We got a new video from World of Aircraft: Glider Simulator and are asking for some alpha/beta testers! Check this post.


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    We are at this moment changing the last bits needed for that release but let me take this opportunity to share some images send to me by Reinhard. Shows the aircraft and the sim off very nicely!
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    Version 1.0.0


    Recommend use with AIRAC 2005 or newer for best results. Updates for RAD Restrictions and Directs are cumulative. Changelog Update: Route Restrictions and Altitude/FL Restrictions Update: RouteCharges (May 2020) Best regards David
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    The plans now... update the P3d V4 version to (this week) new versions of A320/A321 for P3d V5 (free update) (next week) new versions of A318/A319 for P3d V5 (free update) update the P3d V4 version of the smaller busses to match the V5 versions
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    We are at RC stage. The RNAV issue we found has been sorted out.
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    Give us until early next week.
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    I am terribly sorry you feel that way, though I sincerely struggle to understand why you do. My job is to assist our customers with a wide variety of our products, which includes being honest and factual with them about our products and help them to understand information about our products. If you will take a look at the screen shot of the System Requirements section of the Airbus Professional Product Page you will find that I was accurate in telling you that a Rudder Axis (channel) is required for this product. Just below the screen shot are links to the A320/A321 and A330 Professional Product pages as well. After reviewing this information I hope you can understand that I was merely relaying the facts to you about this product and how it works. System Requirements Screen Shot (Click on image to enlarge). Direct Link to the Airbus Professional A320/A321 Product Page, System Requirements - CLICK HERE. Direct Link to the Airbus Professional A330 Product page, System Requirements - CLICK HERE. After considering the information that I have shared with you (above), if you still feel the same way as your did when you wrote your above response then please answer my questions below and in the spirit of good customer service and a willingness to improve, I promise to make every effort to do so. 1. What did you find to be sarcastic in my initial response to you? 2. What in my response did you find to be unacceptable? 3. What do you believe does not work in the product we advertised? Before you answer these questions, My questions above are not intended to be sarcastic. If you still feel the same way about my response after reconsidering the information in this reply, then please answer my questions sincerely and I will take your comments under advisement - after all, everyone can improve and I'm always happy to do so. I look forward to hearing back from you.
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    As said, we are still running into issues, not that we given up. I think you will understand that handling temperatures that are normal at Pluto are a bit hard for a Airbus that uses the temperature for dozens of calculations. It is up to Lockheed to fix these things. It also explains the AP disconnects reported in the PMDG 747....
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    RC means that I normally have one glass of wine too much and hope for the best. But all looks okay and we feel the new render option shows the aircraft better then ever before.
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    Should count as what? Shall we release an unfinished product which keeps crashing? I bet *then* you would express quite some different feelings. As it has been said a thousand times: P3Dv5 is not simply an updated v4. It's a new simulator with significant changes. If you are able to convert any product to the new sim within a matter of days Aerosoft will gladly hire you. You would probably become the lead developer in a matter of days. Now look at other complex aircraft addons. Tell me a single complex airliner which is fully compatible already. PMDG? No FSL? Nope Leonardo? Njet Now take a guess why. Of course Aerosoft can hire some extra developers to speed up development. Can I send that 50.000€ bill to your E-Mail address? There's a saying in software development: You want good, fast and cheap? Pick two.
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    You, my friend, have no idea about software development.
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    Das ist absoluter Blödsinn und mehr als kontraproduktiv. Die Addons werden nach Vorgaben des P3D SDK via Configurationstool über die P3D.exe angemeldet und von der P3D.exe in die dafür vorgesehene add-on.cfg eingetragen. Die Anmeldung über eine wie auch immer erzeugte add-ons.xml im Dokumente Ordner ist hier nicht zulässig, da dieses Verfahren nicht kompatibel ist mit der Anmeldung über die P3D.exe. Wenn aber hier ein Lorby Addon genutzt wird, dass schon öfter zu Problem geführt hat, liegt das Problem eher dort, da hier die Regel von P3D nicht beachtet werden. Ich kann von irgendwelchen Manuellen Lösungen nur abraten, das wird nichts, auch wenn es erstmal so aussieht. Zig tausende Installationen kommen ohne Problem mit den Configurationstools zurecht, da wird aber auch nicht rumgespielt.
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    Hi, it will come really soon, we are making installers for P3D V4 and v5, we are almost ready.
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    We like to make it perfectly clear that NONE of our products are guaranteed to work on Windows 7 (yes, we will adapt our product pages to indicate that). The reason is very simply, Microsoft does not support that platform for end customers any more. It's dead for them. So if there is new hardware or new software (drivers) that create problems, they will NOT fix it. If the OS is laid open to hackers (as more and more it seems to be), they will most likely NOT patch it. You are using it at your own risk. And that is exactly our point of view. If you love win7 and insist on using it, fine. But on your own risk and if you ask for support we might tell you that we can't help as we got no systems that run win7 anymore (in a corporate setting they are a serious risk). All our software is guaranteed to run on operating systems that are still supported by the developers. For Windows that are Windows 8 and Windows 10.
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    Let me be more honest them probably is good for me, lol. I do not know. This morning we have found a bug in P3D v5 that affects us rather badly because we always try to use the latest compilers (that something we'll never do again for P3d because this is the third time it caused us major problems. In the future we'll accept lower framerates and a more stable platform). We are talking to Lockheed at this moment. I am happy to say that we got permission to use the beta (though pretty stable) TrueGlass for the release. Without that permission we would not be able to release at all.
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    X-EUROPE 4.5.1 ist online! Nur als Volldownload (7,9 GB) hier zum herunterladen: https://simheaven.com/simdownloads/x-europe-4/ Wer schon versehentlich oder absichtlich seit gestern die v4.5 heruntergeladen hatte, es gibt ein Update von 4.5 auf 4.5.1 (1,4 GB) unter https://simheaven.com/faq/
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    This is a full new build, no update available! HISTORY Full new build Bug Fix: EFB folder path full unicode support to fix issue with special characters Bug Fix: Dive issue when speed increased fixed Bug Fix: Several issues with ECAM MEMO logic fixed Bug Fix: Small fix for GSmini display Bug Fix: OVHD reading light on CPT side could have stayed on partly when turning it on/off several times Bug Fix: After setting altimeter to STD it might have happened that former QNH still was set on according ND altimeter while STD displayed on BARO selector Bug Fix: If upper ECAM is switched off its content is correctly displayed on lower ECAM. But in this situation some drawings were scaled incorrect... Bug Fix: Fix for park brk desync issue in CFD Improvement: A/THR response adapted for better turbulence handling Improvement: Added logic for FLEX setting Improvement: Several small adjustments in ND like heading bug visible with preselected HDG on FCU Improvement: Added logic for right MCDU to control right ND PLAN mode Improvement: Several adjustments with STEP ALTS implementation Improvement: Several speed flags and protection speeds and logics improved Improvement: Multiple fixes in holdings line drawing Improvement: COMs frequency spacing changed from 25kHz to now 8.33kHz Please note that Connected Flight Deck in this version is not compatible with older versions. Some of the manuals are shared with the smaller busses and show the A320 logo.
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    Status update... The A330 is running fine and work on the smaller busses should progress fast. What's preventing a release is that the TrueGlass module is not yet released and we do not want to use the current beta version.
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    Because airports have no systems. And small aircraft don't have complex systems. Especially Carenado, Alabeo, etc. are just default system with nicer looks. I'm not an Aerosoft employee. Only a volunteering pilot, trying to help the flight sim community. I wrote my post in the same stlye you wrote yours. Try to reflect on it. As we say in Germany. "Wie man in den Wald hineinruft, so schallt es aus diesem hinaus". If you want a nice answer I suggest you to write in a nice tone next time. How do you believe those people who invest 10+ hours every day into getting things compatible feel if they read post like your "I can't believe......., It is obligatory........"? Write in a nice tone and I'll answer in one. Write like an ass and I'll be an ass.
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    The next version of the DC-8 for P3D v.4.x is complete and will be available soon. The same will be available for FSX shortly thereafter. You will find it has an option to use an automated flight engineer. To use the automated engineer, you will still have to do everything yourself up to configuring the FE's panel for takeoff. You will have to remember in particular to set the cruise altitude in the cabin pressure part of the panel. Then, shortly after you advance the throttles to begin your takeoff run, the FE will go to work and you will hear a series of clicks from time to time as he works the panel. All functions are automated -- he will even turn on deicing when needed. You will have to tell him, however, when you are beginning your descent and the altitude of the destination airport. After landing, and taxiing to the gate, you will need to shut down all engines except #3 after which ground power will connect automatically and the FE will select ground power on the panel. Then #3 can be shut down. You will also need to set the parking brake at the gate to trigger further FE actions. There is also a slight improvement to the altitude hold performance in turbulence at slow speeds.
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    My pleasure to help!
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    At this moment (June 3) the following products are updated to Prepar3d V5 status (some might still be uploading btw): Mega Airport London Heathrow professional (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft Updater tool (this tool updates itself on startup) Cologne/Bonn professional (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - Tenerife South (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - La Gomera (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - Gran Canaria (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - El Hierro (full new installer on your order history page) Canary Islands professional - La Palma (full new installer on your order history page) Barcelona Professional (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Madrid professional (full new installer on your order history page) Malaga professional ((full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Mallorca (full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Menorca (full new installer on your order history page) Balearic Island professional - Ibiza (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft-Kosice-Barca Airport (full new installer on your order history page) Mitchel Wing U2 (free product!), get it here: http://freeware.aerosoft.com/forum/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_P3DV5_V2000.zip Gibraltar Professional - (full new installer on your order history page) SIMstarter NG P3D - (full new product, 60% discount for existing customers) Anchorage professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Fairbanks professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Milano Malpensa professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Berlin-Brandenburg professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Mega Airport Frankfurt professional - (full new installer on your order history page) Aerosoft Honeycomb tool - (updated via the updater tool) Helgoland professional - (full new installer via order history page) Mega Airport Zürich V2.0 professional (full new installer via order history page) Genf professional - (full new installer via order history page) US Cities X - Boston- (full new installer via order history page) Lukla - Mount Everest Extreme (full new installer via order history page) Aerosoft A330 professional - (full new installer via order history page) NavDataPro-Client (Windows) - (automatic update) Geneva professional - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft-US Cities X – Chicago - (full update via order history page) Skiatos - (full update via order history page) Trondheim-Vaernes X V2.0 - (full update via order history page) US Cities X – Cleveland - (full update via order history page) Mega Airport Oslo V2.0 - (full update via order history page) US Cities X – Detroit - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft-Antarctica X - (full update via order history page) Aerosoft A318/A319 profesional (full update via order history page) Aerosoft A320/A321 profesional (full update via order history page) The following projects are not scheduled to be updated to Prepar3D v5: DC-8 If you bought these products on other shops you will find the new installers there. When that is depends on the shop, they all have access to the new files at this moment.
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    We have just released the P3D V5 version of the A320/A321 professional. However, P3d V5 is not very stable at this moment and we assume Lockheed is hard at work on fixing most specifically the stability and memory issues. we advise users to await that update.
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    I almost finished work on lighting and creating a wet runway. Wet runway and small puddles will be during the rain. Also, from May to July, at sunset, at night and at dawn, small puddles on asphalt will be visible. Between September and October, puddles can be seen throughout the day. It remains to check the small details and I think that by June 10 I can send Poprad to Aerosoft.
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    I haven't had time to create a Simbrief profile for the smaller buses, but when I do I will post it in my first post in this thread. I won't be creating PFPX templates for the smaller buses as they already exist.
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    Ok, so install the attched fonts manually. AB Fonts.zip
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    See here: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/946-latest-releases/ This is indeed a full installer (no other way), and currently there are no updates needed. I made the new forum section so it is more clear what is what now we have 8 products on 3 platforms. The plans now... update the P3d V4 version to (this week) new versions of A320/A321 for P3d V5 (free update) new versions of A318/A319 for P3d V5 (free update) update the P3d V4 version of the smaller busses to match the V5 versions
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    No, we are looking at one RNAV issue right now, but when that is tested we'll release.
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    Dem kann ich mich einfach nur anschließen. Wirklich großartig, was Ihr da gezaubert habt! Vielen Dank! Reiner
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    So, nach einer ersten Runde XE4.5.1 möchte ich mich bei den "Machern" für das gelungene Meisterstück bedanken. Es fällt mir im deutschen Sprachraum kein besserer Superlativ hierfür ein. In meiner Gegend, entlang der Bergstraße sind die zusätzlichen "allotments" (Gartenhäuschen?) eine wirkliche Bereicherung. Der Rest von Europa muß noch warten... und dann noch Afrika!? OMG! Guten Abend und lieben Gruß, Wolfgang
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    Moin zusammen, leider fehlt uns von Langeoog noch Fotomaterial. Zwar ist in Niedersachsen der Luftraum grundsätzlich wieder offen, die Insel-Flugplätze sind aber weiterhin geschlossen. Eine Sonderlandegenehmigung haben uns die Behörden leider verweigert. Ein gestriges Telefonat mit dem Flugplatz hat aber ergeben, dass sie mit einer Öffnung innerhalb der nächsten 2 Wochen rechnen. Dann können wir endlich hinfliegen und die letzten notwendigen Bilder machen. Alle anderen Flugplätze sind grundsätzlich fertig, es wird aber noch an den Details gearbeitet. Gruß Marten
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    I have sat by and watched this thread, hoping some contemplation of Emanuel's excellent explanation would lead to some education and understanding. Based on mustangcoyote's responses, especially the last one, I no longer hold any hope of this. I've placed mustangcoyote's account under moderation. We simply have no time for this type of nonsense. And... I am a member of of the Aerosoft Corporate team with 14 years in customer relations including as a vice president for a Fortune 100 company, so I do understand customer relations and as a parent, I understand setting an example. We are happy to educate, but we'll not put up with this, not in our house. Best wishes.
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    Ok installer 1401 has fixed the issue. There's a whole series of steps at the end of installation where "beta" RealLight and TrueGlass are installed. Now the cockpit looks like it should! Just don't install RAASPro. It causes P3Dv5 to crash while launching!
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    Und das ganze auch gleich noch als Circled Approach auf die 08. Macht richtig Laune. Ich hatte ja keine Ahnung was das für ein toller Flieger ist! Und dann auch noch Freeware?! Viele Kleinigkeiten erfreuen. Z.B. wurden Radios mit 8.33 kHz Spacing verbaut. Sehr ordentlich. Wenn man sich aktuelle Charts ansieht, wie z.B. (die gut gemachten) von Aerosoft (siehe unten ein Beispiel) , da stimmt kaum eine Frequenz in den Sceneries, seitdem in der EU flächendeckend schon seit Jahren umgestellt wurde. Alle wurde "kompatibel" zu 25kHz geschummelt. P.S. da das Video ein Replay ist, stimmen einige Daten im Cockpit nicht es fehlt u.a. die DME Anzeige. Großes Ehrenwort, die Rechtskurve wurde wie im Chart bei 3.5 DME OEV eingeleitet 😉
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    Hi, it looks like a folder is missing from the install. A quick fix while I update the configuration tool is to navigate to: "...\ConfigTool\Library\SODE\XML\Animations" and create a new folder named "OFF" This should remove the error.
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    I neeed to say: I'm absoluty glad and satisfied with the A333 in P3Dv5. Works smooth, doesn't consume to much CPU or GPU. And best of all: Everything is working! With the P4Dv4 Version I had a lot of trouble with different issues. For example: So many times I had a non working Elevator after connecting to IVAO and wasted 20-30min... But In P3Dv5 I can't really complain. Thank you Aerosoft and Developers! Ralf P.S. Of course I have the same wish, that many others have, but I understand, you don't have the resources to do it: A330-200. Just had a flight EHAM->SAEZ in the A333, but after more than 13hours I had to land (sailing) somewhere in Uruguay, without any drop of fuel left... So anything beyond 6000nm still needs a Boeing, which is too bad...
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    The following announcement is for FS2Crew users (Aerosoft Airbus Pro Edition) [22 May 2020] We just added a P3D V5 install option for FS2Crew: Aerosoft Airbus Pro Edition available here: https://www.fs2crew.com/cart/products/FS2Crew%3A-Aerosoft-Airbus-Pro.html We haven't tested in in P3D V5 yet, but I'm not expecting any issues. The P3D V5 install option is currently only available to those who purchased through the FS2Crew website. To access, simply re-download FS2Crew via your FS2Crew account. Click "Completed Orders". www.fs2crew.com Once it's been tested with the A330 and non-330 Aerosoft models, we'll release it to the 3rd party resellers. If you experience any issues with the P3D V5 version, please report it in this thread: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/575656-aerosoft-airbus-pro-for-p3d-v5-public-test/
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    It's released now and all the external shops have been made aware. how long it takes them to release..... we can't say. ---------- A few quick notes before I close this topic. While doing this new version we ran into some serious issues with V5, they are all pretty well documented in the the Prepar3D forums and as far as we know all are being looked at or worked on. But they can affect this product seriously. For example high altitude weather is totally whacky with shifting winds and temperatures normal for Pluto, not earth. Also things like CTD's when changing views (certainly on AMD GPU's). Lastly TrueGlass that we use for the rain effects is a beta version and might have issues. So all in all, this is the best we can do right now. If youfind problems we STRONGLY advise you to look in the P3D forums first to see if it is not something related to the sim, rather then the add-on.
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    just a few more shots i thought were nice
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    Then this is mine for this month! Good luck to all!
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    Hi All, I believe I have solved the problem for the A320/A321 for P3Dv4! 🙂 The issue for me is indeed missing product .xml files for the new Livery Manager. I assume something "screwy" occurred with the latest installation of the Airbus v1.3.1.0 that Aerosoft should look into given a number of users have reported similar problems. For me the solution was the following to get the new Livery Manager working for the A320/A321 Professional package: Take one or more of the attached Product xml files from this post (based upon which Aerosoft products you have actually installed) and copy that file(s) into your Documents/Aerosoft/LiveryInstaller/Products folder. In my case, this Products folder was completely empty after the installation of v1.3.1.0. Startup the new Livery Manager and you should see a screenshot showing the provided Aerosoft liveries. Note 1: The majority of existing livery packages still do not import since they are missing the new LiveryManager.txt file required in the Texture folder of each repaint so that it can be read by the new Livery Manager. - I looked at a few A320/A321 repaint downloads from the Aerosoft forum today and I could not find any so far that include the additional LiveryInstaller.txt file to make them work with the new Livery Manager. Note 2: Given the above, by using the Package Selected Livery option within the new Livery Manager, you can save one of those installed liveries to your local PC to create a package that contains the template for the LiveryManager.txt file. I have not tried this out yet. Note 3: If the relevant product .xml (note these are mostly the Prof packages) is not listed here, please contact Aerosoft. They should have them! I hope that helps a little! Cheers Mark as_a318_a319_prof.xml as_a320_a321_prof.xml as_a330_prof.xml as_crj_prof.xml as_douglas-dc-8_p3d4.xml
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    Version 1.0.0


    Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras PR-YJA Semi-fictitious repaint, the real PR-YJA is an A321neo LR. NOTE!!! As the Aerosoft model does not allow me to edit windows and some doors, unfortunately the A321LR's 2L / 2R ports (behind the wing) are positioned in the same place as the A321ceo's door (in this case, they are the 3L / 3R). The Aerosoft model, because of the windows, did not allow me to reposition that door. In addition, the window on the old A321ceo 2L / 2R port is appearing in a larger window, for the same reason that you cannot edit the windows. I hope you understand this limitation of the Aerosoft model, it was the only solution I found for that. DO NOT ALTER, EDIT OR UPLOAD THIS PAINT TO ANY WEBSITE WITHOUT MY EXPLICIT PERMISSION. Use AirbusX Extended Livery Manager. Follow the instructions in Readme! Requests are paid! http://www.texturasbrasileiras.com/ http://www.texturasbrasileiras.blogspot.com/
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    Your choice, free market, free decicions.
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    I agree on that, the lack of an A330-200 is the reason I haven't bought the A330 so far. To me the A330-200 is just as much A330 as the 300, they both need to be included in the package to call it a complete package. I'm not buying a package that isn't complete.
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    I would say no to that system. I mean no disrespect, and may I be blunt and direct and give you advice from someone who has been in the fligh tsim world for 40 years? Unless you are at an age or have a medical condition which will see you leave us in the next 3 years or you someone who is stubborn as can be, there is a 98% chance that you will be leaving FSX behind sometime in the next 3 years. Your choices will be Microsoft Flight Simulation (which in my opinion won't be ready for serious flight simming with serious third party addons for at least another 2 years from now, Prepar3d Version 5+, or Xplane Version 12 (by then). These flight sims will offer technology that is leaps and bounds over what FSX offers, and you will be both very unhappy with FSX and green with envy over what the other three flight sims offer. Microsoft recently released the system specification requirements (both AMD and Intel) for the coming MSFS and regardless of which sim you think you'll end up with I would go with the "IDEAL SPEC" or at the very least the "Recommended SPEC". But if you go with the Recommended Spec then you may find yourself buying or building a new system 3 or 4 years later. Seven years ago I built a new system, and I'm not only still running on it, I will be able to use any of the newer sims for the next year or so simply because I took the advice that I'm now giving you. In fact, I may will not need to build a new system for another 2 or 3 years. That's a huge cost savings. Here is a link to the MSFS requirements: You will also want to ensure you have a very good power supply and I'd go with a 850W given what graphic cards may require in the future (better to have more wattage available than be at or close to the limit. besides the price difference isn't that great between a 650W and 850W is not that much. You'll always want at least one Solid State Drive (SSDs) and a 7200 RPM hard drive, but I'd urge you to go with two SSDs. So, say your money until you get get a system that matches the specifications that Microsoft recomends. Anything else may well cost you more money in the future. You'll be doing yourself a huge favor. I've leave you with my advice, and my very best wishes. and... please, don't double post simply because someone didn't answer your post within a hour so or of you posting it. We frown on that here.
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    Sonst hast du aber wohl keine Probleme, oder? 🙈 Ich würde mal ein bisschen auf dem Teppich bleiben. 😉
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    Hi Check out this post for the proper and complete reinstall procedure. Remo
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    +1 would also prefer to have buses for V5 even without trueglass for now.
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    The free (!) Mitchel Wing U2 is updated with full PBR textures and now also available for P3d V5. P3D V4.5: http://freeware.aerosoft.com/forum/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_P3DV4_V1000.zip P3D V5: http://freeware.aerosoft.com/forum/downloads/AS_MITCHELL-WING-U2_P3DV5_V2000.zip

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