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  1. Hauer

    Fire warning bell

    Thanks for the update, Secondator. Much appreciated. Herman
  2. Regarding Helsinki - Vantaa Airport, I believe MK-Studios are currently working on it. Looking forward to it too! Cheers - Herman
  3. Dear Aerosoft Team, Some time ago, I raised the issue (as well as others) encountering an issue with the fire warning bell whereby it performs only one extremely short bell sound instead of several times. If I'm not mistaken, Mathijs said that the cause was unknown during an update process and I later read it had been resolved. I still encounter this situation on the A318/19/20/21 pro Airbus series ver. and the A330-300 ver. to this very day. Can you please advise. Thank you / danke. Herman
  4. Aerosoft Pro A319 - Hamburg Shopper (Germanwings) Join me for a domestic "shopping" flight from Nuremburg (EDDN) to Hamburg (EDDH), Germany. Flight time is 1 hour. The weather in Europe is currently heating up to tropical temperarture levels and haze levels are high. Otherwise it's a very smooth flight all the way to our destination. So fasten your seatbelt and let's go "shopping"! Our flightplan Pushback at Nuremburg Airport, Germany whilst both engines are spooling up... We taxi away from the terminal area towards our
  5. I note that it only states P3dV5 in my account downloads so I'll skip this one. Thanks, Otto. Herman
  6. Dear Aerosoft, Would like to check... is the update only applicable for P3Dv5? I'm using P3DV4.5HF3. If applicable, does it require a fresh install or can I simply update over the previous version? Thanks / danke, Herman
  7. Thank you for responding, Mathijs. The last two flights I did, they worked fine so it could have indeed been the cause. Will keep an eye on it and provide you with feedback if it occurs again. Herman
  8. Dear Aerosoft Team, I've noticed on several flights now with the Airbusses that there is an issue with wing lights, beacon lights and strobe lights. They seem to work on an adhoc basis. With one flight they work, with another they don't. As reported by others the alarm tests only give a minor short beep (if that what you can call it). Please note that I have noticed the above since the last upgrade via your update application. All aircraft were previously installed by fresh installation in admin mode and no anti-virus active. Thanks for investigating. Herman
  9. Cruising at FL360 with Aerosoft's Airbus A320 Pro... Herman
  10. Otto, nice of you to respond. I note that when looking at the sale section it has now been removed. Not the case, this morning so please... let's stop playing games. Perhaps I should make screen captures in future. Nothing personal, just an observation! Herman PS. At this stage I have more confidence in buying Aerosoft products via third parties.
  11. France VFR product sale??? Where are the discounts mentioned? Is it just me but I seem to often see discrepencies on the site! Herman ­čśĆ
  12. Dear Aerosoft Team, Just wondering if FSDG products are ever on sale? I'd like to expand my scenery collection but am in no mood to fork out amounts for products costing +/- 50% of what a flight simulation package costs. Cheers, Herman
  13. A short domestic flight today within Nigeria from the capital Abuja (DNAA) to Kano (DNKN) situated in the north of the country. Daily flights of approximately 50 minute duration are normally performed by both Air Peace and Azman Air Service. As their aircraft were being serviced, an Airbus A319 charter flight was arranged using the Zimbabwean low-cost carrier, fastjet... Welcome on board! Herman Ready for departure, Abuja's Nnamdi Azikiwe International Airport Speeding down the runway for take-off Departing Abuj
  14. Some screen captures of a short flight with an A319 of approximately 50 minutes from Abidjan, Ivory Coast to Accra, Ghana. A lot of greenery along the flightpath and rather densely populated in the coastal areas... Herman
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