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  1. just bumping this topic, to see if there is any update! and if its been brought to the attention of the dev team kind regards
  2. Thank you for looking into this, and bringing it to the attention of the dev team kind regards
  3. Thank you, will be good to know if others are having same issue Kind regards Stuart
  4. afternoon, not sure if this is a AIRAC bug in the crj. SAM1C arrivial, Alk transistion for the ils 09, please find attatched screent, with the airac indicating right turn instead of left.
  5. so this is not from scratch, like the CRJ? as im sure i read all code was from scratch, or has the SDK come a little further where porting can take place?
  6. not taken the wrong way, as said i enjoy the FBW, but im just looking forward the aerosoft version.
  7. Good morning Mathijs, any more updates for us yet, i'm enjoying the FBW teams mod of the 320, but very much looking foward to Aerosoft rendition! kind regards
  8. good morning guys, firstly great job on the bird, can't get enough of it. think i found a small bug upon landing at desired airport, and you get the "please remain seated" announcement i get it twice like 1 second after each other it sounds like a echo? i have flight attendant & cabin announcements both enabled via the EFB kind regards
  9. the earlier you guys release, the greater the number of sales
  10. yes i meant the inbuilt one in the simulator itself, i knew about the one in the efb, just thought it would help people unfamiliar with the aircraft to have some assistance in finding items on the checklist kind regards
  11. sorry if this has been asked, is there plans in place for checklist to be intergrated into msfs directly? i know the FBW team have done so, sorry once again if this has been asked
  12. thats pretty good fuel consumption in the airbus from a united airport, to the home of aerosoft
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