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  1. Will release after SU6 which is late October so more likely November but nobody knows for sure.
  2. It's a mystery wrapped in a riddle inside an enigma for sure but let's continue to search for the truth.
  3. Someone (who likes red wine) said (above) "also [the answer] to the question when the Twotter will be released." I wonder what Twotter he was talking about?
  4. I think that you missed the LOL in his message - i.e. Mathijs was using sarcasm or humor in his response which I think you may have missed. Relax, it will be here soon.
  5. And it is still an abomination to put a glass cockpit in a Dehavilland Twin Otter.
  6. Is this project in the beta testing phase now? Is there a need for more beta testers? John
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