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  1. That’s why I wrote in MSFS not in your scenery. Several pilots brought this up a long time ago in Alpha, that doesn’t mean it will change anything...😉
  2. Well let’s put it this way, in my 3000h as airline pilot I have never ever seen approach lights this far out, mostly they are obstructed by obstacles anyway, but generally they are visible from about 5NM I would say. It’s also of course depending on the conditions. But as my flying career is over since a couple of years, maybe things have changed...😉
  3. Looks very nice, unfortunately the approach lights in MSFS are visible from 30 miles out, which is not quite realistc...
  4. You are the deserved winner..enjoy the CRJ
  5. I just missed your answer as I searched if somebody already answered... Congrats
  6. @The DudeAs for the quiz, I guess the Approach Sector is clear, not the Departure Sector...;-)
  7. I get a serious stutter in LEIB when panning horizontally, this is really disturbing when using VR. The lag is at least half a second long. I removed the airport without leaving the sim and even with no buildings left but the groundtexture, it was exactly the same stutter. After restarting and having the default airport, it was absolutely smooth. I tried this in EDDK and ENVA with Aerosoft airports, no problem with stuttering or this lag. After installing LEIB again, same issue. Maybe you could look onto this, as this is very anoying in VR.
  8. Yep, vRam is a mess with the A320 Fam. probably because of Real Light Beta, no issue with the A330 or PMDG, so that makes it almost certain...
  9. I found two issues with the A330 ND, the first is a texture glitch on the FO side and the second is, the Final Track Course Indicator for the tuned ILS shows in the wrong direction.
  10. Thanks Stefan... Nobody said its on purpose just not a priority...
  11. There is a light leak in the VC of the A318-321 Professional, see attachment. I know its on the FO side and you model it to fly as a CPT, but that should not mean to model it not correctly and as a FO in real life, I'm only fly from the right side as I'm used to it...;-)
  12. Those folders are not created in V5, I tried to copy them over but wasn't succesfull. Maybe thats the issue?
  13. In addition to that, I tried the new version for P3D V4, here it works without issue, so clearly a V5 problem...
  14. Thats exactly what I thought and hence I installed it from the root folder of the Airbus, with zero change...still no lights except the dome lights.
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