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  1. Very early days but at least you can see we have started the project. This is NOT a conversion but everything will be done new, to the latest standards. As we have expanded our internal aircraft development team we are now able to run tow full size projects at the same time.
  2. We have to start a preview post about our Airbus Microsoft Flight Simulator projects at some time, so why not now? As most people will know we have three aircraft projects for MFS in development at this moment. All of them are complete new builds using as much of the fantastic features of the new simulator as possible. In order of scheduled release these are the CRJ 500/700 (followed up by the CRJ 900/1000), the Twin Otter and finally the Airbusses. We have at this moment 3 people working on the 'systems'. Over the next few months that will grow to 6 people. Feel free to comment, ask or rant, we will reply when we can, but as this is a project in pretty early stages of development, please accept that we are not ready to share a lot. To avoid a negative flow on this topic, let's agree that we'll reply when we can and want, and will not reply when we do not want, okay? Seeing a dozen "we are nor ready to discuss that yet" comments every day just looks nasty. But is you have any wishes, feel we should absolutely do this or that and we should never do that or this, please let us know. I assure you we read every comment. This project will be in the same 'idea' as we have done before, we focus on the job of the captain, rather than on the system. That means we rather include a fully working cockpit door system that is used every 30 minutes then a dual generator failure that has happened twice in all the hours (20 million plus) that these aircraft have flown. Pilots deal with sick passengers, drunk passengers, blocked toilets, missing catering, crashed multimedia systems etc etc on a daily base. A broken engine is something they might see once or twice in their career. Ohhh, of course you want a picture... Here you go. That how it looks at this moment. And that is because we have not yet started on the model/texturing. That will start soon and then things will start to look nice. At this moment it is really the core systems that are worked on. Again, we'll reply when we got something to say. Do not be upset if we do not comment on your question, that only means we are not able or willing to reply. We do love your input though!
  3. Regio Calabria Changelog: Added Christmas lights around the Airport, Improved lighting, Improved taxi path and light rows, Recompiled the scenery with the last SDK Tools Bergamo Changelog: Added Christmas lightning, New jetway repaint, Temporarily disabled the Aeroclub Runway to allow traffics to work (since the Airport has 2 runway that cannot be connected we cannot use the "Secondary Runway Flag", so that's the only workaround)
  4. Version 1.1.0 Changelog: Fixed Rendering issue on Apron, when sitting in Cockpit (Environment Occlutions removed) Removeing default Lightspots (as far as possible in current SDK) Replacing the default high-voltage pylons along the highway with individual models Fixes for Taxiway Ground Signs
  5. We are happy to show off the first previews of our latest work for MSFS: the small airfield Heide-Büsum (EDXB). It’s located in northern Germany and the perfect spot to explore the Wadden Sea, North Frisian Islands and Heligoland.
  6. I tried to push the STD baro button however I can't click it. Is there a way to solve this issue? Cheers!
  7. Guess the airport we just got the sat images for (and boy oh boy it is hard these day to get those legally and for a acceptable price) and you get it for free. If it is not guessed in 10 minutes I will be very very disappointed.
  8. This is being developed to be put into upcoming scenery projects, thought you might like to see it.
  9. This update solves a few small issues and adds 77 more airlines: This is the complete new list. Additional airline liveries and Offline AI traffic routes will be added via regular updates Offline AI mode regional coverage is subject to availability of source data * = Currently Online AI mode only Aegean Airlines "Aegean" [AEE] Aer Lingus "Shamrock" [EIN] Aeroflot "Aeroflot" [AFL] AeroLogic "German Cargo" [BOX] AeroMexico "Aeromexico" [AMX] Aeromexico Connect "Costera" [SLI] Air Canada "Air Canada" [ACA] Air Canada (Rouge) "Rouge" [ROU] * Air Canada Express (Jazz) "Jazz" [JZA] Air Canada Express (Maple) "Maple" [SKV] * Air China "Air China" [CCA] Air China Cargo "Airchina Freight" [CAO] Air China Dalian "Xiangjian" [CCD] * Air China Inner Mongolia "Mengyuan" [CMN] * Air France "Airfrans" [AFR] Air France Hop "Air Hop" [HOP] Air Hong Kong (DHL) "Air Hong Kong" [AHK] Air India "Airindia" [AIC] Air India Express "Express India" [AXB] * Air Japan (ANA) "Air Japan" [AJX] * Air Manas (Pegasus) "Air Manas" [MBB] * Air New Zealand "New Zealand" [ANZ] Air Sinai (Egypt Air) "Air Sinai" [ASD] * Air Wisconsin (UAL) "Wisconsin" [AWI] AirAsia Berhad "Red Cap" [AXM] AirAsia India "Red Knight" [IAD] AirAsia X Berhad "Xanadu" [XAX] Alaska Airlines "Alaska" [ASA] Alitalia "Alitalia" [AZA] Alitalia CityLiner "Cityliner" [CYL] * All Nippon Airways "All Nippon" [ANA] Allegiant Air "Allegiant" [AAY] Alliance Air (Air India) "Allied" [LLR] * American Airlines "American" [AAL] ANA Wings "Alpha Wing" [AKX] * Asiana Airlines "Asiana" [AAR] Austrian Airlines "Austrian" [AUA] Azul Brazilian Airlines "Azul Bluebird" [AZU] BA CityFlyer "Flyer" [CFE] * Blue Air "Blue Messenger" [BLA] British Airways "Speedbird" [BAW] British Airways (Shuttle) "Shuttle" [SHT] * Brussels Airlines "Beeline" [BEL] Buzz (Ryanair) "Magic Sun" [RYS] * Cathay Pacific "Cathay" [CPA] China Airlines "Dynasty" [CAL] China Eastern Airlines "China Eastern" [CES] * China Southern Airlines "China Southern" [CSN] CommutAir (UAL) "Commutair" [UCA] Delta Air Lines "Delta" [DAL] DHL Aero Expreso "Yellow" [DAE] DHL Air UK "World Express" [DHK] DHL International Aviation ME "Dilmun" [DHX] easyJet Europe "Alpine" [EJU] * easyJet Switzerland "Topswiss" [EZS] easyJet UK "Easy" [EZY] Egypt Air "Egyptair" [MSR] Emirates "Emirates" [UAE] Endeavor Air (DAL) "Endeavor" [EDV] Envoy Air (AAL) "Envoy" [ENY] Ethiopian Airlines "Ethiopian" [ETH] Etihad Airways "Etihad" [ETD] European Air Transport (DHL) "Eurotrans" [BCS] Eurowings "Eurowings" [EWG] Eurowings Europe "Europwings" [EWE] * FedEx "Fedex" [FDX] Finnair "Finnair" [FIN] Frontier "Frontier Flight" [FFT] GoJet Airlines (UAL) "Lindbergh" [GJS] Gol Transportes Aereos "Gol" [GLO] Grand China Air "Grand China" [GDC] * Hainan Airlines "Hainan" [CHH] Hawaiian Airlines "Hawaiian" [HAL] Helvetic Airways "Helvetic" [OAW] * Horizon Air (ASA) "Horizon Air" [QXE] Iberia "Iberia" [IBE] Iberia Express "Iberexpres" [IBS] * Iberia Regional "Air Nostrum" [ANE] IndiGo "I Fly" [IGO] Indonesia AirAsia "Wagon Air" [AWQ] Iran Air "Iranair" [IRA] * ITA Airways "Itarrow" [ITY] * İzmir Airlines (Pegasus) "Izmir" [IZM] * J-Air "Japan Air" [JLJ] Japan Airlines "Japanair" [JAL] Japan Transocean Air "Jai Ocean" [JTA] JetBlue "Jetblue" [JBU] Jetstar "Jetstar" [JST] Jetstar Asia "Jetstar Asia" [JSA] * Jetstar Japan "Orange Liner" [JJP] * Juneyao Airlines "Air Juneyao" [DKH] KLM "Klm" [KLM] KLM Cityhopper "City" [KLC] Korean Air "Korean Air" [KAL] Kunming Airlines "Kunming Air" [KNA] Kuwait Airways "Kuwaiti" [KAC] LATAM "LAN Chile" [LAN] * LATAM Brasil "Tam" [TAM] LATAM Cargo Brasil "Tamcargo" [LTG] * LATAM Cargo Chile "Lan Cargo" [LCO] LATAM Cargo Colombia "Lanco" [LAE] * LATAM Colombia "Lan Colombia" [ARE] * LATAM Equador "Lan Equador" [LNE] * LATAM Express "Lanex" [LXP] * LATAM Paraguay "Paraguaya" [LAP] * LATAM Perú "Lan Peru" [LPE] * Lion Air "Lion Inter" [LNI] * LOT Charters "Central Wings" [CLW] * LOT Polish Airlines "Pollot" [LOT] Lufthansa "Lufthansa" [DLH] Lufthansa Cargo "Lufthansa Cargo" [GEC] Lufthansa CityLine "Hansaline" [CLH] Malindo Air "Malindo" [MXD] * Malta Air (Ryanair) "Blue Med" [MAY] * Mesa Airlines (AAL) "Air Shuttle" [ASH] Mesa Airlines (UAL) "Air Shuttle" [ASH] Nordic Regional Airlines "Fincomm" [WBA] * Nordic Regional Airlines (Finnair) "Finnair" [FCM] * Norwegian Air International "Nortrans" [IBK] * Norwegian Air Norway "Norship" [NAN] * Norwegian Air Shuttle "Nor Shuttle" [NAX] Norwegian Air Sweden "Nordic" [NSW] * Pegasus Airlines "Sunturk" [PGT] Philippines AirAsia "Cool Red" [APG] Piedmont Airlines (AAL) "Piedmont" [PDT] PSA Airlines (AAL) "Blue Streak" [JIA] Qantas "Qantas" [QFA] QantasLink "Q Link" [QLK] QantasLink (Net-Link) "Net Link" [NWK] * QantasLink (Q-Jet) "Q Jet" [QJE] * Qatar Airways "Qatari" [QTR] Qatar Amiri Flight "Amiri" [QAF] * Republic Airlines (AAL) "Brickyard" [RPA] Republic Airlines (DAL) "Brickyard" [RPA] Republic Airlines (UAL) "Brickyard" [RPA] Ryanair "Ryanair" [RYR] Ryanair UK "Bluemax" [RUK] * S7 Airlines "Siberia Airlines" [SBI] SAS "Scandinavian" [SAS] Saudia "Saudia" [SVA] Scandinavian Airlines Ireland "Spinnaker" [SZS] * Shandong Airlines "Shandong" [CDG] Shenzhen Airlines "Shenzhen Air" [CSZ] Sichuan Airlines "Chuanhang" [CSC] Singapore Airlines "Singapore" [SIA] SkyWest Airlines (AAL) "Skywest" [SKW] SkyWest Airlines (ASA) "Skywest" [SKW] SkyWest Airlines (DAL) "Skywest" [SKW] SkyWest Airlines (UAL) "Skywest" [SKW] Southwest Airlines "Southwest" [SWA] SpiceJet "Spicejet" [SEJ] Spirit "Spirit Wings" [NKS] Spring Airlines "Air Spring" [CQH] Suparna Airlines "Yangtze River" [YZR] * Swiss International Air Lines "Swiss" [SWR] TAP Air Portugal "Air Portugal" [TAP] TAP Express "Air Portugal" [PGA] Tarom "Tarom" [ROT] Thai AirAsia X "Express Wing" [TAX] Thai Airways International "Thai" [THA] Thai Lion "Mentari" [TLM] * Transavia "Transavia" [TRA] Transavia France "France Soleil" [TVF] TUI Airways "Tomjet" [TOM] TUI fly Belgium "Beauty" [JAF] TUI fly Deutschland "Tui Jet" [TUI] TUI fly Netherlands "Orange" [TFL] TUI fly Nordic "Bluescan" [BLX] * Turkish Airlines "Turkish" [THY] Ukraine International "Ukraine International" [AUI] United Airlines "United" [UAL] UPS Airlines "U P S" [UPS] Ural "Sverdlovsk Air" [SVR] Valuair (Jetstar) "Valuair" [VLU] * Virgin Atlantic "Virgin" [VIR] Virgin Australia "Velocity" [VOZ] VivaAerobus "Aeroenlaces" [VIV] Volaris "Volaris" [VOI] Volaris Costa Rica "Costa Rican" [VOC] * Volaris El Salvador "Jetsal" [VOS] * Vueling "Vueling" [VLG] WestJet "Westjet" [WJA] Wizz Air "Wizz" [WZZ] Wizz Air Abu Dhabi "Wizz Sky" [WAZ] * Wizz Air UK "Wizz Go" [WUK] *
  10. Aerosoft Airport Mehamn | MSFS DLC Developer: FlyThreePeaks Purchase here: Aerosoft Shop Mehamn - 880 Meters of Norwegian coastal ruggedness. Tucked away within a tiny fjord you'll find Continental Europe's northernmost airport. Set off on a flight under the captivating midnight sun during summer. On a crisp winter day, shoot an approach at lunchtime, while it's as dark as night. Enjoy the unique Arctic landscape as you explore the nearby fjords. Take a quick trip (7NM) northwest to see the northernmost point in all of continental Europe! Or are you up for the challenge to cross the Barents Sea and fly the whole way to Svalbard? Godspeed. Mehamn Airport (ENMH, MEH) is a regional airport serving the villages of Mehamn, Kjøllefjord and Gamvik. The airport features an 880x30 meter (2,890 ft) asphalt runway (17/35) and is served by Widerøe connecting the community to Berlevåg, Hammerfest, Vadsø, Båtsfjord and Honningsvåg. Features: Custom, highly detailed models for all airport buildings Tower and terminal interior Custom taxiway lights, runway lights, approach lights and markings Reworked terrain and vegetation Custom ground textures, including grooved runway Entire city reworked and populated with assets and lights Lighthouse with revolving light beam Red obstacle lights on surrounding mountain tops Custom snow fences Custom breakwater Graveyard and church on approach PBR textures System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020) OS: Windows 10 / 11 CPU: Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590 DirectX: DirectX 11 VRAM: 2 GB RAM: 8 GB HDD: 5 GB Bandwidth: 5 Mbps Installation runs via Aerosoft One, this requires an internet connection and an Aerosoft user account! More information about Aerosoft One can be found in the User Guide or in the FAQs.
  11. Aerosoft Airport St. Tropez AS15129 New version: New file name: AS_AIRPORT-ST-TROPEZ_MSFS_V1100.zip New file size: 675 MB Version - Updated objects for Xbox compatibility - Fixed AI route network - Fixed CTD for specific users
  12. Changelog: v0.12.5 — Alpha 12.5 (November 19, 2021) [Windows only] Bug fixes: Library: Fixed Microsoft Flight Simulator and X-Plane 11 not being detected if they are installed in a non-administrator user account on Windows.
  13. Simple Traffic is an imperfect product (that is why it is not called Ultimate Traffic or something). It's cheap (and cheerful!) and simply aims to make the airports we all visit look better. So you see this at Frankfurt: and not fictitious default liveries but RyanAir, British Airways and yeah Lufthansa ofcourse. And there are dozens of airlines included and they all appear on the right airport. See here for more information: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/forum/1112-simple-traffic/ For now I will leave you with a video. Ohhh btw, this will be a 15 euro product.
  14. Just some information we did not share yet: CRJ 550/700 42,01€ (plus VAT when applicable) CRJ 550/700/900/1000 58,82€ (plus VAT when applicable) CRJ 900/1000 Upgrade 16,80€ (plus VAT when applicable) Please note the 900/1000 upgrade assume the 550/700 is installed, it is not a stand alone version Unable to give a release date, but we are in the holding awaiting clearance. We assume the product will be released in the Marketplace at the same time as we release it.
  15. Highly accurate recreation of Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR) Highly detailed models of airport terminals, hangars, buildings and airport vehicles Accurate taxiway and runways (2021 layout) Accurate terrain and runway profile Tower and Terminal interior Photorealistic texture with PBR Workflow Custom animated Jetways Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  16. Check out this document for an explanation OnAir_Regular_Routes_Quick_Reference_Rev_2.pdf
  17. Aerosoft Airport Komodo | MSFS DLC Developer: A-Flight Purchase here: Aerosoft Shop Aerosoft Komodo Labuan Bajo Airport (IATA: LBJ, ICAO: WATO), located in the north-western part of the Indonesian island Flores, was created utilising the latest technologies of the Microsoft Flight Simulator platform. It includes a highly detailed airport with its modern terminal facilities and a surrounding autogen-style scenery for custom local-style buildings. It is just a short hop away from the islands of Bali and Lombok, two other popular holiday destinations in Indonesia. The airport has undergone several transformations during the past years, including the all-new modern terminal facilities and a new southern taxiway. The location and the approach offer a very scenic and beautiful setting hard to find in most other places of the world. Komodo is a growing tourist destination with new hotels and resorts popping up constantly. It is probably most famous for being the natural habitat of the world's largest lizard: the Komodo dragon. Features: Detailed airport area and buildings based on an aerial image from mid-2019 Detailed ground pavements/markings High-resolution PBR materials and textures Dynamic night-lighting Custom local-style surrounding buildings Animated passengers in the terminal Optimized for performance System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020) OS: Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher Processor: Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Video Memory: 4 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590 Memory: 16 GB Installation runs via Aerosoft One, this requires an internet connection and an Aerosoft user account! More information about Aerosoft One can be found in the User Guide or in the FAQs.
  18. Aerosoft Airfields East Frisian Islands AS15185 New version: New file size: 2 GB Version - Updated AI networks - Reworked terraforming - Rebuild objects to increase visibility
  19. Airport Manchester XP New version: 1.0.4 Version 1.0.4: - Added missing taxi signs - Fixed missing terminal lighting - Removed obsolete light objects - Included roads layer
  20. sim-wings La Palma New version: New file name: AS_SIMWINGS-LA-PALMA_MSFS_V1020.zip New file size: 620 MB Version: - Fixed rendering issue on Apron, when sitting in Cockpit (Environment Occlusions removed) - Fix flickering textures on Terminal landside - Reduce vegetation size to minimum
  21. Aerosoft Airport St. Mary | MSFS DLC Developer: Stairport Sceneries Purchase here: Aerosoft Shop St. Mary's Airport is located on the island of the same name St Mary, which belongs to the Isles of Scilly, which consists of more than 140 small islands and over 90 rocks. The island group is located in the beautiful county of Cornwall and the southwest tip of England. The airport, which is located about 1.9km east of Hugh Town, has been completely redeveloped for Microsoft Flight Simulator. All airport buildings and facilities have been converted 1:1 and all have 4K PBR textures. A customized mesh for the airport also adapts the coastlines and provides a realistic approach over the steep slope of the island. Features: Realistic replica of the last state of construction of EGHE St. Mary Airport Fully custom modelling and texturing using 4K PBR throughout the entire airfield Clutter objects and 3D people to bring the airport to life Custom HD ground layout with special reflection effects Handmade mesh to correct the coast line and realistic runway slope Custom static aircrafts reflecting the real traffic at the airfield (randomized) Perfectly embedded in the MSFS environment Optimized for performance based on specifications by Microsoft Compatible with MSFS World Update III: UK and Ireland Thrilling approach over the steep slope at sea System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020) OS: Windows 10 (Nov 2019 Update - 1909) CPU: Intel i5-8400 or Ryzen 5 1500 or better GPU: NVIDIA GTX 970 or Radeon RX 590 or better DirectX: DirectX 11 VRAM: 4 GB RAM: 8 GB HDD: 2 GB Bandwidth: 5 Mbps Installation runs via Aerosoft One, this requires an internet connection and an Aerosoft user account! More information about Aerosoft One can be found in the User Guide or in the FAQs.
  22. Aerosoft Airport Berlin Brandenburg AS15187 New version: New file name: AS_AIRPORT-BERLIN-BRANDENBURG_MSFS_V1050.zip Version - No more CTDs caused by jetways (no reports on those yet but the little risk that was left should be eliminated now) - Jetways should now connect properly again - without weird twists of the head - Jetways should properly spawn again. Upon loading the flight, even if you change aircraft before starting the flight (latest MSFS bug)
  23. Aerosoft - Antarctica Vol. 1 - British Rothera and Beyond | MSFS DLC Developer: LimeSim Purchase here: Aerosoft Shop Rothera is without a doubt the station in Antarctica with the most picturesque location! Located on a rocky outcrop overlooked by a massive glacier dotted with mountains to the west - it is surrounded by sea to all other directions with a line of the truly majestic mountains of the Antarctic Peninsula visible to the east on clear days. The runway is squeezed between base and hangar buildings to the left and right and sea water at both ends. In essence it’s a smaller version of Gibraltar, which is British, too. A stunning approach, a runway that’s crossed by a road with traffic lights and surrounded by water. To complete this add-on, we have added the very remote bases of Fossil Bluff and Sky Blu even further south. Together they make a perfect playground for the Aerosoft Aircraft Twin Otter! (Coming soon!) A showcase scenery created by developers with more than 20 years of experience in MSFS development! Features: Lots of animation including animals, vehicle, boats and people, including likely the first animated penguins and chain vehicles in flight simulator Custom created sounds of animals and vehicles (probably the first scenery in MSFS with sounds attached) Coverage beyond the base with stunning glacier cliffs dropping into the sea Hundreds of thousands of animated icebergs in a larger area around the base (at times it can be possible that the approach is blocked by a huge iceberg passing through) Offsite locations of automated monitoring stations (marked as POIs so you can fly there for regular checks performing rough landings out in the field) Offsite landing strips of two British field locations with custom models and improved terrain imagery/elevation data: Sky Blu and Fossil Bluff Emergency airstrip location on the glacier above Rothera (alternative landing strip that MUST be used by local aircraft if there are incoming overseas aircraft) Carefully crafted landscape to merge with surround landscape - including updated waterbodies Special technique used to add wind shear details to the vast white lands on the glacier Manual with dozens of pages of inside knowledge on flying in Antarctica, plus flight plans and simple charts System requirements: Microsoft Flight Simulator (Version 2020) OS: Windows 10 version 18362.0 or higher Processor: Intel i5-8400 | AMD Ryzen 5 1500X Video Memory: 4 GB Graphics: NVIDIA GTX 970 | AMD Radeon RX 590 Memory: 16 GB Installation runs via Aerosoft One, this requires an internet connection and an Aerosoft user account! More information about Aerosoft One can be found in the User Guide or in the FAQs.
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