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  1. ANC Headsets are not some magic thing that makes all sounds disappear. I can quite easily hear the engines spool up on a CRJ900 when setting just taxi breakaway thrust even through my fancy expensive Bose ANC headset on seat 0A. They cut out a lot of drone, for sure, but 'pretty much silent'... nah. So your statement above is quite off the mark. A good question that you asked the original poster but would also be a valid question to the developers, how much time have you or they spent in the flight deck with engines running through all phases of flight? Again, from the above statement I would guess it is not much. The original poster just wants to have another option for the sounds and gets his preference questioned and somehow personal experience questioned as well for whatever reason...
  2. You must be such a pleasant person to be around...
  3. So your code fails on my clean install, which was done in an attempt to fix other CRJ issues, and the fix is supposedly a clean install. Thanks for that wonderful support suggestion. I highly regret the purchase of this poor excuse for a CRJ, I hope one day someone may actually get this plane done right.
  4. You disregard that I had the issue on a clean system. Fresh Windows install, fresh sim install, no community addons or mods. Basically just Windows and MSFS on that system. You also keep hammering on tens of thousands of people not having the issue mainly because you haven't heard from them, that is a false equivalence. As others and I have mentioned before, you could be proactive. Maybe dig into the part of the code where the state of the aircraft gets loaded as it seems to go wrong there. All you have said here so far is that you basically don't do anything because your testers don't encounter the issue. But you still have a bunch of people with the issue, with common symptoms, pointing to something going wrong at the loading of the aircraft state. So you have a lead indicating where to look. You just seem to not want to, because it is easier to point to the user and say you must be doing something wrong. And that is poor customer support.
  5. On the topic of the start sequence; - ITT stays low/not moving for quite a bit too long after introducing fuel. It should start rising basically within a second after moving the thrust levers out of cutoff position to idle. - Starter and ignition should cutout at 50-51%, as it is right now it stays on too long and would trigger the crew to perform an aborted start in real life operations.
  6. No, the FMS not accepting more than 1950kg is wrong in this case. It should accept values even as high as 8000+ kilograms. I do not know the exact limit, but an educated guess would be maximum zero fuel weight minus basic operating weight = max payload. For example, in my company we almost exclusively use the cargo field in the FMS to enter our total traffic load (pax + cargo). The FMS does not care, it just adds whatever you enter to the basic operating weight to get a ZFW. It does no mass and balance calculations. I think perhaps for some reason, the cargo field in the FMS is limited to max aft cargo weight only? Just a guess.
  7. Reading comprehension seems hard for you as well Crabby. I am not claiming any numbers, nor do I clamor to be part of some larger group. I am just highlighting the other side of the coin. Mr. Kok assumes everyone who encounters this issue will run to the forum or contact support. On the opposite side of that assumption, there are large numbers of casual simmers who might encounter this issue, reload the flight and think not much more of it. Or just fly another plane. Who knows? No one, because there is no live telemetry, so issues should be taken seriously instead of dismissed with 'tens of thousands don't report it'. Meanwhile, Mr. Kok has a running tally of people with this issue, but does not warrant the number high enough to really dig in to the issue proactively, saying they've never seen it and then implying it can not be a problem in their code and it is purely user error. And this attitude is not applied only to this issue, but comes up over and over again in this supposed support forum.
  8. For reference, it happened to me on a fresh Windows 10 install, with a fresh MSFS install and a fresh CRJ install, zero other addons installed. Assuming it is user 'error' or 'something on your system clashes' is an easy way out of providing any useful support. One could also take the number of reports, see it is more than one isolated case and maybe think, hey, there might be something to this, let's go have a look at the aircraft state loading system to see if there is something we missed. Then you can at least come back to the paying customer having taken some action instead of waiting until the number of complaints go over some arbitrary threshold that measures up to the 'tens of thousands' sold and you can't blame it on the user anymore. Unless you have some live telemetry of those tens of thousands of systems you have no clue how many are seeing this issue but are not in touch with support or registered on this forum etc.
  9. Has this made it to any to-do list for a future update or should I not bother posting inaccuracies in the systems anymore?
  10. I have had the same issue as well and needed to reload/restart the flight twice to get the airplane to a normal state.
  11. Would be interested to know how you judge the issue as pilot error based on screenshots AFTER the initial issue and pictures that are showing a clear stab trim problem... I have no idea either unfortunately. The stab trim definitely should not just pop to the last position used by the autopilot once you have corrected it and then engage the autopilot again, so something is wrong there. But the initial loss of speed makes no sense, the only thing I can think of is this 'ghost' speed brake problem, where it extends without the plane telling you it is extended. If you encounter the issue again, perhaps try cycling the speed brake with a keyboard or button command to see if that helps.
  12. Anti Ice on at FL200 should not take away so much thrust as to be unable to fly level, don't be fooled by a FAQ telling you something silly like that. We would never be able to get anywhere in the real CRJ if that was the case.
  13. On the real plane, any of those volume knobs/channel push buttons that are pushed in will work. If it is pulled out you will not be able to hear it unless you have that channel selected with the rotary selection knob.
  14. 15 minutes to FL370 is indeed a bit too optimistic performance. 20-25 minutes seems much more reasonable. Today I flew a 900 at about 32.000kg gross weight at takeoff and it took roughly 21-22 minutes to FL380 with a +5C ISA deviation.
  15. It is really a matter of personal preference in the sim, since there is no access to everything needed to calculate proper assumed temperature (flex) v-speeds. The proper calculation includes considerations for runway length available, obstacle clearance, climb requirements and even maximum tire speed. These might all impact your V-speeds. So whatever you set in the sim, you will probably have V-speeds that are not accurate. At that point you are choosing whether you want to simulate putting in FLX temp but incorrect speeds or correct speeds and no FLX temp, so it is up to what you prefer for your sim experience. All a bit going into details of course. For example, the table you show is for sea level pressure altitude. It is one of about 9 tables ranging from -1000ft to 10.000ft pressure altitude. And another nine for packs on .
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