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  2. Mathijs, Thanks for posting the information and for creating the files to map the switches. It makes it SO much easier!
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  4. OK, I understand. As time ago the VHHX we used to find the database info to add it in AIRAC files, can we find the info for NZIR? Actually, AIRAC supports VHHX. For the NZIR not yet so far.
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  6. Thanks for the update, which raise some question : As suggested in your "changelog", I took a look to the updated templates. And I see the following examples : "Variable": ">K:TOGGLE_MASTER_BATTERY", or "Variable": "K:TOGGLE_GENALT_BUS1_CONTACT", Could you confirme that the first one, with ">" is the right syntax to use.... Thanks - Gérard
  7. I did re-download the installer and re-installed, but still Raiffeisen jetways 31 and 41 (left and right in the picture). I do have GSX 2 but not FSDT LSGG. Latest update for GSX 2 and P3DV4.5H2 installed. Other Mega sceneries are fine. No clue how to procede?? Thanks, Peter
  8. Hi, during cockpit prep CL, the yellow circuit pump is set on with its characteristic sound. But when its button is asked to be turned off?
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  10. Ich habe von der DVD1 ein Image erstellt und das funktioniert ganz hervorragend
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  12. GEN habe ich nicht. Mit Adminrechten alles installiert Nochmal: Alles auch versucht mit einer cleanen Installation von P3DV4 ohne irgendwas an Addons. Alles dasselbe. Vielleicht liegt das Problem in irgendwelchen *.xml - Dateien. Keine Ahnung. LG: Wolfgang
  13. A small update here Just ran the new small installer. Provided email adres and serial number .Within some minutes scenery was downloaded and installed No major problems here Johan
  14. Natürlich. Dafür liebe ich X-Europe. Mit XE3 erhalten wir Fabriken, Kirchen, Stadien, Gewächshäuser, Supermärkte usw. SFDG sind nur kleine und mittlere Gebäude. Aber XE3 würde mit SFDG-Gebäuden im Mittelmeerraum gut aussehen 😉
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  17. Because we believe this topic has been answered we have closed it. If you have any more questions feel free to open a new topic.
  18. Hi aerosoft,just bought the above title and installed it normally. From then my P3D wont start,i always had a CTD everything i did ! When i UNINSTALLED the scenery it works again ! Do you have an answer for this ? ? What to do with my newly bought scenery ? Is there a method to installed the scenery manually and no automatic ?
  19. Hallo Jörg, was für eine P3D Version hast Du installiert? Für den Fall von v4.x gibt es einen separaten Installer_x64 von FSDT. Ich würde dann mit dem dazu gehörigen FSX Installer gleichziehen. Ich hoffe das löst Dein Problem. Du solltest grundsätzlich immer für alle Deine Addons nach P3Dvx Kompatibilität/Update schauen. Z.B für Dein Mesh (FS Global) gibt es eine P3Dv4 Variante. Upgrade allerdings nicht ganz kostenlos. Ich hatte damals mit der Kombi FSX + P3D auch extra zwei Betriebssysteme installiert, um ja irgendwelche Konflikte aus dem Weg zu gehen. Muss man aber nicht unbedingt machen. Ahoj -Uwe
  20. I was just a little troubled by mleuck's post, as far as I knew Aerosoft never used 'a small download starting a large one' in the past. So I checked in my account and only today noticed that Mega Airport Praque was indeed replaced by a small file (118 kb) with no Version info. I keep my files stored on a NAS, so I don't access my shopaccount that much. Should probably check out now what has changed with this airport. Anyway, thanks for your time. Johan Keep up the hard work -:) , I'll keep spending -:)
  21. I was setting an offset to a waypoint in the MCDU and immediately I entered a distance (5L in this case) FSX crashed to the desktop with the following error. Axe CoRte Editor FMGS.ini not found in< C:\users\admin\documents\Aerosoft\Airbus\FlightPlans\FMGS.INI Program will be terminated! I think I may have solved this, it was the company route editor needed an upgrade to load. I have not tried the MCDU again but will in the next few days, I assume the MCDU was trying to edit the route somehow using CoRte editor and could not load it. Thought I would post in case anyone else has the same issue. Mike
  22. That feeling of surfing the cloud when you are climbing out of the airport.
  23. Okay so the scenery has no problems after reinstall, but i have only tried installing Mega airport Oslo, and no other scenery like ftx or anything. I will see if i have the same problem with the ftx sceneries.
  24. OMG, pictures are awesome.... Looks realistic....keep pushing! 😎🍻
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  26. Orbx Germany North oder kurz GEN. Hast Du mit Administratorrechten installiert und auch den Antivirenschutz während der Installation ausgeschaltet? Es betrifft nur EDDH-Dateien innerhalb von Orbx GEN, sonst keine, oder hast Du noch irgendwo AFCADs von EDDH im System? Wolfgang
  27. i´m from the early 90´s , so very possible . My first addon was a CRJ from wilco, before that, i always flew with the default simulators. but i think after no long time of that purchase actually the first version of AS CRJ was announced LOL.
  28. Good grief I think I was out of high school before you were even born. Man that's hard to believe. I don't feel like I've been around that long. time flies... And I didn't realize Mathijs was with Lago. I remember the first add-on aircraft I ever saw. It was a DC-9, made by *Lago*, if I remember correctly. It was for FS 5.0. It was amazing to me. I was used to no add-on aircraft and FS2 and FS4. I did play around with FS4's aircraft maker thingy...the "Thunder Swallow" was a jet my friend made, that looked like a U-2.
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