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  1. If I can throw in my two cents worth, its better to use the keyboard. That's how I do it: Ctrl. + Shift + V to open cowl flaps (you can press the V once for one notch, or keep it pressed to open more, etc.) Ctrl. + Shift + C to close This has worked for me flawlessly all these years. Its very practical and easy. (BTW these are default keymappings of FSX) Best of luck. Khalid
  2. I was away for more than a month, a belated -yet well due- congratulations on your safe arrival, Philippe. . You have done the Dove proud and a grand job with your presentation of your trip. I so enjoyed reading what I missed of it. I also have hidden a bottle of stout ale for you. Best wishes. Cheers. Khalid
  3. Congratulations Neal on your safe arrival. Managed to save you a bottle of stout! Nice work. Best wishes. Khalid
  4. kalizzi

    Matt's An-2s

    Dear Matt, I am sorry I didn't realise you are not feeling well, get well soon. My wishes for your full and speedy recovery.
  5. kalizzi

    Matt's An-2s

    Hi if you need help with this PM me I will send you some photos and corrections, you've done a wonderful job with the camo but you need to modify a few things for accuracy, smaller flag and remove the triangle from the rudder fin, I can write you the word "Army" correctly.
  6. Love your dairy and awesome screenshots. Way to go. Keep on going. Best wishes.
  7. Way to go Philippe! Keep going! Wonder what happened to the lady that was flying the other Dove? last we heard of her was in Mumbai, indulging in too much curry? Hope she is okay, almost all those who travel to India end up with digestive system problems.
  8. Congratulations on your completion of the adventure Thorsten. Great airmanship and absolutely lovely screen shots. Cheers and best wishes. Khalid
  9. Well Rupert your talk of those bikes is mouth watering. As a teenager I briefly owned an MZ 250 (German) which had a two-stroke one cylinder 250cc engine. After six months, and in the wake of a very close call out of which I very miraculously emerged intact, I divorced motorbikes for good. Weird Thoughts Bingo Again!: I was in fact thinking of retracing the "Easy Rider" route by air, using GA aircraft, single engines, VFR day, such as the Cub or a Cessna something. Love Bug Beetle sounds good in reality, or even the legendary VW camper! Maybe Craig will opt for these He won't fly anything that is not a Skyhawk.
  10. Congrats on the completion of the journey AFA1991, love the upgraded Dakota. QUOTE Which brings up the next question. What are we as a group going to attempt next!!?? I know Mathijs and his folks are probably weary of flights they sponsored. But we who like to fly should be able to find an enjoyable goal and post it in this club area without burdening Aerosoft. I know there are limits on how much data Aerosoft can or should support. I'm perfectly happy to cancel out all my data from this trip to allow space for the next one! Ideas Please!! Rupert maybe its not flyable, but I've always wanted to retrace the route of the milestone movie "Easy Rider" my two cents' worth.
  11. Once more I would like to say thank you to Mathijs and his merry lot for conceiving and holding this. I again say it was an original. I wish to also thank all fellow participants for being such great sports and such fun company. I wish to congratulate each and every one of the participants for the great airmanship and the safe completion of the journey, I extend this to even those of us who were unable to finish the journey for whatever reason. I did my best to write personally (to some) but never got around to do it to everyone, I beg forgiveness for that. I thank Mathijs personally for shouldering the hefty, almost punitive £15,000/- Dickie's bar bill at the mall . It was a true pleasure and a privilege being with you all and thanks to every single one of you on here. Cheers! Khalid
  12. Hi Mathijs, I second Rupert on both points raised. First a secret ballot is most appropriate and Second, the pre-and-post 1970 categorisation that defined this activity from the outset! There should be a maximum of 3 votes on each category. At work we use (I am a staff activist and we use this for various staff union polls). Just a proposal. Khalid
  13. Congratulations on the successful conclusion of the journey around the world. Great flying, and lovely diary with nice screenshots. Best wishes to you and Merry Christmas.
  14. Merry Christmas everyone.... And a happy 2018!
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