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  1. Thank you for your quick response, Tom. I still find it strange that a product bearing your own branding is more expensive. Anyway, I'm glad I spotted the difference in percentage and plucked the benefit from what was offered. Kind regards, Herman
  2. Dear Aerosoft Team, I'm puzzled by your pricing policies... Your own "branded" Canary Island Professional Grand Canaria and Tenerife P3DV4 products are currently being discounted at 20%. Yet, when I go to the SimMarket website, I see the identical products being available at a 25% discount. How is it possible for a third party to be cheaper than a company which does its own branding and product distribution? Needless to say, I have obtained both mentioned products via SimMarket. For me it is a matter of principle. Herman
  3. Would be great if someone could spoil us with this livery. Thank you. Herman
  4. Hi - is your above scenery package suited for P3Dv4.5? If not, are there plans to upgrade the package? Thank you. Herman
  5. Thanks, Mathijs. Imagine me trying to do a Geman accent as a Dutchman. Nein! LOL Herman
  6. Hi - Now that GSX has recently updated their product language accents have been made available. As yet, I don't know how many languages as I've mainly been flying out of EDDN and EDDF. The German accent just gives so much more immersion. Another product I consistantly use is Simsounds which uniqually offers the possibility of dual language announcements. Programmes such as the ATC programme ATC/Pro-X offers similar and FS2Crew are also on the language pack bandwagon. Woulden't it be nice if Aerosoft Developers would offer similar for their Airbus Pro series and the to be released A330? Just a thought! Herman
  7. Where Continents (Africa, Marocco & Europe, Gibraltar) nearly meet... L is Africa, R is Europe
  8. Made my first screen capture video yesterday of the above flight using Aerosoft's fabulous Airbus A319 Professional series... Thanks for looking. Cheers - Herman
  9. Dear Aerosoft Team, You have a banner infivating 25% discount on selected professional airports yet when looking under the sales button it indicates 20% Can you please verify as it's very confusing. Thank you. ⁸ Herman
  10. Hauer


    Dear Aerosoft Team - an observation from my side... I note a sales banner stating 25% discount for professional airports yet the website indicates 20% for a selection of the professional airports. ??? Herman
  11. I must be late on the scene as I presume others have also asked in the past... However, I would like some sort of response from the Aerosoft Teamas I consider the NavDataPro product incomplete and therefore would expect it to be updated as appropriate. Thank you / danke. Cheers, Herman Auer
  12. Dear Aerosoft, As a user of the above product ver., I note that the QualityWings 787 for P3Dv4 is not reflected in the listing. Can you please advise as I would like to bring all navdata on par for all aircraft types used. Thank you / danke. Cheers, Herman Auer
  13. Okay, Otto. I'm using P3Dv4.4 so no issue for me. Cheers, Herman Auer
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