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Current SOAR Administration and Staff

Don Hamilton

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Following is a listing of the current Administation at SOAR and their positions:

:star: Don Hamilton - SOAR Director

:star: Karen Hamilton - Don's right hand

Mainly does all the site additions, maintenance, etc. Helps Don where needed.

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Well, thought I'd go ahead and make this public knowledge just in case anyone is wondering?  I've been the Acting Director of SOAR for quite a while now, but have recently taken over most, if not all of the responsibilities of SOAR.  Yes, SOAR is still around and has been to some degree.  Anyway, I'll post more in the SOAR News or the General Discussion area.


Anyway, here it is and where it stands at the moment...


Scott (sf4JC) Frerking - SOAR Director

Karen &/or Don Hamilton - Still in the background to bounce ideas off of and help possibly if need be

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Guest jsaviator

I noticed that the last post was about a year ago-- what's the status of SOAR at this point?


Scott Anderson

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It's been really slow to almost nonexistent.  I'm still somewhat hopeful for a turnaround with Microsoft Flight Simulator being released.  It's been a while since being a part of it's early Alpha version, so I'm not sure of what it is all capable of yet in the Release version, as I am still in the process of upgrading my main PC and then to acquire Microsoft Flight Simulator (maybe 1 to 3 weeks away).  Still hoping for good things in this Release, but not going to hold my breath too long because of thermal activity may not be active/present just yet.  That may be the main reason for not seeing any gliders, but without seeing the current build, plus I haven't been totally committed time wise to the development of the simulator since leaving the Alpha behind.  Though, I can almost guaranty I'll be putting a lot of my time exploring different aspects of the sim related to SOARing.  FSX usage has been almost nonexistent for me since the controller I had been using wasn't working well enough to enjoy much of a flight.  Anyway, that's all I know at the moment for now, THANKS for your interest!



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