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  1. Hi madivad,thx for your info,but im so sorry,i don't quite get your meaning.the cockpit master cdu or our upcoming products(MCP MCDU FCU ETC....)In either case we always adhere to use plug and play to link pc,and without the user needing to learn or use tradition configurator.
  2. Hi Captain,i've contacted you by wechat in this afternoon,we'll send you a new cdu as soon as possible.I'm sorry this happened to you, captain!
  3. yes sir,i thought you had a very good suggestion.
  4. Hi erich,many thanks for your support. but default 737 from fsx doesn‘t have cdu,so the cs737 cdu is not supported for that,but if you have pmdg 737NG for fsx i think our cs737x cdu can work properly! thank you
  5. Thank you sir for all the positive comments. We will try our best to resolve some itchy points that people would like us to do. The airbus MCDU is in our plan but for the time being we are still working on some key elements. Also worth mentioning is that when PMDG releases its 737NG3 for MSFS this Q4 (hopefully), this device will be campatible right away, with just an software update. With best regards, Allan
  6. Hello Daniel, Yes it is the only way now by unplugging the CDU to shut it down. The good thing is this device is hot swap applicable so it won't be damaged by doing so. We actually have noticed this issue as many customers want a shut-down function without removing the USB plug, which is something we are looking at and try to resolve. Please bear with us
  7. Hi Detlef,pls make sure the cockpit simulator software is remain working.
  8. Hi please see this link for the latest SW update. This v0.9.99 does not have virus:
  9. Yeah you are absolutely right about that. We will improve our packaging by inserting a manual to tell people how to do some key operations.
  10. You can visit our website www.cockpit-master.com for the download or there was a post in this forum earlier that has it.
  11. Hi This is our current compatibility chart. Thank you!
  12. Dear all, Congratulation to those who have received the CDU device. Here are some useful tips on the software: 1. The software needs to be run at all times when flying your simulator; 2. The latest SW update is v0.9.99. This version enables two CDU to work for captain/co-pilot positions simultaneously; 3. For captain/co-pilot postion switching, please follow the below steps: Press MENU + 8; The screen show selection page, press 1 for captain, 2 for co-pilot; Press EXEC; Unplug/Plug the USB to reboot CDU; Go to the software CDU page and choose RIGHT SIDE for co-pilot position (Default is LEFT SIDE captain position); 4. For FW update please follow the below steps: Unplug CDU; Press INIT + 5 and hold; Plug in CDU while holding above two keys; Keypad flashing; Click START FLASH on software page Do not shutdown power during flashing. Software Manual.pdf
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