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  1. When moving the yoke and almost immediately pressing the A/P disconnect button (quarter-second delay, possibly less), the CRJ's sounds almost entirely stop. The only way to get the sound to return is to cycle the autopilot on and off to get the A/P disconnect sound to play again. Moving the yoke disconnects the autopilot, and my autopilot disconnect button is on my joystick, so the sloppy button push is how I discovered this issue.
  2. 1) Which cabin rate is actually valid, 200 or 300 fpm?: 2) Emergency depress is very ineffective. 3) When cabin rate manual is selected, the manual controls don't seem to do anything. 4) Doors open doesn't immediately depressurize the aircraft 5) There's no master warning for when the aircraft is over-underpressurized (i.e., delta P falls below -0.5 PSID) 6) EXTRA: This mess happened in the left primary display. I'm not sure what it's actually supposed to look like, but I think the text isn't supposed to overlap like that:
  3. That's true if the discontinuity is in the middle of the route... ...but then how do you eliminate this discontinuity if it has nothing after it? Then to the DEP/ARR page to select the KAYLN1 departure off 04R: Hit execute, then to the legs page: You can't delete the discontinuity, you can't put anything in front of it, you can't put anything in it, and like I said at the start of the topic, if you try hard enough to eliminate it on the LEGS page, you crash the sim. I know you're trying to be helpful by telling me how it's supposed to be done, but I don't need help in figuring out how to make the flightplan in the MCDU, I'm trying to raise awareness of the fact that there's a trailing discontinuity, and that it's possible to CTD the sim.
  4. 64 bit simulators. Hands down. It's such a simple change, but opened up possibility for lots of innovative features that would have otherwise been memory-prohibitive.
  5. Then how do you eliminate that trailing discontinuity? That's what I'm talking about, an attempt to delete the discontinuity in the legs page breaks the legs page. If you try to fix the damage by deleting the elements, it breaks the simulator and causes a CTD. And I know it's the wrong way to do things, I'm bringing up two topics here: 1) There's a trailing discontinuity that can't be erased 2) It's possible to CTD the sim very easily. EDIT: To clarify, I thought this was an experimental update. It's not, I also have installed.
  6. When filing a flight (in this example, KDTW to KBUF) into the FMS, I would go through the following sequence: Enter origin, destination, alternate, and flight number Go to the DEP/ARR page and select the appropriate departure and runway Go back to the route page (NOTE: At this point, the route will show the departure procedure and transition, but the next line will be a discontinuity) Enter the next waypoint (DKK) into the discontinuity line (NOTE: The discontinuity will just move to the next line This time, I decided to try something different to get rid of the discontinuity line: Go to the LEGS page Copy the "DKK" line and paste it into the discontinuity (didn't work) Paste it ahead of the discontinuity (NOTE: At this point, the original DKK line disappeared and is replaced with DIRECT) After the above, I tried entering DKK into the blank DIRECT line that was created, which made the direct line disappear. Tried it again, and the sim crashed. If needed, I could recreate it. Obviously won't try again unless specifically asked to... This is FSX, with the experimental update as of today. Attached are the error dump files from the above. fsx_62615_crash_2019_4_19T15_53_58C0.mdmp fsx_62615_crash_2019_4_19T15_54_33C1.mdmp
  7. amahran

    APU Fuel Burn?

    What's the APU fuel burn modeled to be? It seems awfully high, I'm estimating around 600-800 lbs/hr, but that seems unreasonably high, even for large jetliners.
  8. Wasn't aware that that's a possibility. I'd like to hear from the Dev's first if we're allowed to do that as customers, or if that counts as reverse engineering the product (violation of the EULA?).
  9. It would be nice if CPT Standard was immediately followed by FO Standard in the cockpit view listings: That way, it would be possible to toggle between the Captain and FO views by using "A" and "F9" keys respectively.
  10. The brake temperatures climb immediately after landing, but the heat never dissipates over time, no matter how long the aircraft is parked for. It usually takes 3 or 4 flights for the BRAKE OVHT warning to show up. Not sure if it's just an issue on my system, because I googled the issue and can't find anyone else complaining about it. This is with the latest experimental update.
  11. KCMH, gate C52, with the KCMH addon here. That was the CRJ-900, parked with the nose wheel right on the tee. Man, that was hard to remember!
  12. As shown here: When copied and pasted into the set pos line, it throws out an "INVALID ENTRY" error. Actual position shown in the debug line is N39 59.99' W82 53.16' EDIT: When the position shown in the debug line is typed out into the SET POS line, it sets. However, it will also show 60.00.
  13. Sorry, should have mentioned this was all being done on Ground Power. Netflix is a bad habit when flying, but you get the idea lol
  14. When flying the CRJ online, I typically set the aircraft up from cold and dark, and work my way up on ground power up to just before starting the APU. Usually, the full flow, and sitting around at home and texting on facebook, watching netflix, etc., usually takes about half an hour to an hour before I start my APU. In this timeframe, I tend to notice that, at some point around the half-hour mark, the radio I had tuned to a controller frequency just dies out. I can't receive or transmit on this frequency. There are no visible system changes in the CRJ when that happens. This persists until I start the APU. Once the APU is online, the radio comes back to life. I don't observe any visible system changes. This was done with FSX, on VATSIM, with vPilot, with the latest update for the CRJ as of today. I don't observe the same behavior with other addon aircraft.
  15. When zoomed out from far enough away, the nav lights have this weird static-y looking square around them: When zoomed back in, the ground illumination seems normal: This is with the latest CRJ update. Never noticed it before then.
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