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Antarctica XP (Part 2)

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About This File

Victoria Land and Transantarctic Mountains, Antarctica.


Antarctica4XPlane - Part II


I am proud to present Part II of my Antarctica Mesh Scenery Antarctica4XPlane. This second part covers the Victoria Land and the northern parts of the Transantarctic Mountains down to -81 degrees. More regions will follow in the future: I recommend you to follow the development blog to stay up to date.


Antarctica4XPlane is close to its 4th anniversary. Years of joy, but also hard work on this challenging Antarctica Mesh Scenery. I'd like to continue the Antarctica4XPlane project to present further parts of the coldest and driest continent on our earth. However, that isn't possible without support. Thus, if you like the Antarctica4XPlane project and want to support the further development, then please visit the project's support-site and support the further development.


Installation is simple: Unarchive the downloaded file and place the folder Antarctica4XPlane_2v4 into your Custom Scenery directory and add the following line near the bottom (below the research base sceneries) of your scenery_packs.ini:


SCENERY_PACK Custom Scenery/Antarctica4XPlane_2v4/


Caution: If you are upgrading from an earlier version of Part II, then delete the directory of the old version before you start your simulator.


I strongly recommend to switch on "runways follow terrain contours" and if you're already using X-Plane 11 then I recommend you my Antarctic Maps because X-Plane's default map doesn't cover the Antarctic Continent. To start your Antarctica Adventure with Antarctica4XPlane I suggest the Research Base Station Sceneries available on the project's website. First Sceneries are already available and hopefully many more will follow.


Antarctica4XPlane comes exclusively for X-Plane, for free and personal use only, but without guarantee and warranty. Antarctica4XPlane is intended for flight simulation only and shall not be used for real life navigation or any other real life purposes. You are not allowed to modify, reverse-engineer or redistribute this scenery or to use any part of it in your own sceneries. Please contact me, if you have questions regarding the license or if you are interested in a cooperation or commercial applications.



Thanks to

  • The National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) for digital elevation models
  • The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency (JAXA) for digital elevation models
  • The Land Information New Zealand (LINZ) for relief data resp. contour lines
  • OpenStreetMap Contributors for their mapping work on the antarctic continent
  • The Scientific Committee on Antarctic Research (SCAR) for additional vector data
  • Nino for the initial ignition of the project, dozens of ideas and his support
  • All contributors and supporters who ensure that the development continues
  • Laminar Research for X-Plane and the permission to use their textures


What's New in Version 4.0


Revision History

  • v4: January 2019
    - significantly extended coverage from E144 to E180
    - re-added some lost tiles in the previous version
    - improved elevation model for Hut Point Peninsula
    - improved elevation model for White Island
    - simple elevation model for Balleny Islands
    - most recent coastlines and outlines
    - re-added bathymetry data
    - minor bug fixes
  • v3: January 2018
    - higher elevation model resolution by equal file size
    - optimized mosaicing of the elevation model sources
    - improved elevation model for the McMurdo Dry Valleys
    - improved elevation model around Hatherton Glacier
    - improved elevation model around Darwin Glacier
    - improved elevation model for Terra Nova Bay
    - improved elevation model for Ross Island
    - most recent coastlines and outlines
    - removed bathymetry data
  • v2: October 2016
    - extended coverage: -67N -81S 154W 172E
    - Hi-Res Mesh for Darwin Mountains
    - Hi-Res Mesh for Cook Mountains
    - Hi-Res Mesh for Ross Island
    - Hi-Res Mesh for Dry Valleys
    - added bathymetry data
    - minor bug fixes
  • v1: April 2016
    - 1st edition
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