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  1. Looks like the first issue is a bug in the sim itself, here's a test from a default airport. As far as I can tell the sim takes the runway number from the primary runway and uses it for the placard on both runway ends.
  2. Hello, I'll take a look at the 14L / 32R mixup. Regarding the pax stairs at D12 that's as intended, all of the stands that has a VDGS (so D10 to D22 if I remember correctly) uses the same type of services vehicle configuration. The reason for this is that there's a limit to how many different service configs we can create for parking positions labeled as gates.
  3. Did a quick test round in the traffic pattern at EDLP with the A32NX mod similar to what I did in the link in my previous post at Trondheim. After landing and getting clearance from ground to the stand I set as my destination the VDGS system activated as it should along with the default marshaller. After shutting down the system reverted to the default off state, showing the UTC time. As far as I can tell there shouldn't be any issues with the A320, let me know if the guidance part still doesn't activate.
  4. If you start at a stand the VDGS will show you the UTC time. When you arrive at the airport and get taxi instructions to the stand the guidance part of VDGS activates. Did ATC give you taxi clearance to that stand? Did you see the regular default marshaller?
  5. Did you see if the rest of the ground equipment models at the stand you were parking at spawned as well? Such as the GPU, Catering truck, baggage trolley and the default marshaller? If those spawn the VDGS model should also spawn.
  6. Hi, below is an example from Trondheim airport, but the systems are identical. Since the guidance part of the system works in a similar way as the default marshallers they'll activate after you request taxi to gate from ATC. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/157360-do-the-vdgs-systemswork-envaeddk/&do=findComment&comment=1003790
  7. Hi, there shouldn't be any other action needed than running the scenery's configuration tool and selecting SODE jetways. Though, if P3D was still running it could prevent the configuration tool getting access to the files that needs to be changed. If you still see double jetway models, please post a screenshot of the double jetways and one of the scenery's configuration tool settings so I can try and recreate it.
  8. Wouldn't this be possible, even when flying online? The VDGS is placed as a ground equipment model, so it follows the rules established by Asobo for when to spawn these types of objects.
  9. They work similarly to the ground crew marshaller, so the system activates when ATC clear you to a stand. ATC guidance for the whole flight isn't needed, contacting ground after touchdown and requesting "Taxi to Gate" is sufficient. You can also set a stand that has VDGS as the destination during the flight planning stage, that way you're sure ATC doesn't send you to one of the other stands without VDGS. Here's a video example. (Also make sure that you're using the latest version of EDDK)
  10. @Abriael They do indeed work, they function similarly to the ones already used at Trondheim, Cologne/Bonn and Paderborn. Here's the system at Trondheim in action, so you can expect similar functionality at Brussels.
  11. It was a bit more complicated than what I initially thought, but this issue will be fixed in the next version. At the same time the VDGS systems will also get an update to better match the APIS variant used at Trondheim.
  12. Great! Thanks for letting me know, I'll make sure that the filename is reverted back to the original in the next scenery update
  13. Hi, there'll probably be more previews in the upcoming weeks. Most of what I've been working on lately doesn't translate all that well into screenshots, but I'll leave you with this for now. @FilbertFlies Thanks! Really glad you liked Cologne/Bonn and Trondheim, lots of great looking airports on your 2020 list!
  14. Hello, these lights are from the vector data used by Asobo to generate the roads and streetlights. At the moment we don't have any tools to remove them, but when it's possible the scenery will be updated.
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