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    @codo @darem Hab nun 170 Kacheln neu gemacht und optimiert, basierend auf den OSM-Daten von heute morgen, hier der Vergleich alt - neu: Windräder bei Schonungen: Kirche in Eggelsberg: Das Update 5.1 gibt es hier (600 MB): X-Europe_5.1_Update.7z Nun ist aber für mich wirklich mal ne Pause und Entspannung angesagt! 😎
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    It is a very interesting bit of hardware for us and of course highly suited to our Busses. And as we are reseller for Thirstmaster in many parts of Europe I think we can safely say we will for sure try!
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    Es sind die Beta Versionen der X-America und X-Africa verfügbar: https://simheaven.com/xp11-sceneries/ Für Kommentare dazu am besten ein neues Thema aufmachen, bitte nicht hier reinschreiben! Hab das eben noch gerade so vor meinen Urlaub geschafft Ich bin im August wieder zurück!
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    In progress (ignore graphics, colors etc) There is some other stuff being done that we are doing with our friends at PMDG that I hope to show soon.
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    Попрад отправился на тестирование, и я запустил новый проект, о котором я уже говорил не раз, это аэропорт Братиславы имени Милана Стефаника , который родился в 1880 году, словацкий, провел часть своей жизни во Франции, где он служил как генерал французской армии. Во Франции окончил летную школу, увлекался астрономией. С 1918 года министр обороны Чехословакии. Вернуться в аэропорт. Аэропорт Братислава-Иванка имеет две взлетно-посадочные полосы длиной до 3 км., Более сорока парковочных мест. Отличный аэропорт и красивый. Собственно, концепция создания сценария уже разработана. Наземные полигоны, текстуры созданы. Все в работе Аэрофотоснимки также будут заказаны по сценарию. Работы много, но интересно Параллельно с созданием аэропорта Братиславы создается сценарий «Лиепайский аэропорт» Латвия - EVLA . Чуть позже возьму это в отдельную ветку. Оба аэропорта планируется выпустить до Рождества этого года Несколько фото, некоторые из которых мне особенно понравились. P.S. author of photographs Michal Hergott, Peter Pokorny, website planes.cz and jetphotos.net
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    IMPORTANT! PLEASE READ! I managed to reproduce the issue here, thanks to Bryan York from FS2Crew, who had the same problem a while ago. However in his case, it was just that he was using and had to update to to solve it. But before he did, he tried a lot of things and finally thought that the problem was related to uninstalling the Qualitywings 787. I didn't follow up on this because the update seemed to sort it, but due to the fact that several of you have issues with, I gave it a try. I used the same clean installation that I used yesterday. The result was clear: Bryan's find was correct. I installed the 787, loaded the CRJ. It worked. I uninstalled the 787, loaded the CRJ - all black, yoke to the left. I reinstalled the 787 (with crash reporting active, choosing "Repair" for the VC++ 2012 runtimes), loaded the CRJ and it works again. (I repeated this several times) So, it's quite safe to say that the 787 uninstaller kills something from under the CRJ's butt that effectively kills it. Note: Uninstallers are created mainly automatically by installer software. There's NO reason to blame or bad mouth QualityWings or Flight1 for anything! This falls under the category of "shit happens". Note 2: It is not guaranteed that this only happens with the QualityWings 787. There might be other installers (Bryan suspected the PMDG installer as well, but it's not necessarily just P3D add-ons) that cause the same issue. The next step will now be to find out what has been removed that kills the CRJ and provide you with the necessary information (and may be a little installer) to revive it. I will also talk to QualityWings and Flight1 to gather more information.
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    I come from a CH Products background myself, but switched to the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS some 3 years ago. I love the build quality and digital precision of the Thrustmaster Warthog HOTAS, but IMO Thrustmaster's programming interface Target have one big minus, and that is the Target-"program" boils down to a single (virtual) controller with a maximum of 32 buttons and 8 axis, whereas the programming interface for CH Products can generate as many virtual controllers you need, each with 32 buttons and 8 axis, so more buttons can be handled directly in the sim, in stead of defining keyboard-shortcuts to be send (the sim can handle multiple hardware buttons being pressed at the same time, but multiple keyboard-shortcuts have to be send sequentially). Anyway to address this, I last year wrote a small program allowing me to use both (or all 3) positions of the 2/3-way switches on the Warthog throttle, without using Target. I accomplished this thanks to vJoy, which is a virtual Joystick driver (that is sadly not still in active development). The way it works, when you switch one of the physical 2-way buttons to it's "On"-position that button goes on (as per usual). However when you switch it to the "Off"-position a button on a virtual controller (handled via program and vJoy) goes to its "On"-position. You can then setup you sim to perform some action when this occurs (the sim, will simply see it as if 2 different controllers are attached). The program was made with DCS in mind, but can be used with any sim that supports multiple controllers (e.g. P3D). To function you need to install/configure vJoy (once), and then you need to run this small tool (each time you want to use it). I had various ideas to expand this tool (like support for multiple/other controllers). But I never got around to do this, and I don't have any current plans to do so. So for now the program is hard-coded to- and will only function with the -Warthog throttle. The download-zip contains the installer, and the (PDF) documentation which contains more info about the program and explains how to install/configure vJoy. www.liljendal.dk/portals/1/files/tmp2019/Joy2vJoyInstaller100Beta.zip
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    Thanks for the kind words. Its a bit sad more sims don't support attaching a function to a button going "Off" out of the box, as I think it is very useful in many cases (especially with 2/3-way buttons like those on the Warthog throttle). FSUIPC allows you to do so in P3D, but that is the only one I know of (hence why I made this tool). In other sims I do miss the "modifier" option you have in DCS (often I use the paddle-switch as my modifier, so all other buttons can have two functions). But then again nothing is perfect 🙂 Dave I used to do all kinds of weird sh*t in the CH Products programming interface, e.g. the driver had support for 3 modes, so all buttons could have 6 different assignments (3 modes that all had support for both an shifted/non-shifted function). Normally I would keep the same function for the buttons in all modes, and then just do something different with the axis in each mode. E.g. for DCS I used to use one of these modes to "half" my elevator/aileron input so it was more easy to air-refuel, and for FSX/P3D I used the modes to switch rudder-pedal/aileron input around, so I basically could use my (CH) yoke as a steering wheel on ground while taxing, and then shift to "normal mode" before take of. Also in this "ground mode" it would reduce my physical throttle input so even when moving the physical throttle to its full extend it would input about 30-50% of throttle, so it was more easy to dial in just the correct amount of throttle to taxi 🙂 I still have my CH Products rudder pedals, but these days I only fly with these and my Warthog HOTAS (without any special CH/Target "programming", but using this tool to get the full effect of the 2/3 way buttons). It was a bit weird to get used to fly airlines with a joystick in stead of an Yoke, but now my throttle/joystick is placed on either side of my keyboard 100% of the time. Whereas with a Yoke I had to mount/un-mount it every time I switched between flying and using the PC for other purpose - its such a drag writing software with a yoke between yourself and the keyboard 🙂
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    Soon to be released...
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    Can I kindly ask you to moderate your comments?
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    Hi guys, sorry for taking so long to post an update on the scenery. It took so long because I decided to do one final overhaul before continuing with development at the normal pace. This is now the fourth overhaul of the scenery and focuses on the texturing workflow. After completing Concourse B, I realized I'd been doing PBR texturing incorrectly all along. I decided to experiment with my texturing workflow and was so surprised by the drastic difference after trying it on a single texture, that I decided to redo all the textures in the scenery with the new workflow. This development update focuses on the overhauled ground textures. You should watch the video in 4K 60 FPS to really see the difference without the ugly YouTube compression. As you can see, I haven't just redone the textures, but also completely replaced most of them with better ones. I've also corrected the colors of the painted markings to correspond to standardized aerodrome signage colors. There are still a couple of ground textures in the shots that I missed, but these will also be redone by the next development update. Below are some screenshots comparing the old and new textures. Although they don't show the difference as well as the video does, they include some additional comparisons not present in the video. They've been captured in X-Plane 11.41 using stock shaders—only the shadow quality has been increased. Click on each screenshot below to view it in full 4K resolution:
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    The culprit is a program called X-Mouse Control. Simply disable it when running P3D V5 and the problem goes away. You can disable / enable even when P3D V5 is running.
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    With a private app you will never see these problems. The simple fact is that the license we have simply forbids any resellers so we can't let Apple sell the license and take their 30% for doing nearly nothing. Even if they would, we would make a loss on every sale unless we raise the price for every customer (as we are not allowed to sell the license cheaper on our site then on the apple Store (and yes that is just bonkers). We tried explaining that we do the same as Netflix etc, but we do not have the impression they even read our mails. To be honest, we really seriously dislike Apple right now. As you most likely have seen Apple is under very serious investigation for their practises and we have good hopes that certainly in the EU this will be illegal soon. Until that time, please complain to Apple. This goes way beyond making a profit on your own platform. And if you wonder why so many apps that got weekly updates now have not seen an update in six weeks.... that because nobody wants Apple to take another look at any apps.
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    Hi, the Setup of the new Oslo P3DV4 (V1.1.4.0) version is checking this registrie value: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\aerosoft\Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 - PREPAR3D V4.x After the installation of the OLD Oslo P3DV4 this value must be deleted. So, please use the uninstallation of the old version Your-P3DV4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\Uninstall_MegaAirportOslo20.exe and the run the new Setup: AS_MEGA-AIRPORT-OSLO-2.0_P3DV4_V1140.exe You can delete this path manually HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\WOW6432Node\aerosoft\Mega Airport Oslo 2.0 - PREPAR3D V4.x But in this case no old files are deleted.
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    Danke und Gratulation... wirklich toll! Bin von Bremen ueber Bremerhafen nach Hamburg und es hat mich einfach umgehauen .Ich wollte eigentlich mehr Screenshots machen aber am Ende hab ich doch noch kurz daran gedacht 😛 ...
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    Hi Aerosoft/TailStrike, Just got LICR for P3Dv4.5HF3 and found no aircraft at the airport. When opening the AFCAD I noticed the Radius is too small for all the spots. In order to park a 737 or A319/A320, the size should be 19.1m. No it is set to 10m. I have updated all spots accordingly and attached my AFCAD. Feel free to take a look and use it in an update (compiled with 4.5HF3 SDK). LICR_AFCAD_P3DV45.zip
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    I would honestly stop messing about with it, and give me time to work with the Boss and TSS on this. I suspect that TSS did everything and we just created the paths to the sound files. Something is certainly amiss, I have several bug reports in for sounds. I'll tell you this though. Aerosoft, along with other developers, has been put through the wringer with P3Dv4, especially P3Dv5 and of course MSFS. I have a list of every change made on the Airbus Professional and it's been brutal. Moreover, not one customer has ever been charged for any of this work the lads are doing, and Mathijs is the guy holding it all together. Compared to the issues we've been dealing with, small sound issues while important, in the big scheme of things they don't rank up there with other matters the boss has been working. This coming week will be very full for Mathijs, but I'll try to get up with him late in the week and see what we can do about these sound issues. I'll ask him to post here after we've spoken.
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    My horse is hold, stabled and door locked. I was reacting too bold and too fast and apologize. Will talk to the devs tomorrow.
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    There is really a lot of work ahead. Bratislava Airport does not look like Poprad Airport or even Kosice. First of all, I was struck by its size The work is very interesting and every day I see how the coating of the runway, taxiways, markings are getting better and better
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    X-EUROPE 5 ist online: https://simheaven.com/simdownloads/x-europe-5/ Die Highlights sind: neue Region Norddeutschland (neue Objekte und Fassaden) neue Region UK/Irland (nur Dachfarben angepasst) Layer 3 - 7 sind komplett neu, scenery und forests haben Position getauscht. Wälder werden für OSM+autogen-Gebiete nicht zugemischt, sondern von unten durchgelassen, daher wäre für diese Gebiete - falls dort Orthos installiert sind - die Overlays erforderlich, wenn man dort einen Großteil der Vegetation vermisst, sonst braucht man die Overlays nicht. Servicestraßen (auch die an Airports) wurden entfernt Wälder in Parks etc. sind von scenery nach extras gewandert eine genauere Erzeugung und Zuordnung der Gebäude in 4-scenery Häuser in 6-autogen wurden nur für Wohnstraßen in Wohngebieten erzeugt Herzlichen Dank an @Sven S. und @Pitt153 👍😀 Der Download hat 6,2 GB, entpackt sind es 11,8 GB. In der "simHeaven_Vegetation_Library" hat @FlyAgi die bisher fehlenden Laminar-Palmen 'Date_Palm', 'Mexican_Palm' und 'Palms_Row' auf Standardflughäfen hinzugefügt, die werden nun auch durch hübschere ersetzt und funktionieren entsprechend auch jahreszeitlich. Ich habe die aktualisierte Library nochmal in den Download der X-Europe 5 reingepackt.
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    We don't use Reallight, just Trueglass. But yes, that has been a problem. If you run trueglassinstaller.exe -beta from the command line, you automatically get the latest version of Trueglass. You can find the file in "Aerosoft CRJ Pro v5\Data\SupportFile".
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    Oh, That Time of Day...Various Airports at Twilight Thanks for viewing, Darryl
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    The XPlane 11 Version of Reggio Calabria is now entering beta stage.
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    But have you ever seen an cabin done in good detail, like the Flight Deck? And have you ever seen one with passengers in them? Flying an ampty airliner around is not really how things work. All in all it just does not compute for us, the days where a captain would wals the cabin to talk to passengers is long gone.
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    I think you will receive the full pack at September, as it is most likely one package. If you want the stick now, order the stick and the quadrant separate.
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    I am afraid we more or less agree and we also hope for an update.
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    Just to update this, my mate J5Flyer has found his workaround to fix this issue by turning down the autogen and scenery draw distance to Medium ....since he's done this we have done quite a few flights into LSGG without any more CTDs so sadly we have now stopped trying to test different settings as we have now found one that works for him ....Im sorry @Stawberrycocktail that you are still getting this issue i don't know what else to suggest to help you out . @mopperle this is my World settings...must admit my autogen settings are not always that high , depends on where and what im flying Thanks Rich
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    Really cool stuff Finally its here
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    Ok, go to World > Scenery Library and then remove the double entry of Mega Airport Frankfurt, you find in layer 78 (see below) I don't know, how as done this entry, it was not the Installer and not the Config Tool. Maybe the Lorby Tool, would not be the first time this tool is involved in issues.
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    Hi Amarant Fox! I checked on the RealLight issue in Prepar3D V5 and the plugin provider changed some interior parameters which we have to address now internally too. The update is worked on next week and soon there should be an update available for that too.
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    1. I always start reading the forum with 'unread content' in condensed format. It is normally nearly impossible to guess the mentioned Sim or Add-on out of the listed headlines. Can the threads for the different Sims/Add-ons be more clearly seperated? We have so many of them currently and for me it would be a great benefit when reading e.g. [FSX, FSX-SE] or [XPlane] or [P3Dv4] or ... prior to the headline of the new post. So I can skip reading new posts which are not on my interest list. 2. Some time ago when clicking on 'Mark site read' the activity list was automatically rebuild. This is nowerdays not the case and you have to press F5 to clear the list. Minor extra action but sometimes it would be helpful to have this refresh automated again.
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    Weekends passed unnoticed Perhaps two or three more days and work with the airport marking will be completed.
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    Unfortunately, the new version throws errors that I cannot resolve. I attach a log file with the problems. I get two error messages: Ach so. Deutsch! Das Problem hat sich gelöst. Irgendwie war der Vegetationsfolder (den es ja früher nicht gab) nicht in der Scenery. Jetzt ist alles gut. Spende ist an SimHeaven gegangen.
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    Die Herausforderung ist, dass die neue Version von ASP3D nicht mehr "gekillt" werden will. Der "Close" der Anwendung funktioniert aber nur, wenn sie nicht minimiert ist. D.h. SIMstarter versucht bereits zu "closen" und HIFI will sich der Sache annehmen. Daher kann ich aktuell hier nichts tun. Das "killen" der Anwendung kann dazu führen, dass geöffnete Sessions bei HIFI zurück bleiben...
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    Most likely never. The developer I.D.S. is gone. Here is a screenshot of KSMF in v5. I reworked the groundpoly (SCASM to v4.4) so it should maybe work in P3Dv4 (but I compiled the other files with v5). Adde the v5 exclude patch from iniBuilds and their DL patch. https://www.inibuilds.com/p3d-v5-scenery-compatibility-files https://www.inibuilds.com/dynamic-lighting In ORBX disable the KSMF files, replace in folder "SMF_LC\Scenery" CVX_PROJECT.BGL by KSMF_ADEP5_Bob_CVX.bgl, replace in folder "Sacramento International Airport\Scenery" SMF_GP_MARKINGS.BGL SMF_GP_SUR_P1.BGL SMF_GP_SUR_P2.BGL by KSMF_ground_v44.BGL, and add this file to "Scenery/World/Scenery": KSMF_ADEP5_Bob_ALT.bgl
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    Das LM die xml angemeldeten Addons nicht sortieren kann, gilt aber für beide Verfahren, mag ein Problem von LM sein. Dass ein Lorby Tool es nicht vermag mit den im SDK beschrieben Verfahren korrekt umzugehen, ist nicht ein Problem von LM oder AS oder den Developern. Es ist simple ein Problem dieses Tools. Und in der Add-ons.xml im Produktverzeichnis hat Lorby ohnehin nichts zu suchen, wenn es da was verändert, sollte man das Tool gleich löschen. Wenn das Tool das Fehlen einer Sortierfunktion beheben will, oder einzelne Addons ein/ausschaltbar machen will, muss das über die jeweilige add-ons.cfg erfolgen (Sortierung der Einträge, bzw Active=true/false setzen). Vielleicht schaust Du dir mal den Simstarter an, der sollte das alles handeln können. Notfalls kann man auch die Reihenfolge der Packages in der add-ons.cfg mit einem Editor umstellen, immer besser als die Anmeldeweise zu verändern.
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    @Othello NML heißt Normal Maps L... irgendwas (Lighting?) - habe mich schon länger nicht mehr so im Detail mit XP beschäftigt. -> Normal Mapping. Die Kanaren sind bei den Deutschen doch sehr beliebt - würdet ihr nicht gerne mithelfen, dass die Szenerie schneller fertig wird? Umso mehr Leute mitmachen, desto besser. Echt jetzt !!! 😂 Und ich kann euch aus eigener Erfahrung sagen, es ist wie die angelnden Sachsen sagen "a very rewarding feeling", wenn die Szenerie fertig ist, über die "eigenen Häuser" zu fliegen. So als ob man in real über das wirklich eigene Haus fliegt. Oder eine Henne ganz stolz ist, ein Ei gelegt zu haben 😅. Es ist kein Hexenwerk - im einfachsten Fall lässt sich ein Haus mit 2 Klicks in OSM erzeugen. Ich würde sogar ein kleines Tutorial(video?) machen.
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    Thanks for the kind words but we simply know other users have issues we need to address. Some of these issues are caused by P3D V5, it has some serious issues and we know Lockheed is working on those. Other issues are caused because RealLight, that we need to use in the A320, is still in beta and has issues on some machines. This affects users that are running low on GPU memory hard (other aircraft using RealLight have exactly the same issues) and the only way to fix that is to remove RealLight and use an different technology. But iI will be honest, that's a brutal process, using up a tremendous amount of our resources for many weeks. Delaying other projects and bringing in no money at all because we feel that asking an update fee for P3d V5 versions would not be correct. To put it in Euro and Dollars, we call that a shitload of expense. So the plan at this moment is to wait for the update that we believe is pending from Lockheed. If that does not solve the GPU memory issues, I will have to decide on what to do. It is a bloody complex decision.
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    Da muss nichts gemacht werden, denn bei der für Uwe erstellten Version der Kanaren sind die Objekte und Fassaden noch die erste, ältere Version der MED Region, die ja in der Zwischenzeit für die X-Europe von Sven verbessert wurde. Außerdem wird das für die X-Africa, die die Kanaren enthält, eh noch ganz anders werden, wir babbeln also über was völlig unnötiges. Ich mache auch gern eine eigene Diskussion für X-Africa und die anderen Kontinente auf, wenn es dann mal soweit ist. Apropos Diskussion, die neue Version der X-Europe heißt nicht 4.6 sondern 5.0, alle Layer sind neu, einiges ist umgestellt, manches verbessert, vieles präziser, neue Regionen sind drin, da ist der Sprung auf 5.0 berechtigt. Und daher gibt's demnächst eine neue Diskussion zur X-Europe 5. Ich erzeuge eben mit allen Kernen und Threads Tag und Nacht den letzten und größten Layer 4-scenery neu, wenn alles gut geht, können wir das am Wochenende noch veröffentlichen bevor ich dann 3 Wochen wech bin. Ein paar Screenshots hat Sven schon von Norddeutschland gezeigt, auch der Rest ist klasse, ich denke ihr dürft euch darauf freuen! 😊
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    This is an unnecessary distraction during the flight and possibly a drain of valuable resources. Thanks.

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