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    Time to update you on the EFB that will be part of the complete airbus range of products. Normally I would not show anything if it would not be visible in a screenshot but as the VC is still under construction it's not possible. It will however be the standard Microsoft Surface 3 that is in use by most airlines these days. it will be mounted on the window ledge using the mounting hardware in use by many European carriers. We have looked long and hard at several different 'brands' of EFB software (there seem to be 5 major companies who provide them) but we decided to stay close to what they do but do things a little different. This is mainly because we got limited pixels to show the EFB with. Of course it will have a 2D full HD popup, but we want it to be usable in the VC. So we need things to be a bit bigger. To show you what you can see on it a screenshot of the files layout might be useful. The first thing you might notice is that we default to HTML as a default file format. This is for two reasons, first of all, what we build is basically a standard webbrowser (more on that later). Secondly, it will make it easy for you to tweak the files. Your airline got different flows? No problem, easy to change the files. Making this adaptable is REALLY important for us. Secondly what you might see is that we focus a lot on Flows (also in the tutorial and manual etc). That's because flows are what pilots use these days. So we provide the complete flow for both pilots and then the checklist to check if all has been done well. Starting with the checklist is NOT how pilots work these days. Checklists are to check, not to do. The EFF folder holds documents relating to your flight, briefing package, load sheet, flight plans. We will talk to SimBrief and PFPX to see if they can export direct, but you can also manually move the file in the correct folder. The charts will be our own Lufthansa charts or Navigraph, we most likely be able to offer a free account for NavDataPro Charts for a few days but after that you will have to insert a serial. Of course you will see your location on the geo-referenced charts, enroute, SID/STAR, approach and airport layout. If you have your own files you would like to see in the EFB, you can simply copy them to the User Defined folder and as long as they are not overly complex HMTL files they will show up fine. As said, basically it is a browser and that opens a whole lot of additional options. But also problems so we need to look closely at how we are going to handle that. Perhaps a list of links you can browse to (simbrief, avsim etc). If you got ideas we like to hear about it. Basically this whole EFB works at this moment, we do have some major hurdles. Performance for example. While this is not a major issue for Boeing etc, for Airbus it is still very complex and considered rather secret. So we need to see how we do that and we might not have this 100% completed on release. If you have comments... please! And the project I blurred? That's a kick ass project you have not even heard about. It's the one that Stefan our modeler worked on before he jumped back on the A330.
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    There are so many more factors involved in real life like the weather conditions in the past (has it rained or snowed before? Is the ruwnay maybe already covered in ice/snow/slush, etc.), relative humidity, the actual runway (how easily can water flow off, what's the surface condition, etc.) and so on and so on, it would seem very hard if not impossible to actually use the variables available in the simulator for a fully realistic braking simulation. Generally: Yes, of course it is. The Boeing data package for the flight dynamics alone costs about 4.5 million Dollar and that's just the flight dynamics. Of course there are other aspects where P3D is also doing very well, if not even better: Mainly: Visuals! In a full flight simulator you don't need a lovely landscape, you don't need HD clouds, you don't need nice sunrises or sunsets, you don't need shadows, you don't need animated cars, people, etc. What you need is an airport looking like the one you operate into, a horizon and some mesh. Even that is usually on an FS2000 level however as that's all you need to show a pilot that there's a mountain ahead and if he comes close this is how the systems will react. My airline in fact only has our two main operating bases in our simulators in a highly detailed version (which btw has a lot lesser resolution than what most FS addons have nowadays) and the rest is just generic airports. Generic in these terms does not mean a default P3D airport btw, but simply a runway and maybe an adjacent taxiway. Apart from that, let me try to summarize and comment a little, but please be aware that these comments are mainly based on my comparably few hours spent in these simulators during my type rating: Flight Dynamics: A LOT better than P3D. When I say a lot I really mean a lot lot lot. And still shitty compared with the real aircraft Systems: Of course much more detailed than any addon available for P3D, X-Plane or AFS2. Even PMDG and FSL look like toys compared to a full flight sim! Yet many FFS's still lack behind the real aircraft when it comes to some tricks and hacks you use in your daily life. They're pretty damn solid however! Visuals: As described above. Weather: Again, a lot better, especially in terms of effects of the weather on the aircraft as well as the different weather phenomena, weather systems, etc. However: When I asked my instructor to do some max crosswind and full gusts training at the end of my last session when we had a couple of minutes left he only told me it would be negative training because the simulator would not even come close to how the real aircraft handles. And I probably have to agree with him based on even the lesser effects I noticed earlier on with weaker winds. As a final word: Keep in mind what those flight simulators (all the way up to the full flight sims) are. They are devices to train pilots in flows, SOPs, abnormal and emergencies. They are basically system trainers and they are not meant to replace any actual hands on flying skills. No simulator can replace good judgement and experience. And that you only gain flying the real thing. A simulator is there to give you a solid base of understanding how things work. It will give you insights into how certain situations might look like. Reality on the other hands side will always be different. One failure will never come alone and chances are things will evolve in a different way than in the simulator training. Look for example at that Southwest flight which had the engine separation in the climb at FL300. They got both, a rapid decompression and an engine severe damage (I believe a fire bell as well) at the same time. On top of that they had injured and, as far as I recall, even one dead passenger. The simulator might train each of these things at a time to give you an idea of how to handle those. In real life it is the good judgement of the crew, both captain and first officer, as well as cabin crew, which will lead to a safe and successfull outcome of the situation. No simulator can ever simulate that and in fact they are not intented to do so.
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    It's really a pity that the company without its headquarters was once again faster with their quick shots and that their German branch also announced that they had sent this plant into production at the end of June, after the developer of this addon showed here announced on June 18th that there will be news soon. Even more uncooperative is not possible. It's sad that you can fish the first customers on this tour, because quality is obviously no longer in demand and doesn't wait at all. The pictures here show the work and love. Unfortunately something like this doesn't seem to be rewarded anymore. ________________________________________________ Es ist wirklich schade, dass die "Abfischertruppe " ohne Firmensitz mit ihren grottigen Schnellschüssen wieder mal schneller war und ihr deutscher Ableger auch noch mitteilt, dass sie dieses Werk Ende Juni in die Produktion geschickt haben, nachdem am 18. Juni der Entwickler dieses hier gezeigten Addons mitteilte , da es bald Neues gibt. Noch unkollegialer geht nicht. Es ist traurig , dass man auf diese Tour die Erstkunden abfischten kann, weil Qualität offensichtlich nicht mehr gefragt ist und warten gleich gar nicht. Den Bildern hier sieht man die Arbeit und Liebe an. Leider scheint so etwas nicht mehr belohnt zu werden.
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    It is not just hard, it is impossible. People are thinking too much into those full flight simulators. During the type rating when you start on the fixed base sim you think"wow, what a great airplane to fly", then you go to the full flight sim and you're thinking "wow, that fixed base sim was really shit". Then you go to the real aircraft and..... guess what After half a year you then go back to the sim for your first recurrence check. And believe me, it'll be the worst flying experience you'll ever have, the thing handles so shitty, you will hardly believe it is actually simulating that aircraft you just collected 400h on. From your second RST onwards you'll then be given couple free takeoffs and landings by your instructor as they know how different it is from the real aircraft. This is of course just the normal handling of the aircraft. You can imagine though what the abnormals must look like. To be fair though: I do not want to get any chance to verify or deny this.
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    And the last set of images... And that, my friends, is why we do not fear competition for this airport.
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    I can give you access to my Tara Air Twotter livery if you like to. There are still some things need to be repainted, but all in all it's pretty close to final testing before uploading.
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    Nein, Details dazu haben wir schon häufig geschrieben und daran hat sich nichts geändert.
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    Honestly, what kind of an answer did you expect? I told you why it's not possible in our Airbus, I also made a reference to some older discussions about some technical details about our addon which explained in detail why something is the way it is. Then you tell me it works in an addon of a totally different aircraft by a totally different developer. With all due respect, what kind of an answer did you expect? If the unavailability of 16x time acceleration means this addon is not for you then it's a pity but we'll have to live with it.
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    Absolutely not. My CEO would skin me alive.
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    We have made a full new build available. You can find that file on your Order History page. We advise you to remove the current version first. We decided on a full new build because of some issues with the updates on some systems. You can not use the updater tool for this update. Please note: On some systems it is impossible to load the aircraft unless you first select another aircraft, we do not know why at this moment but it is being looked at. The installer overwrites possibly newer installed NavDataPro (Lufthansa Datasystem) navdata, so make sure you backup those files first. We will change the installer for the next full release to avoid that. Non experimental Bug Fix: Fix wrong calculation of deceleration point in geo descent Bug Fix: Several sync issues solved for CFD Bug Fix: Fix for doors issues in Turn Around State Bug Fix: Fix for incorrect fuel burn from Center tank Bug Fix: Retard call prevented on take-off in CFD mode Bug Fix: IRS not aligning is some cases fixed Improvement: Tweaks to PFD display Improvement: 2D MCDU resized to avoid overlapping windows Improvement: Tweaks to Procedure Turns Improvement: vPilot second radio Rx on/off control from aircraft radio panel added Improvement: FADEC logic overhauled to prepare for A330
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    Not willing to give a date as there a lot of distractions at this moment (looking at you Microsoft), but the price range should be roughly correct. This will stay very much in the same price bracket as all our aircraft. As said we are not too comfortable with add-on a lot more expensive.
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    Take this picture from the Airbus website as proof of what you dont see: Airbus
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    It will not work with v4.4 because of the implemented PBR for the outside and VC 3d model.
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    Yes and no. Yes on a dry runway or on a wet (braking action good) runway. These are the two states P3D knows. No for a contaminated runway or any other braking action than good. The sim simply does not know about the many variations you find in real life. The sim only knows: Runway dry/wet. I find it interesting how some other developers claim their aircraft would react correctly for all kinds of runway states: How should their aircraft even know whether there are 3mm of slush or 6mm? Whether it's Braking Action Medium or Poor? Or Medium-Poor? Or maybe patches or snow or ice? Frozen Water on top of compacted snow? These are all options we calculate for in real life. Neither P3D nor any weather addon can simulate those. In my last recurrence simulator we trained for proper actions in case of loss of control if the runway state is different than expected. Part of that training was the effect of thrust reverse and brakes on a contaminated runway and on a frozen runway. Believe me, no high end addon on the market is able to show even remotely what happened there.
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    We are never very afraid of competition. If a product of the competitor is better we must do better, if ours is clearly better we believe customers will make the right decision. What we will always try to do is announce our products as early as possible.
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    Some more images.... More tomorrow.
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    A few of the liveries was posted one page back. I recently asked our modeler (the INCREDIBLY talented Stefan Hoffmann, otherwise known as the "Man about town", "All around great guy", and "Graphic Artist Master Blaster") for a list of liveries. I hope to receive it soon and I'll post it as soon as I have received it. So please stay tuned! Best wishes!
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    Sunday Airbus Academy Starting in a few weeks we will do a weekly Connected Flight Deck session where one instructor shows all the jumpseaters how something specific is done. These are short sessions, twenty minutes maximum, so not complete flights. Some will be aimed at beginners, others at intermediate pilots. These are not your general YouTube or Twitch streams. You will be actually IN the cockpit, being able to switch views, zoom in and out etc. It’s like being on the jump seat. To be able to talk to the pilots you simply connect to the specific Discord voice channel. So, as he explains you can ask him questions. The session will always be on Sunday 15:00 Zulu time to allow as many people as possible to attend. Here are some of the topic we’ll start with. Connected Flight Deck basics, you start with only Discord open on a voice channel and we’ll guide you via starting the sim, loading the aircraft and connecting to the CFD server. Circling approaches, some of the most complex ways of getting to an airport, circling approached are getting more and more rare these days, but you are still expected to be able to handle them. The session will end with a real complex one. LOC/DME approach into a circling approach into Innsbruck. MCDU flight planning, for many novices one of the more complex parts Visual Circuits (touch and go), by far the best way to learn how to manually fly the aircraft. As this is a repeated pattern you will see how your skill level increases and how much smoother the circuits will be. They are not complex to do, but damned hard to perfect! Non-Precision Approach, any approach that makes you plan your own descend path can be daunting, but it is not to hard if it is explained by an expert! High Altitude Procedures. We’ll make it hot and we’ll fly at Quito, just about the worst conditions possible and you will have to adapt your procedures a lot. Crew Resource Management, what Connected Flight Deck is about, you learn what each of the two crew members actually do! Holdings, both manual and using the MCDU, flying a correct holding is not something to be taken lightly. If you have any more ideas, things you would like to see explained, let us know. If you would like to host a session, even better! We'll award you with thanks and freebies!
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    That is not quite right Patrick, if done right a hand drawn groundpoly will look at a LOT better than photoreal. The developer simply has to put a lot of time and effort into it. Photoreal is very limited since the pictures are taken from high altitudes and therefore limited in their resolution. If a developer tells me about a 1cm/px resolution the first thing I'm asking them is: Is that the resolution of the groundpoly or of the photo you used for it? The recent trend I see with many developers is to use a quite blurry photoimage and then to paint some details on them. Looks rather bad if you ask me because the difference is easily visible and, at least for me, ruins the whole feeling and immersion.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1906 or newer for best results. Changelog Update: Route Restrictions and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: Route Charges (July 2019) adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Milan Malpensa LIMC arrivals via Switzerland FIR/UIR Turin LIMF arrivals via Switzerland FIR/UIR Regards David
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    I am also not a fan of dirty aircraft. It is often overdone and you remove a lot of the 3d effects.
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    Hi guys , sorry not a Lightning , but I've been experimenting with the new PBR materials , so would anyone with P3d v4.4/5 like to give this Mitchellwing U2 the once over for me, and let me know if I've missed (or Messed ! ) anything before I stick it up for general consumption . Mitchell Wing Cheers Dave R
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    I am sorry but that is the structure that both Microsoft and Lockheed advise for these kind of things. There are indeed a huge number of files, but that is because navadata is build up that way. But as they are very very small syncing them is fast and after first sync a question of seconds. We do not have plans for an X-Plane version but when the software allows it are very interested in a version for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 1906 or newer for best results. Changelog Update: Route Restrictions and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: Route Charges (Aug 2019) Update: Restrictive Airspace (Spain) adjustments in RAD and Directs to ensure correct routing - e.g.: Alicante LEAL arrivals via Bordeaux FIR/UIR Valencia LEVC arrivals via Bordeaux FIR/UIR Regards David
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    Fantastic! Few people know it because Mathijs never, ever seeks credit for all he's done for the flight sim community for over 30 years. If people knew 25% of what he's done, flight simmers would have zero doubt that he's been directly responsible for helping push flight sim to ever higher levels of realism, immersion and new products. The same goes for Aerosoft as a whole, who donates large sums to the non-profit side of our hobby. In addition to the A330, I hope they ask Mathijs about his history and involvement in our hobby! It's time people knew all he's done for us, and we should care about that!
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    PCPilot September/October 2019 [Number123] has an interview with Mathijs which centres around the upcoming A330 Professional. Quite informative. Regards. M.
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    It's an issue we are looking at, but we are not huge fans of time compression to be honest.
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    Hi every one,. I simply have to say, of everything that has been made public by both pictures and videos. Then it looks very good as expected, and more. It will be ridiculous to see this delicious machine in the P3D v4. I have seen many small and good details that I absolutely love, so it makes you think it is more realistic. So I'm looking forward to getting this machine home.
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    "Nearly 3% of the ice in Antarctic glaciers is penguin urine." I've read this interesting statement a few years ago in a newspaper. Luckily last weekend it was very hot in Germany, so I had the opportunity to travel in the cold Antarctic to verify this statement. And which aircraft is the best for this cold and dark challange? For sure- the Twin Otter. "Aurora australis".
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    No. That's one of the differences between a product that is $65 and one that is $130. I am just not comfortable with a price level that high. I feel a lot of things that make the difference are things that are better on a feature list then in the user experience. if a user wants to tweak it that is possible of course as we do most of that in user editable XML code.
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    Hello! It's nice to see progress being made on the Airbus line. The modelling on the 330 looks gorgeous. I really like the philosophy of these add-ons: a detailed FMGS but not too much time spent on abnormal procedures, very good work on the athmosphere of the cockpit and and a very pleasant co-pilot function. I only wish it would also be available for X-Plane now that I moved to this simulator (I know, no plan for it at the moment). Best regards!
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    Please cancel my previous photo, this is the one that is worth. Arriving At the Farm....
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    Off topic: when using the forum search feature you can set a few filters. If you are already in the "Preview" topic and only want to search in this topic you can limit the search just to "This Topic". In order to get the search filters shown, you have to use the "Copy of IPS Default 4 (Default)" forum theme which you can select on the bottom of the page. If you have any other theme selected the search filters are not getting shown.
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    Of course it depends on what rate is refered to. A rate of -400 can be normal depending on conditions while -700 as Eduard listed is too much. Well, it can happen, but it's rare. On the retard, keep in mind guys, it is a reminder, not a rule which is set in stone. Depending on conditions it might make sense to retard the thrust levers earlier or later. In real life on the jet I fly I personally find it can help a lot to smooth the landing out if you keep the thrust on a bit longer, if you're really low on energy all the way to touchdown (reduced of course, not the full ~60% the CFM56 normally gives you on approach. It's all a very dynamic situation and having the right feeling for the aircraft is crucial here.
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    Nothing has been forgotten about, we took a close look at the need for a full 3D cabin and decided against it. A detailed explanation has been posted when the first previews of the fuselage have been shown in the past, the short summary of it is the follwing: Go to an airport and have a look at an aircraft. How much of the interiour will you actually see from the outside? Not a lot. The reason is that the cabin is so much darker than the outside that the human eye can hardly see anything inside. Therefore we asked outselves if it is actually worth the fps loss. And decided against it.
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    If the "boss" as you name Mathijs don't want to give a release date, then there will be no release date given. By the way, one page back the exact same question has been asked and answered with a link to the answer (that no release date will be given). And this settles the question for a release date for the next few pages in this topic.
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    Hallo, ich habe in der Szenerie EDDF einen Beschriftungsfehler entdeckt. Es gibt zweimal den Taxiway N5 als "Ausfahrt" von den Gatepositionen bevor man auf den Taxiway N aufrollt. Der eine muss N3 heißen. Der Fehler war schon in der Version 1.1 vorhanden.
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    You can assign the 3rd Engine axis and activate the tiller option in the A3XX MCDU already. The Axis assigned will then act as tiller without rudder movement.
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    I just tested the processes with GSX and con not confirm, that boarding pax and cargo does not work. It works perfect. But there is indeed a problem with fueling the aircraft. When you call the fuel truck and it is ready for fueling, GSX tells you to use the aircrafts fuelsystem. And there is currently a problem we are investigating. It seems that the buttons in MCDU3 are inactive for whatever reason and GSX reminds you permanently to use the aircrafts fuelsystem. But the strange thing is, that after a while suddenly refueling starts and all GSX animations work till fueling has ended.
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    That alone is why i like buying from Aerosoft , great news and going to start saving now .. thanks
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    An oldie FSX memories : FSD PC-6 BC Hopping:
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    No FSX version planned. As Mathijs multiple times explained, simply not worth the effort needed, as there is no FSX market for such a product anymore.
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    IT WORKS!!! Thank you very much again Hans!
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    I would also advise the 747, because it is available now and is a kick ass product.
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    Ich weiß es! Ich weiß es! Aber es wäre uncool, das Rätsel aufzulösen, daher sage ich nichts 🙂
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    Hello Joe, Connected Flight Deck is currently in the Alpha development stage. As things are now, people are able to connect, but the other person is almost completely an observer as the CFD functions are not working or not yet coded. We're hoping that some additional work will be done on CFD by the end of August 2019, enough that it will be a somewhat usable by both pilots with more improvements to come down the road. But please understand that there is no guarantee for the end of August time frame as A330 development is in full swing, requiring most of the development resources. In anticipation of the upcoming CFD work, I am getting ready to start working with a handful of volunteers (very experienced Airbus and VATSIM pilots) to become Aerosoft Airbus CFD Captains, who will then work with those who are new to the Airbus and/or flying on VATSIM and otherwise be available to fly even with other experienced flight simmers. This will help open the Airbus, VATSIM, advanced IFR flight planning for airliners and a lot more up to the flight sim community. This will also lead to our hosting CFD group Flights and when the A330 CFD is ready we'll be doing long A330 CFD Group Long Haul Flights with multiple crews (crew change outs). Unfortunately, we'll likely be using a non-Aerosoft shared cockpit capable aircraft for working with the CFD Captains as the Airbus CFD is not currently ready for use. The future is extremely exciting, and I know it's difficult to wait, but that's where we are. I hope this answers your questions my friend. Best wishes!
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    I like my aircraft clean for instance Most "dirt" I usually see on those I fly in real life is dead insects on the gear struts. Even on brand new aircraft (flown one which was 10 days old at that time!) the front of the gear struts is already covered in dead bees, flies, etc. Apart from that even in regular service our aircraft are usually kept quite clean. Most "dirty" paints in the community I find to look like they were parked on a boneyard for 20 years or longer. I am yet to see such dirty aircraft actually in passenger - or for the matter of fact even cargo - service.
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