projects in development. Many of those you will never see. It can happen the FSX/P3D release is a spin off and the project was never started for that platform. What I can say is that we have not had a scenery making a loss in many many years. If you check some of our projects you see that the differ slightly from those by others. For example the height of buildings has to be centimer precise in some case (that's a demand for professional projects where sightlines are all important. You might also see a file structure that is slightly different because that suits the Open Flight format better. Normally we do not include structures that are not yet build because we have seen many times that architectural drawings do not really match the resulting objects. But if you like WSSS projects, be happy! You will have a choice.
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    ICAO OEJN NAME King Abdul Aziz International Airport مطار الملك عبدالعزيز الدولي‎ ‏‎ TYPE Payware FS FSX DESIGNER Bdo Aviation LINK: http://secure.simmarket.com/bdoaviation-king-abdul-aziz-international-airport-fsx-(de_8343).phtml !!!RELEASED!!! This is the famous airport of Jeddah, which is the most important harbour town in saudi arabia! No AES, Glass of Jetway not part of the Scenery BGLs, so not removable

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