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  1. About which Sim Version you talking, V4.5 or V5.0? When V5, which weather form you have configured, default or the Atmosphere (Beta)?
  2. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  3. Is only the airport area not snow covered or the complete area of the photoground in the area around? For the airport there seams an Issue with the scripts, will be fixed next update.
  4. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  5. Ok, must correct me, have just a look into the afcad source (thanks internet access from holidays to my home) and there is a water runway far north included, to deactivate a old Ils. But I could not say, why ATC will assign it, its blocked for all and only 1x1 meter. You need to wait 2 weeks until I am back at my PC to check that.
  6. All afcads you talk about are part of the scenery and should not be removed, they are needed. But non of this have a water runway included, so I have no idea, where your ATC will get it from. The navigraph navdata should no be the source here, they should not update any Afcads as I know.
  7. Yes, in the sim-wings folder you will have only one, but we could not know what other addons you have, which may provide afcads for GCTS. Orbx maybe? Other addons for Tenerife Sur, maybe not removed complete.
  8. Because you have another AFCAD active. The original Afcad of Sim-wings has no water runway included.
  9. Hö, HF3 ist deutlich stabiler, lohnt sich.
  10. Ja, ohne HF3 gab es immer Probleme mit zerschossenen PBR Polys. Bitte erstmal den P3D auf HF3 updaten. Kleine Tip: 1)Erst über Startmenü-Einstellungen -Apps nur den P3D Client deinstallieren und am Ende sagen, dass man die Lizenz/Regierung nicht freigeben will. 2)Dann den den kompletten P3D deinstallieren. 3) Dann den komplette Installer mit Stand HF3 in das gleiche Verzeichnis wieder installieren ohne vorher irgendwas manuell zu löschen. So bleibt alles erhalten, auch die Regierung der Lizenz und Addons, zumindest solche, die nicht orginale Datein des P3D verändern.
  11. No, that‘s not as designed. One of the following issues can generate this: - other afcad for munich active - Insertion Point of Orbx set wrong ( not below the airport sceneries like Munich) - Original Munich Afcad replaced or modified with non V5 SDK compatible tool. The Taxibridges are not filled with mesh, when the scenery is correct installed and the system correct configured.
  12. Ok, but the remove of the Dummy could only be a workaround, as this will generate Missing Objects allerts in the background, which maybe delay the load in a way, that the real reason for the CTD is delayed so that it not happen. The Dummy is the same as in he SODE version 1000, so only the model MDLs was changed for the T1 jetways. The rest is the same. We have removed SODE Version 1010 from the website until second haft of August, when I am back in the office to check the creation of the MDL. The workaround to remove the Dummy.bgl is maybe not critical and the missing object warnings are not reported, as long as the related Parameter is not set in the Prepar3d.cfg But, when there are still CTD even without the Dummy.bgl, the only support way is to reactivate the default jetways part of the product. The SODE jetways are a free option, not part of the product and not supported by Aerosoft stuff here in the forum.
  13. Yes, I will not change anything next two week because of holidays , so take all time you need.
  14. Ok, is it only at this gate, or does the other gates docking correct by the same aircraft? And maybe you can have a look into the afcad with ADE v4, if this gate is only a Dummy with radius 5m to place the jetway? Some Gates are only included to attache the jetway, but should not be used, as there will be a conflict with the gates beside used for larger aircrafts. The gate 203 could be such one. (I am out of the office, so no access the the data and Sim)
  15. Otto, please go back to the Sode 1000 and try again. The verion 1010 for Sode is removed from the site for the moment.
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