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  1. Yes, I was trimmed and hands off at 290 knots. I use the EFB to set the overall ZFW of the plane (in ZFW mode, you simply enter the ZFW and the amount of fuel and it does the balancing), therefore the numbers given by Simbrief should still be valid as long as the ZFW is less than MZFW and TOW is less than MTOW, which they have been on every single one of my flights. And like I said, I've never seen the CG go out of bounds on the EFB's weight and balance chart. Also, my takeoff trim is always within a few tenths of the center position (7.5) which indicates that the CG is correct; if it wasn't, I would need excessive amounts of trim to compensate for it.
  2. I got my fuel and weights from Simbrief, the flight plan indicated that they were within limits, and I loaded the plane using the EFB's ZFW mode which (presumably) should set the CG correctly and notify me if there's a problem. I don't pay much attention to the CG indicator, I just trust the numbers Simbrief gives me, but I'm absolutely certain that I've never seen the indicator go beyond the takeoff, landing and approach CG limits. I didn't check the attitude but I was climbing straight ahead with the HSI centered at 290 knots and had the autopilot speed bug set to 290 so I should've been right on the FD, no?
  3. It is for me. It's so immersion breaking (even though it could technically happen in real life too) that I couldn't even be bothered to continue the flight.
  4. This just happened to me for the first time today. I was trimmed at 290 knots with the HSI centered, enabled the speed and nav modes and engaged the autopilot at which point the plane started pitching up and reached a climb rate of over 10,000 ft/min before I alt-f4'd.
  5. When descending using coupled VNAV, the autopilot sometimes starts chasing the snowflake as it moves downwards (and eventually goes off the bottom of the scale) when getting really close to the waypoint, causing excessive sink rate as the plane tries to maintain what it thinks is the correct vertical path. I haven't been able to do any testing to find the exact circumstances this happens under, but I suspect it only happens with waypoints that must be crossed at an exact altitude. That would make sense from a geometrics point of view. The closer the plane gets to the waypoint, the more any vertical deviations affect the required glide path angle. That is to say, when you're far away, being a bit too high doesn't matter, but when you're really close, being even a little bit too high means you need a much steeper glide to cross the waypoint at the right altitude. The autopilot tries to follow the geometrically correct glide path no matter what, causing the plane to dive as it tries to meet the restriction. The normal glide path is re-established as soon as the plane crosses the waypoint and the FMS targets the next waypoint. I'm using the latest MSFS Marketplace version of the plane with the newest Navigraph cycle, if that makes a difference.
  6. Can someone from the Aerosoft team confirm whether there are any plans to implement this functionality at some point? This is quite a big usability issue because many users—myself included—use a throttle that doesn't have a dedicated reverse axis. Now, I personally was able to work around this with FSUIPC and about 20 lines of Lua code (the throttle levers spazz out when switching, but other than that, it works perfectly even with default calibration settings), but that's an extra $30 on top of the cost of the plane itself I shouldn't have to spend in order to get the full experience, especially considering all default aircraft support the reverse toggle (if applicable), and most addon aircraft probably do too, unless the developer went out of their way to not support it.
  7. Same here. My throttle is calibrated and the throttle levers in the cockpit move smoothly from idle to max power, but the engines seem to have a mind of their own. When I'm in the external view I can also see the power setting indicators on the UI spazz out whenever I move the throttle. This makes the plane almost unflyable as it has no autothrottle.
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