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    • Please try using Shift-L to light up the MCDU, and let us know if that works for you.   Best wishes!    
    • Hello all, I've experienced some issues with the Aerosoft A319-321. The MCDU3 is not giving the full light on the bottom (all lot is grey, the colour is not the same even the boarding/cargo and fuel (all green but some are darker than others), you can click, but it is weird and not feeling good. In the beginning everything was ok, but right now it's not as it was. Also when I resume my flight, or at cold and dark, I get St. Elmos Fire as well, with no single cloud (the metar shows CAVOK). I've reinstalled completely but it's still the same. What should I do? Please check the screenshots. Thank you in advance. Dear, Red
    • Problem solved.  I found the newest version, v2.03, and it contains the Aerosoft/Digital link in Export.  All is good.
    • View File Tunis Air a320 For Aerosoft Airbus Professional version By "His Excellency Anis" Tunis Air Airbus A320 compatible with Aerosoft Airbus Professional  Version Read Me file content :  Installation (Airbus Livery Manager):     Start the aerosoft Airbus Livery Manager and drag the ZIP-File into the list - or click "Add Livery" and select the desired file. You get     a preview of the new livery - and install it with just one click. (You can read all Livery Manager functions by clicking the "?" button!) The entry for the aircraft.cfg: [FLTSIM.xx] title                    = Airbus A320 Tunisair TS-IMW (CFM Sharklets) sim                    = A320     model                    = CFM panel                    = sound                    = texture                    = TN kb_checklists                =  kb_reference                =  atc_id                    = C-FLSS atc_airline                = Tunis Air atc_flight_number            =  ui_manufacturer                = Airbus ui_type                    = A320-211 CFM ui_variation                = TUNIS AIR OC C-FLSS ui_typerole                = Commercial Airliner ui_createdby                = Aerosoft atc_parking_types            = GATE, RAMP atc_parking_codes               =   description                = Airbus A320 - 214  ********************************************** cockpit Password : Lablebi        Submitter anis ben bechir Submitted 08/20/19 Category Aerosoft A320/A321 professional liveries  
    • Guten Abend zusammen, im X-Plane11 habe ich diese  MAP um zu sehen, wo der Flieger gerade ist.     Die Darstellung hier ist schon das minimierte Fenster und das was ich eigentlich sehen möchte wird vom Text überfrachtet.   Ich möchte den IFR Flug üben über größere Distanzen und benötige dafür eine bessere Kartenansicht in der Auflösung (Fenstergröße) Vor dem Umstieg auf X-Plane11 habe ich Im XPlane10 den xpflightplanner genutzt, da war aus meiner Erinnerung der Karteninhalt viel größer.Weil auch individuell einzurichten. Gibt es was Besseres als die hauseigene Karte von X-Plane 11, was ich für mein Training nutzen kann?  danke für die Antworten und für die Unterstützung   Freundliche Grüße   Micha
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