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  1. With the kind help of Ulrich and Uwe I was able to setup a new build of EDDH which excludes these trees. A new Version will be available for download soon (on monday I guess) Mit freundlicher Unterstützung von Ulrich und Uwe konnte ich eine EDDH Version generieren, die die Bäume unterdrückt. Bald wird eine neue Vollversion zum Download zur Verfügung stehen. Ich denke mal am Montag, wenn der neue Installer fertig sein wird Nochmals vielen Dank allen Beteiligten Thorsten
  2. Hi, the shimmering is caused by MSFS. When a lot of vertical or horizontal lines are present MSFS starts to display a shadow "moiré" artefact that looks like shimmering. Nothing that I can solve despite removing the hangar door and roof details... Thorsten
  3. Update: Habe jetzt eine content.xml bekommen. Danke. Wir versuchen jetzt das Problem zu identifizieren.
  4. Hallo, ich stehe auch vor einem Rätsel, wo die Bäume herkommen. Könnte ich bitte die CONTENT.XML aus dem Verzeichnis "user"/AppData/Local/Packages/Microsoft.Flghtsimulatorxxxxxxxxxxx/LocalCache bekommen um mal querzuchecken, was da reinfunken könnte ? Gern auch per mail an mail[at]sim-wings.de. Ich habe bei mir Hamburg in der content.xml (definiert quasi die Reihenfolge) ganz nach oben, in die Mitte und ganz nach unten gestellt: Keine Bäume. Daher muss ich von irgendeiner bis dato unbekannten Wechselwirkung ausgehen. Wir stellen da jedenfalls keine Bäume hin, die müssen entweder aus irgendeinem Grund aus der Default Umgebung kommen -oder- aus einem anderen Add On. Ultimo Ratio könnten ich versuchen ein Exclude für die Bäume zu kreieren, nur wie weit will man da gehen? Passen denn die Bäume außerhalb des Aprons, z.B. bei der Autobahn oder stehen überall falsche Bäume rum ? Ein Exclude würde ja auch die "richtigen" Bäume fällen. Gruß Thorsten
  5. At the moment we all have three choices: 1: Rename the add on´s *.cgl file to *.OFF or whatever that it will not be loaded (This file contains the custom aerial pictures of the add ons) Downside: You have to do this for EVERY airport you use or maybe you´ll fly over during your flight. Mainly in central Europe. And you`ll have the default Bing aerial at your airport that may not match to the airport layout because it`s outdated or has wrong colors or else. or 2: Turn the use of Bing maps off (The global solution) Downside: No global aerial pictures or 3: Wait until ASOBO gets this fixed. In two days a huge update is planned. I`m sorry, but I do not see any other solutions so far. We developer cannot change anything as the aerials (*.CGL) are compiled with ASOBO SDK tools. Nothing we could change or influence at all. And a lot of products from several different developers are affected. There is no difference if the add on is bought from the MS marketplace or elsewhere. All versions are affected. Thorsten
  6. Joe reports from Norway that everything works fine. No CTD with Munich, Trondheim or else. With Bing aerials on. So It seems to me to be locally bing server related, maybe some corrupted files that are downloaded at startup. Who knows....
  7. Ok, maybe there are some faulty Bing files distrubuted by the Server. Maybe only on some servers. Anyone with CTD could use a VPN set to USA or elsewere to see if the fault is related to German or European Server (if MS does provide more than one server for MSFS, but I guess so) ?
  8. Good find. I also thought about faulty Bing data delivered and causing the crash as this interferes with aerials.
  9. Thanks for the report. Question: Do all users with the new CTD use a German language setting of Win 10 ?
  10. Have tested with and without the WIN10 update. No difference. It was my first thought as well.
  11. Which ones ? Any of the ones I listed like Trondheim or Paderborn ? Any of those airports working does come with custom aerial ground ? Curious to know that I maybe find a reason why Munich and others stopped working this morning. Thorsten
  12. Gentlemen, something strange has happened to MSFS this morning. It will not display a lot of aerial sceneries used for airports like Munich, Trondheim, Paderborn, Hamburg (in development) for instance and cause CTDs when starting from the menu. Flying to the airport is sometimes possible but not allways. I actually do not know what happened to MSFS, but until yesterday everything was perfectly fine. Today we can reproduce the CTD error on several systems with several airport from different devs. It could be related to the regions (canary airports are still fine), or size of aerial files or whatever. Only ASOBO knows what has changed in the background. As soon as we know what happened to the sim and what we can do from our side we´ll do everything possible to solve this problem. Thorsten
  13. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  14. With Version 1.02 the CTD problem of EDDM 1.0 and 1.01 in combination with other add ons has been solved. Please install EDDM full version 1.02. The "test file" is again removed from our server, and as Oliver wrote: 1.01 + testfile does not equal 1.02 as we had changed some additional directory names to avoid possible conflicts.
  15. Hello, I thought this will happen simultaneously. Seems not to be the case. I put the testfile onto the server again: http://www.sim-wings.de/SUPPORT_EDDM_MSFS.htm If you dont see the download link refresh your browser plz. Thorsten
  16. Update: Full Installer EDDM 1.02 is now available at your account and the test file is removed from server
  17. Hello, a big thank you to all for your testing and patience. It was no easy task, but I´m very glad that this issue is finally fixed. I have uploaded a new EDDM 1.02 final build to Aerosoft for a new full Installer which will be alive in your customer account soon. (Maybe with a short delay due to new years eve) Meanwhile the "test patch" will remain on our server as a "hot fix" for those who have CTD problems. Thorsten All the best for 2021 !
  18. Hello, we have been working hard for the last 4 days to find the possible culprit causing CDT´s on a few machines. Unfortunately we cannot reproduce this error at ANY of ours or our collegues´PCs. So we are a little bit "blind" in case of testing. I have setup a test patch file for those having a CTD to test if the problem is gone. Please follow the instructions at our webpage or within the *.rar file for installation. Download: http://www.sim-wings.de/SUPPORT_EDDM_MSFS.htm Please report here
  19. ok, forget about the driver. I found out that in my case it´s a faulty power supply. About KeyWest: I bougth and installed it. Still no problem, can use EDDM without any problems so far
  20. Hi, yes there may be some interference with other products. But for EDDM I must say there´s nothing special that is outside the SDK. Of course we´ll try to nail it dow but we need your support, since I do not have all add ons and no errors at all. And maybe it´s not related to a specific add on, just to the sim. @Aerofly81 or others: I dont know if that´s possible for you: But could you install an older NVDIA driver or just use the Microsoft one that comes with windows? Since I dicovered a huge problem with 460.86 with the sim itself (GTX1080 ti without EDDM) that restarts my PC it could be driver related. EDDM uses some amount of memory, maybe it exceeds a virtual barrier with that unstable driver ? For further testing (if driver did not solve it): - dissable any AI or teamplayer traffic if that did not help: -move the /simwings-eddm/CGL directory to a different place (this will remove the aerial picture which is the biggest file) and see if it crashes. -restore CGL and remove /simobject the same way (will remove the animated jetways and other animations) -restore simobjects -move /scenery the same way and see if it crashes (I need to kow were to search for interferences) if there is no progress: remove temporarily every other add on in community and official and just use EDDM Please report to mail[at]sim-wings.de Thorsten In the meantime I have to make some tests with the "other" sceneries
  21. OK, thanx for the info. One new discovery from my side: The new Nvidia 460.86 Driver leads to immediate crashes of MSFS (PC reboots itself) when choosing SNOW weather preset or Storm. This happens at default airports. Not EDDM related, it wasn´t even installed. And randomly (98 out of 100). And maybe also in other situations. I rolled back to 456.71 and got no crash. I´ll try to follow this thread, but support will be a bit limited the coming days due to holiday season. Frohes Fest!
  22. Have tested the ILS of 26L (with the new MSFS update as this is mandatory) and I cannot see a missalignment.
  23. It means that did NOT place our own ILS into the scenery because it is considered to be buggy and may cause CDT (according to MSFS developer Forum) and this has to be fixed by ASOBO first. Also there is a big misconception in the MSFS Design about true and magnetic heading used for ILS which could couse wrong ILS behaviours. ALL navaids (included ILS) when flying to Munich are stock MSFS or from a seperate source you use. Since the RWY is at the same position as at the stock RWY the LOC problem should also occour without the EDDM add on. Will check that with the new mandtory MSFS update of today.
  24. possibly. Easy test: Move temporarily everything in the community directory despite EDDM to a different folder , so that it is the only add on in your community folder. If you have too much add on rename the comunity folder to something like COMMUNITYOFF and mak a new folder community contaimimg EDDM only. Thorsten (will get back on this tomorrow)
  25. yes, I understand. But I can asure that we had tested it on several PC´s without any problems and it could be a random error by MSFS causing CDT. And this is a hard nut to crack. Another test please: - Activate Developer Mode in General settings of MSFS. - Start MSFS again and choose ANY airport despite EDDM as a starting place and start the flight until you are at the choosen airport Now with dev mode you have got some new menu entries on top: - choose "WINDOWS" and than "TELEPORT WINDOW", now a new menu comes up. - enter EDDM as Icao code and click "Go to ICAO" Plz report if sim is able to port you to EDDM or if it crashes.
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