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  1. Hi, the update for EDDM should be available throught the aerosoft updater now. A new full version should be alive tomorrow. Thank you for the input. I tried to make some screenshots corresponding to the real photos of this thread. Main changes are ground (added layers and changed textures like runway), night light (LED lights), greener terminal glass, advertising on jetways, missing hills... Thorsten PS: Gate numbers on jetways is not an easy task as this will need a different jetway model at every gate. Maybe we´ll find a solution, but this cannot be fixed short term.
  2. What happens if you first start the sim with another location, lets say Mallorca and change location later to Munich while in the sim ? If it is OK, save a flight, shut down P3d and fire it up again and load the flight file previously saved for Munich which should work now. Sometimes there are some starting configurations wrong or corrupt which will prevent p3D from starting at a specific location. I still did not figure out the files causing that problem (had it with other airports than Munich in the past). Thorsten
  3. Hi, can you provide some pictures or information of the new AA hangar for us ? Please send to mail[at]sim-wings.de. Thanx in advance. Thorsten
  4. Hi, per default (FSX, P3D) there is no snow season until now. So we did not see any reason to make a snow covered aerial, as it won´t match to the green surrounding. BUT, when the wheather changes to snow (no matter which season) the default landclass textures become white. But not an aerial picture like we used for Heathrow. This is a "bug" since FSX and still existing in P3D. Thorsten
  5. Funfact: They spell it just like that in TFS. Here´s the easy proof from GE You can check yourself at GE. Maybe they have now changed it partly or in general. Will keep it in mind to check for the next update Thorsten
  6. OK, here we go. I attached a zip file containing 2 new excludes that will NOT exclude ORBX streetlights and a darker "Light map" for the Island in case it appears too bright (LP_PHO-Night.bgl) with your settings. All files have the same names like the original ones, so please make a backup... Thorsten GCLP_TESTFILES_NIGHT.zip
  7. About the night appearance: This is a very difficult theme. Unfortunately the user can make a lot of settings (like HDR) that has a huge influence on the brightness of night textures. Also, not making it easier, LM changed the behaviour of the terrain night textures as well (and I guess will change again to make it fit better to PBR materials) Technically: The island´s day textures are mixed at dusk/dawn and night with a "light" map, just containing some "lightpoints" and black. So there is no complete "night texture". Since every individual uses other P3D configurations it could appear
  8. Scenery development is allways painfull. So we are used to it
  9. Yes. All of the sim-wings "professional" airports will get SODE jetways as a download option. Next Airport will be "La Palma", then Heathrow.
  10. Hi, as promised we have made optional SODE jetways for Barcelona Evolution (FSX) and Barcelona pro (P3D V4). You can find them at our support site as a free download: http://www.sim-wings.com/SUPPORT_INDEX.htm Please note: Since SODE is not able to manage multiple sims like p3D and FSX on the same PC: Take care to only install it for one of those sims. Otherwise it could happen that P3D jetways show in FSX or vice versa... Thorsten
  11. Hi, das Update ist eigtl. bloß ein kleines Programm, was in Ultimate Terrain Alaska ein paar Dateien "ausschaltet" die Probleme verursachen. Aber NUR!!!! nötig, wenn man den neusten UT Alaska Patch 1.10 installiert hat. Thorsten
  12. HI, Malaga is definetly on our list. But as you have seen it yourself: Lots of changes have taken place at Malaga Airport. So give us a little bit more time and we´ll have a perfect aerial picture of the new airport to built a entire new and complete scenery. Thorsten, sim-wings
  13. Hi, will have a look into it. Maybe an exclude will help, but have to check it first. The flooded houses are "inside" the Chena River west from the airport? Thorsten, sim-wings
  14. Well, seems like Aerosoft didn´t put the final manual and chart files into the Installer. Sure they´ll fix it soon but I guess we have to wait until monday. I would like to help but I dont have the charts and manual for posting myself. Thorsten, sim-wings
  15. Hi, not sure but please check your scenery.cfg file with a text editor for a strange unreadable entry. Seems like a third party (Non Aerosoft) add on adds these lines to the the scenery.cfg without any reason causing installers to get confused while adding new entries... If you find it difficult to edit the scenery.cfg yourself please mail it to mail(AT)sim-wings.de Thorsten
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