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  1. Just picked up the CRJ after some time, again, to see what's going on.. I've joined a HOLD and let the AP doing its thing. Well... I hope did something wrong myself. And if it's my fault what was it?
  2. Always been using the in-sim real time weather. I'm now in cruise with the FBW A20N and, for comparsion, the climbing performance was on par with the simbrief profile.
  3. After quite some time I finally have time to frequently fly this bird and, apart for the usually minor problems already on the radar, a constant has now raised my attention. Some months and a couple of updates, both sim and aircraft wise, have passed and while I use the same vnav profile for the climb (250/290/.74) the climbing performance looks always too good. Back then the performance was super on point compared to the simbrief flightplan and also with real life flightradar comparsions. Now I always reach TOC way earlier. No matter the ISA or the weights. Do you also find this difference?
  4. Maybe is a stupid question but were the Packs ON? Since the last update after engine start the relative button should say OFF and nothing when the button is pressed. Before it was easier to forget to turn them on. And quite frankly even now I forgot once, I blame the rust since it was a while
  5. Are those extras linked to the PA or chime buttons? I've tried after landing, following the checklist, to mess a bit with the radio knobs and the PA selector and the PA/chime/call buttons but nothing. Those buttons, if I recall right, used to light up when pressed now I can only hear the clicking sound. If there are no system related problems would you toss a clue on how it works to an avsim noob like me, pretty please?
  6. I'm too new to the flightsimming world and boy the CRJ was a steep learning curve. I'd say that at the beginning more or less than 70% mistakes were mine and the other 30% of the bird and/or msfs I've spent hours watching videos, following real crj pilots streams, tried and failed myself while trying to follow the correct procedures, flows and checklists. I've become better and so the bird with the patches. I'll improve even more and I believe the thing will improve too also because the sim is new and some features, both in game or in the devs tools, are quite in beta. Hell some are still in alpha if not even missing. Take your time and be patient for also more updates. Don't take it bad but I do think some of your problems with the bird are cause by something you missed. Like maybe posting in the general discussion instead of here (sorry... I had to make this joke)
  7. There is also the FL150 sandwiches being served. Which since the 1.4 can be disabled. "Added "Low cost carrier" mode for PA and FD announcements (no drinks, no coffee, no sandwiches)" But, since you have raised the question about the scripts, that makes me wonder where is my beverage or coffee? Am i being scammed?
  8. Thrustmaster T16000M throttle also doesn't work at all on the CRJ. Welp
  9. I've been lurking without posting about the issues i've found because they are all already been posted and tracked by the dev team. But since we are talking about numbers, just for statistics, add 1 to your count. Thrustmaster T16000M FCS (whole pack with joystick, throttle and rudder) less than 1 year oif life, throttle problems only on the CRJ. I'm waiting with high hopes the throttle fix because the plane is so much fun, but this problem in particular is very annoying.
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