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  1. Heading to Wadadli (Antigua, West Indies) Holding for RW25 into V.C. Bird International as storm moves away from the field. Getting vectors from ATC for RW 25 - TAPA Full Frontal!! Fighting a few gusts on the approach Welcome to V. C. Bird International Enjoy
  2. Congratulations to Edetroit on winning March's Sceenshot Contest - Epic capture Email to follow shortly
  3. Congratulations on winning April's Screenshot Contest - Epic capture. Email to follow shortly.
  4. Folks, May is upon is and we'll keep it simple. ANYTHING GOES, so have it and show us your best of the best without constraints. Theme: Evening Delight Aircraft: Carenado Seneca V Simulator: MSFS 2020 Theme: Guess the Airport Aircraft: Carenado Seneca V Simulator: MSFS 2020 Theme: Approach to RW25 - VC Bird International Aircraft: Carenado Seneca V Simulator: MSFS 2020 Theme: Monring departure from John Osborne Airport Aircraft: Carenado Seneca V Simulator: MSFS 2020 Theme:
  5. Ed, Thanks for the boost. She is a lovely bird, and I could not help myself
  6. @edetroit Thanks. That is awesome regarding the Texan, hope you'll get some GoPro footage. Looking forward to your entry
  7. Welcome to April's Screenshot Contest!! While I am not a huge collector of warbird aircraft I though we'd try something different. Be it jet powered or piston show us your Warbirds. Aircraft: Milviz P-38 Simulator: Prepar3D v4 Aircraft: A2A Texan Simulator: Prepar3D v3 Aircraft Milviz Corsair Simulator: MSFS 2020 As Always - All participants are ONLY allowed 1 image if you post more than one - ONLY the first entry will be judged and the other
  8. Stunning shots for this month...thanks, April SSC to follow
  9. For March we'll keep it simple - Heavy Metal of any type (Boeing, Airbus, McDonald Douglas, etc.) Setting up for the flare with everything hanging out Aircraft: Flgiht Factor B767 Simulator: X-Plane 11.5x Taxiing to RW 28R at CYUL Aircraft: Aerosoft A330 Simulator: Prepar3D v4.5 Awaiting taxi instructions at Washington Dullus International Aircraft: Aerosoft A330 Simulator: Prepar3D v4.5 Holding in a remote spot while making final corrections with Flight Dispatch Aircraft: iniBuilds A300 Simulator: X-Plane 11.5x
  10. Congratulations CaptKornDog on winning January's screenshot contest. Epic entry as it depicts a cold scene and the landscape of the mountains which stretch for miles in the distance add to the depth and picturesque scope of the image. The livery and aircraft are also iconic, as the 1900 is known as one of the best 19 seater turboprop workhorses of its time (after the Twin Otter ). Email to follow shortly.
  11. Congratulations Ed, on winning February's screenshot contest. Granted the image is not as epic as some of your previous work, but still has character AND the story behind it is what makes it quite romantic. Caption from image and a response from a fellow poster: Edetroit: This pic may not look romantic but hear me out. This is London Heathrow just outside the perimeter fence of runway 09R/27L. I took my wife (and she is still my wife) for a romantic picnic to this spot in real life. True story. Ahron: I am impressed that your wife is helping you with plannings
  12. That time of the year is here.....where they say love is in the air. May not feel much like that with this Covid debacle looming over hovering heads, however, that does not stop us Simmers from finding "Love in the AIr" with our Simulators. Romantic destinations, romantic flights, romantic cityscapes - OK, OK, OK - ANYTHING ROMANTIC. As always creativity stands the better chance. Theme: Romantic evening flight in Seattle area Simulator: MSFS 2020 Aircraft: Daher 930 Aircraft: Bonanza A36 Theme: Romancing the evening around Catalina Aircra
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