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  1. Quite possibly your upgrade to 1903 reset .NET as v4.8 is distributed in that update.
  2. Using PFPX online weather is the most accurate method for planning. It is not a sim weather engine.
  3. In addition to Otto's advice can you detail the steps taken to reinstall.
  4. Has this been the case since install ? If not what has changed, WIN10 1903, an addition to PFPX ?
  5. I would try reinstalling your graphics drivers Ray ( or roll back if recently changed ), also reinstall the vcredist using the 2015-2019 version
  6. Post a snapshot of the contents from your \FSGRW_P3Dv4\data\exchange\common folder
  7. Using PFPX online for planning is going to give you the forecast over time and the subsequent trend, sigmets, hurricane and volcano activity etc. Assuming you fly at the planned time the weather injected by AS should be very close to that of the forecast and I have never seen an issue here in recent times. Planning with alternative weather engines currently only gives you the weather as 'now' at any given point, hence no weather trend is available.
  8. Jason you are far better off planning using PFPX online weather unless you running an historic flight. PFPX weather will give you a forecast over time which is missing using add-on weather engines.
  9. You have PFPX to use online weather and not ActiveSky as per your other post ?
  10. Active sky does not contain the LTFM weather station, suggest using PFPX online weather
  11. You are using PFPX online weather with subscription ?
  12. Enable 'Data Exchange' in FSGRW and note the path at the end of the descriptive text. Enter that path in PFPX as per Tom's post above.
  13. I cannot vouch for its function personally but has been reported to work. Map PFPX to C:\Users\your-name\AppData\Roaming\HiFi\AS_XPL\Weather
  14. What is the path to your PFPX installation folder ? Look or search for Uninstall_PFPX.exe one folder above the installation path
  15. Can you request the planned runway, I have no idea with default ATC. Alternatively re-plan and export using the assigned runway, but you could chase in circles if winds are variable. Another option is to plan without the SID at all.
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