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  1. So I recalibrated my controls and setting was as suggested in the manual to default, absolutely no change. The tables where not be automatically retracted on takeoff roll and those sound was still there. In the meantime I watched some youtube videos and on all those sound was audible.
  2. For the sake of making it better I will do so, although I‘m very happy how it handles now.
  3. Well I'm glad others seen this too...;-) And I tested several takeoffs with both tables extended, they where not stowed on any takeoff, they remained open all the time. Those sound was only heard at the first takeoff, after a subsequent second takeoff it was gone.
  4. Sorry Mathjis, it’s not... How can the throttle detend sound be 10 seconds after being already heard? As I said before I hear the same as 11:34 and in my case there are clearly no detents at that moment and on top it sounds vastly different than setting the detents in any other case. Before judging to early please try yourself.
  5. Okay we are running in circles, again I hear it on every takeoff and have never extended the table, maybe you guys can reproduce it, but as in the video, others have that sound to and it doesn’t appear that there is a extended table either. So I leave it to you, but in my case there is a sound which cannot be linked to any action.
  6. Hi Mathijs, he actually sets the thrust at 11:23, you hear both detends and as he uses Flex Temp, not more than 2 detends are used. The more I hear it the more I'm sure it sounds like the sliding table.
  7. Seems I‘m not the only one, you can hear it in this video at 11:34 min
  8. Hi Dave, i will try that. Hi Mathijs, could be if it would have been extended, but wasn’t and it’s on every take off. I have also any crew sounds deactivated.
  9. Hello, I heard repeatedly a weird sound when setting TO thrust, sounds like stowing the table or similar. Is this intentional, or a leftover?
  10. SK10

    Syncing Baro

    Could an option be made, to have them synced? PMDG has those as an option too, would make life easier, as on 99% I'm alone in the cockpit.
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