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  1. It is the same result, they will have to await the update also.
  2. It will not, an update to Simstarter is required.
  3. Other than trying a clean full install of Win11 my only other suggestion currently is to give PFPX v2.03 a try. Sent a PM with advice on reinstalling. As yet Win11 has not been pushed to my only capable PC.
  4. I assume you are using PFPX online weather with an active subscription? The WAFC forecast for upper winds covers a 48hr period, the coverage period can be checked by mousing over the weather source entry on the status bar. I didn't notice an error on the wind forecast yesterday and is indicating correctly this morning. Possible reasons for the warning are generating a flightplan for a date in the future with the flight then exceeding the forecast period, computer date/time incorrect or perhaps a stuck file. For the latter set toggle weather to none and then back to online t force a refresh.
  5. If you bring up the fuel policy editor Ray the various options are labelled for US, Australia and Russia in addition to EU and ICAO. In addition to the US Domestic and International Flag options Gary McGinnis produced a guide for Class II planning and associated fuel policies available here As noted in Otto's link the carrier will use the policies of the governing authority where the aircraft is registered. In other areas where you do not have defined policies ICAO could be used.
  6. Some of those supplied: http://www.flightsimsoft.com/downloads/PFPX_Aircraft_AddOn_List.pdf
  7. Incorrect, the files remain freely available with reference to the topic reply and the link that I posted.
  8. TAF's are unavailable, developer is aware.
  9. Yes that is correct, the route must remain within the 180min radius. The options are to select other EDTO alternates giving the overlap if possible, change the route or if authorized use an increased EDTO range such as 207min for the North Pacific. Here is a link to Belisar's excellent ETOPS GUIDE.
  10. It is confirmed by PMDG that the drag & fuel correction factors are for information only. The data displayed on the IDENT page can only be retained if entered as posted by raptor84 above should you wish to add the PFPX figures for reference.
  11. The Threshold Time is set by the governing authority and is generally 60min and whereby an aircraft should be within that time limit from an adequate airport. Exceeding that 60min requires EDTO approval. Diversion speed and distance are calculated at one engine out operation. PFPX will use the data from the performance file, however you need to re-enter the 60min threshold time to populate the figures. Here this returns a speed of 401kt and 401nm, however as you have your realworld data at hand you could use those figures. In your screen shot it can be seen that your route does not pass fully through the 180min range rings and you are outside of the EDTO requirement for a portion of the flight. Instead of an ETP2 entry you now have a Critical Point where you are equidistant from two diversion airports. As your route does not comply with the EDTO rule as above then the EDTO planning box remains red.
  12. I only tried entering the values calculated by the PFPX APM via the IDENT page but these do not get saved to the aircraft .ini file. Will enter directly for now and raise a ticket at PMDG.
  13. Indeed a cool find in that the function to enter the data indeed works. It is a shame that the entry does not save to the airframe .ini file so that it reloads on next sim start, or have you found a way around that ?
  14. Have you tried a compatibility mode such as WIN7 as suggested by Christian? Check the system files following the instructions HERE
  15. Entry 19 is not to be transmitted in the FPL message as noted on the form and therefor it is likely not included in PFPX.
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