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  1. Believe the marketplace version has not been updated yet. It has always been v1.0.1.
  2. I took this picture a while back onboard a viking 400 which is essentially the twin otter variant that has glass cockpit. Also below is what a 1000fpm climb should look like with the speed within 105-110kts ias. Payload of 4 passengers 2 pilots and 80kg of aft cargo with fuel of 1430lbs. This is cruise level Pitch looks like with a speed of 148-150kts. It is well nose below the horizon slightly should be even more pronounce if its 155kts. Note no flight director or altitude selector as the aircraft was not fitted with any autopilot and is handflown throughout.
  3. chinjh

    Random CTDs

    No CTD so far. Still not sure what was the cause. Though i am suspecting something is wrong with the default livery Solomon Airline. I have pretty much filled up my community folder with all the add-ons back and no ctd flying other repaints.. The only thing i have not revert is i am still keeping HAGS turned off. Am not seeing any performance changes(HAGS should only be turned on if you're using an entry level to mid GPU) so i am keeping it turned off. Maybe this is the unlikely fix for it.
  4. chinjh

    Random CTDs

    Strange for today had 4 flights with no CTDs. Only difference is i was not using the default 300 series passenger Solomon Airline livery but another livery i downloaded from flightsim.to for the standard 300 series passenger variant again. Have yet to try the other otter variants with their respective repaints to see if this was the case. Also noted a weird behavior with frame rates. If i were to finish a sector and shutdown engines and leaving the cockpit cold and dark for 15 minutes and starting things back for the next sector my average Fps of 60 that was on my first leg would drop to an average 42fps. There were a lot of times it would dip to 28fps when there was some LOD loading and some stuttering. Checking task manager the CPU, GPU, Memory and disk usage were barely elevated. Temperature around 65c. Tested another flight where after landing i would prop both engines down but only fully shutting down the left engine and open the passenger doors and let this play for 15 minutes. Start the left engine etc and took off the second leg with this turnaround tactic gave me a good 60fps with no stuttering and no visible issue with LOD loading. Still very inconclusive at the moment.
  5. I know Aerosoft's v/s behavior is bad and there is need to fix it, but i hope its not an over fix that is so stable where we don't need to make manual adjustment everytime on climb and descent. The old 300 series here pilots rarely use the v/s to climb or descent cause it is very unreliable and slow. Typically V/s speed is used until 1000feet before the selected altitude where pilot would disconnect it and use mostly pitch trim adjustment and memorizing what power torque, and prop settings to use before arming the alt+ap. Some would go for a very shallow v/s climb of 200fpm-400fpm at final climb or descent. For approach it is entirely manual just before localizer capture and following the glideslope indicator and that was it and for stolport operators ILS/Vor DME approaches are simply rare. A flightplan that has a moderate turn on a waypoint requires the crew to disconnect the ap and manually turn the yoke. Over here replacement 400 viking series that came to replace them had the entire autopilot system removed cause they were barely used. There were some pilots complaining about the removal(Them needing to keep an eye out more and have one flying has his hands on the yoke all the time as a nuisance) but the aircraft itself even without autopilot is very stable even in some weather as long the correct trim and power settings is used. Added benefits on the viking was the easier to read glass cockpit. Capability of RNAV GPS approaches, Dedicated weather radar, Added awareness for night flying, There was a joke that one can even book a hotel room using the the center column keyboard on the ground lol. The plus points outweights the negatives of the autopilot removal. So all in all, there needs to be some form of middle ground.
  6. chinjh

    Random CTDs

    CTD no.7 1st leg 35minute flight uneventful. Decided to exit to msfs main menu some speculate it could help with ctds. 2nd leg spawn at the same bay i landed in. Took off cruise landing without issue. This was a 50minute flight really was very scared of any CTD for such a long flight LOL. Landed without issue at arrival turn in taxing towards the bay. Shut down the engines. Switch from cockpit view to Ctrl+09 to open the passenger stairs and MSFS just jams itself without closing. 5 seconds later got notified Nvidia Share had stop working. But i had somewhat managed to capture some of it. This time MSFS wont budge and had to be terminated via task manager. Microsoft Flight Simulator 2022.01.21 -
  7. chinjh

    Random CTDs

    CTD no.5 First 25minute leg uneventful. Landed at a stock stolport. Turn off everything like a proper turnaround for 15minutes. Startup everything as usual and took off for next leg. Noticed my fps was dipping to 40 something it was consistently 60fps on the first leg. Task manager parameters RAM is at 48% usage, GPU 52% temperature at 60C, CPU 60%. Went back to the sim and carried on. Approx 5 minutes later. Changing from outside view back into cockpit during climb on MSFS closes itself. Decided to do a full reinstall on Aerosoft One with antivirus turned off. CTD no.6 Spawned at gate started engine no2. While engine is starting up changed to view outside for screenshot then there's this sudden loud broken audio like windows BSOD with the simulator stuck and MSFS promtly closes itself. Additional info: Sim settings is in High Performance only LOD slider was adjusted to 200. Plane is very fps friendly(60fps lock) throughout except for the second leg which caused my 4th CTD. Decided to test FBW A32NX to see if there is a problem. Add it back to the community folder even added some payware scenery. Did a full 1hour leg startup to landing to shutdown all instruments off. No CTD. Took another test reinstalled Indiafoxtecho Goshawk from Asobo marketplace. Flew around for 30minutes no CTD.
  8. Any idea what was the surface wind recorded at the airport? I had two diff sounds both with live weather, one at a international airport beside the sea it had the same loud wind recorded surface wind was only 5 knots. Another i was in jungle stolport all i hear is jungle wildlife without the loud wind noises hen the doors are open but i had forgotten to check the surface wind of that place. Am not sure if surface wind had some relation to the ambient outside sound.
  9. chinjh

    Random CTDs

    Just did a round flight. First 30minute leg uneventful down to the aircraft being powered off and doors open, battery off everything. Did a second leg return flight without exiting msfs as i would usually do, thought this time everything would be okay. Flight went as usual takeoff cruise and landed. Parked into the bay. I engage the parking brake and wanted changed to outside view to take some screenshot before shutting the engines down and Msfs crashed itself. This is with the Community folder empty and Windows Hardware Accelerated GPU scheduling disabled.
  10. chinjh

    Random CTDs

    Would try so on my next flight. Also will try to disable Windows Hardware Accelerated GPU scheduling to see any difference. It seems browsing through Asobo's forum, Nvidia 511.23 with Hardware Accelerated GPU Scheduling turned on has been cited to cause potential CTD to RTX 2070 users.
  11. chinjh

    Random CTDs

    Had 3 CTD's out of 4 short separate flights. 1st CTD Took off without issue after 20minutes of flying, descent landing with full reverses and flap 37, Went to park beside the runway raised the flaps, decided to look outside view to see the flaps being raised and a few seconds MSFS crashed to desktop. 2nd CTD At gate starting up accidentally feathered the left engine during start up(Forgot the correct key bindings) sim was stuck with loud sounds came out very similar to the windows BSOD then MSFS crashed to desktop. 3rd CTD just 30minutes ago Took off without issue climbed hand flying the climb with pitch trim set and IAS at around 105kts aiming for 11500feet. At around 10000feet climbing i Looked outside to see my plane. MSFS crashed to desktop. Only managed to do one complete 30minute flight yesterday without any issues and so on. Not sure if there was anything i did right with this session. I did a lot of view changes going outside and back into the cockpit and it didnt crash. Am not sure if Nvidia's 511.23 is the cause. I used FBW A32NX on it there was no CTDs.
  12. In Borneo the Twin otters are mostly equipped with very basic autopilot. They're mostly used at cruise level and very marginal turns not really ideal for climb and descent and steep turns. 90% of the climb and descents are handflown with pitch trim and power settings inplay. The airline i flew with does not even have autopilot installed on the viking glass cockpit variant.
  13. Any difference between the Marketplace and the one sold at Aerosoft online store in terms of future updates? Which one goes first. Also any chances of you guys making the Twin otter 400 Glass cockpit variant in the future?
  14. Just did 2 flights yesterday. Noticed on my first flight Autobrake Lo was not working. With wet runway with no autobrakes, braking action was not effective had to apply Manual braking and use full reverse thrust. Contrary to my previous flight where Autobrake Med was working efficiently. Is there a rough idea on whats causing this?
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