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  2. Hallo , wo finde ich eine Beschreibung über diesen Punkt. Speziell dazu das ich dort nicht eine IP Nummer sondern einen Namen, eintragen kann, damit auch bei einer änderung der IP-Nummer alles läuft. Ich kann dort zwar einen Namen eintragen der wird aber nicht aufgelöst. Besten Dank
  3. I agree, that's what customer want and that's what they will get. HOWEVER..... look at the video and see that the crew wear noise canceling headphones (very good ones). So what they hear is something totally and utterly different, there are some hints of the engine and a trace of wind but overall it is not what the video sounds like, not even close. We have discussed doing a sound set with that in mind and tested it on 12 users and two real pilots. It was extremely realistic, it was actually recorded INSIDE the headphones! The two pilots said it was dead on, the twelve users (all of them!) said it was shite. They could not hear the engine and they considered it very unrealistic. So again, as I said with sound we do not deliver realism but we deliver what customers expect.
  4. Spitze - könntest Du glatt X-Europe v4.0 nennen!!! 🙂
  5. As far as we know the new sim is really based on very modern game design standards. For example it will probably work a lot with decals etc. All in all things will not get easier for repainters for sure. We will do all we can to make things easy though.
  6. About the sound-question from Mathijs; in my opinion that is the sound that most simmers want to hear: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rpuGSNMAltg&t=18s
  7. Buenas tardes compañeros, Tengo una duda técnica acerca de P3D. Actualmente tengo 32Gb de RAM en una placa DDR3, con un procesador I7 4770k a 3,5 (socket 1150) Bien, llevo 3 meses con apagones en el sistema. Apagones que se producen sobretodo al iniciar windows. Después de multitud de pruebas y de cambiar casi todos los componentes del pc, he llegado a la conclusión que la placa está fastidiada. Pues bien, no logro encontrar placas DDR3 con socket 1150 que tengan 4 slots para aprovechar los 32 gb (4 memorias x 8Gb), salvo una que han ofrecido, que solo soporta 16Gb de RAM. Todo este rollo, para preguntaros: notaré mucho la diferencia si sacrifico 16Gb de los 32Gb? Muchas gracias de antemano y un saludo!
  8. Hi, I had the Aerosoft F-16 for several years and have thoroughly enjoyed it immensely. In the past few months I have purchased P3D v4.5 I was wondering if the F-16 would "work" in P3D v4.5? It would be so awesome to continue flying one of my favorite planes in P3D. Yours, Richard
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  11. Ahh ok, just the OFP above is EDS format. Any luck with a Free Route Airspace routing over Italy ?
  12. Hihi schee, mehr zum Sabbern habe ich eben hier eingestellt: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/130394-x-europe-osm-verbesserungen/&do=findComment&comment=951513
  13. Dieser Food Truck nervt. Wie werde ich diesen los, ich bin für jeden Tipp dankbar. /Othello
  14. Und andere sind genauso schön, die waren früher auch mit Riesenpolygonen bedeckt: Dover Erfurt: Festung Ehrenbreitstein in Koblenz: Neu sind auch Fassaden für Schlösser und Burgen, das Schloss in Erlangen ist kein Objekt, sondern "nur" eine automatisch erzeugte Fassade (außerdem sieht man noch die neuen Springbrunnen und neu das Gras)
  15. So sieht das Hambacher Schloss in der v3.1 aus:
  16. Hallo Flusifreunde, die Basisfarbe / Grundfarbe lässt sich jetzt wieder ändern. Mit dem Couatl. Live-Update vom 20.11.2019 wurde der Fehler behoben ! Bugfix: - Das Dialogfeld zur Auswahl der Basisfarbe wurde beim Hinzufügen eines benutzerdefinierten Logos nicht mehr angezeigt. Thema kann geschlossen werden. Gruß Helmut
  17. This post cannot be displayed because it is in a password protected forum. Enter Password
  18. The required testing is not about the NavDataPro charts. It's about other things. And I really want to get those tested before the final installer is built.
  19. Isn't it possible to release the product before the weekend without the Navdatapro functionality and release an update that add this function when it's ready? I'm sure a lot of people (including me) won't use that function anyway and are really looking forward to fly the CRJ pro.
  20. All items except one are complete, so theoretically we could release tomorrow. However, we made quite a few changes in the past days which haven't been looked at by our beta testers yet, so it'll be Monday (Disclaimer: as long as the testers don't run across total any catastrophic showstoppers!)
  21. Diffuse textures are called AlbedoMaps in the PBR-age . They are a bit different to the diffuse maps we used in past. For example AmbientOcclusion layers to mimmick diffuse shadowcasting of indirect lighting is completely removed from the "color" maps and now resides as a green channel layer in the MetalMap. The reason for this is, that AmbientOcclusion is now dynamicly faded away when the surface receives direct lighting from the sun or moon. Changes in the UV layout are not planned yet and of course would be fatal for the re-use of older paintkits.
  22. Understandable. Although I would imagine the base diffuse textures remaining the same? (Unless for some reason you opt to change the UV layout :D). Still looking forward to this release, and more than happy to re-paint textures if needed.
  23. A bit early to ask, as we dont know how the materials are structured in MFS yet(FS2020 i guess you meant). But of course when porting to this new platform it is strongly considered to make the work for repainters as easy as possible.
  24. Out of curiosity, will repaints made for P3D carry over to MFS? Or will Aerosoft create a unique model for that sim? More established in making re-paints for X-Plane... but I'd be happy to check this out :D
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