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  1. I suggest that you submit a support ticket to FlightsimSoft , they can check the subscription access
  2. On the configuration/general tab ( the tab for subscription ) does the 'Available Version' indicate the same as installed or does not show anything ?
  3. Weather and tracks updating here 17:00Z Try setting weather to NONE then back to online. Should that fail close PFPX and delete the content of C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data\Temp and try again.
  4. It will still work as it did before, just with 2.04 you are reminded that the upper wind forecast over time is not available. The only source for this within PFPX is the online weather option. Personally I use PFPX online weather for planning and ActiveSky in-flight.
  5. 2.03 HERE 2.04 is not broken it is only telling you that the upper wind forecast is not available, which it is not when using add-on weather.
  6. Assuming you are referring to the OFP then try: <&Latitude[2]:3> <&Longitude[2]:4>
  7. Does it crash and there is a report in windows event viewer ? If it just closes then do you have an active server subscription ? If not then disconnect the PC from the internet, start PFPX and set weather to NONE or an alternative source. Skip step 1 if necessary.
  8. @Marius Moberg @N510GB Try a clean install: Start PFPX and disable the license in the Options/General tab ( PFPX will close ) Backup the :\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data folder ( this also contains your personal data such as aircraft and routes etc ). Uninstall PFPX through the control panel or if not listed via the start button / Aerosoft PFPX / Uninstall function. Delete :\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data folder Install v2.04 Update to the latest 2015-2019 vcredist available HERE both x86 and x64 as required
  9. Working fine here, have you checked your subscription ?
  10. There is only a full installer available. De-activate the license in the configuration/general tab, PFPX will close. Backup your entire C:\Users\Public\Documents\PFPX Data folder. Uninstall PFPX via the Programs link. Download and install PFPX v2.04 from FlightsimSoft Run PFPX and activate the license. Either copy your data back to the PFPX Data folder or alternatively delete the newly created PFPX Data folder and restore your original.
  11. So on the map you can move the forecast slider in the same way as PFPX online weather ? PFPX is using the static weather.txt file that does not contain upper wind forecasts over time, it is a static entry. Yes you see upper winds in the OFP based on the CURRENT snapshot.
  12. I don't believe it is a bug it is just informing you that the plan is computed without an upper wind forecast that has not existed when using an addon weather engine. It is however a change from previous versions.
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