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  1. OK, here we go. I attached a zip file containing 2 new excludes that will NOT exclude ORBX streetlights and a darker "Light map" for the Island in case it appears too bright (LP_PHO-Night.bgl) with your settings. All files have the same names like the original ones, so please make a backup... Thorsten
  2. About the night appearance: This is a very difficult theme. Unfortunately the user can make a lot of settings (like HDR) that has a huge influence on the brightness of night textures. Also, not making it easier, LM changed the behaviour of the terrain night textures as well (and I guess will change again to make it fit better to PBR materials) Technically: The island´s day textures are mixed at dusk/dawn and night with a "light" map, just containing some "lightpoints" and black. So there is no complete "night texture". Since every individual uses other P3D configurations it could appear too bright, OK, or too dark. I´ll suggest Manfred to make a more dark Light map for the Island, in case someone uses a "bright" P3D setting. About "light" points following the streets: We found those very demanding to the FPS and also there a lot of add ons on the market just containing those lights. When you have those lights in Tenerife, than those are from another add on (like ORBX) and not surpressed by an exclude. We´ll have a closer look, maybe we could alter or remove an exclude that hides ORBX streetlights in GC. Thorsten
  3. Will have a look into it on monday. Thorsten
  4. yes, we´ll remove it. When we started the project I thought it is still there but now it is removed. Will be part of next service pack. Thorsten
  5. Hi, I guess that you have a second AFCAD for LEMD active somewhere. This could also cause the flickering of the RWY you mentioned in another thread. Please check for any other Afcad file or any othe add on conflicting at that area. If not: which AI-aircrafts are you using? I use UT-Live and everything is right in place at T4. Thorsten
  6. Madrid Pro Hotfix for GSX and optional "All RWYs open" afcad together with an updated version of our confuguration tool (third afcad option) are available now at our support page: Thorsten
  7. Could you post a screenshot of the GCHI Configuration tool, when you open it (GCHIconfig.exe) ?
  8. Scenery development is allways painfull. So we are used to it
  9. Released. Please download Anchorage Professional 1.10 at your shop account. Don´t forget to update SODE jetways as well, if using them. new version for 1.10 at our support site: Changelog (compared to initial release 1.0): 1.02: When using a mesh resolution of 1 m together with FTX SAK strange artefacts (mesh) were visible close to RWY 14 of PANC. Textures showing wrong runway numbers. When using FTX SAK Lake Hood surface was uneven. NavdataPro charts for PANC were missing. 1.10: Now with runway 07R extension with change of PAPI, approach lights, runway lights and aerial picture Reduced intensity of dynamic lights at international terminal Better integration in FTX SAK terrain to solve elevation problems at Anchorage city and elsewhere Correction of DME location for ILS approaches Removed hard surface obstacles at Lake hood Redesigned configtool
  10. Yes. All of the sim-wings "professional" airports will get SODE jetways as a download option. Next Airport will be "La Palma", then Heathrow.
  11. Hi, as promised we have made optional SODE jetways for Barcelona Evolution (FSX) and Barcelona pro (P3D V4). You can find them at our support site as a free download: Please note: Since SODE is not able to manage multiple sims like p3D and FSX on the same PC: Take care to only install it for one of those sims. Otherwise it could happen that P3D jetways show in FSX or vice versa... Thorsten
  12. Hi, afaik you also get Barcelona Evolution for FSX when you have bought the P3D Pro version. It should show at your account. Or am I wrong?
  13. Hi, we have been very busy over the last week and weekend to manage the "Rwy-Extension" update and to fix the FTX SAK problems which showed up. Expect a 1.10 Version of Anchorage professional very soon. See new RWY at the attached screenshot. Btw: Anything changed in PAFA Fairbanks that we could could incidentally overlook for our Pro version? Thorsten
  14. Bert, you have to turn on "3D Buildings" in GE, than (and only than) GE shows you an actual picture of RWY 07R.
  15. 07R RWY extension will come as a patch. We were focused mainly on the technical adaption of the scenery and my fault was to compare it with GE pictures which showed me no actual RWY extension but now (fancy: only on some computers) I can see the allreay finished extension in GEand of course at actual charts.
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