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  1. Please don’t make the same mistake as Asobo and placing static red lights on it. windturbines have red beacons…
  2. Amazing! Now pair that with EBBR, well thats something hard to beat...I hope for the second EFB though
  3. That VC looks beautiful! I hope you guys still consider the A350 at some point, imagine the A350 flightdeck in that quality…amazing.
  4. Very nice and sad at the same time, as you would see your aircraft on a lot of terminals wich have glass and not only from sharp angles, now that I know it’s already implemented.
  5. Amazing indeed. Would it be technically possible today, to have terminal glass reflections to see your own aircraft at the gate? I know that nobody would do that for performance reasons.
  6. Probably never saw any better flightsim airport in over 20 years, from anybody…
  7. Same here, Contrail installs version 1.0.5. for sure, I contacted them but no answer so far...
  8. I get a serious stutter in LEIB when panning horizontally, this is really disturbing when using VR. The lag is at least half a second long. I removed the airport without leaving the sim and even with no buildings left but the groundtexture, it was exactly the same stutter. After restarting and having the default airport, it was absolutely smooth. I tried this in EDDK and ENVA with Aerosoft airports, no problem with stuttering or this lag. After installing LEIB again, same issue. Maybe you could look onto this, as this is very anoying in VR.
  9. Yep, vRam is a mess with the A320 Fam. probably because of Real Light Beta, no issue with the A330 or PMDG, so that makes it almost certain...
  10. Those folders are not created in V5, I tried to copy them over but wasn't succesfull. Maybe thats the issue?
  11. In addition to that, I tried the new version for P3D V4, here it works without issue, so clearly a V5 problem...
  12. Thats exactly what I thought and hence I installed it from the root folder of the Airbus, with zero change...still no lights except the dome lights.
  13. Hi, is there a known issue with cockpit lighting in the recently updated A320 family in V5? Because there are no integral and flood lights in this version.
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