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  1. Herzlich Willkommen! Im Namen der LH-Virtual.com möchte ich euch mitteilen das wir unsere VA nach einiger Zeit wieder Neueröffnet haben. Neue Website, neue Funktionen, aktueller Flugplan inklusive eigenem Discord-Server und vor allem VAMSYS Integration! Wir freuen uns auf euren Besuch :super: http://www.lh-virtual.com
  2. If only that is the case, then "gute Nacht" In a world in 2021.... however. Fingers crossed that PMDG get that done somehow
  3. Why don´t you not just check the https://www.aerosoft.com/de/account/downloads section? My versions are in there.
  4. Non of my friends had this issue. And its a installer - not a system. I don´t see a problem why its that difficult to share the installers to 3rd party shops for their upload. Especially for a "professional" flight sim company like PMDG. But however, it must have a reason - we just don´t know it. And its certainly not the reason to get the customers directly to the own shop - I guess.
  5. If Aerosoft really didn't receive the files yet, its a shame from PMDG to their customers.
  6. I would like to add two things. 1.: The taxiline seems to have a issue in the alpha channel. 2.: I do not have a taxiline on Taxiway Bravo down to Rwy07R from intersection T
  7. Somebody should rename the bot/account to down-vote all my comments It looks a bit strange.
  8. Don´t find any hint if the P3D version will also become up-to-date or not.
  9. Will we also get a BER update for the P3D version to make it up-to-date?
  10. They probably use the models from MSFS as statics, don´t kno. It looks horrible! Why would you work on a fantastic livery for an airplane if the shadow makes it look like a fire-training-plane?
  11. Its probably not the spot to discuss the MSFS-based shadow generation but this is absolutely not what you get in real by natual light. I am a photographer and work with the natual light daily. I don´t say its bad but it needs to be adjusted However: Lets go back to CRJ - and this looks amazing
  12. I never mentioned its a texture issue from the CRJ itself. Its basically a "too hard" shadow produced by the engine itself. Sadly - on every plane. Something they have to adjust.
  13. I can't share picture of an airplane from the angle you took the screenshot from the CRJ, I guess you can't either nor Asobo can. But you should agree that the shadow above the wing on the fuselage is way too dark. You are even closer to the sun, white material, white paint,.. it will never be that dark. It looks like I said: burned, but not only on the CRJ but also on the default planes. It seems to be just "too much". https://i.imgur.com/WRcO6b3.png Was not a negative comment to point on the CRJ development of your ability to make addons but more over to the engine of MSF
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