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  1. Just did 2 flights yesterday. Noticed on my first flight Autobrake Lo was not working. With wet runway with no autobrakes, braking action was not effective had to apply Manual braking and use full reverse thrust. Contrary to my previous flight where Autobrake Med was working efficiently. Is there a rough idea on whats causing this?
  2. CPU is a bit old and underpowered for todays sim standard. You might wan to get at least a 6-7th gen i5 onwards but that will only buff the fps by a small margin. My previous PC was an i5 6400 with a GTX 960 fps on p3d around 22-40.
  3. Will autobrake medium be ready on the upcoming update?
  4. I am the owner of that photo though took it with my Nikon D7100 and Tamron 70-300 VC USD 2 lens. Yes it is a problem to post photos from jetphotos and airliners. But if i were to post the original JPEG or at a different angle like this or it should not be a problem right? These are the exact photos on jetphotos as proven. I am the original photographer for it. Want to vouch it belongs to someone else just contact. It will lead directly back to my email. https://www.jetphotos.com/photographer/62725#contact
  5. Funny it got removed when i spotted the photos a while back. LOL guess i'll have to post the original JPEG without the A.net or J.net credentials.
  6. Its fairly common to be configured for landing early though. In my place folks are flaps and gears down at speed restricted 10-15nm from the runway during the busy days. But i know elsewhere especially in europe atc pushes for pilots to only be configured before 1000feet, so you were expecting this level of configuration?
  7. The Flood light Lighting in p3dv5 is buggy if you actually read the previous posts in this thread.
  8. Wonder if derate 90c would look like. If this is implemented. The airbus a330 in my local airport even with light load 35person onboard and 3hour endurance would nearly use the whole damn runway of 3800m to rotate. 😆
  9. Video record your gameplay with Nvidia video capture or fraps. And have it saved in any video file format that could be easily played on video players.
  10. Any third party addons enabled? Whats your average fps(but from what im seeing they were pretty high). Try installing the latest version the ones your using are a bit old now.
  11. Anyone willing to do these. Btw these are my photos i spotted years ago. COPYRIGHT PROTECTED MATERIAL REMOVED! Please read the first post in this topic!
  12. Do you have activesky? I did 5 autolands and they all suckered from 500fpm to 600fpm with just like 2knots of variable winds. I noticed at flare mode the plane was nosing down up a lot but the pitch was low litch of 2.5. Believe A330 requires a final flare of 5 to 7.5 pitch up for proper touchdown. I so far only had 1 good autoland with 82fpm with direct 5knot headwind but this was months ago probably on an older versions of Aerosofts a330.
  13. Just updated to Version for the A330. Now i am not getting any tail logo. While increasing thrust on take off dims the cabin light tail logo is no longer on in idle state turnaround, or any state. Was there something i am not aware of with the update?
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