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  1. Sure... The Twin Otter Extended was made for FSX and then ported to P3D, so we need to look further into the new options in P3D - thanks for the hint.
  2. Water rudders has actually been fitted in order to improve water maneuvrebility - but are invisible. They are only extended below 25 kts though. Be aware that FSX/P3S also doesn´t do a great job simulating differential power, or single engine behaviour. Not to spoil anything, but do not think we can work wonders on how P3D simulates water physics, though we will try. Just like Helicopters in FSX/P3D, Turboprops and water physics are really lacking, and needs serious workarounds to get right. Playing the Devils Advocat here I need to tell that simulating a Turboprop model outside P3D, like Majestic has done with their Dash-8 Q400 takes alot of effort. I think the developement of the Dash 8 took serveral years for just one engine model. Remember that the Trwin Otter comes in both the -100 and -300, as well as the float, amphibious and ski version comes with startlocks. Also the Milviz PC-6 is a single engined aircraft. Their Turboprop model is great, but the reason why they have released the PC-6 before their Beechcraft Kingair, might indicate that it´s not suitable yet for twin engined flight behaviour - just something that springs to my mind. I´m not negative minded regarding upgrading the Twin Otter Turboprop model, cause I´m sure it can be tweaked alot more, but expectations should also be held at a realistic level. Thats also why most of the well known high-end developers keep away from Turboprops. Remember that the Majestic Dash-8 Q400 is also used profesionally so the developement has a much stronger economical base.
  3. A2A Has a tool called "Accu-Feel" where You can adjust alot of parameters for ground and water behaviour as well as adding additional sounds and effects. Uisng dual throttles with the Twin Otter helps alot to manuevre in the water, but I think taht FSX/P3D lis lacking with water physics regardless what You do. Regarding A2A's windscreen rain effects, that apart from not supporting the effect of the windscreenwipers, they neither support other than single engines aircraft with the propeller just in front of the windscreen.
  4. It certainly need to be improved in regards to startup behaviour and power response (which also is part of the troubles taxiing the Twin Otter)
  5. I have read a few comments regarding engine/prop behaviour to be (more) realistic. Note that when the Twin Otter Extended was released, it actually was on of the first with realistic engine behaviou,r and also with a comprehensive range of possible failures. I agree that it isn´t at the same level as the Majestic Dash 8 Q400, and also have some issues, especially during taxi. But in the air, the engines and props behaves very close to the real turboprop engine used in the Twin Otter, and is a great step beyond default FSX/P3D behaviour. The scope (and price) for the Twin Otter Extended was not to reach Majestic Dash-8 Q400 level. I´m not sure yet what will be done to the Twin Otter professional on these matters, but I´m sure that even the current code has some room for improvements. It might also be necessary to put in some more advanced coding into the engine/prop management.
  6. I have tried to convert the PATH to TAXI in my own Frankfurt, Barcelona and Anchorage installs. The taxiways are now displayed correctly on the PMDG 747-8 ND Airport map. There are no visiual impact on the scenery, and performance seems not to be affected by more than 1-2 FPS, if affected at all. This might not work for other airports, but the mentioned airports that I have converted, everything seems fine. I´m not blaming any part of the developers. PMDG has chosen the best solution to get their airport map as accurate as the underlaying AFCAD, so that even inaccuracies in the scenery is accounted for. Also the scenery developers could not know thta their AFCADS where to be used this way. A solution could be (as mentioned by another guy in the PMDG forum) would be to have a seperated AFCAD for the PMDG ND Airport maps. This means that a special formated file maybe called: PMDG_AFX_XXX.pam (*.pam = PMDG Airport Map could be put into the scenery directory. This file would then be the converted AFCAD from the original scenery renamed to *.pam inorder not to actual loading it int to the scenery, but can be read by the PMDG ND Aiport map. If such a file is present tin the scenery folder, then it will be used by the PMDG ND Airport map. If it´s not present, then the original AFCAD *.bgl file would be read instead. This way we can have proper Aiport maps on the PMDG ND, without intruding the scenery. I have made this suggestion over in the PMDG support forum. FinnJ
  7. Ground friction is not something Yu "Just" can tweak, since it´s hardcoded in bothe FSX and P3D. With P3D V4.1 there has been some fixes to the ground behaviour, but I have not tested what influence this has on the Twin Otter. If You have a registrated version of FSUIPC, thn there are some entries in it´s ini file that can tweak ground friction. Personally I would not keep away from an addon just because this 2 second of excessive requirement of power to break free, also because most other addons doesn´t behave right either. With FSX/P3D turboprops this is somewhat more exaggregated, due to the slow spool up time. next time try to give less power and be patient to see the power actually build up and get the aircraft start rolling. FinnJ
  8. This is a FSX/P3D "Feature" also present in most other addon aircraft and not a particular Aerosoft CRJ700/900 problem ! Are You sure that this isn´t due to the MCDU autotuning VOR's for positional updates ? Strange ... I have done numreous flights from A to B with no problems. That said that there aren´t any bugs left, but none of them really showstoppers. We still got a few updates after release and I´m sure more are in the pipeline. FinnJ
  9. Hi Mark Next time open the Checklist/Config panel (Sh+2) and go to the config page. You might be able to see that also structural icing is starting to occur on the bar graph. Like Mathijs said - it´s most probably engine icing, which fit´s to Your OAT readings. Parameters that adds a chance for engine icingcausing wngine failure are: (OAT between ÷10-2°C AND (Any kind of precipitation OR Visibility below 1700 meters )) OR Structural icing building up Tor clear the engines, You must either apply engine de-icers, or get into warmer air (above 2°C) inorder to thaw the engine inlets, which only happens gradually Best regards Finn.
  10. Back when it was developed we recreated the exact cockpit if the D-IVER. So what You see in the Twin Otter Extended cockpit is the exact same instruments than those found in the real world D-IVER. The only extra instrument we placed was the GPS. A secondary attitude indicator is, as far as I know, not required for IFR flights, but You have both the Cpt. and the FO instruments.
  11. Yes - it should also work for FSX, FSX:SE and P3D V1-4
  12. Hi Michael Try to re-download the fix in the other thread again: It should fix the engine selector panel as well now. Best regards Finn
  13. This is a possible fix for the Bronco engines quitting when one tank runs dry. Please test and report if it fixes it. Unzip the content into: \\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Airplanes\Aerosoft OV-10B\Panel\ Backup the old OV10a_Sys.Cab first ! Regards Finn
  14. I think that gain should be generally increased. Looking right into a thunderstorm I see green placards. Turning the gain all up to +3 displays purple areas, just what I would expect for Normal gain setting. This is offcourse totally without any firm knowledge about what would be realistically correct - just an observation and personal impression.
  15. Problem is that feathering the props via hardware axid' in FSX is abit funky, often i need to put the levers a bit forward and then slam them back into feathered position. Finn
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