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  1. I have good news. ASOBO had a look at the crash dumps we sent in and those all point to the same problem. While I can't offer a solution or workaround at this time, I can at least tell you this: The problem is actively being worked on. The problem is not with the CRJ itself but somewhere with the code that loads the aircraft. I hope that a fix or at least a workaround will be available as soon as possible, however, this is out of my hands.
  2. - Cabin Secure* - Safety instructions - Welcome speech - Prepare for takeoff - Aborted takeoff - Seat belt signs off - Sandwiches - Seat belt signs on - Landing announcement - Aborted landing announcement - After landing at destination - After landing, while taxiiing - After landing, arrival at the gate - All passengers left* *) are things that the FA says to the pilots in the cockpit. The rest are passenger announcements. The exact conditions under which a certain announcement can be heard, will be kept s
  3. It's right there in front of you: Your installation path contains characters that the .NET Framework function Path.CheckInvalidPathChars deems invalid and therefore throws this error. Can you give me the complete (!) path to your MSFS installation please?
  4. On my first flight with the -900, I flew from Trondheim-Vaernes to Alta. Very nice scenic route.
  5. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  6. Thank you for posting this. It is indeed the other way round in Airbusses, for example. Just one of the oddities of the CRJ and I admit that I didn't know myself until the CRJ pilots in the test team pointed it out to me this week. The lighting will be changed in one of the next updates. We didn't have the time to do it this time because there have been some pressing issues.
  7. Because it has a minibar with drinks! Never forget the motto: 8 seconds from bottle to throttle ๐Ÿ™‚
  8. Unfortunately, we won't get any any news on this before Monday. I wish I could help you, but from all I can see here, the CTD happens while the CRJ is decrypted and loaded. Since I don't have access to the MSFS source code, I can't even check out the crash dumps myself and have to rely on Asobo's help with this. I'm sorry for this, but there's nothing I can do.
  9. @Fillipe Pontes I moved this into a new topic as it was off topic for the update CTD bug. Anyway, I tried to load the NZQN RNAV23-Y approach from the Navigraph 2105 database (as it wasn't present in the original database shipped with the CRJ), but it loaded fine. No problem. Can you give me your whole flightplan please? Thank you.
  10. If you use the ASUpdater, your Navdata is not overwritten. This can happen to users of the FS Marketplace version though.
  11. Content manager -> Search for "CRJ" -> Click "Remove"
  12. OK, I got three crash dumps by now and forwarded them. That should be enough for the moment. If I need more, I'll let you know.
  13. This error means that the most basic initialization of the sound system fails. This most likely has something to do with sound drivers or may be even corrupt system files. Unfortunately, I don't have a more detailed explanation. It's quite unlikely that it's related to the CRJ itself though as it's happening before the CRJ even tries to play sounds. I did the search on the P3D forum too and the posts I found this thread, where the user says, that it's caused by RAAS Pro: http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=6314&t=133529&p=198138&hilit=mastering+voice#p198138
  14. The CRJ update itself can't do much about it. I understand that this happens while the CRJ is loaded by MSFS, so before it actually runs. Anyway, I just sent the first crash dump to Asobo for checking and will hopefully get some feedback soonโ„ข.
  15. I'm sorry that I don't have the time to read the full thread, but what I read in the last few posts reminds me of a kind of problem that we had before - although that problem has been fixed by Asobo for Sim Update 3. First: Does this problem still occur with last nights CRJ update? (which should have been however, the version number didn't make it to the marketplace...) Second: If it still occurs, you could help by sending in a crash dump file. I attached two registry scripts CrashDumpEnable.reg and CrashDumpDisable.reg. Just double-click the first one (Enabl
  16. Version has been released. To get the fix, do the following: 1) If you bought your CRJ in the in-game (or in-sim) Marketplace, start MSFS, go to Profile -> Content Manager, click "Updates" on the left and select the CRJ from the list. Now click "Download". 2) If you bought your CRJ from an other store (including Aerosoft, Simmarket etc.), start the Aerosoft Updater from your start menu, select the CRJ from the Microsoft Flight Simulator branch and click "Update". Update 5 - Reversed function of the volume knobs on the audio panels - Remo
  17. May I politely ask on which planet some of you live? Do you seriously expect 24/7 support with instant hotfixing for a 42 euro product (the rest is VAT)? Support plans like this usually cost thousands of euros - every month. That said, nobody said that the issue wouldn't get fixed. You got that from not reading properly and drawing your own wrong conclusions. There will just not be a hotfix today. Firstly, because I haven't found the reason for the problem and therefore don't have a fix yet, and secondly, because Aerosoft is contractually obligated to provide Microsoft with a fix "
  18. A hotfix for the throttle issues in version has been released a few minutes ago. It's available via the Aerosoft Updater as usual. Changes: - Fixed range-to-altitude indicator - Fixed single-axis throttle controls - Fixed Simconnect event release
  19. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  20. Update has been released which fixes the throttle issue.
  21. Thank you very much ๐Ÿ™‚ We've been working hard (and will keep doing so!)!
  22. To be honest, I never uninstall any old versions and never came across a problem. An uninstall usually only makes sense when something didn't work before, so any configuration files etc. get removed to make sure they get newly created. A reinstall usually overwrites everything. A reboot before installing a new version makes much more sense than an uninstall, as it ensures that no MSFS or P3D remains are blocking the system from overwriting files. If you want to reset the CRJ, the best way is to remove the m-files and the work folder (you will lose all settings and flightplans
  23. Microsoft really did great work and managed to get the update for MSFS Marketplace out last night. I released the update for Aerosoft and other shops about 45 minutes ago.
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