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  1. Hi, there's no plans to port the P3Dv4 version to v5 at the moment. Although the scenery should at least load in v5 as it is, so it sounds like something else is wrong. Can you post a screenshot of what it looks like on your end? Is the scenery added in the "Scenery Library" list?
  2. Here's a few screenshots, still quite a bit of work left but the pace is good.
  3. They work the same way as the default marshallers, so you'll need to arrive at the airport and ATC needs to assign you a gate equipped with a VDGS and give you taxi instructions there for the "guidance-part" of the system to activate. Do you see the marshaller and the rest of the ground equipment when you arrive at the airport, or are those missing as well? below is a example where I do a pattern at ENVA, after "arriving" ATC directs me to a stand and the VDGS guidance activates.
  4. Hi, if you have the latest version of these airports (1.03 for both) the VDGS should spawn automatically when ATC gives you the taxi instructions to your gate after arriving at the airport. (As long as the gate is equipped with a VDGS of course)
  5. Hi, I'll make sure those numbers are corrected in the next update. For the reflection map seen in the water puddles setting the "dynamic reflections" to low or higher should take care of that.
  6. I'm unable to recreate the issue with the localizer being offset, do you use any 3rd party navdata? If so I would do a test with it disabled. Regarding the 141 MB size, that's the size of the last update (1.03) so for some reason the original install of the scenery went missing We did see a similar problem when someone used a add-on manager and moved the scenery to a different location, not sure if this is what happened here though.
  7. Hi, looks like the sim can't locate the textures for the scenery. What's the size of the "aerosoft-eddk" folder inside your Community folder?
  8. Hi, thanks! This will be corrected in the next version.
  9. Hi, is it only the GSX vehicles that's placed below ground, or does this happen with regular AI traffic as well? If it's only the GSX vehicles then the issue looks similar to this one: fsdreamteam forums In this case a specific file is required to define the correct altitude that GSX should place the vehicle objects.
  10. @Er!kis correct that a solution to the missing frequency "auto-tune" is now available, this is resolved in the next EDDK update. For now you'll need to set the Localizer frequency manually in the FMS.
  11. Hi, The VDGS objects are treated similarly to ground crew marshallers, the frequency these objects spawn are based on the "Vehicle Density" option. Selecting a stand equipped with a VDGS as the destination during flight planning also increases the chance for such an object to spawn.
  12. Hello, I'm able to recreate the LOC/GS signal loss when the aircraft is on the runway, can you confirm that the signal works correctly above 350-400ish feet? Since I see the same issue with both the default scenery and the EDDK scenery I'm gonna need to check with Asobo what's causes this signal blind spot.
  13. All of the holding points at the scenery has runway guard lighting, so the orange "wig-wags" on each side of the taxiway. These lights are on both day and night regardless of weather conditions.
  14. Hi Achim, at the moment only the ILS critical areas has stop bars. These are triggered during night and certain weather conditions. Does the regular holding points also have embedded guard lighting and not just the orange edge lights? I'll sort out the ramp naming issue.
  15. Hi, thanks! I'll make a note of this. The flood lights could indeed cover a larger extent of the aprons.
  16. One thing that could be worth checking is your NVIDIA control panel settings, during testing we did find that FXAA etc could clog the Renderthread / GPU in more heavy areas. Although this does not really explain why you see worse performance when flying to large airports compared to when starting at them.
  17. To add to what Mathijs said, @Omar Al-Safi does this happen only at Cologne or do you experience the same issue at other "larger" airports as well?
  18. Final set of screenshots before release later today https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/preview/3237/aerosoft-airport-cologne/bonn
  19. Hi Markus, 1, This issue was resolved in v1.02 and as far as I'm aware that version was submitted for approval to the marketplace, I'll check tomorrow what the status is. 2, The stands around the Terminal are labeled as "gates" and these don't have ramp connections (only large GA and Cargo parkings has them if I remember correctly), the reason for this is to avoid having GA aircraft parking at those stands. 3, I've found the issue causing this and it's going to be fixed in the next version (1.03). 4, Is that AI traffic or an online player? 5, There shouldn't be
  20. Hi Darrell, the attached file removes the jetways at KDAB. First create a backup of the old KDAB_Library.bgl file in the airports scenery folder, then overwrite it with the one included in the zip file. Daytona Beach - Jetway Removal.zip
  21. Progress is good, shouldn't be too far off! The scenery does include adjustments for the terrain mesh inside the airport perimeter.
  22. Note, if anyone else is having similar issues at Trondheim (or any other scenery package for that matter) make sure you haven't disabled "draw shapes" if you've ever used the sim's developer mode. (You'll need to restart the sim to see any changes.)
  23. Dan, I've sent you a PM so we can exchange some files and get to the bottom of this
  24. Installing Ålesund would probably explain the issue with the missing aerial, right now there's a known issue in the sim where only one aerial inside a certain radius is loaded. Although if you didn't just have the issue with the trees but also were missing aerial before you installed the Ålesund scenery I would try to reinstall Trondheim to make sure that nothing went wrong during the download / install process, if you haven't tried this already. The trees seen in the screenshots are the default clusters included with the bing data, so for some reason the excludes in the scenery aren
  25. Hi, it also looks like you're missing the aerial image included with the scenery, do you have any other add-ons installed for the area? The 1.01 update included some fixes for trees at the airport, but this looks like a different issue.
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