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  1. If I can throw in my two cents worth, its better to use the keyboard. That's how I do it: Ctrl. + Shift + V to open cowl flaps (you can press the V once for one notch, or keep it pressed to open more, etc.) Ctrl. + Shift + C to close This has worked for me flawlessly all these years. Its very practical and easy. (BTW these are default keymappings of FSX) Best of luck. Khalid
  2. Hi Mathijs,


    Regarding the 50% discount you offered on the Cat and Twotter for participants in Around the world in 80 days adventure.  I am interested in buying the Twin Otter extended if I may. I want to use it on one leg at least.


    Thank you and best wishes.

  3. There is an awesome repaint for Iraqi Airways YI-AGR by Holgi but the colours are shifted, maybe a colour correction is in order? and also I would love to request Moroccan Air Force Bronco please, but maybe this is only for Airbus related requests? If moderator is kind enough to guide me to the correct venue for this request? Many thanks in advance.
  4. kalizzi


    Very interesting history indeed, I followed your suggestion and googled it. I read the link http://www.huey.co.uk/news9.php and it seems that the late Sir Jimmy Savile, OBE, KCSG "fixed it" for a young girl to be part of the crew of this particular helicopter. I voted five stars for this great repaint.
  5. Hello there thanks for the great repaint but the colours of Iraqi Airways are green + white while your repaint is blue + white. Just thought of notifying you of this colour shift. Thanks again and best wishes.
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