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  1. Not sure which specific LOD you're asking about? If you're thinking of the sharpness of the terrain features/ortho images when you're at a distance that's controlled by the sim itself through its graphics options. The different LOD states 3D objects have are controlled by us, so we're able to remove unnecessary detail when you move away from assets and see them at a distance.
  2. Do you see this if you start directly at the airport as well? This looks like an issue with the terrain mesh not being loaded correctly and the building then being placed at an incorrect altitude, the transparent part you see on that object should be under ground.
  3. I personally really enjoy creating these small clutter objects, it does end up taking quite a bit of time though..
  4. It's been a while since the last set of screenshots, so here's a few from the current build.
  5. Hi Jo Erlend. I'm very curious if you are working on ENGM for MSFS? I really hope this will be released as a payware soon and I know that you have developed this payware for other sims back in time. 

    Best regards,


  6. Hello Erik, as far as I can tell this issue only applies to EDLP, though if you do have any problems with the LOC alignment at any of my other sceneries feel free to open up a topic and I'll look into it.
  7. Hi Rob, I'm able to recreate the issue on my end as well, I'll fix this early next week.
  8. Hi, I've found the culprit causing the CTD and I should be able to finalize a new version of TNCB that resolves this problem tomorrow.
  9. If you're thinking of the satellite terminal on the southern end that one is now being used as office space. Other than that there's only two passenger terminals at Brussels.
  10. Hi, you'll be able to see the interior for both the terminals and they'll have ambient passenger movements inside of them. The interior for Terminal 2 is still very much work in progress though..
  11. Here's a couple more screenshots showing some of the details around Terminal 2.
  12. Hi, try setting the path for simobjects to <Path>SimObjects</Path> as seen in Bob's post, The reason why you see the red X's is that SODE isn't able to locate those simobject files, so an issue with the path is the likely culprit for this.
  13. Right now the majority of the work is to finish up the various service buildings scattered around the airport. Here's a few previews of some of them,
  14. The updates needs to be processed by Microsoft before they're available in the marketplace, so there's a delay there compared to updates released through the Aerosoft Updater.
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