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  1. Hi, the error you're getting in the log,: 'PACKAGE_NAME_UNVERIFIED' happens if the VDGS driver isn't able to verify that the scenery is installed. Can you confirm that you have a folder named "aerosoft-airport-eddk-cologne-bonn" in either the Community or Official folder and that the name hasn't been changed?
  2. Hi, can you generate a VDGS log file so we can see what's going on? To generate the log file open aerosoft-vdgs-driver-log.ini found in the aerosoft-vdgs-driver folder in a text editor and set: Verbose=1 Then restart the sim and load a flight from Cologne where you open the VDGS menu. attach the aerosoft-vdgs-driver-log.log that's now been created, also found in the aerosoft-vdgs-driver folder.
  3. Hi, the version of Cologne on the marketplace is the most current (1.0.8) so it supports the VDGS module and no further updates are needed.
  4. Hi, the latest VDGS driver update (1.3.0) added support for marketplace airports (on PC) and they should now be recognized. (If the airport has been updated on the marketplace to support the driver.) Specifically for Trondheim version 1.1.0 is needed for VDGS support, currently the version on the marketplace is still 1.0.8. So until the marketplace folks has worked their way through the backlog you can't use the VDGS module with the marketplace version of Trondheim.
  5. Version 1.0.1 is now available through Aerosoft One!
  6. Hi, that's correct, only stands D10 to D23 has VDGS.
  7. Hi, and if you check under dependencies in Aerosoft One those three (driver, modellib and exchange) are listed as installed?
  8. Hi, which gates are you missing pushback from? Just so I can try and recreate it on my end. After giving it a quick glance there shouldn't be any exclude of those service vehicles.
  9. Hi, those updates will be released on the marketplace as well. They do need to go through the Microsoft approval process before they make them available, so it does tend to take a bit longer compared to other shops.
  10. The latest version of LLBG does indeed have VDGS support, if you do not see the LLBG xml file in the "aerosoft-vdgs-driver\airports" folder check in Aerosoft One that there isn't any updates available for the "aerosoft VDGS drive" as any updates to the VDGS module isn't handled through the Contrail app.
  11. Thanks! And if you look in the "...\Community\aerosoft-vdgs-driver\airports" folder do you see an xml file for LLBG (aerosoft_llbg.xml)? Looking at yout log there's only 5 airports found, but there should be 6 if the latest version of the VDGS driver is installed, ( Rev. E) ----TIME----|----SENDER----|----MSG---- 10:42:32 | CurrentDialog | 5 airports found
  12. Hi, can you generate a log file as Benjamin describe in this post and attach it here? That would help to figure out what's wrong.
  13. Hi, hope you don't mind me responding in English. That screenshot isn't of the Aerosoft Brussels scenery, I suspect that's Justsims' scenery? As for Paderborn, make sure that you have the latest airport scenery version installed, which is v1.0.7.0
  14. Great! Glad you got it working
  15. Hi, have you changed the name of the Brussels add-on package from it's original name "aerosoft-airport-ebbr-brussels" as it looks like the module isn't able to find that folder? (the 'PACKAGE_NAME_UNVERIFIED' error in the log)
  16. The update for Trondheim (v1.0.9.0) is now available through Aerosoft One. Along with some fixes and adjustments it also includes support for the Aerosoft VDGS module!
  17. Good to know that the airline codes didn't go missing during compile In the next update there are some adjustments to the sizes and placements to try and have as many of the stands around pier a and b active/available for AI and to avoid as much of the overlapping issue as possible, as you said the inflated radius on the parkings in MSFS doesn't help at all. Scrapping the airline codes for the remote stands is a good idea and I'll do that as well!
  18. Can you try switching the Online Functionality from "On" -> "Off" then back to "On"?
  19. Which airline is it that's misparked on your end? There are airline codes assigned to the stands, but I'll give them a check.
  20. Hi, this has been fixed for the next scenery update.
  21. Hello, this has been discussed and addressed in the "Airports" section of the forum, as it's not related to the VDGS driver. https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/172070-ebbr-ai-traffic/&do=findComment&comment=1085989
  22. Hi, can both of you open up the aerosoft-vdgs-driver-log.ini file found in the "aerosoft-vdgs-driver" folder and set Verbose=1 Restart the sim and try to open up the VDGS UI once a flight is loaded, then attach the aerosoft-vdgs-driver-log.log file here? @Ryan EIt's also probably a good idea to start your own topic in the VDGS section of the forums as your issue isn't the same as the OP.
  23. Hello, I'll look into adding some more heavy stands in the first update
  24. Hi, can you open up the aerosoft-vdgs-driver-log.ini file found in the "aerosoft-vdgs-driver" folder and set Verbose=1 Restart the sim and try to open up the UI once a flight is loaded, then attach the aerosoft-vdgs-driver-log.log file here? That could point us towards what's wrong.
  25. Do you remember what the error messages said? That would be helpful in figuring out what's wrong
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