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  1. I may have used different words! Now I just need to find out why my X-52 has no rudder control 😞
  2. In case somebody else has the same problems I had and stumbles upon this post, the solution in my case was frustratingly simple. First, even though you, like me, may well be happily using other software i.e P3D and have no problems with your sounds, I went to settings, system, sounds and disabled all sound devices that were showing. I tried launching MSFS again and shock, horror, it worked! So all along, that was the issue! Next bit of fun was to activate each of the sound devices, one at a time, and try launching MSFS each time to find what output device could be act
  3. OK, I'm back. I have re-installed Windows 10, checked the updates and am logged into the MS Store. At this point, this is a ew PC with nothing on it aside from Windows 10; no added programs, not even Office. The only thing I've done is to add the English (US) language. I've gone to the MS Store and see this. I've then installed the disks to the default location and back to the MS Store which looks the same and have clicked install, which then gives me the option to launch. After around 15 seconds I see a full size window
  4. So I can't remind Hans of his promise to help resurrect my 727 then? 🙂 To be fair, that's an old promise made after beer at the last Paderborn show I went to.
  5. As I've already re-installed MSFS, and to the C drive, but it made no difference, I have to assume there's something wrong with Windows. So, I'm just going to do a full clean install of Windows to ensure there's nothing left on the C drive and then let the various updates happen over a day or 2 and update drivers and Store apps etc. Before installing Office, P3D or anything at all, I'll start with MSFS disk 1 and point it to a formatted clean D drive. Any other thoughts?
  6. The one thing I did find that looks wrong, is this. It shows the DVD content as 101GB, which I guess is probably correct. But the other entry for Microsoft Flight Simulator 1.39GB has to be wrong?
  7. OK, so I've also tried logging out of XBox and the Store, rebooting and launching from the desktop; same black screen. I logged back into both and this time paid attention to the install that has the "Managed" button. This opens this window.....and trying to launch from either of those results in.....yes, the black screen.
  8. Bloody hell! Sorry, I thought they both said "Launch". Thanks for that, I'll look again later.
  9. Thanks. I don't see anywhere that I can click that leads to "Manage". Most of the problems I've seen in those links seem to relate to users that have previously been able to use this. I have never got more than a black screen. I tried the audio change but just end up with a PC that makes no sounds, as well as getting the MSFS black screen. The one thing I did just read was a suggestion to log out of Xbox and the Store first. I'll try that later.
  10. No matter what link I use to try and launch, I just get the black screen. I even tried just leaving it last night for 4 hours; still a black screen 🥲
  11. Thanks for your thoughts. Onedrive is back but now unlinked. I've checked and checked that everything had been updated. Looking in the Microsoft Store, I can see this listed 4 times? The 2 with the exclamation ! mark then say "This product won't work on this device". Clicking the "See system requirements" link does nothing.
  12. Ok, I'm finding this to be a bit of a problem now and really wishing my kids hadn't bought me this at all. In desperation, I've uninstalled MSFS. I then installed from the DVD's to the default C drive and found I couldn't enter the product key as it says it's been used already. I opened Xbox and it showed as owned and requiring the big download. Now, starting from Xbox and everywhere else I can find MSFS mentioned..........I get the same black screen! In case it helps, opening Task Manager shows MSFS has been running for 18 minutes and is using
  13. Thanks Otto. Having uninstalled One Drive, when I run the AS tool, it still says the same thing Windows 10 Post April 2020 (2004) Update / Version 10.0.19042 / 64-bit User Profile and Document Folders --------------------------------- User Profile Location: Environment.GetFolderPath = C:\Users\paulg Volatile Environment\USERPROFILE = C:\Users\paulg Documents Folder: Environment.GetFolderPath = C:\Users\paulg\OneDrive\Documents Shell Folders\Personal = C:\Users\paulg\OneDrive\Documents You're correct, the installation went OK and I've rep
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