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  1. Questions on this topic: When an Aerosoft product is bought on the MSFS Marketplace, does your Aerosoft account reflect ownership of this addon? What if the email address used for MSFS is the same as the Aerosoft email? What if the emails are different? What if someone bought the product on the Aerosoft online shop? What if the email address used for MSFS is the same as the Aerosoft email? What if the emails are different? Does Aerosoft have a preference regarding what their customers do?
  2. Cleaner than aircraft I've seen off final assembly lines 😎
  3. Eagerly waiting for this one, the second it comes out I'll be flying it a lot! I have three questions that everyone else may also have in mind: 1) Do you have an idea of the pricing strategy for customers who have already bought the CRJ for FSX or for P3D? I know it's a bit early in the project to be 100% sure of the pricing just yet, but a rough idea may be a comfort to people 2) Will this be made available in the MSFS marketplace? How will that work with connecting it to people's existing Aerosoft accounts if the email address they use for their Microsoft Account differs from their aerosoft email address? 3) Will all the existing systems that have already been modelled in previous releases be fully functional and incorporated? Or will compromises have to be made for the initial release? From what I'm hearing it sounds thorough and complete, but that extra reassurance will be comforting to hear from you.
  4. I'm curious to see how difficult model generation would be in the new SDK. One thing that turned me away from FS Development was how difficult it was to "hand-sculpt" something in GMax and export the model in FSX. Granted, I was 15 at the time I tried and didn't have much patience. I hope some easier development tools are available for users to build their own "addons" without difficult uptake. Not sure if Aerosoft can comment on that just yet, though, given the NDA in place.
  5. RESOLVED: Went to the FSX/Fonts older and right clicked glassga, and installed the font. Restarted my computer. Would recommend this method to anyone that has this issue with the ND. You can mark this as closed now.
  6. Bumping this, any thoughts? I recently formatted my boot drive and lost all my data, so I reinstalled FSX:SE , and installed the Airbus's as recommended: Restart the computer Don't start steam (for FSX:SE) (for this part, I stopped all background programs from running) Run the installer Restart your computer And this is what I have on my ND now. I don't know how to resolve this; it seems like a font pack is missing. If you know what font it is, would it be possible to just give me the font file so I can manually install it myself? I know how to do so... EDIT: This is for Windows 10
  7. I recently upgraded my OS from Windows 7 64bit to Windows 10, and now I have the fonts on the ND appearing as shown: All are normal except for some ND text. Last time I had funky ND fonts, I was asked to make sure that glassga.ttf is installed. However, this time, it is. Does anyone have any thoughts as to which font is missing, or what the problem is? I could reinstall the bus, but that's a last resort I want to avoid unless there's no other clear fix.
  8. Bumping this old thread, I'm finding the same issue: A plane shown on the TCAS in the format on the left is twice as close as it actually is. The display scale for traffic on the left is incorrect and should be corrected.
  9. I don't think so in the case I'm seeing, the problem I have is that the cabin alt doesn't climb (i.e., cabin altitude remains at 0 feet, and the delta P keeps rising). I haven't been able to recreate it yet.
  10. This sums up my experience with the pressurization issues as well. It's difficult to document into a condensed step-by-step list because it's such an inconsistent and non-repeatable problem. I'm trying to see if it has to do with cycling the packs or Bleed Air switch on the ground, maybe that's confusing the ECS system?
  11. I want to add that the ECS diagnostic page shows the packs to be on, even though the cabin altitude doesn't change. In my case, after take-off, the cabin altitude remains at the airport altitude and doesn't climb to 8000', and in my case I leave the packs on "AUTO" after engine shutdown through preflight, pre-start, after start, and take-off. I think michale's is the opposite, that the cabin isn't pressurizing.
  12. When moving the yoke and almost immediately pressing the A/P disconnect button (quarter-second delay, possibly less), the CRJ's sounds almost entirely stop. The only way to get the sound to return is to cycle the autopilot on and off to get the A/P disconnect sound to play again. Moving the yoke disconnects the autopilot, and my autopilot disconnect button is on my joystick, so the sloppy button push is how I discovered this issue.
  13. 1) Which cabin rate is actually valid, 200 or 300 fpm?: 2) Emergency depress is very ineffective. 3) When cabin rate manual is selected, the manual controls don't seem to do anything. 4) Doors open doesn't immediately depressurize the aircraft 5) There's no master warning for when the aircraft is over-underpressurized (i.e., delta P falls below -0.5 PSID) 6) EXTRA: This mess happened in the left primary display. I'm not sure what it's actually supposed to look like, but I think the text isn't supposed to overlap like that:
  14. That's true if the discontinuity is in the middle of the route... ...but then how do you eliminate this discontinuity if it has nothing after it? Then to the DEP/ARR page to select the KAYLN1 departure off 04R: Hit execute, then to the legs page: You can't delete the discontinuity, you can't put anything in front of it, you can't put anything in it, and like I said at the start of the topic, if you try hard enough to eliminate it on the LEGS page, you crash the sim. I know you're trying to be helpful by telling me how it's supposed to be done, but I don't need help in figuring out how to make the flightplan in the MCDU, I'm trying to raise awareness of the fact that there's a trailing discontinuity, and that it's possible to CTD the sim.
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