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  1. Hi there, I would not call it sad. Maybe we have some news for some customers soon..... Stay tuned! Greetings, Marius
  2. Hi there, At this moment no one has the Honeycomb products in stock. Unfortunately, we can't say who will be the first to deliver new orders as we don't know how many pre-orders a shop in the UK has. Greetings, Marius
  3. Don´t worry, Honeycomb is still working and we are in contact nearly every single day! Greetings, Marius
  4. I have updated your Aerosoft customer account and manually registered the SMS verification. Greetings, Marius
  5. Good morning together, I think you have already seen it. So far, all packages arrived in the UK and the tracking status has changed. Unfortunately, UPS could not tell me the reason for the delay - however, I am glad that the packages are soon with you! Greetings, Marius
  6. okay.... regarding the delivery problem: As promised I´ll take care of every single UK customer facing the problem. Unfortunately, we already had the same problem in April. The packages are in Herne-Boernig (Germany). Together with Mr. M. (don´t want to mention his name) we expect to sort it out soon, but I could need YOUR help as well. If you have the same problem, please write a short email to info@aerosoft.com incl. your order number and please use the following Subject: "UK-UPS Herne-Boernig" With my database I could already find a lot of tracking numbers, but I am su
  7. Correct, this was the "last" container. Unfortunately, I cannot give you a number, but I can tell you that so far no order has been cancelled. Give me a few minutes, have the call with UPS right now! Greetings, Marius
  8. We received the container last week. Customers affected by the delivery received an email over 3 weeks ago. Greetings, Marius
  9. Of course, this is really important. Unfortunately, many parcels are stuck / delayed, even though all import fees have been paid. However, as mentioned I will take care of it! Greetings, Marius
  10. You are not alone. We have some customers with the same problem, but I am on it. I have another call with UPS this afternoon. I can guarantee you that the parcel is not lost! Greetings, Marius
  11. I'm not sure how it is legally regulated in the UK, but if a retailer cannot deliver, it is unfortunately their right to cancel the order. I unfortunately had the same case with an Apple HomePod just a few weeks ago. The payment cleared (no problem at all for me) and a few weeks later the shop has cancelled the order because "the product is not available". I'm keeping my fingers crossed that this is not the case! Greetings, Marius
  12. Hallo, uns wurde kurzfristig eine Lieferung für morgen / übermorgen angekündigt. Wie viele Kunden am Ende beliefert werden können, steht leider noch aus. Bestellungen vom 06. Januar werden jedoch auf jeden Fall ausgeliefert. Viele Grüße Marius
  13. Please drop an email to info@aerosoft.com so we can send you the email you should have received three weeks ago again! Greetings, Marius
  14. Hello there, three weeks ago you should have received an email with an expected month. Right now, we don´t have a fixed date for orders placed back in March 2021, but we´ll keep you informed.
  15. Hi there, thank you for asking - yes, my vacation was good! Your ticket is on my other monitor, I´ll personally take care of it asap. Greetings, Marius
  16. Hello together, I hope you are doing well. My vacation "unfortunately" continued a bit longer, which is why I can only comment on it today. Let me try to answer all your questions: This is the same as with the shipments before. UPS and also DHL cannot pick up all packages on the same day. I am sure your tracking has been updated or is already with you. If not, please let me know, so I am able to investigate. I totally understand that! To be honest, neither we nor Honeycomb know why Amazon cancels orders, especially when customers have been waiting so long. I
  17. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. Hello Theinvoker, The delays do not affect the Throttle Pack for now. We expect the first delivery this month. Greetings, Marius
  19. Hello, if you prefer a refund, please let us know! Of course you get the payment back within 48h. Greetings, Marius
  20. Thank you for letting us know. Since we couldn't find any email, we checked the spam folder once and unfortunately your email was marked as spam for no reason. We can only apologize for the late reply. I guarantee, it normally does not take so long! Greetings, Marius
  21. Hi Kev. and welcome to our forum! Without a date from the manufacturer and the shipping company it is simply impossible to answer. In any case, some time pass. Place an order with the payment method "payment in advance via bank transfer" so you do not get charged during the checkout. As always, you can cancel your pre-order at any time, no matter what payment method you used. Greetings, Marius
  22. Good morning Yannick, Let me check our inbox. You can expect my answer within the next few minutes. Greetings, Marius PS: I deleted the screenshot from your post, because it shows your full email address.
  23. You get the tracking number within the next 2 hours. You can find your package on the picture above. Greetings, Marius
  24. There is a problem, indeed... Something went wrong with your payment. Could you please send me an email to info@aerosoft.com incl your order number? We´ll sort this out asap!
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