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  1. I've solved it... Google up to it's usual security tricks! While I'm at it, is it not possible to transfer / integrate my existant products as mentioned on the Aerosoft Registration website into my shop account (better still AerosoftOne)? Kind regards, Herman
  2. Hi Aerosoft, Have just tried to update the Airbus A318/19 & A320/21 series (ver. but no response when applying the download button. Can you please investigate & advise? Thank you / danke, Herman
  3. I note that Cologne / Bonn Professional has been added to the listing in AO. Mine was purchased through SimMarket but when inserting the product key the respone is "validating product key failed". I was under the impression that we could also insert Aerosoft products bought via third parties?! Please advise. Thanks. Herman
  4. Hi - Is there a possibility to save a default location for the Aerosoft One Library? In my case my simulator runs from my F: drive and thus Aerosoft One keeps defaulting to F:\Aerosoft One Library whilst I actually opt for the custom location D:\FLTSIM_PROGS\Aerosoft One Library\ The reason being that my ORBX library is also under the latter directory. Is it possible to adjust Aerosoft One Library so that it ONLY asks the default drive the first time only and thereafter selects the custom drive at all times? Just a thought... Thank you / danke. Herman
  5. Mathijs, are you still planning on launching Aerosoft One or are the plans shelved due to Aerosoft's participation with the ORBX Direct product? Cheers, Herman
  6. Based on an actual flight ... Thanks for looking and enjoy! Herman
  7. Based on an actual flight ... Thanks for looking and enjoy! Herman
  8. If anyone is looking for an Air Namibia A330 livery, it's available via the link: https://www.rdpresets.com/requested-liveries-for-prepar3d.html The livery was requested by myself as I could not locate it anywhere. Note - Air Namibia actually never had the 300 version of the aircraft. They previously operated two A330-200's. Enjoy! Herman
  9. Will the product also support Aerosoft software that has been purchased via third parties? Cheers, Herman
  10. Yes, that did the trick... thanks, Secondator! Much appreciated. Herman 😀
  11. Thank you Secondator for your response & attached font files. For your info all is installed as Administrator and Windows Defender is off. Please note that this strange situation applies not to the A318-321 series but the A330 as well (all the latest updates). As a basis, I ran a test involving only the A318-319 package and the result is quite interesting... 1. Installed a previous version and the gauges are displayed correctly; 2. Installed version over the previous version and the result was negative (gauges not showng up correctly); (Note that I had originally first uninstalled the previous version prior to installing version 3. Unpacked and copied your attached fonts into the Windows "Fonts" directory and the results remained negative; a. PC restarted just in case and tried again. Unfortunately the result remained negative. This raises the question as to why does version correctly display the gauges and the updated version(s) not? Am I the only one encountering this gauge issue??? Keen to get this resolved. Thanks / danke. Herman
  12. Have just done a complete re-installation of the A318-321 series and the result is still the same. Wondering if anybody else is having this issue? Very strange. Herman
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