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  1. A look at the STAR and Approach charts will give an indication how the procedures knit together. Not all procedures are linked and in reality will be vectored by ATC.
  2. The template cannot add figures together, to the best of my knowledge, if that is what you are trying to achieve. You could possibly have the individual entries on a single line. PM me the real OFP and I'll try and take a look if that would suffice.
  3. PFPX does not apply the 'approach' segment, you cannot select any runway approaches such as ILS / VOR, RNAV etc. Your depiction is correct in that it terminates at STAR TERK5F exit, then applies an approach fix for runway 10. Jeppessen lists procedure arrivals from STAR exit ( ILS-Y or X ) but the approach is likely ATC vectored hence the discontinuity. If you were to plan/use the RNAV arrival TERK5J for ILS-Z 10 via IAF MM003 then you will have no FMC discontinuity if that is what you seek. You can apply a preferred runway use in the airport editor selecting runway 10 with a max permitted tail wind, outside of which runway 28 would be planned.
  4. There remains an issue with short trip cruise altitudes in PFPX. However I would suggest trying the performance profile from AirlinerPerformance and if necessary use MAX ALT and NO STEP option which returns FL200 on the LPPD-LPPI route
  5. How does ASN generate time ? I no longer have ASN installed but using ASP3D the runway selection based on wind is correct. Post a snapshot with dep/arr and displaying the ASN data as below:
  6. External validation was suspended at the request of EuroControl. The function requires removing from PFPX.
  7. Assuming UM436 through Namibia ? If so the AIRAC cruise table record looks incorrect as it should be 'SA' and not 'SO' to assign even flight levels as per the AIP. Workaround, assign an appropriate level from ATUPI ( establish an initial cruise on first compute )
  8. Thanks for letting me know. You could use ActiveSky, FSGRW or the older REX weather engines as a source should you not wish to use the PFPX subscription service.
  9. Did my previous suggestion not work ?
  10. The cruise table defines the available flight levels on an airway as noted in AIRAC data. Tables are located in the main PFPX install folder. When adding a user airway or direct it PFPX applies the most likely entry for the FIR, this should be checked and the available flight levels set from AIP.
  11. Sorry my bad, I updated the file further, attached. FIR2.zip
  12. KZAK entry to exit: -N0510F350 ROVE1A INUBO Y808 NOLAX Y814 AVBET OTR9 EMRON DCT 40N160E 41N165E/M086F370 41N170E 41N180E 41N170W 41N160W 41N150W/M086F390 42N140W 41N130W DCT TRYSH/N0497F390 DCT AMAKR DCT PYE DCT MOD DCT FRA DCT BTY SUNST4
  13. Can you post your routes using the amended FIR file, testing here looks ok provided you use a waypoint on the oceanic boundary.
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