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  1. Yes to both! We'll make a decision on this when the scenery is close to release.
  2. Hi Andre, I'll have a look at this and include it in the next update.
  3. Hi, The issue will be addressed in the next update.
  4. Looks like the link I attached in the previous post automatically switches to the 3D view which is outdated, use the menu to switch to the 2D map and you'll see the most current images with the jetway layout.
  5. Hi, some stands at Terminal D doesn't have jetways, so what you're seeing is correct.
  6. Hello Jo,


    I buy Tromso X 2 days ago, install it with administrator rights of course, fantastic scenery but just one problem, when pushing back, after a few meters and from any gate or parking position a crash with invisible object occurs! I don't have ORBX or GSX, just P3d v4.3 and AS4, for your information.


    I know, regarding the forums about that issue, that the solution is to deactivate "Crash Detection" in P3d when flying to or from Tromso and indeed that works but for me, having a professional simulator, a full 737NG flightdeck by Flightdeck Solutions, it is not a real solution, because not realistic for real Ryanair pilots coming here for additional training, if for exemple a landing is too hard or on a tailstrike take off.  


    I have 20 Aerosoft and Justsim airport installed and Tromso X is the only one with this issue! So Jo, do you maybe have a small fix for that issue, please?


    Best regards


    Daniel Nile


  7. Hi Markus, the next update will include some changes to the photoscenery, it should be ready sometime next week.
  8. Hi, have you downloaded and installed the latest SODE files for the scenery as well? Those have also been updated.
  9. Hi, use the latest version of the SODE files, so in this case 1.04.
  10. Hi, have you downloaded the latest version of the SODE files for the airport as well? If not download and install those then run the scenery's configuration tool.
  11. Hi, there was a post earlier that looks similar to this where the issue was due to GSX using an incorrect AFCAD file instead of the one included with the Airport scenery. Can you check if you're having the same problem as in the forum post linked bellow?
  12. Hi, the reason for that cut is to prevent all AI traffic heading to the Delta ramp from making a shortcut along M-Blue. We can probably find a workaround for this though, I've sent you a PM.
  13. Hi, I posted some files in a different thread that should solve the incorrect textures, apply the new files and run the configuration tool.
  14. Looks like one of the textures wasn't saved properly, replace the files inside the configuration tool folder with the attached files. Then run the configuration tool and click save changes. Aerosoft - EDDK - 09.11.2018 - Tire marks.zip
  15. Hi, which texture resolution option are you using in the configuration tool?
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