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  1. Danke für die Unterstützung, Otto. VG, Peter
  2. Was pasiert denn, wenn CumulusX.exe mit einem Doppelklick gestartet wird?
  3. Bitte einmal prüfen, ob im Verzeichnis mit den extrahierten Dateien und install.cmd das Unterverzeichnis Modules und darin das Unterverzeichnis CumulusX! und darin "CumulusX.exe" enthalten ist. VG, Peter
  4. Hallo, in dem markierten Verzeichnis ist ein Installationsprogramm enthalten, das man natürlich ausführen muss, um ggf. fehlenden Bibliothen von P3D nachzuinstallieren. Außerdem besagt die Installationsanleitung zu CumulusX!, dass das ZIP-File zunächst in ein beliebiges temporäres Verzeichnis extrahiert werden und darin das install.cmd mit einem Rechtsklick und dann "Als Administrator ausführen" gestartet werden muss. viele Grüße, Peter
  5. Hallo Kurpfalzflieger, rad (Radian) ist die mathematische Maßeinheit des Winkels, dabei entsprechen 360 Grad dem Wert 2xPi. Die geographischen Koordinaten werden dabei von Länge/Breite in Grad in die Werte in Radian so umgerechnet: Geographische Länge: Die Geographische Länge wird von Greenwich in östlicher Richtung positiv in Grad gemessen.180° (+ oder -) liegen genau gegenüber von Greenwich auf der anderen Seite der Erdkugel. 1. Schritt: Ist die geographische Länge in Grad-Minuten-Sekunden angegeben ("GGG°MM'SS.sss", GGG: Gradzahl -179...+179, MM: Minuten 0-59, SS: Sekunden 0-59, .sss...: dezimale Bruchteile von Sekunden .0-.999...), erfolgt zuerst eine Umrechnung in eine dezimales Format "GGG.ggg...", also Grad und dezimale Bruchteile davon: GGG.ggg... = GGG + MM/60 + SS.sss.../3600. Beispiel: 7°53°09.2544" = (7 + 53/60 + 9.2544/3600) = 7.885904° (falls die geographische Länge bereits im dezimalen Grad-Format vorliegt entfällt dieser Schritt) 2. Schritt: Umrechnung von Grad in rad ("Radian") Die Umrechnung in die Angabe als "rad" (+/-R.rrr...) erfolgt nach folgender Formel: +/-R.rrrr... = +/- GGG.ggg.../360 x 2 x Pi (Vorzeichen der Länge in rad wird dabei von der Angabe in Grad übernommen) Beispiel: 7.885904° = 7.885904 / 360 x 2 x 3.141592654... rad = 0.137634989 rad Es ist notwendig, viele Dezimalstellen (auch von Pi) zu verwenden, da sonst im globalen Maßstab schnell einige km Fehler entstehen. Geographische Breite: Die geographische Breite wird vom Äquator (0°) bis zu den Polen (N: +90°, S:-90°) gemessen und hat daher maximal zwei Stellen für die Gradzahl. Im Übrigen ist die Vorgehensweise dieselbe wie bei der geographischen Länge. Beispiel: 54°10'57.972" = (54 + 10/60 + 57.972/3600) = 54.18277 (1. Schritt) 54.18277° = 54.18277 / 360 x 2 x Pi rad= 0.945667734 rad (2. Schritt) Die Werte für die Länge in rad liegen im Bereich von -Pi ... + Pi ( -3.1415926... +3.1415926), der Breite im Bereich -Pi/2 ... +Pi/2 (-1.570796327 ... +1.570796327) VG, Peter
  6. It is possibly a missing simconnect interface, CumulusX! would require FSX-SP2-XPACK. best regards, Peter
  7. Hi RJ, on th download page of CumulusX! you will find in the section "Personal License" a link to registration options. best regards, Peter
  8. Please copy the line below into the address field of Windows Explorer: %localappdata%\Peter_Lürkens There you will find a number of directories named "WinchX.exe_Url...". Delete them all and try again. Background: These directories store the configuration through WinchX!' user interface (one directory per released version). If such configuration got corrupt, WinchX! may fail upon start. If missing, the settings directory will be created new automatically.
  9. Peter Lürkens


    Hi James, indeed, there is a special DLL coming along with the ASK21 and Discus Glider which is related to the sound of the C4-varios coming with these types. Naturally the DLL is 32bit-code. The good news is, that CumulusX! detects it being active, and, if not, controls itself the vario sound. However, in CumulusX! there is no volume control, nor evaluation of panel bus power states and the like. The C4-vario operation itself should not be affected, as it is entirely coded in XML, and thus platform independent. bests, Peter
  10. Peter Lürkens


    Hi, indeed, the DLL is not absolutely mandatory for CumulusX! operation. It's main purpose is to improve the accurary of the glider movement. It goes back to problem with Windows task scheduler appearing with Windows 7, when original CumulusX! operation became very glitchy. A second function is a smoother compensated vario sound of stock aircraft. However, both ASK21 and DiscusX have their own vario implementation, wich do not relate to CumulusX!. Alas I think they are relying to own 32bit-DLLs and as may are not work in 64bit-software, unless updated. If you don't observe jerky movement (best visible in ground proximity or from pursuer perspective) than there is not much that you loose. bests, Peter
  11. Hi Harry, sorry for that late answer. I looked into the code meanwhile, but the only condition that would affect the submenu is the registration state. But, even in unregistered mode, a reduced submenu should appear, with an information on the licensing condition. I would actually suggest reinstalling the legacy simconnect library of FSX ACC (pointing the "SDK"-issue above), which should be available with P3D. bests, Peter
  12. Hi Harry, as said P3D is not supported. Anyway, all the behaviors that you describe are expected, e.g. that CumulusX! does not give the warning when changing the tow plane. This because it checks for a running FSX rather than P3D. Which sub menu is actually missing, the entry under Addons/CumulusX!/SmartTow, or does the pattern selection not appear? What is interesting that you report it working at some time. Has it been the same P3D version or sub version then? Possibly there has been an update in between, maybe minor. Another user (German) had a weird problem with P3D, too, and he found an update of the "SDK" helped. Actually I think he meant the Simconnect-library. Currently I do not have access to the developing machine so I can't check the conditions in the code, under which conditions the menu items do possibly not show.
  13. Hi Scott,

    pls send me your name, address and your regular e-mail. I will send you a license for free.

    BR, Peter

    1. sf4JC


      Hey Peter, if you are wondering why I deleted my follow-up reply, I couldn't edit my address out of it so the only course of action was to delete the whole reply.  What I should have done was just email you instead of posting it here where everybody could see it.  Hope I'm not being too paranoid.


  14. Hi Josh, install FSX SP1 and SP2, and it will work, bests, Peter
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