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  1. Thankful I have it running now too!
  2. I definitely understand, the specs are put there for a reason, and maybe it’s my ignorance but I’ve always assumed those minimum specs had more to do with speed running the game versus not being able to handle an algorithm of loading a software package. I am 49 and have been saturated in IT since I was 8 with my first 640K IBM PC, and this caught me off guard. I do think there are enough people being affected by this to warrant a more thorough description on the minimum requirements detailing exactly why the cpu model matters so much, both on your site and on Microsoft’s end. Something like “Please note, the specific model intel chip is noted because previous models lack the ability to install the software”.
  3. Well, because I purchased MSFS2020 from Steam, the FS Marketplace redirects you to Steam to buy "credits", then you can purchased the CRJ from the marketplace with those credits. It's a pretty weird way of doing things, that's for sure. So I had to request the refund from Steam. They just emailed me back that the request was denied, as they said it was "consumed". I've never been able to load it and it's been less than 48 hours since buying it, so I'm not sure what they're talking about. I guess I have a CPU upgrade in my future.
  4. I just figured out by reading this thread that I'm in the same boat. My i7 is a 2600, and while it runs MSFS2020 just fine, it's probably being affected by the encryption thing. I submitted a refund request with Steam, so if they approve that, I'll re-buy the CRJ directly from Aerosoft so at least I can fly it.
  5. Yeah I'm thinking that's exactly what's going on here. I would love to upgrade my CPU but can't really afford that at the moment. It's to bad MS is encrypting the way they are, since my CPU can actually run MSFS2020 quite well. I submitted a refund request to Steam so hopefully they approve that and I can re-buy it here so at least I can run it.
  6. Do we have an ETA on the update? I'm reading in another thread that the issue might actually be the fact that I bought it in the MSFS Marketplace vs here on Aerosoft's site. Apparently the Marketplace version is encrypted and Asobo made a change that makes it incompatible with my older CPU. I wonder if I can request a refund from MS and re-buy it here?
  7. Hi guys, I just bought the CRJ through the MSFS store. When I try to use it on a flight, it shows the loading screen and the bar gets about 3/4 to the end, then the entire app crashes bringing me back to the Windows desktop. I thought it might be something weird with my system so I decided to format my drive and reload Windows from scratch, then MSFS2020. Same exact thing. I was expecting it to take the initial 10 minutes, but this doesn't even get that far. I searched a similar topic and apparently there are supposedly there should be some files in the Aerosoft-CRJ directory, but mine only contains an empty folder called "work". I was going to download the debugging .reg file that was mentioned in the FAQ here, but someone removed the files to download for some reason.
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