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  1. And so do I, which is why have suggested the option above. Further, you can pickup the route from the NGX folder when using the NGXu or even the generic folder assuming you used the RTE format and not RT2. ALL RTE files are exactly the same format.
  2. Allan, download v2.03 from FlightsimSoft as suggested by Tom. This is a new version and not an update therefor uninstall v1.28 before installing the new product.
  3. You should submit a support ticket to FlightsimSoft with your request Michael
  4. Use the FSX NGX option and use BROWSE to set the path to the NGXU flighrplan folder.
  5. No there is not, non standard paths are created in the registry as required. What are you trying to achieve ?
  6. Is it working now Floren ? Are the tracks loading ?
  7. So your AFCAD does not contain crosswind runways ? That is where those spurious runways come from to control runway use and appear in ATIS.
  8. The sim ATIS is reporting the unused crosswind runways in use implemented in the scenery. With calm winds it is likely any runway would be used, I don't see issues here otherwise. Static jetways only were implemented and GSX cannot replace them automatically.
  9. The OFP would need to be formatted for the FAA type route, the only section that could be changed is the ATC ROUTE entry, the FPL would remain ICAO. You have a realworld OFP using the FAA entries ? Those I have seen are using ICAO format. I can modify a PFPX OFP if that entry is what you require.
  10. Flightplan speeds can entered as: 'N' = Knots 'M' = Mach 'K' = Kilometers/hour The flightplan is informing ATC of your intended speed and should correspond to the Cost Index / Speed used by the crew.
  11. Optimization method used to find the route track: MCT = Minimum Cost MFT = Minimum Fuel MTT = Minimum Time Definition HERE Correct, ST = Scheduled Time and ET = Estimated Time Estimated, can be used for a change to the scheduled departure, arrival takes into account head/tail wind etc. PLN time takes into account the planning adjustments compared to that scheduled, again wind etc will influence this. Wind component, H or + indicating headwind, T or - indicating tailwind. Minimum Safe Altitude LEG = planned time taken between waypoints ACC = Accumulated time ETO = Enroute Time Over ATO = Actual Total Your bold entries in the ATC flightplan, RBS/N0501F370, indicate a speed and/or altitude change at the given waypoint
  12. I don't believe you can change the pressure configuration within Topcat. Using the main program you can see hPa as the main function with the inHg equivalent displayed: If you call up the results table you'll also see the hPa figure in use which is relayed back to PFPX: TAKE-OFF KORD/ORD RWY 10L TORA 3962M G-ZESA BOEING 747-400 RB211-524H CHICAGO OHARE INTL TEMP +2C QNH 1018 WIND 110/09 (08KT HW) ------------------ CONDITIONS ------------------- TOW 216523 KG FLAPS 10 THRUST TO2 RWY DRY AIR COND ON ANTI ICE ON OR OFF ------------------ FULL THRUST ------------------- +2C 271020 OBS(B) 114-121 121 141 2221M 1.57 ---------------- REDUCED THRUST ----------------- +69C 234034 OBS(B) 127-129 129 139 1054M 1.37 +70C 231976 CLIMB 129 129 139 980M 1.37 +71C 227989 CLIMB 129 129 139 902M 1.37 +72C 224001 CLIMB 129 129 139 823M 1.37 //+73C 220102 CLIMB 129 129 139 740M 1.37 *************************************************** DO NOT EXCEED MAX STRUCT TAKE-OFF WGHT OF 396894 KG *************************************************** ------------------ ENGINE OUT ------------------- "AT 2200' LT TO HP 'OBK' 113.0" (092 INBD RT) ---------------------- END -----------------------
  13. Cannot be done to the best of my knowledge. Which airport ? Which AIRAC provider are you using ?
  14. You cannot. What are you trying to achieve ?
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