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  1. Yes, you can delete the jetways in the AFCAD you edited and use that as the "SODE AFCAD", just save it in the appropriate config tool folder as described in my post above. The only difference between the SODE and ctrl+j afcad is that they include the placement of the jetways, everything else is identical. (would recommend to keep a backup of the unedited files as well, just in case)
  2. EDDK includes two sets of AFCAD's one is using the default ctrl+j jetways and one to be used with SODE jetways. The AFCAD you've edited and attached here includes the placement locations for the ctrl+j jetways, resulting in duplicate jetways when used alongside SODE jetways. The AFCADs used when the configuration tool is set to "SODE jetways only" or "SODE jetways + VGDS" are located here: ...\Configuration Tool\Library\SODE\SODEScenery Here you'll see two folders, "STATIC_AC_1" which includes the AFCAD used when you disable static aircraft and "STATIC_AC_2" which is used when you enable static aircraft. The AFCADs that includes the ctrl+j jetway placements are located here, ...\Configuration Tool\Library\Scenery\STATIC_AC_1 and here, ...\Configuration Tool\Library\Scenery\STATIC_AC_2 Same goes for these two folders, "STATIC_AC_1" is for disabled static aircraft and "STATIC_AC_2" is when they're enabled.
  3. There are updated P3Dv4 version ready for both ENVA and ENGM as well that solve this issue, though the installers hasn't been updated as of yet. I'll check the status on these.
  4. Just so we're clear, the configuration tool seen in your screenshot is set up to install static jetways without animations. If you select "SODE Animated jetways" and click install selected do you still have the issue?
  5. Hi! Can you post your P3D graphics settings (display, world & lighting) so I can try and recreate the issue?
  6. Hi, only the stands around the "main" terminal has jetways, pier south (where you're parked) was built as a temporary terminal while they finished construction on the northern extension of the terminal. So what you see on that screenshot is correct. You do however have duplicate buildings that are not part of the scenery, make sure that you do not have any other add-ons active for that airport.
  7. Hi, it looks like a folder is missing from the install. A quick fix while I update the configuration tool is to navigate to: "...\ConfigTool\Library\SODE\XML\Animations" and create a new folder named "OFF" This should remove the error.
  8. hi! The water is indeed a bit dark, I'll look into this if the photoscenery needs to be recompiled in the future. I've attached a bgl file that should solve the issue with the missing road traffic, place it inside the "...\Vaernes V2.0\Scenery" folder and let me know if that solves your problem. ENVA_Library_CarTraffic.BGL
  9. Hi, the scenery is v5 compatible. Can you verify that this is the content of the SODE folder located here ...\Configuration Tool\Library\SODE The .cfg file is what the configuration tool looks for to verify that the optional SODE files are installed.
  10. Hi Stephen, thanks for the screenshot! It does indeed look like the updated configuration tool files are placed incorrectly, try merging the content of the "Configuration Tool" folder inside the SimObjects folder with the original that's in the sub folder of the Cologne root folder. The update only included changes in the configuration tool, so no other changes should be needed. I'll try and get some info from those that know more of the inner workings of the updater why this is happening.
  11. Also to add to this the configuration tool should be at version 1.3 if the scenery has been updated correctly, not 1.2. With version 1.3 the bottom line in the configuration tool controls both the SODE jetways and VGDS.
  12. Hi, thanks! I'll look into this and update the parking positions based on new layout.
  13. Hi, I've attached a temporary fix for this issue in this post,
  14. Hi, there's an image file that was missing from the update, this zip file includes the missing image. EDDK_1.0.7.5.zip
  15. Hi, It looks like the sim is unable to find the textures needed for Trondheim, is the scenery installed in the "...\Prepar3D v4\Ecosystem\Aerosoft\" folder or in a different location? If you look in the texture folders located here "...\Prepar3D v4\SimObjects\Misc\SODE_ENVA\" you'll find multiple texture.cfg files that you can open in notepad and verify that the paths to the Trondheim Texture folders are correct.
  16. Hi, have you installed Prepar3Dv4 hotfix 2 ( This was an issue present in previous versions causing incorrect display of scenery objects using PBR that was resolved with hotfix 2.
  17. Hi, can you post the photoscenery settings you use in the scenery's configuration tool and also which month the screenshot was taken.
  18. Here's a small update that changes the AFCAD and taxiway signs to the current runway numbers. TromsoX_CurrentRunwayNumbers_2019.zip
  19. And you have P3Dv4.5 hotfix 2 installed? This isn't an elevation issue but an error in the P3D code regarding the placement of the 3D models vertices, as you can see it's not just floating in the air but warped as well. if you havn't installed hotfix 2 I would recommend you to do so.
  20. Hi, I would recommend installing the hotfix 2 for Prepar3Dv4.5 ( since that hotfix resolves some issues related to PBR textures / models in sceneries.
  21. Hi Keith, you'll need to uninstall the previous version before installing
  22. Here's the latest SODE files for EDDK Check if these opens up the C1 and C10 stands, if that's the case the SODE files at simmarket hasn't been updated. Remember to run the scenery configuration tool after updating the SODE files. Aerosoft - EDDK - SODE jetways (v1.08).zip
  23. Hi, if you're using SODE jetways did you also download the latest version of those files?
  24. Hi, what "mesh resolution" setting do you use? Try setting it to 10m or higher and check if the problem is still present.
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