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  1. All ok here: EGLL 181420Z AUTO 28006KT 240V310 9999 FEW037 BKN045 12/07 Q1023 NOSIG EGLL 181056Z 1812/1918 29004KT 9999 SCT045 PROB40 1823/1909 8000 BECMG 1906/1909 16010KT
  2. 320 is looking acceptable John: Uni-directional for north-east bound flights from VMR to DUDIS. No PDC Flight Levels FL310, FL320, FL350, FL360, FL390, FL400 applicable. Other levels available with prior approval.
  3. Could you post the OFP where FL320 is allocated John, this could be correct within Singapore airspace based on the flight level allocation system:
  4. Otto posted on how to set an export path to MSFS HERE
  5. Using NG AIRAC 2011 I get assigned odd flightlevels in the NE direction on M771 departing WSSS, the assigned cruise table entry (PJ) in the AIRAC looks correct for odd/even .
  6. No intention of looking at MSFS as yet, maybe in a year or two, more likely three. Will continue with FSFK in P3Dv5 as longtime user since 2003.
  7. There is nothing that will integrate tracks and NOTAMS. Track information for PACOTS & NAT can be obtained from 'pre-defined queries' at the FAA , AUSOTS at Air Services Australia Having switched switched PFPX to manual track entry mode correctly formatted text can be pasted in. NOTAMS can also be viewed at the FAA site but not entered in PFPX. Use of external weather programs listed will lead to a loss of forecast over time.
  8. The server subscription supports online weather, tracks and NOTAM's. AS16 can be used as alternative though less accurate source in PFPX.
  9. Is your TRACKS option set to online in the lower right corner and showing a green tick ? NAT is currently single track AUSOTS remain suspended PACOTS requires an update following change of data source
  10. Sent a PM with a file I'm working on Bill
  11. Right click on the .exe or desktop shortcut and open the properties, select the compatibility tab: I'm assuming that PFPX has not loaded completely at all on the new PC, not even once ?
  12. Run PFPX as Admin and try WIN7 compatibility mode.
  13. Search the PFPX download section of this forum for Cessna
  14. The total weight of the aircraft at the time at the time of gathering data. Use the APM via the aircraft edit menu and not from the aircraft list, apply the modification and save the aircraft entry.
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