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  1. Hi Markus, 1, This issue was resolved in v1.02 and as far as I'm aware that version was submitted for approval to the marketplace, I'll check tomorrow what the status is. 2, The stands around the Terminal are labeled as "gates" and these don't have ramp connections (only large GA and Cargo parkings has them if I remember correctly), the reason for this is to avoid having GA aircraft parking at those stands. 3, I've found the issue causing this and it's going to be fixed in the next version (1.03). 4, Is that AI traffic or an online player? 5, There shouldn't be
  2. Hi Darrell, the attached file removes the jetways at KDAB. First create a backup of the old KDAB_Library.bgl file in the airports scenery folder, then overwrite it with the one included in the zip file. Daytona Beach - Jetway Removal.zip
  3. Progress is good, shouldn't be too far off! The scenery does include adjustments for the terrain mesh inside the airport perimeter.
  4. Note, if anyone else is having similar issues at Trondheim (or any other scenery package for that matter) make sure you haven't disabled "draw shapes" if you've ever used the sim's developer mode. (You'll need to restart the sim to see any changes.)
  5. Dan, I've sent you a PM so we can exchange some files and get to the bottom of this
  6. Installing Ålesund would probably explain the issue with the missing aerial, right now there's a known issue in the sim where only one aerial inside a certain radius is loaded. Although if you didn't just have the issue with the trees but also were missing aerial before you installed the Ålesund scenery I would try to reinstall Trondheim to make sure that nothing went wrong during the download / install process, if you haven't tried this already. The trees seen in the screenshots are the default clusters included with the bing data, so for some reason the excludes in the scenery aren
  7. Hi, it also looks like you're missing the aerial image included with the scenery, do you have any other add-ons installed for the area? The 1.01 update included some fixes for trees at the airport, but this looks like a different issue.
  8. In the current SDK detail maps for ground textures aren't accessible, so the default ones are applied to these types of objects. Hopefully this is something that's improved when the SDK matures more.
  9. Hi thanks for the report! I'll look into the request jetway/pushback combo crash.
  10. Hi, I'm trying to recreate the pushback issue. This is with the default pushback system correct? Or are you using a 3rd party addon such as FS2Crew or similar?
  11. Hello, Yes this is an issue with the core sim itself, more specifically it happens when there's two airport sceneries in close proximity to each other that both have custom aerial images. This can result in either an incomplete load where only one of the aerials are loaded, or a crash to desktop during load. The devs at Asobo are aware of the issue.
  12. Looks like the exclusion rectangles for the scenery, did you have debug exclusion rectangles on when dev mode was enabled? It could be that disabling dev-mode doesn't turn off the debug in this case.
  13. Hi, thanks! That's correct. Right now animations for these types of jetways are unsupported, so for now the jetways are static objects. As soon as these types of animations are possible the scenery will get an update though!
  14. Hi, I think that's just one of the quirks in MSFS at the moment. I did a quick test where I started at 36 and I got a tug truck, so I would assume that there's some randomness at play in regards to which equipment models are loaded.
  15. Getting everything ready for release! Should be available from the Aerosoft store soon™. Edit: Released! https://www.aerosoft.com/en/microsoft-flight-simulator/msfs-sceneries/3195/aerosoft-airport-trondheim-vaernes?number=AS15130
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