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  1. Have you flown a CRJ to compare it to something, though? This is all kinda moot, is simmers can only really have previous sims as a baseline.
  2. Good to hear that it's been resolved! I was seriously wondering how Hans had programmed the curve and was contemplating lending a hand in building him a FADEC, but I'm happy to hear the issue was a lot simpler than that!
  3. Was asked to add to this: the displays all freeze when full forward elevator is applied. In this example, climb power is applied but you can see N1 is at 21% on the CAS (the sim isn't frozen, and the engines were most definitely producing climb power. I'm also getting cautions about takeoff config):
  4. This is a bit of a bizarre one: When I moved my joystick (Microsoft Sidewinder FF2) to its absolute forward limit, the screens all freeze. Here's an example of the aircraft on the apron with controls full forward, then applying takeoff power: Then when I bring the joystick back from max fwd: Is it possible that maybe there's a bug on the flight control page that's causing this? E.g., the display being programmed for axis range -1.00 to 0.99 but not 1.00? I don't know how you coded your gauges though, but if it's that simple this could be an easy bug to fix:
  5. As shown in the screenshots below, the strobing of the beacon light is visible in the cockpit, more specifically on the limitations placard: EDIT: More specifically, this is with v1.0.0.1. I'm not sure if this was present in v1.0.0.0
  6. One more; this one I took with faster reaction times, but the planes slipped in Google Earth before I could take the snapshot. Once again, you see the same thing; the traffic is displayed on the ND at half the actual distance.
  7. Tried to take a better picture. Actual distance of 7.4 miles, ND shows roughly 4 miles. Mild inaccuracy as the planes kept moving while I was taking these screenshots over the course of maybe 10 seconds? : EDIT: Another one: in the exterior view I can see the aircraft is right over the threshold of the runway shown in the ND. The TCAS target however is halfway between me and the runway:
  8. It's a general thing with aircraft. There's a minimum-drag speed for every aircraft, below which going slower means needing more power to maintain speed. This speed corresponds to the minimum hold speed, which is in the VSpeeds PDF that comes with in the Documentation section.
  9. Can confirm this works by pressing the ENTER pushbutton. This doesn't seem like the correct way to do it, however...according to the manual (Vol 5), pressing "ACT" is what should activate the standby mode.
  10. Not sure if this is because of v1.0.0.1 or if this only existed from the start. Pressing the "ACT" button in this scenario doesn't cause the active mode to switch from Primary to VMC. This is an issue in all the possible standby modes; I can't get the HGS to switch to any more other than PRI. This may be a system issue, but I also heard apparently the animations were unassigned during a model export in making v1.0.0.1, so maybe the "ACT" button get deassigned too? Other than that and the BRT+DIM- buttons, all the other buttons on the HGS Control Panel work as expe
  11. This issue is still not resolved. I took this picture with v1.0.0.1, showing the same issue: targets only display the vertical distance in hundreds of feet, but not whether they're above or below me: And yes, the TCAS is in REL mode, not ABS.
  12. The above ND display shows a picture with traffic at my level approximately 1.5-2 miles in front of me. When using FSX Google Earth Tracker (which still works with MSFS), the measuring tool measures 3.5 miles between my aircraft and the other. This issue is prevalent in Rose and Arc mode. TCAS distances are only half of what they should be. The FSX CRJ had exactly the same issue.
  13. When flying in Mach mode, the bug on the speedtape (only used as a visual reference) is in an apparently incorrect position: The Mach bug is set to Mach 0.78 The aircraft Mach number is Mach 0.782 The Mach number is higher than the bug mach number, so you'd think that the arrow on the speedtape would be above the bug: Lo and behold however, the arrow is below the bug. The speedtape isn't in the incorrect position relative to the bug when IAS mode is enabled: My interpretation is that, in Mach mode, the speed bug is trying to "snap" up
  14. Not sure if I can add to this topic, but a similar issue exists for the cockpit with the ground power cart's yellow rotating beacon. This light seems to leak through the cockpit sides and illuminate the insides of the cockpit. This isn't coming through the windows: it seems the cockpit panels allow light to go through one way:
  15. I see some general improvements in N1 change commands with the new update during climb and cruise adjustments. However, the descend phase N1 movements still needs improvement. Some steps to recreate it: Get to cruise altitude of FL400 Begin a 2500 fpm descent At various points, make minor thrust lever adjustments You'll note that at some points the thrust lever commands simply do not correspond to logical N1 changes. I've seen N1 snapping (in one instance I think it was as bad as a 10% N1 snap), reverse sensing (decrease thrust lever position causes an in
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