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  1. This specific MSFS user is asking about if and how slats are simulated in MSFS, or in the CRJ. As long as the end result is predictable and not absurd, I'm fine either way.
  2. The hot question of the day at the MSFS forums is: “Does the CRJ simulate slats?” Not gonna lie, the question never crossed my mind, but I guess it’s valid. Does the MSFS SDK provide the tools required to simulate the effects of slat deployment? Is it any different than simulating flap deployment?
  3. I would concur, but go further and say that that’s the reflection of the sun on the interior mirrors of the nav light assembly (with the main central LED assembly in the middle not being lit because it’s, well, not reflective).
  4. These images are gigantic and amazing. You are far too nice to us lowly customers, Mathijs 💕
  5. Maybe you should simulate a baby crying like a demon possessed it every few flights. That would certainly spice things up for customers 🙃 Maybe intermittently heard every time the FA opens the door to give us coffee? I’m having too much fun thinking about the possibilities now lol
  6. I will actually contend with this from my own observations, though I would rather let the experts here (Aerosoft) step in if they see anything I'm writing is wrong. The system depth is dependent only on the depth that the developers put in. I've been passively engaged with FlyByWire watching them develop the A320, and there are systems they've integrated themselves which are mind-blowing (things I personally haven't seen to that level of detail in previous simulators). Not only that, but they're designing their own Autopilot and FADEC from scratch to entirely replace the default A320's systems
  7. I didn’t even notice that the back of the spoiler was a 3D model until you mentioned it just now! To be honest, I think Aerosoft should keep it that way; it’s that level of subtle modelling detail that I think really makes the aircraft stand out in quality. Plus, I think aircraft models in MSFS are far more capable in terms of rendering more polygons than older sims? Though I could be wrong, someone might correct me on that...
  8. Any new word or updates, or perhaps some teaser screenshots? I’m certain a majority of the flight sim community are holding their collective breaths in anticipation. 🙂
  9. Looking forward to this in addition to the CRJ that's on the way. If anyone's concerned about the turboprops in MSFS and how the model isn't accurate (e.g., torque rising with altitude), there are community mods out there that fix the issues, so issues with turboprop modeling seem to be aircraft specific, not simulator limitations. I'm confident Aerosoft will present an accurate flight model on release.
  10. Ah I’ve only ever used the FSX version, which wasn’t curved if I remember correctly. Nice to see all these little details, it keeps reminding me that this is a living and breathing product line!
  11. Those screens don't look flat! Is that a CRT curvature that's modelled into these screens? Or are my eyes deceiving me? EDIT: This one in particular, looks a little "bubbled":
  12. Questions on this topic: When an Aerosoft product is bought on the MSFS Marketplace, does your Aerosoft account reflect ownership of this addon? What if the email address used for MSFS is the same as the Aerosoft email? What if the emails are different? What if someone bought the product on the Aerosoft online shop? What if the email address used for MSFS is the same as the Aerosoft email? What if the emails are different? Does Aerosoft have a preference regarding what their customers do?
  13. Cleaner than aircraft I've seen off final assembly lines 😎
  14. Eagerly waiting for this one, the second it comes out I'll be flying it a lot! I have three questions that everyone else may also have in mind: 1) Do you have an idea of the pricing strategy for customers who have already bought the CRJ for FSX or for P3D? I know it's a bit early in the project to be 100% sure of the pricing just yet, but a rough idea may be a comfort to people 2) Will this be made available in the MSFS marketplace? How will that work with connecting it to people's existing Aerosoft accounts if the email address they use for their Microsoft Account differ
  15. I'm curious to see how difficult model generation would be in the new SDK. One thing that turned me away from FS Development was how difficult it was to "hand-sculpt" something in GMax and export the model in FSX. Granted, I was 15 at the time I tried and didn't have much patience. I hope some easier development tools are available for users to build their own "addons" without difficult uptake. Not sure if Aerosoft can comment on that just yet, though, given the NDA in place.
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