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  1. A small airport but it has international flights, a great destination for your medium range flights! More images soon!
  2. Very early days but at least you can see we have started the project. This is NOT a conversion but everything will be done new, to the latest standards. As we have expanded our internal aircraft development team we are now able to run tow full size projects at the same time.
  3. The name is preliminary and everything you see here is work in progress (pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-(add a few more pre-'s)-pre-Alpha stage) First outside model shot in the hangar: P.S.: Don't ask for wingflex or release dates.
  4. Guess the airport we just got the sat images for (and boy oh boy it is hard these day to get those legally and for a acceptable price) and you get it for free. If it is not guessed in 10 minutes I will be very very disappointed.
  5. Preliminary feature List: • Year 2020 layout of taxiways, aprons, buildings etc. • Models using advanced MSFS techniques • Ground terrain using advanced MSFS techniques • Operable jetways • Custom aerial imagery covering the airport and immediate area • Landmark buildings and bridges in the vicinity of the airport • Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  6. Download release - Removed tree at parking position 581 - Changed installation directory name to avoid conflicts with too long path names during installation - Add offline charts (PDF) - rebuilt to avoid conflicts which occured on a few PC systems - compiled with new 0.9 MSFS SDK - PAPI corrected - Approach lights set to 20 flashing lights (rabbits). Aproach light extension itself is actually not possible due to MSFS limitations - reworked "AFCAD" for remote parking positions (changed from GATE to RAMP
  7. Download release - Removed tree at parking position 581 - Changed installation directory name to avoid conflicts with too long path names during installation - Add offline charts (PDF) Please note the manual is still missing.
  8. Munich "Franz Josef Strauss" Airport is located 28 kilometers northeast of Munich, Germany. It is a hub for Lufthansa and Star Alliance partner airlines. Munich Airport is the second busiest airport in Germany in terms of passenger traffic, while it is one of the 10 busiest airports in Europe. A custom aerial photo was used for this add-on which was customized and color-corrected for a true display while seamlessly transitioning to the default simulator landscape. Includes animated jetways, numerous static apron vehicles and realistic dynamic lighting for a true to life experience.
  9. Changelog V1.1.0.0 • Default autogen houses have been replaced by custom ones to achieve a more realistic feeling on all islands • Beach chairs and people crowds on beaches are now only visible from April to September • Correct runway indication sign will be visible at Wangerooge depending on the wind • Taxiway edge lights have been changed to custom objects including lighting at Borkum and Norderney • Ramp starts now all accept small GA aircrafts only • Windsocks animated in the opposite wind
  11. Fly to the tip of Italy’s distinctive boot shape – with Reggio Calabria. This highly detailed scenery brings you to Reggio Calabria, named after Italian Royal Air Force war-hero Tito Minniti, who was born in Reggio Calabria. Airport Reggio Calabria for the Microsoft Flight Simulator comes with custom Sat image surrounding the airport as well as custom Terrain. Immerse yourself in this beautiful South Italian region: all major buildings around the airport have been reproduced in 3D. Features: Custom Sat image surrounding the airport Custom Terrain Real Run
  12. -- Change log ENVA v1.03 -- - Jetways are now animated. - Added VDGS guidance. (*) (stands 30 to 36) - Fixed blank taxi clearance. - Remote stands now have a ramp connection. - Fixed missing localizer signal when aircraft is on the runway. - ILS frequency is now set automatically in FMS. -- Change log EDLP v1.03 -- - Improved jetway animations. - Added VDGS guidance. (*) (stands 4 to 6) - Remote stands now have a ramp connection. - Fixed missing localizer signal when aircraft is on the runway. - ILS frequen
  13. Located in the south of the island, the "Aeropuerto de La Gomera" serves as a regional link for the second smallest Canary Island. Sim-wings' La Gomera is now implementing this airport with its typical Canary architecture, that is modeled in great detail, for the Microsoft Flight Simulator. All buildings and facilities in the area of the airport and the interior of the terminal are recreated with the highest level of detail. A detailed 3D elevation model with a slightly inclined runway according to the real profile conveys the atmosphere of this volcanic island very credibly. Dynamic lights of
  14. Sim-wings’ Ibiza adds a detailed replica of the international Ibiza Airport (LEIB, IBZ) to the Microsoft Flight Simulator. Fly to the famous party island and look forward to detailed models of the airport terminals, buildings and other airport facilities. A custom aerial image covering the airport area and the close surroundings has been used for modelling. It smoothly blends into the default aerial terrain. The accuracy of the exact positioning of the taxiways, the apron and the parking areas as well as a profile of the runway, converted according to official flight charts, ensure a realistic
  15. -- Changelog -- - VDGS, Fixed blank distance display when approaching stands. - Added Ramp connection to remote stands.
  16. - Added VDGS guidance. (stands D10 to D22) - Added missing PAPI lights, RWY 14R/32L. - Added more GA parking spots.
  17. Visit Germany's seventh busiest airport! Nestled between the cities of Cologne and Bonn next to the Rhine river the airport named after West-Germany's first Chancellor Konrad Adenauer doesn't only offer a short hop to Central European airports but it's also a major gateway for Cargo operations in and out of Europe. Featuring two parallel runways (14L/32R & 14R/32L) and one crosswind runway (06/24) with the longest being 3,815 meters (12,516 feet) it allows any type of flight operations, from a Holiday Charter to the Mediterranean to a red-eye cargo flight halfway around the globe. Cologne
  18. Discover the East Frisian North Sea islands now also in the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Every single island included – from Norderney over Langeoog to Borkum – has been built with attention to detail. This gets especially clear with many striking landmarks and the color corrected Orthophoto for every airfield. There are many details for you to be explored on every single airfield. All airfields have been implemented based on over 5.000 photographs and are thus very lifelike. Moreover, there is also the opportunity to approach helipads. Thanks to the additional HD ground la
  19. HISTORY - Added reflective properties to ground textures. - Fixed crash when requesting pushback. - Improved taxiway lighting effects. - Removed terrain bump at the RWY 09 threshold. - Added dynamic light effect to holding point wigwags. - Removed levitating bushes next to ramp M2 & M3. - Added extra redundancy to remove default tree clusters at western ramp. - Fixed missing trees after update. - Fixed incorrect loading radius for car models at southern parking lots. - Added more distinct runway wear
  20. As promised: http://www.flightkeeper.net/Downloads/FSFKB1790.zip This beta is provided as is. FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY! NO EMAIL SUPPORT! Only in the forum section Currently known MSFS limitations: MS Store and Steam versions should be detected automatically, but I didn't had the chance to fully test the Steam and DVD version ACARS Device gauge and the Core module are not supported due to technical limitations (old native C++ Gauges/DLLs not allowed to run inside MSFS) I will consider to port the ACARS Device to the new MSFS WASM framework at a
  21. The international Airport Trondheim-Værnes, located in Northern-Trøndelag, is the fourth largest airport in Norway with approximately 4,4 million passengers per year. The major hub for the Norwegian Scandinavian Airlines System (SAS) and the Norwegian Widerøe airline exists since 1914 and operates the very busy route between Trondheim and Oslo, amongst others. Værnes Church, the oldest preserved stone building in Norway, is located south-east of the Airport. Approaching the airport from the east, it is visible on the left-hand side. The airport’s realistic replica with detailed model
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