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  1. @737Pilot (sim-wings)when can we expect VDGS for Munich?
  2. Is this going to power my 3090 Jo? And you should consider changing your name into Jo Legend Amazing work, amazing shots! I can't wait and this scenery is definitely going to be a game changer!
  3. Hi Jo, good to know Especially your addons always stand for the top-notch quality!
  4. Are you looking for a research manager? https://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aerologic Honestly, if you don't enjoy doing AI/Static planes, then just leave it for the better of everybody. Those models are not right + their liverys. What's the sense of adding them?
  5. Looks promising. Do you take or part-over all existing systems/features and add more to them or did you start all over again and focus only on the playing-a-a330-level?
  6. Will the VDGS addon (expansion) what ever it will be, also be available for other developers (airports) to be used such a SODE VDGS/GSX is? It looks outstanding and the level of detail is really amazing!
  7. Jo, you are a legend! Keep on doing your thing - Brussels look already AMAZING and outstanding! We all can't wait to get our wheels down there! You should consider doing Frankfurt next !
  8. Frankfurt In-N-Out Event LH-Virtual is pleased to announce our first IN-N-OUT Event in Frankfurt (FRA/EDDF). We invite you to our first IN-N-OUT event at our largest hub, Frankfurt, on 9th October 2021, from 1500 to 1800z on VATSIM. We've set up a booking system, with 120 slots (60 for arrival and 60 for departure). We suggest planning an arrival into Frankfurt with one of our arrival slots, performing a turn-around, and departing using one of the departure slots. Finally, secure your slot early at https://events.lh-virtual.com, we look forward to seeing you in the skies! www.lh-virtual.com
  9. Herzlich Willkommen! Im Namen der LH-Virtual.com möchte ich euch mitteilen das wir unsere VA wieder Neueröffnet haben. Neue Website, neue Funktionen, aktueller Flugplan inklusive eigenem Discord-Server und vor allem VAMSYS Integration und vieles mehr! Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch! http://www.lh-virtual.com
  10. If only that is the case, then "gute Nacht" In a world in 2021.... however. Fingers crossed that PMDG get that done somehow
  11. Why don´t you not just check the https://www.aerosoft.com/de/account/downloads section? My versions are in there.
  12. Non of my friends had this issue. And its a installer - not a system. I don´t see a problem why its that difficult to share the installers to 3rd party shops for their upload. Especially for a "professional" flight sim company like PMDG. But however, it must have a reason - we just don´t know it. And its certainly not the reason to get the customers directly to the own shop - I guess.
  13. If Aerosoft really didn't receive the files yet, its a shame from PMDG to their customers.
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