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  1. I've seen this reported quite a few times since the very first release of the CRJ.
  2. "Build the next thing so we can $ell it, and do the bare minimum to placate users who bought the last thing" ™
  3. Oh they responded: "We didn't find a solution when we briefly looked, so we stopped looking."
  4. They are just not inclined to make these changes, however easy they might be to implement. In 6 months time, and only if they they are good at saving lists of these bugs and issues, they might fix this. From the outside, it seems their chosen organizational model does not allocate resources toward maintaining the software they release. People like Mathijs (whose job I do not envy) are left to deal with the CRJ and treat it like a nuisance, getting in the way of future product relea$e$.
  5. Yes what you described is essentially correct if you read CRJ POH's. The flex temp does not work correctly in the Aerosoft CRJ.
  6. The flex indication always appeared, the issue is that it is just visual...and as soon as youre airborne the derated thrust ends, which kind of undoes the entire point of flex takeoffs
  7. Havent had a chance to use the CRJ since the update, but I think I remember @Secondator saying that the HGS didn't receive any love yet. I'm not sure whether Secondator being assigned to the CRJ means that Aerosoft will actually record/acknowledge this...but I'm hoping it does.
  8. I mean. I know you are being facetious but...radiating lists to stakeholders is what you do when you want to get stakeholder feedback. Stakeholder feedback is what you care about when you want to make a product that matches stakeholder expectations. The more feedback you collect, the closer to the mark you are likely to get. It's not a negative thing at all, but it does challenge the assumptions (and ego) of a software development team.
  9. You're describing an MSFS ATC issue, i think. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/bug-logged-cannot-hear-atc-instructions-and-other-aircraft-suddenly-while-ai-copilot-still-responds/418969
  10. Thanks for the information, good sir.
  11. Did my post hurt your feelings or something? If it did, I'm sorry. I am trying to help someone with an issue I randomly saw, and you come in here like flightsim forum sherlock holmes thinking youre about to blow minds and prove a point..what's your motive? Is your problem that I try to hold companies accountable? Am I too direct toward Aerosoft? Are you worried they are sad? Should I stop doing that? Jesus lol. I don't get it.
  12. @Secondator can you comment whether this FMS version (screenshot from a Jazz CRJ-200) is something Aerosoft is attempting to replicate for the VNAV displays?
  13. Seconded. Refreshing to get this type of look. To be honest, as a first time AS customer I haven't been impressed with the level of attention given to this module, but if you or your colleagues were put in positions to give more regular update posts like this, I would be a lot more likely to change my tune and buy Aerosoft products in the future. @Secondator can you speak to the plan for the CRJ in terms of iterating on this update? Last update cycle (which was also the first update cycle), certain fixes were made to the CRJ, but other things were left broken or unimplemented. Fairly immediate feedback came into this forum, but as you know, here we are in June of 2022 and only now are these things being acknowledged and addressed. It took a long time, as you said. Is there a plan to "reassess" after this patch release, including dedicating resources to this project in order to give it it's due attention? Having your write up validate the folks who come in here to give feedback is great to see, I hope that you can keep being a part of this CRJ project.
  14. If there are parts of the server that need to be private, Discord is literally built for that, using server roles. The point, that you missed, is that there's no reason it can't be public, other than Aerosoft's choice to keep it that way.
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