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  1. srcooke

    Trying to Install

    Should Tom's suggestion fail try a different browser.
  2. srcooke

    Upper Airways ONLY

    Obtain the RAD Consolidated version for the current AIRAC to reference the error codes. There are various methods, using the via and via+ commands of the route editor, using exclusion of airways /waypoints/fir etc in the advanced planner or in the case of your EDDF-ENGM just getting an eye for what to look for, and that comes over time if you persevere with validation.
  3. srcooke

    Upper Airways ONLY

    As PFPX submits the the plan to IFPS also then something is different in the plan you are submitting, date/time all come into the result along with the vertical profile.
  4. srcooke

    Upper Airways ONLY

    From your EDDF-ENGM plan posted, IFPS errors returned are: ED2532 Y153 MARUN - WRB Only available for traffic DEP EDDF/FE, ETOU --------------------------------------------------------------------- Not available for traffic 1. Above FL245 within ED** This-traffic-shall-file Y150 2. ARR EDVK This-traffic-shall-file MARUN DCT XAROL or N850 XAROL and YX2063 Not available for traffic DEP (ad:EDDF/FE/FZ, ETOU) except-via, 1. BADGO Z850 ABILU - [RKN, RORUS, AMSAN] 2. BITBU Y181 MAKIK UY181 DEMUL 3. OBOKA UZ28 DIBIR 4. BITBU Y180 NISIV UY180 DIK - TOLVU 5. NATSU Y150 TOLGI 6.OBOKA UZ29 TINIK UZ29 / UZ291 TORNU, In this instance it is fairly easily resolved manually, NATSU is to the NE and Y150 links to it and for once you get your upper airway : -N0454F380 MARUN Y150 LBV/N0453F370 UP615 EKERN UM852 ALASA M852 ALS Z731 SABAK/N0449F360 L997 LUNIP
  5. srcooke

    Upper Airways ONLY

    I would do a google search on the topic, but here is an old link from the forum "CFMU validation errors and using PFPX auto routing to fix them" In the EDDF-ENGM route scenario just using find route returns a valid plan but it is not going to be all in upper airways.
  6. srcooke

    Upper Airways ONLY

    You have not cleared the EuroControl validation errors. If you are not bothered with valid routes use the advanced route editor and put a tick in 'Ignore Route Restrictions' and select upper airways. You'll get the route you are after: MARU4T MARUN Y153 WRB UL126 LBV UP615 EKERN UM852 ALASA M852 ALS Z731 SABAK L997 LUNIP LUNI4L EDIT: With Davids RAD restrictions and directs updates ( download section of the forum ) then simply using FIND ROUTE on the planning page returns a valid option straight off -N0438F240 MARUN Y152 ARPEG/N0452F380 Z850 ABILU DCT RORUS/N0449F400 DCT TUSKA/N0450F390 N873 BAVTA P602 PIPEX M609 RIPAM
  7. srcooke

    Map Terrain Crashing

    And if you run PFPX directly on the PC and not from a remote session ?
  8. srcooke

    Trying to Install

    Have you tried downloading the installer again Christopher ? Which web browser are you using ?
  9. srcooke

    Map Terrain Crashing

    Have you tried switching to low resolution textures in the Configuration\Customize tab.
  10. srcooke


    It is a bug Pieter.
  11. Hello Gordon, Restrictive airspace is not toggled on by default, the areas have to be activated by the user or for the user to set the active times. Without a snaphot I have to assume that all you are seeing are advisory messages of crossing the areas and bot warnings. If the areas are set active they appear red on the map and then PFPX will certainly try to avoid them.
  12. What Qualitywings addon are you trying to export to ?
  13. You are running PFPX as Admin ?, a must with the install path of your sim.
  14. srcooke

    V 2.03 Questions

    No, just a merge of those two
  15. srcooke

    V 2.03 Questions

    If you wish to be certain add the files from David's 1813 update once again, on PFPX start you will be prompted to import.