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  1. Paul Golding

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    That'll be the B-29 mod
  2. Paul Golding

    Aerosoft A330 Professional Preview

    Amazing level of detail!
  3. Stefan, these previews serve as a great reminder of why I don't think I could ever get back into developing.......I know my limitations! Outstanding work, really.
  4. Nice video usual
  5. I can understand that, especially as you're the one that now has all of the original gauge coding Now all we need is access to a plane for newer photo's
  6. But could I just add that as of last year there were still 64 of those very special 3 engine planes in service with 26 airlines plus more in private use and with various governments. So there's probably more of them flying than A340's and just so much better looking.......and that's a fact, not an opinion Sorry Frank, I'll stop now
  7. Errrrrrrr, it has one engine too many Hans............and I have a clear recollection of the promise you made around 3 years ago for what we will do after the CRJ. OK, it's also true that you made the promise after a few beers, and I think you also added something about starting it in a few months i.e. after the CRJ was released in around December/January.......2013/14
  8. Hmmmmm, something is obviously going on. Hans now has time to wander around the forums
  9. Paul Golding

    Junkers Ju52/3M

    I thought there was one at the Paderborn FS Conference 2 or 3 years ago? You may well have been too busy to go outside and see it though. I seem to remember that visitors were able to book a seat for a short flight................or maybe I just have strange dreams!
  10. OK, I could read it that way as well and come up with 3 weeks too. Even so, for users to be upset about the lack of a release 3 weeks after a product is announced to be in beta, still seems unreasonable to me. However, Tizi's comment in the announcement post about "release should be next week" was probably not the best thing to post
  11. Not sure about how you count, but to me at least (on Feb 16th), we're only 8 days after the final pic's before release post was made..........i.e. 1 week not 3 weeks. And, since then, Aerosoft have more than once stated that there's a slight delay whilst testing the installer. I really can't see how anyone could be disappointed
  12. Paul Golding

    CDF Hemet-Ryan Repaint

    Makes sense to me ddeuce, I was just pointing out that the first two photos I found were in fact not painted on both sides and here's another googled using the N400DF The only thing I found painted as you'd expect was a Tracker Either way, great looking re-paint!
  13. Paul Golding

    CDF Hemet-Ryan Repaint

    Maybe not all of them are painted black on the intside too? http://farm2.staticf...197c5ce65_s.jpg
  14. Paul Golding

    Bronco 1.10 3d Engine Sound Problem

    The beta forum is only visible to members of the beta team.