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  1. Hi. I have been considering buying a scenery for Heraklion to go along with the recent Chania scenery. The choice, so I thought, was between the 5 year old FSDG scenery published by Aerosoft, and the much more recent one from another developer. However the Aerosoft scenery is suddenly unavailable in its own store or on simMarket. It does seem to be available through FSDG's own website, but because of its disappearance elsewhere I would like to ask what's up before I make my choice. The old FSDG scenery is apparently still very good and included the city scenery too - whereas the scenery released last year uses up to date techniques including PBR, but lacks the city scenery. So is there a reason why the FSDG scenery is no longer available? Is there a new version in the pipeline? A new version including PBR and the city scenery would almost certainly make me wait rather than go for the one from the other developer (assuming the wait won't be too long - summer is just around the corner!!). Thanks. Adrian
  2. That worked perfectly Oliver. Thanks. I don't seem to have a problem with GCLA, GCHI, GCGM, LEMG, LEPA, LEMH or LEIB. So this must have been a glitch just with GCLP.
  3. Hi Ben. That may be so. But no matter how high I slew, I still get 4 reds.
  4. Please can anybody help me with my query of several weeks ago? Many thanks.
  5. Hi. I have recently noticed that the PAPI lights at GCLP are not working correctly. I spotted it a week ago and have just done another test to check that it wasn't a blip. I am getting 4 red lights even if I am above the glide slope. Please see the attached screen shot in which I have slewed to a point shortly before landing. The ILS for 03L is correctly tuned in and shows that the glide slope is below me. I should be seeing 4 white lights, but I am getting 4 red. You can see 4 reds on 03R too. If I go to the other end of the runway and do the same for 21R I still get just 4 reds. Please let me know if there is a fix for this. Many thanks. Adrian
  6. Hi. Thanks for the fix for P3D v4. However I had a problem when trying to land at EHRD a few days ago. I was trying to land on the ILS for rwy 24. The documentation that comes with the scenery explains that the ILS frequencies for both runways have been changed to 111.9 to avoid a conflict with the nearby Valkenburg air base. I was flying Flight1's King Air, I have a subscription to Navigraph with the latest AIRAC, and I also have a subscription to fsAerodata which was also up to date. The King Air's navaid database is updated with every AIRAC. My plane would not recognise 111.9. I tried the real life 110.9, but that didn't work either. I was forced to try to land manually in foggy conditions with a clouds OVC at 200 ft!! According to Navigraph's charts the correct frequencies are 110.9 for 24 (identifier RSV) and 109.1 for 06 (identifier ROS). These are also the frequencies showing for EHRD on the King Air's G1000. However if you open the P3D map window you will find that the frequency for 06 is as per the charts, but the frequency for 24 is 108.3 (identifier RD). The G1000 finds this frequency immediately. I really don't understand what's going on here. The published frequencies for the scenery don't work, and neither does the real life frequency for 24. Where does the frequency 108.3 come from? Did you make any changes to the frequencies with your fix? Cheers. Adrian
  7. Thanks for your replies Jürgen and Bernhard. I am glad to see that the problem is not with my system, but is a "characteristic" of the Aerosoft scenery. I can now explain the cause of the issue on the fsAerodata forum. Adrian
  8. Yes and yes! However when you select LPPS in P3D, which runways are you offered? All I get is 01/19.
  9. I have already moved APT_LPPS.bgl out of the scenery folder so it I invisible, as this is one of the files that causes the mesh problems. So all I have is the Aerosoft scenery. Are you saying that the Aerosoft AFCAD is showing runways as 18/36? Adrian
  10. I know where the LPPS/LPMA files are in ORBX, because these all have to be removed or deactivated because of the mesh issue. However what do you mean about an "enhancement in Vector". And how do I read .bgl files anyway? The AFCAD file for LPPS is presumably AF2_LPPS.bgl? How do I know which runways are in this? Adrian
  11. No. I currently have no AI traffic. My PC is only 6 months old and all I have on it is P3D plus addons. I have no previous sceneries covering Madeira/Porto Santo. In case this is relevant I do have ORBX Global Base, Vector and open LC Europe (not sure Madeira is covered by open LC Europe anyway). How can I check my AFCAD? Adrian
  12. Hi. I have a question about the runway numbers at LPPS Porto Santo. I have the latest Madeira scenery, and in the simulator (P3D v4.3) the runway markings are 18/36, which is correct. However when selecting Madeira in P3D the runways offered are 01/19, which is out of date. I have recently installed fsAerodata to correct all of the out of date navaids, airport codes etc in the legacy P3D database. Even after installing the latest fsAerodata cycle (which runs concurrently with Navigraph AIRAC cycles) P3D is still offering 01/19. I have already posted on the fsAerodata forum, and they don't understand why this is happening because the data for LPPS should show 18/36. I have uninstalled and reinstalled fsAerodata, but this hasn't rectified the issue. Note that fsAerodata affects only the default database, not 3rd party addons. I have moved the fsAerodata scenery.cfg entries so that they sit below Madeira Evolution X, but I am still getting 01/19. Please could somebody advise which runway numbers I should be offered when selecting LPPS with the Madeira scenery? If the scenery still offers 01/19 instead of 18/36, this needs to be corrected. As I said, the runway markings in the scenery are up to date. Many thanks. Adrian
  13. Thanks for the tip. Should ORBX entries also be below the various entries for FreemeshX?
  14. Hi Oliver. Thanks for the quick reply. Yes I have version 1.10. No I don't have GSX. Attached are screenshots of my Scenery Library. The only scenery above La Palma is El Hierro. However when scanning down my Scenery Library I was stunned to find another entry for La Palma pointing to the same directory. I have no idea how it got there as I have never installed the scenery manually (is that even possible?). Strangely the entry refers just to La Palma, not to Sim-wings La Palma Professional. I deactivated the duplicate layer, and now all of my scenery objects are present. Problem solved! Do you have any idea how the installation could have made a duplicate entry in the Scenery Library? Many thanks.
  15. Hi. I have La Palma Professional which I am running on Prepar3D v4.3. It has been fine until a couple of days ago when I noticed that all of my airport buildings have disappeared. All I have is a couple of jetways, a few moving airport vehicles, and some floating flags. If I look behind the parked aircraft it is quite clear that virtually all of this airport scenery is missing. I have not added any new sceneries in the last few days. As regards nearby sceneries I have El Hierro Professional, and Tenerife South, Fuerteventura & Lanzarote by MK-Studios. I have ORBX FTX Global Base, Vector & Open LC Europe (not sure whether Open LC Europe affects the Canaries). I have tried running the Airport Elevation Config tool that comes with Vector, but that made no difference. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the scenery, but this also made no difference. Please could you advise me what could be going wrong and how I can fix this. Many thanks.
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