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  1. Guess the airport we just got the sat images for (and boy oh boy it is hard these day to get those legally and for a acceptable price) and you get it for free. If it is not guessed in 10 minutes I will be very very disappointed.
  2. Very early days but at least you can see we have started the project. This is NOT a conversion but everything will be done new, to the latest standards. As we have expanded our internal aircraft development team we are now able to run tow full size projects at the same time.
  3. One of our next destinations for MSFS - Airport Memmingen (ICAO: EDJA) in the Swabia region of Bavaria.
  4. No Feature List, Price, or Release Date yet but two really impressive shots
  5. Change log: - Änderung der Bezeichnung der Material Library zur Vermeidung von CTD - Korrektur der Position der PAPIs - Zaun und Tor vor dem LSC Friedrichshafen hinzugefügt
  6. The sim-wings Hamburg DLC offers an incredibly realistic scenery of Hamburg Airport and the immediate vicinity. Elaborately color-corrected aerial photos for a true color display and a realistic 3D ground with elevated Lufthansa maintenance, lowered highway and half covered highway makes Hamburg Airport appear very lifelike. The extremely detailed airport buildings with interiors and all auxiliary buildings support this aspect. Also included are the new "Interim Terminal" and new stands placed using ground maps from the airport operator. Thanks to the animated jetways and the realistic night t
  7. another small Stairport Destination - EGTP Perranporth
  8. We have to start a preview post about our Airbus Microsoft Flight Simulator projects at some time, so why not now? As most people will know we have three aircraft projects for MFS in development at this moment. All of them are complete new builds using as much of the fantastic features of the new simulator as possible. In order of scheduled release these are the CRJ 500/700 (followed up by the CRJ 900/1000), the Twin Otter and finally the Airbusses. We have at this moment 3 people working on the 'systems'. Over the next few months that will grow to 6 people. Feel free
  9. Aerosoft Airport Friedrichshafen - MSFS AS15327 New version: - Korrektur Taxiwayschilder Positionierung - Korrektur der Taxiwaybezeichnungen; Taxiways werden jetzt von der Flugsicherung bei den Rollanweisungen genannt, das blaue "Ausrollband" als Navigationshilfe wird jetzt korrekt dargestellt - Erweiterung des Flughafenzaunes im Bereich des Taxiways F und um das Airportgelände - Modifikationen im Bereich des Luftbildes
  10. Highly accurate recreation of Václav Havel Airport Prague (LKPR) Highly detailed models of airport terminals, hangars, buildings and airport vehicles Accurate taxiway and runways (2021 layout) Accurate terrain and runway profile Tower and Terminal interior Photorealistic texture with PBR Workflow Custom animated Jetways Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  11. The picturesque Altjafjord located Alta Airport (ENAT, ALF) is part of one of the most sparsely populated and most remote areas of northern Norway. This add-on for MSFS provides a very accurate and realistic recreation of Alta Airport, including high-detailed models and textures that were optimized for excellent visuals with great performance. Custom flag animations, runway light and night time effects create a lifelike and lively rendition of the Alta Airport. Special highlights are the seasonal variations, including 3D snow that in combination with the customized terrain mesh provide an impr
  12. This is being developed to be put into upcoming scenery projects, thought you might like to see it.
  13. The new DLC Aerosoft Airport Friedrichshafen brings you the highly detailed airport (EDNY), modelled realistically including a custom aerial image. The airport scenery holds all airport buildings plus the Friedrichshafen exhibition grounds as well as the hangar and the Zeppelin carrier company operations building. Enjoy the beautiful approach to Runway 06 over Lake Constance, the largest lake in southern Germany, or to Runway 24 with a view of Lake Constance and the Austrian and Swiss Alpine panorama. Features: All airport buildings including Friedrichshafen exhibition ground
  14. - Fixed missing VDGS display after sim-update 3. - Adjusted jetway animation rig to prevent rotation along incorrect axis. - Minor terrain adjustment around RW09 threshold / touchdown zone. - Adjusted VDGS lateral indication for better readability and narrowed its beam width. - Removed environmental effects inside terminal.
  15. Being infamous for its construction delays, the German capital's new (and now only) airport is finally open and available for MSFS! The add-on covers the new Airport Berlin Brandenburg as well as the former Berlin Schönefeld Airport. Fly government personnel and guests to the new reception area with its own terminal and apron, fly tourists on sightseeing flights over the not-too-distant city center or simply carry freight and/or passengers from one of many terminals, including the re-branded Terminal 5 (formerly SXF) and BER Terminal 1 and 2 as well as the freight apron. Being in the center of
  16. Preliminary feature List: • Year 2020 layout of taxiways, aprons, buildings etc. • Models using advanced MSFS techniques • Ground terrain using advanced MSFS techniques • Operable jetways • Custom aerial imagery covering the airport and immediate area • Landmark buildings and bridges in the vicinity of the airport • Realistic night time dynamic lighting
  17. DSky - Nosy Be Island Discover the island of Nosy Be off the coast of Madagascar! In Malagasy, “Nosy” already means “island”. That is why you could also call it *Be Island*. The isle is located off the northwest coast of Madagascar in the Diana region. Fascene International Airport (IATA: NOS, ICAO: FMNN) is the second largest airport in the country. The airport has only a single runway measuring 2190 x 45 m. Landings are mainly done on runway 23 and take-offs on 05. Features: Accurate and detailed rendition of Nosy-Be Fascene International Airport (
  18. The name is preliminary and everything you see here is work in progress (pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-pre-(add a few more pre-'s)-pre-Alpha stage) First outside model shot in the hangar: P.S.: Don't ask for wingflex or release dates.
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