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  1. Just performed a take-off from EGGL/ Rwy 27L and all went well. Prior to departure, I extra scrutinised all settings / weather data, etc. Perhaps I had overlooked something previously in respect of load data. Just thought I'd mention it. Cheers, Herman
  2. Am ONLY encountering this with the above model (haven't tried the 321IAE as yet) and I'm sure this situation has already been observed by others. I've tried numerous configurations but keep ending up at ground-zero! Using the latest version / P3DV4.5HF3 Has anyone found a solution to overcome the above? Is this a specific model technical data programming issue? Response much appreciated. Thank you / danke. Cheers, Herman
  3. Very nice product... thank you for making it compatible for P3DV4.5! Herman
  4. I've solved it... Google up to it's usual security tricks! While I'm at it, is it not possible to transfer / integrate my existant products as mentioned on the Aerosoft Registration website into my shop account (better still AerosoftOne)? Kind regards, Herman
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