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  1. You cannot open or edit secured files with the .per extension.
  2. You can compute the route posted in #1 when P3D is closed ?
  3. Cannot initially see how that could be done. Available flight levels on the airways are defined by the cruise tables. You could create directs but I cannot see a cruise table spacing to match what you are proposing.
  4. So this is a permanent crossing at FL300 for all traffic ? Asterisk the Dep/Arr airports:
  5. Section encompassed by the WindDataBlock ?
  6. Then provide the full OFP and the data source in use. EDIT: Tested AGAIN using v2.04 and AS weather ( PFPX winds removed). Attached OFP with interpolated current winds as expected and the warning displayed. AS-weather.txt
  7. Source of the performance files ? Tested the default 747 freighter without any issue here.
  8. From the posted image I can see waypoint GLORY but not ELATO, this is down to scaling and zooming in will reveal the missing waypoint. Reducing the font size allows more detail at reduced zoom and can be adjusted in the configuration/customize tab. When printing the font size can be adjusted also but I'm not sure this has any effect on the map, maybe depends on the printer capabilities and graphic drivers. I ran your latest route through v2.03 NG2103, v2.04 AS2002, using your weather snapshot and weights, again I cannot reproduce the errant adequate entries. Both using the PFPX OFP
  9. I'm no expert here Jehad so any input from a dispatcher on the issue would be welcome. Previously the region would have used kilometers/meters, maybe with the change to RVSM flight levels they retained the speed format, but I'm not sure that is programmed into PFPX.
  10. I have not yet achieved 'Kilometers per hour' linked to flight levels in feet. Is there a requirement to use kilometers per hour posted in an official document as a deviation from ICAO practice? The main correction posted is the flight-level correction.
  11. I have adjusted the Turkmenistan region to SA RVSM levels and uploaded a new file HERE I do not believe there is an issue with the NAT exit, ICAO guidelines permit the use of Knot or Mach in the f/p submission. Oceanic portions of the route should be in Mach. PFPX returns to Knot at the domestic entry, so neither the R/W or PFPX entries appear incorrect.
  12. Version 2.0.0


    Backup and replace the original files located in the main PFPX program folder ( maybe program files (x86) if that is where you installed ), NOT public documents\PFPX Data . CruiseTables.dat: Mongolia flight-levels adjusted to RVSM. FIR dat: Adjusted oceanic speed entries. Changed Canaries GCCC entry for FL250+ UTAA/UTAK/UTAT/UTAV adjusted to SA RVSM levels.
  13. Serge has kindly added a new spreadsheet to the existing FAA and UK SRD options to allow the import of published Brazil Preferred Routes to PFPX. Files are posted in the download section HERE
  14. Thanks for the snapshots John. Have tried here using your data fully without been able to replicate the issue using Jeppesen and LIDO airacs, AS and PFPX weather. The threshold time looks rather high in your aircraft config, re-enter '60' to populate the Diversion TAS and Diversion Dist fields, I doubt this influenced your problem however.
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