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  1. Thanks for your response, Otto. Just finished going through everything step by step prior to reading your response and have resolved the issue... I forgot to mention that I also use the A320 Immersion V2 package by Parallel 42 and just noticed that even though the program automatically loaded in the background, it had been "deactivated". When going into the Immersion Manager it indicated "uninstalled" which was obviously caused during the product update procedure. Pleased to confirm that all is working now. This was a good lesson for me and possibly h
  2. Please note that by wing lights, I meant NAV lights. Note also that I am using TOGA's Envtex & Envshade and REX's Sky Force3D & Environment Force products. No other external shaders are being used. An observation... why would this situation effect the "baby" busses and not the A330? Assistance appreciated as the annoying issue still persists. Thanks. Herman
  3. For some unknown reason all the above lights have ceased to function (all other lights are working). It concerns only the A318/9 & A320/1 series (upraded to v1.4.1.1). My A330 is functioning properly (upgraded to v1.0.3.1). Am using P3dv4.5HF3 Advise appreciated. Thank you. Herman
  4. Thanks guys! Followed Miquel's procedure and all went well. First updated to v1.0.3.1 and afterwards ticked the experimental option and now have v1.0.3.2 Agree with Tom that possibly Aerosoft can look into this... Am somewhat surprised this had not been picked up prior to releasing the experimental update for a "clean" install. No doubt, others will encounter similar... Cheers - Herman
  5. Dear Aerosoft Team, As I was experiencing a sudden annoying lack of beacon / strobe lights with my entire Airbus series, I decided to delete all 3 products from my PC in order to re-install them. I was able to re-install both the A318/19 & A320/21 products and update them to the latest version via the Aerosoft Updater. However, when having re-installed the A333 and wanting to update, I ran into the following issue (made 2 attempts, both with the same result). See attached. Note that I had opted not to install the "locked" version of RAAS (FS2Crew) as I own the
  6. Based on an actual scheduled flight... https://youtu.be/VNMRh9cbKYw Hope you like it and thanks for watching. Herman
  7. Based on an actual scheduled flight... Hope you like it and thanks for watching. Herman
  8. Hi - Air Namibia has two A330-200's in their fleet. Is anyone aware if there is a (fictitious) livery based on the A333? I've seen similar for Air Greenland. With FSDG's FYWH & FYWB recently launched it would be nice to operate international long-distance flights i.e. FYWH - EDDF v.v. Perhaps an idea if currently not available... Herman
  9. Magical Northern Lights as seen whilst enroute from Kirkeness (ENKR) to Tromso (ENTC). Flight was with an Airbus A320... šŸ˜€
  10. Hauer

    Fire warning bell

    Thanks for the update, Secondator. Much appreciated. Herman
  11. Regarding Helsinki - Vantaa Airport, I believe MK-Studios are currently working on it. Looking forward to it too! Cheers - Herman
  12. Dear Aerosoft Team, Some time ago, I raised the issue (as well as others) encountering an issue with the fire warning bell whereby it performs only one extremely short bell sound instead of several times. If I'm not mistaken, Mathijs said that the cause was unknown during an update process and I later read it had been resolved. I still encounter this situation on the A318/19/20/21 pro Airbus series ver. and the A330-300 ver. to this very day. Can you please advise. Thank you / danke. Herman
  13. Aerosoft Pro A319 - Hamburg Shopper (Germanwings) Join me for a domestic "shopping" flight from Nuremburg (EDDN) to Hamburg (EDDH), Germany. Flight time is 1 hour. The weather in Europe is currently heating up to tropical temperarture levels and haze levels are high. Otherwise it's a very smooth flight all the way to our destination. So fasten your seatbelt and let's go "shopping"! Our flightplan Pushback at Nuremburg Airport, Germany whilst both engines are spooling up... We taxi away from the terminal area towards our
  14. I note that it only states P3dV5 in my account downloads so I'll skip this one. Thanks, Otto. Herman
  15. Dear Aerosoft, Would like to check... is the update only applicable for P3Dv5? I'm using P3DV4.5HF3. If applicable, does it require a fresh install or can I simply update over the previous version? Thanks / danke, Herman
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